Home Security…Where to Start?

q see camera system

So you’ve decided to get your own security system set up for your house for ultimate protection, but not sure what to look for? Well, don’t feel alone. With so many systems out there and different companies to choose from, it can all be a little confusing. Really, where should a guy start? First, you … Read more

GW Security Cameras

GW Security Camera

Why do I need one? I started looking for a kick ass surveillance camera to put in my driveway to keep watch over any shady scumbags that might be hanging out, looking to walk away with my stuff. I don’t want anything that is going to break the bank, but I want to have confidence … Read more

Defender Home Security System Review

Defender Pro Sentinel

Home Security A man’s home is his castle right? That man has the right to keep his castle safe with any and all means available to him. Maybe you already have some experience with home security or just need to update the system you have and want to replace with a smart home security system. … Read more

Lorex Security Sytem LHV10041TC4

Lorex lhv10041tc4

Does home security have to be difficult? What’s a guy to do when he wants a quality security system for his home, but doesn’t want to break the bank or spend a month figuring out how to install? This guy started looking at great inexpensive options on home security systems that even a dummy like … Read more

Night Owl Security Camera System Review

night owl nvr10-441 system

Why a home monitoring system? I’d like to think I would only need to find a security camera to check out the wildlife hanging around outside the house, or just to look like I am the up-to-date techie in the neighborhood with the newest gadget for my home. Although with the increase of break-ins and … Read more