How It Works

How It Works

I started for a simple reason.  I cannot be the only person around who struggles with “how” to work on house projects.  I have been a homeowner for awhile, but I don’t really feel like I’m any better than I was when I started.

If you’re the type of person that can watch a TV show about how to do something, then go build it, you’re not going to learn much here.  You very well may laugh your @ss off at my adventures, and feel better about yourself in the process, so you may want to read anyway.

This site is for the rest of us.  We know what we want to do – take care of our house – but don’t necessarily know HOW to do that.  We don’t know all the terminology, probably don’t have all the best tools, nor do we want to buy that $250 tool for a one-time job.  So we…improvise.  Which often leads to:

a) bleeding

b) poor workmanship

c) our significant other telling us how good it looks while not really looking us in the eye.

So… now we have a place to go.  I am an Inept Homeowner.  Join me as I explore my home improvement experiences from idea, through research and options, all the way to finished (hopefully) project.