If you love the outdoors, then chances are you’ve already slotted in a few camping trips for this year. It’s the perfect way to get away from the hectic city life and spend some quality time with friends and family. And if you’re blessed with adventurous and hyperactive kids, camping could be a great option to keep them happy.

But to make it work, you need the right camping gear. Apart from the flashlights and the first aid kits, a comfy sleeping pad or a mattress is a must. After all, you don’t want to be tossing and turning the entire night and wake up feeling all groggy for another day in the wilderness. So, buying a good sleeping pad is super important before you head out on a camping trip.

Of course, they come with lots of options these days, with different thicknesses, materials, and designs to suit your every need. For instance, if you’re used to sleeping on a thicker mattress, there are plenty of inflatable camping pads and mattresses to provide extra comfort for you to sleep under the stars. In this article, we’re going to tackle everything you need to know to get your sleeping pad right for a good night’s sleep outdoors.

If you’re going camping in one of the many national parks, the National Park Service has lots of great tips on planning your trip and safety considerations.

Is a Sleeping Pad Necessary for Camping?

Is a sleeping pad necessary for camping?

If you intend to get some sleep on your camping trip, a sleeping bag just won’t cut it; you need some cushioning to provide comfort. Remember, you need protection from cold outdoor temperatures, too. The right sleeping pad will provide insulation, protect you from the elements, and keep you warm through the night. Sleeping pads typically come with an R-value, so you can get an idea about the level of insulation they could provide. The higher the better when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold.

Now, another thing to keep in mind about sleeping pads is that not all are made the same. Together with comfort and insulation, they are designed with various features to help you tackle different needs. Now, there are plenty of inflatable options that are super comfortable and lightweight. They are also compact and easier to take around with you. And if you can’t be bothered to inflate them, there are the self-inflating options, which also tend to be more durable.

And for anyone looking for extra comfort outdoors, there are air mattresses that can inflate to a thickness of up to 20 inches, and sometimes even more. So, whether you need comfort, convenience, or durability, there are a ton of sleeping pad options out there to suit your needs.

How Can You Make Your Camping Mattress More Comfortable?

How can you make your camping mattress more comfortable?

A few simple hacks could go a long way to make your camping mattress extra cozy for you.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Adjust the air filling. A fully filled mattress might sometimes feel too firm to lie on. So, check firmness when filling it with air and stop when it reaches the right level of comfort.
  • Opt for a mattress topper. If your mattress surface feels hard or cold to touch, then a topper is essential for extra cushioning. You can choose a mattress that comes with a topper, buy it separately, or can even get a bit creative with a topper alternative. For instance, you can unzip your sleeping bag and use it as a mattress topper or use foam pads instead.
  • Turn your camping mattress into a bed. Pad it up with some extra blankets, sheets, and a comforter so you get the same comfort and cozy feel of sleeping in your bed. And don’t forget to take a good pillow with you.
  • Keep the mattress off the ground. Creating a softer makeshift surface for your mattress with, for example, foam tiles could help improve comfort. It could even help with ventilation on those warmer days. Plus, it’ll protect your mattress or sleeping pad from sharp rocks and twigs.

Can a Yoga Mat Work as a Sleeping Pad?

Can a yoga mat work as a sleeping pad?

Your yoga mat cannot replace a sleeping pad; it just can’t match the comfort, insulation, and quality. For instance, the thin material of a yoga mat cannot soften the bumpy texture of the ground. In fact, it might even be painful to sleep on. And the poor insulation means it won’t do much to keep you warm either.

The thing is, yoga mats and sleeping pads are made for different purposes; one for active use, the other for rest. So, it’s best to leave your yoga mat at home and get yourself a proper sleeping pad or mattress when you’re out camping.

The Best Camping Mattresses and Sleeping Pads

We’ve reviewed some of the top camping mattresses and sleeping pads out there based on quality, design, material, and most importantly, user reviews. Here are the products that made our top 10 list.

Sierra Designs 2-Person Queen Camping Air Mattress

Sierra Designs 2-person camping pad mattress.

A two-person camping mattress could be a space saver not just when setting up the sleeping area, but also when it comes to transporting your camping gear. But that’s not the only reason for this air mattress by Sierra Designs to make our top 10 list. The rave reviews it’s received for superior comfort certainly impressed us. “It’s definitely better than sleeping on one of those inflatable sleeping pads,” says one customer.

It also comes with a battery-operated pump and a 1-year warranty. Plus, the stretch-resistant PVC material will ensure durability and longer use. But, according to customers, it’s more like a full-size mattress than a queen. So, check and confirm the size before purchasing.

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Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress with Storage Bag

Self-inflating camping air mattress with carrying bag.

If you’re a side sleeper or suffer from recurring back pain, then this camping mattress might be just what you need. Customers can’t seem to say enough about its quality and comfort. In fact, some have even likened it to their mattress at home.

It’s a thick sleeping pad that can inflate up to 4 inches. It’s got a packaging bag to help inflate it, so you won’t need to carry around an air pump. And the 9.5 R-value will make it perfect for those chilly nights.

To read reviews, click here.

Extremus Micro I-Beam Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

Inflatable sleeping camping pad by Extremus.

If you want a sleeping pad that’s lightweight, compact, and comfortable, this one’s the full package. The Micro I-Beam structure ensures even airflow, so you’re supported whether you sleep on the side or on your stomach. The high-quality PVC material makes this sleeping pad soft, durable, waterproof, and environmentally friendly.

There’s even a built-in foot-operated pump for super easy inflation, and the 4inch thick pad measures 75 inches x 35 inches; that’s big enough for a well-built adult.

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Compass Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Inflatable sleeping pad by Compass Outdoors.

When you’re a regular camper, you need a durable sleeping pad that could hold up through the year without tearing. This product by Compass Outdoors is made to last with a heavy-duty 40D ripstop nylon material to tackle rugged use. And to top it all, it comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

It’s also lightweight and super compact. You can literally roll it up to a 1lb hand-carry pouch. It’s great for hiking or even to keep in your car for an emergency. And when inflated, it’ll expand into 77.9 inches x 22.4 inches, with a 2inch thickness.

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Naturehike Double-Size Waterproof Sleeping Pad Mattress

Naturehike inflatable camping sleeping pad.

This Naturehike sleeping pad made our list for several reasons. To begin with, it’s got comfort, durability, and quality packed into a double-size mattress. And if you prefer a firm surface to sleep on, you’re going to love this one. Best of all, it can fold into a 14.6inch x 5.9inch pouch, making it perfect for those light travelers.

The polyester material is waterproof, wear-resistant, and durable. “Add a little rechargeable pump/deflator, and it’s gold!” says a recent customer.

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Forceatt Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad with Built-In Pillow

Self-inflating portable camping sleeping pad with storage bag.

This sleeping pad by Forceatt is designed with functionality in mind. The woven elastic material is soft and noise-free, unlike typical polyester. And the TPU coating provides great insulation. It’s also self-inflating and super easy to set up.

This sleeping pad is available in three colors, and also with and without the built-in pillow. But keep in mind that it’s a bit on the bulky side, so it might not be the best option when you’re planning on traveling light. But apart from that, customers seem to love the comfort, quality, and ease in setting it up.

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KingCamp Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Mattress

Inflatable camping air mattress by Kingcamp.

“This is a sound investment and worth every penny,” says one 5-star review of this sleeping pad. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering how it seems to fare in terms of comfort and durability. With the 3 inch thickness, the TPU coated soft polyester material, and the insulation that comes with a 6.1 R-value, you won’t even know you’re sleeping on the ground. And the wavy 3D surface will fit perfectly around your body to provide extra comfort.

Based on customer reviews, deflating and rolling it up may take up some time, although it’s perfectly manageable by a single person.

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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad by Trekology

Self-inflating sleeping pad mattress by Trekology.

This 3 inch thick sleeping pad is a simple and hassle-free option for frequent campers. At 77 inches x 28 inches, it’s big enough for a comfortable sleep. The nylon material is soft to touch, water-resistant, and can withstand tough weather conditions. It’s also self-inflating and designed using dual-valve technology for easy inflation and deflation.

Keep in mind that this sleeping pad is slightly heavy and bulky when rolled up, which seems to be the only grievance among customers. But it doesn’t seem to bother them much, especially considering the high quality and comfort it could provide. Overall, it’s got 5-star ratings for thickness, inflating ease, and sleep quality.

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Foxelli Extra Thick Sleeping Pad with Storage Bag

Foxelli extra thick outdoor camping sleeping pad.

The Foxelli sleeping pad is one of the best-rated products on the market for high durability. The military-grade, heavy-duty polyester material protects the pad from abrasions and tears. It also provides great insulation and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

When inflated, it’ll open up to around 72 inches x 24.6 inches, with a thickness of 2.75 inches. And according to reviews, inflation seems pretty easy, too. But don’t just rely on what customers say. You can give it a try and check it out yourself. Besides, Foxelli’s 120-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty are always there for extra peace of mind.

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To Sum It Up…

Some people can sleep anywhere, even standing up. But for the rest of us, we need some help to doze off, usually in the form of comfort. And when you’re going camping, a good quality sleeping pad or a camping mattress is a must. Remember, sleeping on the ground with sharp rocks and uneven surfaces is not going to be easy, and the wilderness will open you up to the elements. But when you have a sleeping pad, it’ll provide both comfort and insulation for a good night’s sleep.

There are also a ton of options out there, offering a variety of designs, thicknesses, and materials. So, consider your camping habits and personal preferences and choose a high-quality sleeping pad to get the best out of your camping experience.

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