About Us

I’ve been a homeowner for many years now, and am now on my 3rd or 4th home… and I STILL have many of the same issues I had when I bought my first home.

• It seems like every single project has a 3-trip minimum to Home Depot/Lowe’s.

• Every project has a requirement that I bleed at least a little

• I like to buy new things and improve my space…so I keep doing projects

In short, I feel like I’m constantly feeling like I’m an inept homeowner.  Then it hit me… I can’t be the only one that feels this way, can I? 

Of course I’m not.  Once I do a project it seems like I learn all the dumb things I did, but then I don’t need to do that project again.  So, I get to learn new dumb things next time.  🙂

Knowing there is probably an army of people just like me, I decided to start IneptHomeowner.com.  It’s a site dedicated to home improvement.  But you’re not going to find any Bob Villa’s around here.  This site is for us normal people.  We try things.  Sometimes they work.  Sometimes they fail.  But we’re going to do them!

A lot of my research comes from products I find myself needing or wanting to buy.  Like a wine fridge, or a fire pit.  If it’s something I found and tested for myself, I’ll tell you what decision I made and why.  If it’s just something I’m interested in or will do in the future, I’ll tell you the one I would choose if I had decided to get/do the thing in question.

Most importantly, you’re going to get the perspective of a guy that just happens to own a house.  I’m not a construction professional.  I’m VERY far from a construction professional.  So, I’m not going to say something is a 2-hour install when the reality is that it’s probably more like 7-8, 2 pints of blood, 3 gallons of sweat, a $%^&load of swearing, and a metric ton of frustration.  I’ll tell it like it is.

The reality is that these projects are usually worth it once my body heals and the frustration fades.  So, the projects are probably worth it to you as well.  Knowing you’re going to move forward…I might as well share what I know and save you some headache.