Are you interested in buying a wine cooler, but you’re not quite sure where to turn? Perfect – this page is for you. Chances are, you’ve already checked out the best wine fridge reviews available and you’re now a more informed consumer.

But it still could be a challenge trying to narrow it down to the best possible wine refrigerator to meet your individual needs. That’s the purpose of this article.
Here, we’re going to examine nine different products, from three different price ranges – from large and elaborate (and more expensive) to simpler and more budget-conscious.

The Best Wine Fridge Edgestar Makes

EdgeStar 110 bottle built in wine coolerTo get started, let’s take a look at the Edgestar wine fridge – or more specifically – the best wine fridge Edgestar makes. That would be the 110 bottle built-in dual zone wine cooler. It comes with the standard black cabinetry and stainless steel front.

Its dual zone capacity means it’s perfect for red and white wines. The lower zone has a temperature range from 54°F to 64°F, while the upper zone has a range of 41°F to 54°F. Each chamber has a 55 bottle capacity – giving you a maximum storage capability of 110 bottles. That’s an impressive collection – and this wine cooler makes a solid choice.

The 110 bottle model features a tinted glass door, interior LED lighting, digital temperature controls with an LED display, and wood shelves that slide out. It measures 23 7/16 inches wide by 26 3/4 deep by 54 7/8 inches high.

Important to note is that this EdgeStar model is made to fit wherever you want. This means that it can it can be a freestanding unit or built-in to your existing cabinetry. It’s nice to have this kind of flexibility – something that’s all too rare in the wine refrigerator market.

It offers nine slide out and removable stainless steel shelves that are trimmed in solid wood. The door is a double pane, tempered glass door that’s reversible, so you can have it hinged left or right whatever’s more convenient for you and your location. This means there’s even more flexibility. Although it’s a compressor based refrigeration unit, the rubber bushings installed help minimize and absorb any vibration that’s produced. It’s quiet and reliable.

The only downside I can see is that the racks are just a wee bit too tight for some of the specialty bottles of wine you may or may not collect. With some minor design improvements, like finding a way to add an extra quarter of an inch of space on the interior, it could be even better. That way any size of bottle would fit easily.

If you stick with standard size wine bottles – this wine cooler is top drawer. Even if you wander, it’s still a very good wine refrigerator that scores top marks in most categories.

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Vinotemp VN T VT – 155STW 155 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

vinotemp with drawer out
If you’ve got the budget, a vinotemp wine cooler deserves your careful consideration. That’s because Vinotemp wine fridges offer superior quality. They are made from the highest quality parts and materials – and they are fully constructed in the United States. Presumably, this means that they have a quality labor force that’s competent and committed to producing a quality product.

When you buy a Vinotemp wine cooler, you’re not just getting a large box with a compressor in the bottom. What you’re also getting is you’re getting 25+ years of experience in building wine storage solutions of all types – from racking to complete basement wine cellars and elaborate cooling systems.

The founder of Vinotemp, Francis Ravel, was an innovator and pioneer in wine fridges. Since first being introduced to the idea of placing a cooling unit inside a cabinet designed for wine storage – this company has flourished.

We’ve seen so much interest in the Vinotemp, that we wrote our own review of the vintotemp wine cooler.

If you’re looking for a larger storage capacity, Vinotemp is one strong option. Their 155-bottle dual zone wine cooler offers separate sections for whites and reds, an easy to use digital control panel, attractive and stylish design and one of the largest capacities you’ll find in a wine fridge designed for the home. This model has everything you need to grow a sizable collection of your favorite wines of any color.

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Wine Enthusiast’s Classic 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

wine enthusiast 166 bottle wine refrigeratorThis large freestanding unit made by Wine Enthusiast (love the name) can hold up to 166 standard-size wine bottles. It’s single zone temperature range hovers between 41°F and 64°F and you can set it to the precise temperature you want and still remain within the optimal zone.
If you vastly prefer one type of line over another – like reds instead of whites – the single zone cooler might be ideal for you.

But you’ll need a fair amount of space in order to accommodate this wine cooler – so be sure to measure the area you plan to use for your wine cooler. Wine Enthusiast’s Classic 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator measures 27 1/2 inches wide by 23 1/2 inches deep by 68 1/2 inches high. It’s a towering giant – something that any true wine fan would love to own.

At just 40 dB, it’s a relatively quiet unit. It’s much quieter than some wine refrigeration units. If noise levels are important, you should take a closer look at this model from Wine Enthusiast.

As with most wine coolers, it’s important to allow adequate space for cooling. On this model, the cooling coils are located at the back of the unit. This means you need to allow a couple of inches (minimum) of space at the back for proper ventilation. Don’t overlook this point with this – or most other models – or your wine fridge won’t function properly and you could burn the motor out before its time.

This 166 Bottle Wine Enthusiast model gives you more flexibility in terms of storage options. You can load up all 14 shelves and you still have the bottom and top shelves for the larger, oversize bottles. This is a key distinction if you tend to go for a larger variety of brands and types.

The interior humidity is controlled with a digital thermostat control. The UV tinted dual pane glass front helps deflect any light, serving as a protective barrier for the wine inside.

Shortcomings? Well, this wine cooler looks great and functions well. However, the door is not reversible. So you’ll want to make sure that the swing will work well in your assigned space. For some, it’s not an issue, but for others, it could be a deal breaker.

For me?  This is our choice, and it’s currently quietly keeping my wine collection at the perfect temperature.  If I had one thing to say, it would be to maybe take 1-2 shelves from the cooler top section for whites and move those to reds.  However, it’s easy to keep the more “daily drinkers” in the upper area and just let them warm before serving.  The top shelf has enough room to store a magnum (I have one there now), so this is a very versatile choice if you’re a little more serious about your wine!

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Danby TWC 114 BLS DD Designer 38 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

danby wine coolerWith a smaller capacity than the previous models, the Danby 38 bottle wine cooler is probably more suited to those wine fans who are relatively new to the game.

It’s a freestanding unit only – so don’t try to build it into your cabinets unless you’ve allowed for proper ventilation. You also get two distinct temperature zones that can be regulated independently for both red and white wine. That’s an excellent option to have if you like to explore wines of all kinds.

Like so many coolers on the market these days, the Danby is supplied in a black cabinet with a stainless steel trimmed door. It’s an attractive, contemporary look that seems to fit practically any decor.

Unlike some competitors, the Danby wine cooler provides a tempered glass door that is UV resistant and completely reversible. So you can have it hinged on either side – whatever suits your fancy. The thick rubber seal provides maximum protection and helps retain a consistent temperature on the inside of the unit.

A white LED light on the interior of the cabinet highlights your wine collection without providing the added heat of an incandescent bulb. Danby makes it easy to display your collection in fine style.

With wood shelves that pull out, it’s a piece of cake to load this wine cooler.But to fit in 38 bottles and fill it to capacity, you’ll need to alternate the stacking of those bottles, from front to back.

The Danby TWC 114 BLS DD wine fridge certainly feels stable and capable. On the downside, the shelves are wee bit tight. But it will certainly do the job and keep your wines at the right temperatures – and that’s really what it’s all about.

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Newair AWB 360 DB Bottle Beverage Center

newair wine coolerThe Newair wine fridge features a front-venting compressor, so it’s perfect for those built-in applications. Whether you’re adding your wine cooler to your bar or kitchen cabinetry – it’s going to look like it cost three times as much as it actually cost you – when all is said and done.

This model is not just a wine cooler – but a beverage cooler. So it holds 18 bottles of wine +60 cans of whatever it is you want – making it a more versatile and family-friendly option. Newair AWB 360 also features digital temperature controls and lockable doors. Lockable cabinets make sense whenever there are young children around.

Although it’s made to be a built-in unit, you can also use this as a freestanding model. That’s because it’s finished on all sides, so won’t look out of place anywhere – unlike the under the counter dishwashers that look like they’re missing an exterior housing.

The adjustable temperature range of the Newair goes from 36°F all the way to 72°F. This wider range in temperature is significantly broader than most wine fridges and due to the fact that it’s a multipurpose refrigeration unit, not solely for wine.

While it’s not totally silent (no refrigeration device or electrical appliance is) it’s not irritatingly noisy either. You can generally hear a faint hum – as you can for most kitchen refrigerators. When measured it comes in at 39 dB. That’s not very noisy at all.

The Newair beverage center measures 23 1/2 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 34.2 inches high. This means that it’s perfect for tucking under any standard height kitchen countertop.

The interior racks are both adjustable and removable. As you pull them out, there’s a definite “stop” towards the end, similar to the racks in your oven. To fully extract the shelf simply takes a little bit of wiggling. Do that and they come out quite easily.

This dual zone wine and alternative beverage cooler make an excellent choice as a combination unit. You can conveniently store up to 18 bottles of wine and 60 cans of pop, juice, or whatever –  in individually locked compartments.

The Newair offers excellent value. It’s style and design is similar to GE’s Monogram Beverage Center – at about half the price. Its sleek design means it will fit in with your other appliances and look terrific anywhere. So you’re not just getting a practical storage receptacle – it says something about you and your style.

When your new beverage center arrives, simply unpack it, place it in position and level it. Then wait 24 hours before powering it up. Do this and you’ll have a positive experience every time. It won’t take more than about 30 to 40 minutes for this refrigeration unit to reach its ideal temperature.

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Allavino Flexcount  SWR 56–2 SS RN – 56 Bottle Dual Zone One Refrigerator

allavino wine coolerIt’s clear that this product was originally engineered to address a common problem with wine coolers. That problem is that most are made to accommodate standard size wine bottles only. Any that are slightly larger are problematic in most cases. But the Allavino can easily take care of almost any size of wine bottle you put there.

The intention of the “Flexcount” design concept is to provide storage for more bottle types than the average wine cooler. It features five shelves that can hold as many as nine bottles, plus a bottom shelf that can hold another 11 bottles. This gives you an overall capacity of 56 bottles in total.

Impressive is the steady racking Allavino provides. It’s strong enough to prevent any sagging, even when the shelves are loaded to the hilt. This shelving is also designed to be minimally intrusive by taking up as little of the available storage space as possible. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the Allavino wine cooler.

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Avanti WC 3406 34 Bottle Wine Chiller – Stainless Trim Glass Door

avanti wine coolerThe Avanti wine chiller is another favorite. It measures 19 1/2 inches wide by 17 1/4 inches deep by 33 1/2 inches high and is designed to hold up to 34 wine bottles.

It features a black exterior glass door front, trimmed in stainless steel. And you get full range temperature control from this freestanding design.

The Avanti is great for wine lovers who have gained an appreciation for serving wine the way it was intended – at just the right temperature.

Its easy-to-read electronic display puts temperature control at the touch of your fingers. Buyers love the sleek look and practical function the Avanti wine cooler provides. How nice would it look in your kitchen?

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Whynter Wine Refrigerator

whynter 28 bottle wine refrigeratorHere’s a compact wine cooler they can fit in any home – no matter what size. Actual product dimensions are 18.1 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 29 inches high.

It’s an elegant design that combines beauty, functionality, and ease-of-use. With vibration free cooling (thermoelectric) and adjustable thermostat and fan for circulation this wine cooler does a surprisingly good job at an economical price.

The Whynter wine cooler features six stainless steel shelves in its space-saving design, with a recessed handle. Can any of these interior shelves be removed? Yes, they can.

It is recommended that you swing the door open at least 120° for full access. Doing so makes it much easier to pull the shelf out.

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

wine enthusiast 32 bottle wine fridgeThis wine fridge features a 32 bottle capacity that’s split down the middle. This means you get a 16 bottle capacity for each of your reds and whites. The upper chamber temperature ranges from 54° F2 to 66° F, while the bottom ranges from 46°F to 66°F.

Like mileage ratings for cars, these numbers (as well as the numbers provided by all manufacturers) are the results of laboratory testing. So they may or may not be realistic numbers for you. That’s just the way it is in any market. You commit to your due diligence and you choose a wine cooler that seems to meet your needs. You also want to know that other people who’ve already bought, have been happy with their experience. But ultimately, you pay your money and you take your chances.

The more you have to invest – the greater your chances of happiness. But you don’t have to spend thousands to find a good, reliable wine cooler.

For an economical price, you get seven chrome pullout shelves in this compact unit. It does the job and cools as advertised. It’s an attractive looking unit too. Set up is easy and runs quietly. As with a lot of coolers on the market, the major downside is that the shelving is configured for standard wine bottles. Therefore larger bottles like Rieslings or Pinot Noirs are a tighter fit.

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There you have it – nine wine refrigerators to choose from. Chances are, at least one of these will be a perfect match for you.

Check them out and then buy with confidence.

(If you still haven’t found the perfect match, we did an in-depth review of another EdgeStar wine cooler.)