No amount of festivities can infuse joy into the dreaded task of removing piles of snow from your driveway. Let’s face it, the last thing you want during your holidays is staying outdoors shoveling away in the freezing winter. This gets extra hard as you get older, which is why many people today opt for a snow blower. These machines can help get the job done in no time and, of course, without breaking your back.

If you already have a snow blower at home, taking proper care of it is absolutely essential. We all know that they don’t come cheap, and as with any electronic equipment, they’re prone to damage if left unprotected from the elements. Rain and moisture can lead to rust and long-term issues that can severely limit their usable lifetime.

Covering them properly is an absolute must. In this article, we’ve got some of the best snow blower covers you can find on the market. But before we get to that, let’s first take a look at some of those common questions many first-time snow blower owners have.

How Long Do Snow Blowers Last?

How long do snow blowers last?

As you already know, snow blowers will cost you a bit. This makes it important to find out how long they will last to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

However, the answer to this question depends on the price range you opt for. Most low-end snow blowers available on the market will generally last somewhere up to 5 years, while the mid-range ones could work up to 15 years.

But if you want a machine that will stay with you on the long haul, then you need to go for a high-end snow blower. They are priced higher because of their superior components with high durability.

Having said that, even a premium heavy-duty machine could fail after a couple of years if you don’t look after it properly. So, how you treat it and keep it stored will play a big role in extending its lifetime.

Can Snow Blowers Break Ice?

Can snow blowers break ice?

To put it simply, yes, snow blowers can generally break up ice, but there are a few factors you first need to consider here.

Not all snow blowers will work the same way when it comes to ice. Naturally, the bigger and more powerful machines can help break larger chunks of ice pretty easily. But this doesn’t mean you need to opt for a bigger snow blower; it all depends on the type of ice you normally encounter. You can also get advice from your local retail store on the type of machine you should get.

The Best Snow Blower Covers for The Money

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Snow Thrower Cover

Heavy duty snow thrower cover by Classic Accessories.

If you have a two-stage snow blower, then here’s a high-quality cover to keep it protected from the harsh outdoor weather.

It’s made from a durable waterproof material that can withstand rain, snow, and moisture during the colder months and the high heats of summers. The heavy duty finish will keep your machine safe for a very long time.

The critically taped seams prevent water from seeping in. The elastic cord at the bottom and tension panels with straps help the cover to fit tightly around your snow blower. This will prevent it from easily coming off, especially when it gets windy.

Another thing to remember is that it’s not designed to completely cover the wheels or legs of your machine. So if you’re looking for a cover that completely wraps around the machine, this one is not for you.

Having said that, based on customer reviews, the high durability, and heavy duty finish, this cover makes a great purchase. It also comes with a four-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

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Craftsman Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower Cover

Craftsman two stage snow blower cover.

Here is another premium cover for a two-stage snow blower that also comes with a one year limited warranty by Craftsman.

It’s 47 inches (L) x 37 inches (H) x 31 inches (W) in size and is made from a high quality material that’s waterproof. It’s also designed with an elastic cord at the bottom to ensure that it fits tightly over your snow blower. Based on customer reviews, it seems to stay just fine against windy conditions as well.

This cover has also got some great reviews for its durability. All in all, this could be an excellent choice to safely store your machine during harsh weather conditions.

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AmazonBasics Black Two-Stage Snow Thrower Cover

Two-stage snow blower cover by Amazon Basics.

This two-stage snow blower cover is made by 100% woven polyester. It’s specially designed for outdoor use with its super durable weather-resistant qualities.

The air vents are designed to allow proper airflow to prevent condensation and swelling because of trapped air. It’s also made with a zipper to ease the struggle of covering and uncovering your snow blower, especially during regular use.

There are also elastic straps to ensure a tight fit, and customers that experience high winds seem pretty impressed with how securely this cover fits around the machine without coming off. In fact, many of them have left some awesome reviews about its high quality.

The rave reviews, great features, and the one year warranty make this cover a great purchase for your snow blower. It can keep your machine protected all year round not only from the snow and rain but also from the sun and dirt.

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Ariens Company 726015 Snow Throw Cover

Ariens snow blower cover.

If you have a Sno-Thro model with a 26-inch or bigger housing, here’s a super high quality cover to keep it protected.

It’s designed with a water resistant material that seems impressively durable according to customers who have used it in all types of weather conditions, from rain to snow.

And based on reviews, putting it on and removing it also seem easier. The elastic cord at the bottom will help keep the cover tightly fitted around the machine. This will come in handy, especially if you store your snow blower outside.

The material, however, seems to be on the thin side. Despite that, it’s got some excellent reviews from customers for its quality.

However, a word of caution―make sure you check the sizes before purchasing.

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Husqvarna Snow Blower Heavy Duty Cover

Heavy duty snow blower cover by Husqvarna.

This heavy duty cover from Husqvarna is designed to hold up against all sorts of weather onslaught during harsh winters and summers.

It’s got an adjustable elastic cord to provide a custom fit and keep your snow blower protected throughout the year. However, putting it on seems to be a struggle for some customers since it doesn’t come with instructions. Based on one customer review, the easiest way to go about this is by starting from the handlebar side. You can then move on to covering the front end.

This cover will fit many of the two-stage snow blower products, but it’s always best to check the dimensions of your machine before purchasing.

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Toro Single-Stage Snow Thrower Cover

Single-stage snow blower cover by Toro.

If you have a single-stage snow thrower, then you need to take a look at this cover by Toro.

It’s made from a waterproof material that is resistant to tearing and abrasions. This will be a great option to keep your machine protected all year round. Made from 600-denier polyester that provides a highly durable construct, this cover will also be perfect if you live in particularly harsh weather conditions.

The elastic opening is designed to ensure that it fits securely around your machine, and the vents will ensure better airflow and help minimize condensation inside.

This cover is recommended for snow throwers with a cutting width of up to 20 inches. Ensure that you check with the retailer on the sizes before purchasing to ensure that it fits your particular single-stage thrower model.

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HONDA Snow Blower Cover for HS724

Honda snow blower cover for model HS724.

If you own a Honda HS724 snow blower model, here’s a cover designed especially for you.

It’s customized to keep your machine safe with all-season protection, and the elastic at the bottom keeps the cover tightly fitted around the machine. In fact, it fits so tight that one customer has recommended placing “some foam or rubber on the tip of the chute” to prevent it from cutting in.

Overall, this thick and durable cover has got 5-star reviews from HS724 users.

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FLYMEI Snow Thrower Cover

Snow thrower cover by Flymei.

This is a universal cover that will fit most two-stage snow blower models.

Everything about this cover is designed for high durability. It’s made from a super quality 420D marine-grade material for longer use. It’s also waterproof and UV resistant to protect your machine during both winters and summers. The double-stitched seams provide a heavy duty finish without wear and tear.

You also get a carry bag to store it safely when it’s not in use. But when you no longer need to cover your snow blower, you can even use it to keep your outdoor furniture and any other equipment protected from the elements.

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Arnold Universal Snow Thrower Cover

Arnold universal snow blower cover.

Here’s another universal snow thrower cover that will fit great for machines with a clearing width of up to 30 inches. But as usual, make sure you check against your model specifications to avoid disappointment later on.

It’s designed to be super durable with UV and mildew resistant qualities for extra protection. The built-in bag is a nice addition to keep the cover stored away when not in use.

Based on one customer, this might not be the best option if you live in a particularly windy zone. Apparently, the vinyl material tends to get brittle and shred off under low temperatures with high winds.

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Himal Snow Thrower Cover

Snow thrower cover by Himal.

This high quality cover is made from 300D polyester material for heavy duty use under harsh weather conditions all year round.

It’s pretty large at 47 inches (L) x 32 inches (H) x 40 inches (W) and is a perfect choice for many of the two-stage snow blower machines, from Ariens and Honda to Husqvarna and Snow Joe. Of course, please double check on the sizes with your retailer to ensure it fits your machine.

Talking about fit, it’s also got elastic ropes at the bottom to keep it securely around your snow blower, even during storms. It also comes with a lightweight bag to store it away safely when required.

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To Sum it Up…

Snow blowers are a great investment to avoid all the hassle of removing piles of snow during the winter months. But you also need to keep your investment safe if you want to ensure that your machine can continue to serve you for a longer time.

Just like any other equipment, a snow blower is not immune to the wear and tear caused by improper handling and harsh weather conditions. This is why keeping it stored safely is essential to extend its lifetime.

In this article, we’ve given you some great cover options to choose from. Make sure you pick a good product to protect your machine and enjoy it for years to come.

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