So, I decided to replace my sink. I’m working with plumbing…what could possibly go wrong!?!

It started out easily enough. Our garbage disposal got stuck a few weeks ago and a friend helped us unstuck it. Then it did it again this week. I got it unstuck, but it sounded REALLY weird. hmmmm, time for a new garbage disposal.

The same friend offered to come help put the new one in, since he knows I’m inept, and all I had to do was go buy a new one at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Simple. Except, I brought my wife with me.

Why? I’m honestly not certain. It seemed innocent enough at the time. Next thing I know we’re getting an entire new sink and faucet to go along with the disposal. Okay, if I’m honest I absolutely hated the old faucet. I wanted to get a faucet, but my better half felt that the entire sink needed to go.

We found an all-in-one unit that we actually liked, so we went with that. I texted my buddy and asked what he thought about doing an entire sink the next night instead of just the disposal. He wasn’t as excited as I’d hoped. Ha!

Since he couldn’t make it until 6pm or so, I decided to get started on my own. I was honestly hoping to finish the entire job before he arrived so we could just have beer and pizza.dogs helping install the sink

A man can dream…

The most important part of any plumbing project is to make sure you have enough help.  My dogs were up to the challenge!  They help SOOOO much!


Removing/breaking stuff is easy, I’m quite good at it. I had no trouble getting the old sink out. A couple (very old) plastic pipes to disconnect, 2 faucet water feeds, and 10 or so screw/clasp thingies to remove and I was pulling the sink out and putting it in the backyard.

clean up sink gunk on counterIt left quite a mess around the sink, on the counter. I cleaned that up and realized I was ready to start installing!


…And here is where I made my first (at least first fatal/permanent) mistake. The sink came with some foam stuff (think weather stripping). I realized the mess I just cleaned up was probably this exact thing. So, I did the logical thing and put the new stuff down on the counter.

Which was great! Until it wasn’t. I put the sink down in the hole and realized It didn’t exactly fit right and the foam stuff stuck out in places. I thought to myself “Hmmmm…this seems like a good time to look at the sink instructions”.


I was supposed to apply the sticky side to the sink, not the counter. I figured it hadn’t been there long and I could probably remove it and move it to the sink.

No, I couldn’t. Double Shit. Off to Home Depot.

My buddy called while I was driving there to let me know he was on his way. I told him I was getting supplies and we’d meet at the house.

Well…I couldn’t find the foam stuff. The Home Depot guy helping me told me to use silicon gel, so I bought some. I decided the old pipes could use a refresh as well, so I bought a kit for that, plumbers putty, and Teflon tape. We’re set!

Things moved faster with help from someone not inept, so that was good. He had the sink in place, garbage disposal attached and plumbing aligned in no time. Maybe 20 minutes later we were ready to turn it on and test it.

Son of a…

As I turned on the water supply to the cold side, the dial/knob/whatever the hell it’s called came off the wall and into my hands. With the added bonus of spewing water. Damnit!!!

Since this isn’t my first time spewing water in the house, at least I knew where to go to turn off the water. My wife was really happy to have no water in the entire house!

Off to Home Depot again. It seems I have a 3 trip minimum per project, so I was right on schedule. Luckily I found the part I needed, bought 3 of them (I was NOT driving back again that night) and got myself back to finish the job.

My friend was great at trying to teach my how to do the plumbing, not just do it himself. I honestly learned more about sink plumbing that night than I knew from the rest of my entire life. For this piece, though, I told him I wanted to stand aside and just let him fix it.

And I got us a beer. 🙂

completed new sink

So now we have this great new sink. I’m really happy with it. And, if you decide to screw up the weather stripping stuff on the sink, it’s easy to solve. Go get, you know, weather stripping at Home Depot. Not silicon gel. I thought of that a mere 3 days later!