Setting the table for a dinner party or even a regular weeknight dinner just isn’t complete without a beautiful tablecloth. It’s one of those little details that adds an extra bit of color and flair to a home-cooked meal. And as you get ready to step into spring, it’s time to go shopping for a tablecloth that sets the tone for the season. In this article, we’re going to take you through our top picks for spring tablecloth decor in 2021. But first, let’s go over a few essential details to help you select the right spring tablecloth for your home.

How Far Should a Tablecloth Hang Over?

How far should a tablecloth hang over?

This depends on the occasion. If you’re setting the table for a formal event, we recommend at least a 15-inch drop. But for a more casual gathering, 8 inches would be perfectly fine. A longer drop gives a classier vibe, but for a sit-down dinner, it could be a hassle for guests.

Getting the tablecloth length right is just as important as selecting a beautiful design for the occasion. No matter how pretty the tablecloth, if it’s not the right size, then there’s no point in wasting your money. So before you go shopping, you first need to figure out the measurements. Calculating this is pretty easy; decide the drop you want, multiply it by two, and add that to the table length and width. For example, if you’re after an 8-inch drop for a 60-inch x 48-inch table, just add 16 inches to each side.

This calculation works even for an oval table. If your table is round in shape, add twice the drop to its diameter.

What Is the Best Fabric to Use for a Tablecloth?

What is the best fabric to use for a tablecloth?

When selecting a fabric, you need to consider the type of event you’re planning. For general use, polyester tablecloths would be best because they’re less absorbent compared to many other materials. This makes them perfect to tackle lots of spilled drinks and food stains. Plus, they get much fewer wrinkles, so you don’t need to iron them regularly.

If you’re planning a romantic dinner or a high-end event and want to create an elegant table setting, then silk should be your first choice. It often has a beautiful shimmer against the light, instantly creating a classy ambiance. But of course, it’ll come with a high price tag. And if you’re reluctant to pay top dollar for a tablecloth, then you can always opt for a high-quality polyester alternative. Polyester tablecloths are available at different price ranges, and the heavier they get, the more expensive they’ll be.

Cotton is another popular option, mainly because of its soft feel. But keep in mind that they are much more absorbent than polyester and can get wrinkled easily.

Beautiful Spring Tablecloth Ideas

A LuxeHome Microfiber Watercolor Floral Tablecloth

LuxeHome colorful floral watercolor spring tablecloth.

The stunning hand-painted floral print makes this tablecloth the perfect choice to greet spring. The navy blue, green, and blush pink design on the white background is both pretty and stylish and will be a definite conversation starter at your dinner party.

The seamless one-piece design with hemmed edges uses a machine washable brushed microfiber material that’s easy to clean. It’s also available in different sizes for both round and rectangular tables. Overall, it’s got some impressive reviews too, for both quality and its stylish design.

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Benson Mills Indoor Outdoor Spillproof Tablecloth

Indoor and outdoor spill-proof spring tablecloth by Benson Mills.

This blooming floral tablecloth design will look great in your dining room with its delicate and colorful floral butterfly print. It’s made with 100% treated polyester, a spill-proof material that is easy to clean. Plus, it’s machine washable and seems to come out wrinkle-free according to customer reviews.

This tablecloth by Benson Mills is available for rectangular, square, and round tables, and also comes with an umbrella hole option. So, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, it’s an excellent choice if you’re planning on lots of family gatherings all through spring and summer.

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Creative Linens Embroidered Easter Bunny Tablecloth with 8 Napkins

Easter bunny spring tablecloth by Creative Linens.

Here’s a highly rated option to get you ready for Easter. This festive tablecloth features beautiful cutworks and embroidered bunnies, Easter eggs, and lots of colorful daffodils and daisies to match classic Easter decor.

The high-quality polyester fabric is spillproof, so you don’t need to fret over spilled drinks and messy stains. Best of all, it comes with eight matching napkins for that perfect table setting. And if you love the design, you can also purchase placemats, table runners, table toppers, and lots of matching accessories to create the total Easter look.

This tablecloth is available in a variety of sizes for both round and rectangular tables. The larger ones even come with 12 napkins for those bigger dinner parties.

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Solino Home Hemstitch Simple Cotton Linen Tablecloth

Simple and modern white cotton linen spring tablecloth by Solino.

This cotton and linen tablecloth brings the best of both worlds by combining the soft texture of cotton with the highly durable and elegant finish of linen. The result is a classy and timeless tablecloth that’ll be perfect for any occasion.

From tablecloths to table runners, all items in Solino Home’s Cotton Linen Collection are handcrafted by artisans. The quality and beautiful details are unmistakable. They’re also machine washable and you can steam iron for a more crisp finish.

This tablecloth design is available in five different sizes between 52 inches x 52 inches to 58 inches x 120 inches. If you prefer some color, you can also find it in ivory, grey, navy, and black.

Customers have nothing but praise for this one. The thick high-quality material, expensive finish, and impressive customer service all seem to make them happy.

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Amelie Michel Stain-Resistant French Tablecloth in Yellow Poppies

French-style spring tablecloth with stain-resistant coating by Amelie Michel.

If you’re looking for a head-turner, then we’ve got just the one for you. This bright yellow tablecloth comes with a traditional French country style with a beautiful yellow poppy and lavender print. It’s bright, chirpy, and will instantly liven up your dining room with a classic French vibe.

Made from 100% cotton, this tablecloth has an acrylic coating to make it more durable and stain-resistant. You can easily wipe it clean without worrying about spills and stains. This makes it an excellent choice for everyday use as well as indoor and outdoor events. But it’s not the typical stiff vinyl material; it will drape beautifully over your table, just like normal fabric alternatives.

The manufacturer recommends an occasional cold, gentle machine wash and light ironing on the reverse. This is mainly to protect the acrylic coating and prolong use without damaging the print or material.

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Homestead Hand Block Print Royal Blue Floral Tablecloth

Boho hippie blue floral spring tablecloth.

If you want to add some Eastern character to your table setting, this floral tablecloth will do the job. It’s got a stunning Rajasthan floral print in royal blue with some super intricate details. In fact, it’s so beautiful, you might just use it as a wall hanging or a ceiling cover to create an exotic ambiance.

This tablecloth comes in a 60-inch x 60-inch design for square or round tables. It’s made from cotton and is handwoven by artisans for a more durable and stronger finish. Of course, you need to take care when washing it. The manufacturer recommends you wash it separately with cold water. But if there are any defects, you also get a full refund guarantee.

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Easter Egg Delight Polyester Fabric Spring Tablecloth

Easter egg spring tablecloth made in polyester.

If you like a pastel color palette in your Easter decor, then you’ll love this one. It’s got a pretty Easter egg print in pastel shades that will brighten up any room and is sure to delight friends and family.

Made with polyester, you can find it in eight different sizes for rectangular, oval, and round tables. A cold machine wash with a low tumble dry is ideal to make it last longer. This tablecloth comes with lots of reviews from happy customers. Looking at the reviews, they seem particularly thrilled about the beautiful design and the compliments it attracts.

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Amelie Michel French Linen Tablecloth in Darjeeling

French-style boho hippie spring nature tablecloth by Amelie Michel.

This is a gorgeous linen tablecloth for an elegant table setting. It comes with a stunning Darjeeling design that features bold and intricate floral patterns in lots of greens and reds. You’ll likely want to keep it throughout the year to add some extra glamor to your dining space.

The high-quality and durable linen fabric is from France, while the tablecloth is stitched in the USA. Amelie Michel recommends you dry clean as needed to protect the print and material for longer use. It comes in four different sizes, the largest one being 60 inches x 144 inches.

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100% Cotton Chambray Kitchen Tablecloth by DII

Simple spring cotton tablecloth by DII.

If you’re in search of a simple and minimalist tablecloth, then you’ve got to take a look at this cotton chambray option. The white and color thread weave gives it a slightly denim textured finish. This provides a unique, modern casual look without the bulky weight of real denim. The simple neutral color makes it super versatile, and it allows you to effortlessly mix it with lots of colors and patterns for a unique table setting each time.

It’s machine washable, but only with a gentle cycle and low tumble dry. And according to customers, it comes out with no wrinkles, although it does tend to shrink a bit. Right now, it’s available in only one size—60 inches x 104 inches. So make sure you check measurements before placing an order, and remember to check out the matching table runners and napkins, too, in case you want to buy the entire set.

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Green Buffalo Check Collection Classic Tablecloth by DII

Green buffalo check spring tablecloth by DII.

Here’s another tablecloth by DII, but this time in a green buffalo check design for that classic farmhouse spring table setting. It’s available in four sizes for rectangular tables, and a 70-inch option is there for a round table. You can also find it in six colors, from antique green to stonewash blue. And if you want to go all the way, you can find table runners, napkin sets, and placement mats in the same design, available to purchase separately.

Made from 100% cotton, this tablecloth is machine-washable using cold water, but expect some shrinking in the typical cotton style. You can also iron it on low heat, but you likely won’t need to since it’s wrinkle resistant.

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 To Sum It Up…

If you’re planning on having lots of family and friends over for dinner parties and brunches this spring, then you need to start thinking about your spring decor. This is particularly important when it comes to that perfect table setting. Spring table decor can brighten up your dining space and give your home a fresh appeal.

But selecting the right tablecloth takes some thought; you first need to get the measurements right. A lot of it will depend on the kind of event you want to host. Formal occasions will demand a longer drop of around 15 inches or even more. Casual or sit-down events could be better with a shorter drop of around 8 inches. This will make your guests feel more comfortable, giving them enough leg room underneath.

The material is another important factor to decide on before you start shopping. A silk tablecloth is classy and elegant and will be excellent for a fancy dinner. Polyester, however, is a more versatile option that’s available in different levels of quality and durability. So whether you’re after a more expensive finish or just something for regular use, polyester tablecloths can likely cater to all your requirements.

Design, quality, finish, durability, and material are all important when selecting that perfect spring tablecloth. Our top picks cover some excellent options for you to choose from, so there’s no reason why you can’t welcome spring into your home. A spring tablecloth is the quickest and easiest way to lighten up your home decor after a long winter, so cheers to happy shopping!

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