What’s The Best Way To Stock A Wine Fridge?

whytner fridge shelves

Once you’ve figured out a wine storage solution that will do you and taken delivery,  it’s almost time to get it stocked. That’s where the real fun begin! But not so fast – there’s one more step you may or may not need to take first. If you chose a compressor-type model of wine cooler, … Read more

Whynter Wine Fridge Review – 28 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

whytner fridge shelves

Are you in the market for your first ever wine chiller? If you’re looking for something that’s relatively compact, you should take a look at the Whynter Wine Refrigerator. Why?  It’s quiet, compact, and has a couple surprises inside. Let’s explore a little further… Size Does Matter By most standards it’s small. Overall, this appliance … Read more

What’s The Best Temperature to Store and Serve Wine?

sparkling wine in an ice bucket

What’s the best temperature for wine? Well, that all depends on one primary factor. Specifically, what kind of wine are you talking about? For general purposes, let’s divide wines into three categories – reds, whites, and sparkling wine. Each is very distinct in multiple ways – including optimum temperatures in which they should be served. … Read more

The Ultimate Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

vinotemp 155 bottle wine fridge

Are you interested in buying a wine cooler, but you’re not quite sure where to turn? Perfect – this page is for you. Chances are, you’ve already checked out the best wine fridge reviews available and you’re now a more informed consumer. But it still could be a challenge trying to narrow it down to … Read more

How Do I Pick A Wine Fridge?

So you’re in the market for a wine cooler and you’ve started looking around. Maybe you’ve just started looking. Or, perhaps you’ve been at it for a while. Now let me ask you a question. Are you confused yet? I’ve been there and done that and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it. And … Read more

Top Rated Wine Refrigerators – 155 Bottle VinoTemp Wine Cooler

close up of the vinotemp 155 bottle cooler

There’s something about the Vinotemp wine cooler that sets it apart from virtually every other wine cooler on the market. That major difference is that Vinotemp wine coolers are made in the USA. That’s pretty much unheard of in this industry and many others these days. Top Quality Vinotemp wine coolers are top-quality, they’re handmade … Read more

EdgeStar CWF40DZ Wine Fridge – 34 Bottle Dual Zone

EdgeStar Wine Refrigerator Door Open

Ready for a sizable wine cooler that can store both red wine and white – at the proper temperatures? This 34 bottle Edgestar might be the answer you’ve been looking for. It features an elegant design – a jet-black housing, complete with stainless steel trimmed door. The inside features wood-trimmed wire wine racks, plus cool … Read more

Wine Storage: Solutions Come In All Shapes and Sizes

disorganized wine bottle mess

Few who drink wine buy one bottle at a time and consume it. It’s much more likely to buy several bottles at once. As these bottles start to accumulate on countertops, bar tops, tables, and any available space, it starts to become a problem. Not only does it make your home look cluttered and unorganized, … Read more