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Custom and Unique Fire Pits

Fire has always been an important part of the human experience.

There is something about gazing into a fire that brings a part of us alive. It’s fascinating. Mesmerizing. And it brings us together.

In our modern world, we’re not using fire for survival but for entertainment. We want fires to be social. We want to share that experience with our friends and families.

So…we increasingly turn to backyard fire pits! And what’s not to love?!?

We can have a fire whenever we want, in the comfort of our own home. We can invite people over and share wine, beer, conversation, and great times.

Unique Fire Pits

fire pitNow that fire pits are so common, there is definitely a group of people that want their fire pits to be a bit less common. (I generally fit into the group that wants things to be “less common”, so count me in!)

It’s more important that the fire pit fits the style and decor of the house, a quirky personality piece, or a favorite theme/hobby/movie. Hint: I’ll describe a Star Wars fire pit shortly!

But how do you find a unique fire pit?

There are some more unique options available commercially, and we’ll explore those in a minute. But you can also create and build your own if you prefer. If you go this route, obviously your only limitations are your creativity and budget.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the ideal fire pit for you. It’s important to decide on the type of fuel first.

Types of Fire Pits

There are several different types of fire pit, and each comes with its own different costs, benefits, and limitations. Let’s take a look at the most common kinds:

Wood Burning Fire Pits

These fire pits are built to burn wood logs to recreate the smell and sound of a “real” fire. Because it is.  It gives this warm campfire feeling and many pits in this category are built lightweight and/or with removable wheels for portability.

Not all, of course, but many. This is about as authentic as a fire can be…it’s really a fire.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane is one of the more popular options. They have no ash, no sparks, no dirt, no kindling, just the clear smell and warmth of the fire.

You don’t need wood or even a match to start the fire, all you have to do is flip the switch on and you’ll get pretty close to the same feel as the wood burning fire pit gives.

Natural Gas

These are almost the same as the propane fire pits, but they are directly connected to your home’s source of natural gas, where propane fire pits are connected to a tank. Natural gas gives the same feeling as the propane variety, but their sources of energy differ.


chimeneaFinally, I’m bringing in a unique option! These fire pits are the ones built with a chimney ventilation and a (usually) round opening in front to refuel. I’ve seen most of this type in the Southwest USA and Mexico.

I’ve really only seen wood-fueled chimeneas, but I feel like they deserve their own category.

The reason for the chimney is that it pulls away the smoke and sends it upwards, though it does reduce the heat spread a bit. You have to position yourself somewhat in front of the front opening to receive the warmth of the fire.

Chimeneas are a great option for tighter spaces, or if you want your fire pit to be in a corner of your backyard. If sitting all around the fire isn’t an option anyway, this is a good way to control the smoke and heat direction of your fire pit.

I’ve used one on a back porch for years – the ash is mostly controlled and the smoke goes straight up once things are warmed up.  So, it avoids the strange outward smoke randomly following you everywhere you go, as can sometimes happen with a campfire.

See a host of options here.

Build Your Own

fire in a fire pitIf you’re going to build your own fire pit, here are a couple resources to help get you on the right track.

When it comes to fire, this Inept Homeowner defers to the pros. But, if you’re more advanced than me (which isn’t hard!), Lowes has video guides on square, round, and in-ground fire pits.

And DiyNetwork has a step-by-step guide on building a round pit.

Now, if you want to get creative and add your own touches, you’ll have to stray from their advice. My only comment is this: you are creating a place to put fire. PLEASE ensure you know what you’re doing before you go down this path!

Some Unique Fire Pits

Of course, I wanted to pick out some of my favorite unique or custom designs. Let’s explore some of the fun ones I’ve found on amazon.

College Fire Pit

This product is definitely one of our top recommendations. When it comes to the production of fire pits, Patina has made a name for themselves.

college logo fire pitThese fire pits are inspired by the cool nights and warm days of the California central coast. And, of course, our almost universal love for the college we attended (or root for!)

As of this writing, they offer designs for about 40 different colleges and universities.

The Patina company has been a leader in their industry for the past ten years, so you know the quality is going to be solid. As to how they cut the logos and school names out of steel, the company relied on computer numeric control CNC to make the product and to fix the logo and text on the product.

So, the design is precise!  The images on amazon look Photoshopped to me, so if you order one I would expect it will look slightly different than the picture.  Which, to me, is a good thing since the images look a bit unnatural.

It’s solidly constructed and it is meant to serve for you a very long time. The fire pit is constructed from the finest heavy-duty steel material and is fitted with a cover, grill, handle, as well as a grated lid.

This brand is very popular not only among alumni, it’s also great for anyone that follow college sports! It is perfect for various kinds of outdoor gatherings, home tailgates, football parties, etc.

During the winter season, family members and friends can gather around the fire pit and keep themselves warm. This means that it can be used for heating as well. Many people have found it useful for decoration as well as camping.

One cool thing, the pit is portable. This means that you can easily take it with you everywhere you go and features strongly built legs designed to withstand fairly rough use.

With portability in mind, the dimensions are listed at 30” diameter and 16” high.

It features a safety ring which can be used as a footrest or you can use it as a handle (when it’s not hot!!!). The handle makes it easy for you to move the pit around. The legs do not wobble. They are solid.

Furthermore, it comes with some accessories. You get a spark screen to limit errant sparks. A Pit poker to ensure that the fire is always stoked. And a BBQ grill to grill your favorite tailgating meals.

It also comes with a free cover. This is important as it will rust if left out in the rain and snow! You may want that look, but if you don’t, be sure to use the cover.

It comes with a five-year warranty against rust through and burn through. In other words, not against rust, but against rust through … no holes.

This is one of the best custom fire pits you can buy, and it is not surprising that it is rated very high.

You can find it here.

Death Star Fire Pit

death star fire pitWell, unlike the patina, this one’s a whole different ballgame. This is customizing on a totally different level. Talk about a custom designed fire pit and this is what you’re talking about.

If you’re a die-hard fan, then this star wars death star fire pit is for you. This custom made fire pit comes in a reconstructed form or shape of the death star, handmade of steel and is absolutely a conversation piece for your yard.

There are actually 2 versions of this one that I found.

One is 30” diameter and can be found here. Its price point is quite a bit lower than the other choice, but there is also less detail in the destruction from Luke and the rest of the rebel x-wing squadron.

As of this writing, it has 3 reviews (2 off-the-charts) and one one-star that I don’t trust. That reciew talks about the images in the listing, not the actual product. So…that’s kind-of meaningless.

death star fire pitIt’s really hard to use the star ratings with products like this, as there aren’t thousands and thousands of buyers for a unique item such as this.  At least the other two look like they’ve actually used it.


Here’s the other choice. It is a 36” diameter, handmade in one of three color choices, and definitely, has a lot more detail.

It’s also a custom build, so it will take a bit of time to get to you. No two-day delivery on this one!  More detail and a bigger fire pit do mean this one has a bit of a higher price point than the other one.

Either way you go, this is a great choice!

Fire Pit Art Third Rock Fire Pit

earth fire pitA work of art doesn’t necessarily mean it has to do with a paint and brush. This fire pit is definitely a work of art… with a bit of humor.

Made from thick carbon steel, this fire pit is one way to watch the world go up in flames – it is a replica of the earth and you can watch the world burn.

The interior of the globe also has an interesting color plate, and a drainage port at the bottom to ensure that you never have stagnant water. Clever.  This is a really handy feature that will enable the fire pit to last longer without rusting.

It features iron oxide finishing, as well as patina on the outside, and the interior is coated with paint to also help prevent rusting.

It features a spark guard, as well as stone ground base, and measures 40” high (with the base) and 36” in diameter for the globe.

You will definitely make a statement with this choice in fire pit!

As is the case with all these custom designs, if you want a log rack, you will need to get one separately. We talk a little bit about fire pit accessories here.  Just scroll towards the bottom of the page to find accessories.

Vineyard Wine Barrel Rustic Propane Fire Table

wine barrel fire pitFor our wine-loving friends, this awesome propane table is really unique and different. Take half a wine barrel and turn it into a fire pit, and you get the idea. This fire pit rates over four stars and is one of the best so far and cannot be ignored.

Finally a fire pit that will not be messy and will suit your patio, or even your backyard, in the most stylish way.

This is just a beautiful sight to behold. It uses a 20-lb standard tank, although it doesn’t come with it and must be purchased separately.

It also gives out 50,000 BTU which provides you with warmth and a very beautiful glow on cool evenings. It has a slate or table top frame and a base with a wood barrel style.

This one is a little closer to a traditional look than a death star, but still unique in a fantastic way.

In Summary

Wow, who knew that fire pits had so many custom design options?!?

Fire has been with us for a lot longer than any of us have been alive. It’s probably not going anywhere. And this is a fantastic opportunity to tap into one of those unconscious parts of ourselves at the same time as adding to our home decor!

We’ve talked about custom and rather unique items here, but if you want to explore a bit more of the standard options you can check out our fire pits 101 article here.

Whatever style you choose to match your decor, a fire pit will bring together your friends and loved ones in just the right way.

landmann usa ball of fire fire pit

Landmann USA Fire Pits

Are you considering a firepit for your backyard?

If so, you may want to consider Landmann USA.

If you’re impatient and just want to see the firepits, you can find our two favorites here and here on

Landmann USA is a manufacturer of high-end and quality smokers, grills, fire pits, firewood storage and fireplace grates. They make all sorts of products that will facilitate your outdoor living or for an outdoor picnic.

To help you choose your favorite, let us look at a few products.

Landmann USA Ball Of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

landmann usa ball of fire fire pitYes, that’s right! An outdoor fireplace. And it’s literally a big ball of fire!

It has a spherical shape which allows you an unobstructed view from any angle.

You no longer need to keep a fireplace only inside your home! Landmann USA will provide you with outdoor fireplaces as well!

Here are a couple of the technical specifications/features:

Constructed using high-grade steel, the Landmann USA 28925 Ball Of Fire Outdoor Fireplace weighs 47 lbs. and does not need any sand to weigh it down.

It has a spherical shape which allows you an unobstructed view from any angle. Its dimensions are 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches.

The ball of fire has a large pivoting door which allows you to safely adjust or poke the logs of woods inside even while it is burning. You can easily load or re-load wood into it as well.

Its fire bowl is easily removable to facilitate the easy removal of ash.

And it has been specifically designed for outdoor use. Whether you want to keep it by your pool, patio or in your backyard, it blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

It even comes with its own protective cover that offers it protection against adverse conditions.

The Landmann Ball of Fire is a perfect buy.  Go ahead and head over to Amazon to bring home this marvelous product for you and your family.

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit

big sky fire pitIf you are planning a glorious outdoor evening around a fire with family and friends, consider this product.

Measuring 23 and a half inches in diameter and a 12.5 deep fire bowl, this fire pit come with attractive wildlife cut-outs on its body.

You can view the shimmering fire through these cut-outs, and this creates a unique ambiance which is bound to remind you of nights around the campfire.

It comes with a spark screen to protect you from the fire sparks. It also has a poker which allows you to safely poke the logs of wood.

Its black color means that it does not show dirty easily, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it as frequently.

Best of all: it is almost fully assembled when you buy it. You just need to attach the legs, and it’s ready to provide you with warmth!

You can easily reposition it by moving it using the rail around the top. This rail always remains cool, so you don’t have to worry about scorching your hands.

You can cook and roast your food in no time using this fire pit, and sit around the fire, eating and sharing stories.

Check out the latest pricing here.

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

stars and moon fire pitThis is another recommended product in the Big Sky Stars series of fire pits by Landmann USA.

Instead of wildlife cuttings as on its related product, this fire pit comes with gorgeous cut-outs of moon and stars. See the moon and the stars glow with a fire burning inside the pit and feel the sky glowing in front of you!

It weighs 32 pounds and has dimensions of 23 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches.

Like all quality Landmann products, it has a sturdy steel construction and a black finish. If you want to cook, there’s no fire pit more perfect than this one. This is because it also includes a cooking grate!

It has a poker to allow you to easily re-adjust the burning logs inside without getting burnt.

Its safety ring at the top facilitates easy transport, thus solving any issue of portability.

In case you want any parts replaced, this product comes with a 90-days warranty. However, this is very unlikely, since all fire pits manufactured by Landmann USA are of the highest standards and in perfect working condition.  Find it here.

Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

garden light fire pitThis fire pit is another of Landmann USA’s highly rated products.

Its fire bowl is 23 and a half inches in diameter, and its spherical shape allows for a full 360-degree view of the fire. It is constructed with steel and can be easily assembled within ten minutes. Its dimensions are 28.50 x 25.00 x 24.25 inches.  What does all that mean?  It means that it is of perfect height!

The legs supporting it are not only sturdy but also well decorated, lending the fire pit style as well as stability.

It comes with a mesh cover that very effectively protects you from sparks and embers of the burning wood. It not only assures safety but also comes with good airflow and ventilation to ensure there is no damage done by the fire burning.

Its side handles remain cool and make this fire pit easily portable.

This is your perfect companion for spending long hours outdoors. Head over here to buy this product.

Landmann USA 28673 Big Sky Firepit and Grill With Tree Leaves Pattern

tree leaves fire pitAs you can already infer from the name, this fire pit is the perfect companion for making grills and roasts.

With a 24-inch fire bowl and a strong steel construction, this fire pit is designed to be durable. The cut-outs of tree leaves on the side will make them seem like falling autumn leaves when you see the fire burning through them.

It comes with a poker and a safety ring for easy transport from one place to another.

Take it to a camp or arrange a picnic right outside in your backyard and this firepit will not disappoint you in creating a perfect atmosphere for these occasions.  Found here.

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

barrone fire pitThis fire pit is another perfect choice for housing your outdoor fire! With a unique shape that tapers like a pyramid towards the top, this fire pit not only works well but also lends an antique look and feel to the whole atmosphere.

The fire can keep burning for hours without external help.

It comes with a spark screen, a heavy poker and its own cover which is water-resistant to protect it from the outdoor weather.

Constructed with steel and given a finishing of bronze, this product comes with a mesh at the bottom, to prevent anything from coming out.

It is very safe for cooking as well. Put any cooking grate on top of the fire and let your food roast with the cover on. Yes, you can even keep the cover on while cooking, thus avoiding the dangers of sparks that generally come with cooking in open fireplaces.

Enjoy an uninterrupted outdoor time, even during cold nights, by buying this amazing product.

Landmann USA 29300 Big Sky Fire Pit Cover, 30-Inch Diameter

landmann fire pit coverWhat about those fire pits that don’t come with any protection?

It’s easy. Just buy a cover to protect them.

Landmann USA allows you to buy the covers specifically made for your product, such as the Big Sky Fire Pit Cover, which fits any fire pit of the Landmann USA’s Big Sky Firepit series.

Measuring 30-inches in diameter and made of nylon, it is water resistant which helps keep your fire pit dry. Its elastic nature makes for a tight fit so that no part of your fire pit is left uncovered and unprotected.

Worried that your fire pits may be ruined? Don’t worry. You can also use Landmann fire pit cover to help protect your fire pits from bad weather and other harsh conditions.

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

landmann log rackNow that you have your fire pit and a fire pit cover as well, the question is, where do you keep your wood? Do you have to always carry the logs of wood from inside to your fire pit? Of course not!

With Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack, storing wood just got easier. This wood rack comes in two sizes—4-feet and 8-feet—and has a weatherproof powder coating which prevents it from rust.

It is made of durable tubular steel. The 8-feet wood rack can store almost 2/3 cord of wood and keeps the firewood away from the ground. Thus you can keep your firewood close without having to fear that it may get damp or damaged by bugs.

Get it here

Many Choices

Obviously you have many choices for fire pits.  Virtually everyone likes a nice fire outside…so it’s no surprise there are so many to choose from.  Keep warm and enjoy outdoors with your family and form lasting memories.

Now, which one is your favorite?  Find a fire pit of your choice, buy a cover (if one isn’t included), a rack, and enjoy a complete experience!



real flame concrete fire pit

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Fire Pits and Heaters

While most of us are stuck inside during the hard winter months, we want to be outside AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE when the weather is warm enough.

But what if we have a way to make it warmer ourselves?

That’s where fire pits, outdoor heaters, chiminea’s and fireplaces come in.

Let’s learn a little bit about several of these types of heaters, what they are best at doing, and where to find them.

Electric Outdoor Heaters

There is no better way to enjoy your living space than by using a safe, convenient, and comfortable electric outdoor heater.

Here, we have selected two best electric outdoor fire pits that will radiate warmth to help you fight the chilly weather of those cooler seasons.  Or even just the chilly nights in the middle of summer!

Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater

comfort zone czqtv5m patio heaterPriced at under $100, this model comes equipped with incredible features that ensure you receive safe, comfortable heat.

The 1500 Watt Comfort Zone is very easy to set up and juts as easy to use.

Made from a durable metal housing, a user will be able to adjust the angle of its halogen light by simply pulling on a string switch control.

Keep in mind that this item is NOT meant to heat air in a room – it heats objects that are within its distance.

It’s is the perfect device to use when hanging out with friends as you catch up over cold beers!  Find it HERE at

ener-g+ electric outdoor heaterEner-G+ HEA-215110 Free Standing Infrared Heater with Remote Control

The Ener-G+ HEA-215110 has an eye-catching finish that merges perfectly with almost every home décor.

This model has a compact and well-constructed finish that ensures your device is well protected from dust and rain at all times.

Its bulb has a long life of approximately 5,000 hours. With Ener-G+HEA, you will get zero carbon monoxide emission.

It is ideal for kiosks, terraces, and balconies, and so much more. This model also comes with a wireless remote control for your convenience.

Even in cold weather, it radiates enough heat to keep you and your surroundings warm and toasty.

Another great thing about this model is its affordability. Money as we know plays a major role when it comes to decision-making time.

This product is well priced and will give you best value for your money. You will enjoy years on end of warm nights when you purchase Ener-G+ HEA-215110.  Check pricing HERE.

Outdoor Chimney

There is no better way to catch up with your loved ones on those cold days than by cozying up on your patio, a fresh cup of coffee or cocoa in your hand, and a blazing chimney fire pit in the background keeping you toasty warm.

There are many different types of outdoor fire pit with chimney available. For those unfamiliar with this concept, an outdoor chimney is basically a place that you can use to build fires outside of your home.

It has a similar construction to an indoor fireplace – however, outdoor chimneys usually come inclusive of some added stone, brick, or concrete patio. It is up to you to decide what sort of design and finish you would want for your home space.

Our top pick is the SunjoyL-OF117PST-A. Let us take a closer look:

Sunjoy L-OF117PST-A Elson Slate and Steel Fireplace

sunjoy outdoor chimneySunJoy comes in an eye-catching and trending finish that is guaranteed to merge perfectly with your home décor.

Whether modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic or even rustic, this model will blend beautifully with its surroundings.

The Sunjoy  has a beautiful detailed metal and slate surrounds. This is a three-sided fire chimney.

It measures 35.4″ x 23.6″ x 56.6″, so it’s really easy to fit into most places.

Sunjoy has a built-in steel grate and a fire poker to help you shift the coals when need be.

Sunjoy has a wide base that adds to its overall stability – regardless of harsh weathers, your chimney fire pit will remain undisturbed.

It has a tall chimney that funnels smoke up and away from you and your loved ones – you will not endure any stinging or burning eyes.

You can now combine comfort and warmth!

With the Sunjoy L-OF117PST-A 35 (you can buy one HERE), you can now sit outside more months of the year. Enjoy stimulating conversation with your friends as you enjoy some wine and share great memories.

Fire Pit Patio Set

mainstay outdoor fire pit patio setIf you enjoy gathering around a fire pit, then you will greatly enjoy owning your own fire pit patio set.

A fire pit patio set comprises of fire pit as well as patio lounge furniture.

From chair sets to conversion sets with colorful cushions, fire pit seating is just what your outdoor living space needs. This item will definitely bring a “wow” factor and even increase your home value as well!

In today’s lifestyle living, there is nothing trendier or more current than owning your own patio furniture with fire pit. Priced at about $700 (check for exact pricing), this 5-piece Patio Conversion Set with Fire Pit is our number one pick.

Why? Let us take a closer look at its key features:

This item is relatively easy and quick to assemble – it comes with a straightforward manual that will direct you during this process.

Once assembled, all you need to do is invite your friends over, open up a bottle of wine, and light up your fire pit.

It has a very sturdy and durable fire pit table set. The steel material used on the patio furniture makes the overall product long lasting and rust free.

The sturdy, safe, steel construction with special attention to quality and durability will last for years to come. This patio furniture has a beautiful dark brown finish that adapts to a wide variety of styles.

You can now extend your unique and personal style to your outdoors and enjoy the benefits of this incredibly stunning fire pit patio set.  Get it HERE!

Gas Fire Pits for Decks

There is no better way to enjoy the ambiance of an outdoor fire without the dangers that come with burning wood than by using a gas fire pit.

NOTE: An outdoor fire pit should only be used outdoors. Lighting one inside can not only be hazardous to your environment but it can also increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

best choice gas fire pitBefore setting up your natural gas patio heater, you need to first choose the right placement. Ensure you set it up in areas well away from adjacent walls or building overhangs.

Also, make sure that the area is free of combustible materials.

Finally, move all wicker patio furniture, blooms, and other outdoor debris off your patio. Before making any purchase, test out the pit to see size of the flame it will produce and do remember to factor in how winds in your patio can increase flame size.

Which one is our favorite?  That’s easy, it’s the Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Cover

Made out of extruded aluminum to resist weathering, this item is among the number one seller list on Amazon. This model is highly versatile – It comes inclusive of a lid at the top to display the fire.

When lid is closed, the fire pit can be used as a center table.

This natural gas fire pit contains a door that opens to store a standard 20 lbs propane tank. It has a beautiful dark brown color finish that is eye-catching and trending.

Impress your guests with this mode. This natural gas fire pit kit is inclusive of a bronze hammered fire pit, glass beads, and a cover to protect it from rain.

The burner has an adjustable heater and can burn at 42,000 BTUS.

Overall, you will receive an affordable, versatile, and highly durable pit that will keep you and guests nice and warm even during those cold seasons.

Napoleon Fireplaces

Napoleon fireplaces are designed to provide a user with absolute comfort and control.

When you opt to install a Napoleon gas fireplace, you will be able to enjoy a lifetime of instant comfort at the touch of your fingertips.

Most of such types of products require no servicing as they are self-sufficient. Napoleon Fireplaces offers users reliable performance for many years to come.

napoleon fireplaceThe Napoleon NEFL60FH is available in multiple sizes ranging from 32’’ all the way to 100’’ – depending on your home space; you can select a size that best suits your home.

Though the Napoleon is a little higher priced than some other options we’ve discussed, remember that it will provide you with years and years of service.

Napoleon NEFL60FH features three colors setting namely: Blue, Orange, and a combination of both. It requires no gas fitter. From a single touch of a button, a user will be in complete control of the temperature and mood of their space.

You will be able to adjust flame height, intensity, and transition between cool blue, orange, or a mixture of both.

When hung on a wall, it protrudes only 5’’ into your space – however, it can also be fully recessed into a wall.

Napoleon NEFL60FH is a perfect fit for not only your home, but also for your office, condo, apartment, or just about anywhere else that a gas fireplace is unable to be installed.

This model comes with incredible features such as a touchscreen panel, sleek front vents, painted cord cover, and a remote control all geared into ensuring you receive nothing but sheer luxury and comfort every time you flick it on.

Fire Bowl

For those unfamiliar with this type of heating, fire bowls are just as their name states – they are bowls of fire with the bowl supported by a metal stand.

The metal stand holds the bowl above ground. You can opt to purchase a bowl that can burn different materials such as wood, propane, or charcoal.

Fire bowls provide a simple yet sufficient way to keep your body warm when temperatures drop. These items can be easily moved if you need extra space in your garden; they are highly portable and easy to transport.

They can be easily packed up and taken elsewhere. Finally, these types are great as they provide no fire threat – there is no chance of fire spreading as these bowls are solidly built.

Our Choice?  The Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit.

landmann fire bowlThe Landmann is available in a variety of colors that are guaranteed to match different home decors. This item is available in Black Savannah, Antique Bronze, Bronze, and brown color finishing.

Landmann 26364 has a very easy to assemble steel construction that is highly durable and long lasting.

The bowl has a large surface area – this means that you will be able to enjoy good amount of heat.

Assembly takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes (even for an inept homeowner) – all you need to do is attach the four legs and that’s about it! It has quality built construction and its four legs add to its overall stability.

If you are looking for a model that does not require a lot of setup space, one that is affordable and durable, and one that is easy to transport, then a portable fire pit such as this one is just what you should be looking into.

Check for the most up to date pricing.

Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete fire pits can be constructed at home either by a professional or you can opt to construct one yourself. However, if this sounds like too much unnecessary work, you can always opt to purchase a perfectly constructed concrete fire-pit and save yourself all the hustle and tussle that comes with DIY projects.

Here, we have selected two key concrete items that will provide a user with outstanding performance each time. Let’s take a closer look at some key features that they entail.

Real Flame T9650LP Baltic Rectangle Propane Fire Table, Glacier Gray

Real Flame is priced on the $1100-$1200 range.  Check the latest pricing HERE

real flame concrete fire pitThis item has a very sleek and modern rectangular design that adapts to a wide variety of styles.

Whether your home has a modern, traditional, eclectic, or contemporary design, you can rest assured that Real Flame T9650LP will integrate beautifully with its surrounds.

It burns liquid propane and has a rating of up to 50,000 BTUS of heat. This modern outdoor fire pit comes complete with lava filler and a matching lid for when the burner is not in use.

It includes LP fire table, lid, 50, 000 BTU burner, lava rock, leveling feet, electronic ignition, 8’ gas hose, and a protective storage cover.

The Real Flame T9650LP is a great fire-pit!

It is certified for use with standard 20 lb LP tank, for up to 9 hours on high setting or 26 hours of burn time on low setting.

It has a simple and smart design which makes a really fabulous centerpiece for your outdoor lounge area.

Real Flame 11702LP Monaco Square Fire Table

real flame monaco modern fire pitOr, you could go with the Real Flame 11702LP.  It’s available in a beautiful cream or Glacier Gray color. It is priced in approximately the same range, and comes inclusive of a limited 2-year warranty.

Real Flame 11702LP also burns with liquid propane and is rated at up to 30, 000 BTUS of heat. This product has a very unique and interesting square design that will merge beautifully with your outside furniture.

The packaging includes LP table, lid, 30 000 BTU Circular burner, brown lava rock, electronic ignition, leveling feet, and a protective vinyl cover.

Real Flame 11702LP concrete for fire-pit is certified for use with standard 20 lb LP tank. It can burn for 14.5 hours on high setting and up to 44 hours of burn time on low setting.

All in all, it is a great item to take into consideration the next time you are hunting for a great burner to spice up your backyard.  Shop here.

Fire Pit Benches

Choosing a fire pit bench is not a task to be taken lightly. The bench you pick can make or break a décor style.

Before making a purchase, consider what type of finish you want to achieve; are you looking for unique pieces that are mismatched? Are more into a traditional look?

Would you prefer wooden over steel or plastic?

One great bench we absolutely adore must be the Hopkins.

Hopkins AnySize Table

hopkins anysize fire pit benchHopkins AnySize item allows a user to actually build their own low table, side table, or coffee table of any size up to eight feet by using their very simple AnySize Low Table Kit.

A fire-pit dining table will give you and your family a cozy and study place to place your hot chocolate or a glass of wine as you share great memories over a warm fire-pit.

The Hopkins comes inclusive of two bench end supports, hardware, and assembly instructions. These materials are all made from highly durable and maintenance free structural resin.

Assembly is very straightforward and easy to achieve. Even for me, the #1 inept homeowner.  You will be able to use it as a side table or footrest and then use it as a firepit bench when need be.

With Hopkins, you will have the ability to custom build a very sturdy picnic bench or a coffee table, low table, a foot rest, or side table up to 8 feet. It’s a good purchase to make for your outdoor furniture needs, thanks to its versatility!

Log Rack

Now that you have settled on a type of fire-pit that best suits your needs, the final stage is to pick out a convenient place for you to be storing your logs – that is if you have opted to select a burner that uses wood as opposed to charcoal.

We have 2 favorites, depending on what you want to accomplish

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

landmann log rackLandmann 82433 is available in a 4-feet and 8-feet size. Priced at about $50 (check HERE for current pricing), it provides a convenient and dry place for you to store your fire pit logs.

It’s made of strong tubular steel that is durable and provides ample support needed to store nearly 2/ 3 cord of wood.

Keep your firewood stable, safe, and off the ground away from bugs and water.

Having a safe and convenient place to store your firewood logs ensures that termites and dampness do not spoil your logs – they will remain dry and ready for use at all times.

This rack has a weatherproof powder coating that resists rust as well.

Panacea 15251 Log Tote

The Panacea 15251 Log Tote is a sturdy carrier that features a strong canvas body and reinforced fabric handles.

panacea fire pit log toteAvailable in a beautiful black finish with cream colored trim, it has a heavy canvas construction with enclosed ends that keeps dirt and termites away.

The 15251 measures in at 27 inches W by 12 inches H by 12 inches D. When not in use, it1 folds up into a very compact size for easy storage.

Panacea 15251 has a waterproof inner nylon liner that keeps water and dirt away from your dry logs.

Aside from using it as a storage area for your dry logs, you can also use it to haul wood to and fro – instead of carrying your wood pile under your arm, simply carry your Panacea 15251 log tote, lay it flat and start stacking!

Get it here.

Outdoor Fire & Heat

There you have it – several options for bringing fire and warmth to your backyard!