Urban living comes with many advantages, but it’s not without a few drawbacks. The exorbitant prices of real estate naturally mean that most urbanites are limited to tight living spaces. Compact rooms could be a challenge to any homeowner, particularly when it comes to keeping them functional and aesthetically pleasing. Dealing with a small bathroom is no different. Organizing your toiletries and towels, keeping things functional and clutter-free, and making the best use of the available space are not going to be easy.

If you’re nodding your head right now, then this article is for you. We’ve rounded up some helpful storage ideas that could instantly transform any small bathroom. But first, let’s tackle some of those common questions that still baffle homeowners.

What Is the Best Way To Organize Your Bathroom?

What is the best way to organize your bathroom?

Organizing your bathroom is not just about finding space for each item; it’s more to do with creating order in your daily life. You need to approach it with a clear purpose in mind. Remember, dumping everything inside a cupboard will serve no one and could only make things worse. The idea is to be functional, not just clutter-free.

So, here are 5 simple tips to get you started.

  • Divide and conquer: Allocate a separate bin or caddy to store the essentials of each person sharing the bathroom. This way, you can save yourself from all the hassle of hunting down your toothbrush or shaving cream, especially in the morning when everyone’s in a rush.
  • Label it: Use labels to help quickly identify items, whether you’re separating the cleaning products or the extra toiletries.
  • Change it up: Be practical with your storage ideas. For instance, transparent storage bins and separators are perfect to see what’s inside without pulling out everything. Hooks are a great alternative to towel racks when you’re struggling for space.
  • Keep counter space clear: Keep countertops empty as much as possible. This is essential for a small bathroom to keep the limited space functional and tidy.

What Should Be Stored Under the Bathroom Sink?

What should be stored under the bathroom sink?

Under the sink storage is perfect for extra supplies like toilet paper and toiletries. You can even store your hairdryer and flat iron on the inside of the cabinet door. Cleaning supplies can also go in there as well.

As a general rule of thumb, store items you use daily in easily reachable spaces, like on the countertop, inside a drawer, or on a nearby shelf. The rest can often go under the sink, except for certain items like extra towels. But whatever you decide to store there, keep them organized in separate bins or caddies with labels.

Is It OK To Store Towels in the Bathroom?

Is it ok to store towels in the bathroom?

The moist environment in the bathroom makes it unsuitable to store fresh towels. Extra towels should stay in a closet elsewhere in your home where the air is dry, and the same goes for bathrobes.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep used towels in the bathroom. Just hang them on a hook to help dry faster. But remember, the moisture could make it easy to harbor bacteria and mold. So make sure you swap them with new ones every few days.

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Now on to the fun part! Here’s our list of the best bathroom storage ideas.

Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Space Saver with Adjustable Shelf by Giantex

Over-the-toilet bathroom storage shelf with cabinet by Giantex.

This is a highly versatile vertical storage solution that’ll work for pretty much any small bathroom. It’s a free-standing unit that will stand over your toilet, and there’s plenty of storage space in the built-in cabinet with two shelves. There’s even an open and adjustable shelf underneath for easy access.

According to customer reviews, the entire unit is impressively sturdy and durable, but they seem split about ease of assembly. Overall, the functional and simple design seems to win them over.

To learn more, click here.

Soft Cotton Fabric Bathroom Storage Bins – 4 pack by mDesign

Fabric bathroom storage bins with handles by mdesign.

Keeping things organized is particularly essential for small bathrooms to maximize countertop space, and these fabric storage bins are the perfect choice for that. They come in a stylish design, so you might want to use them in your bedroom, too. There’s a variety of subtle earthy tones to choose from, including beige, light pink, charcoal, and espresso brown.

They’re made of thick, soft cotton fabric, which gives them a durable and elegant finish. The bins are slightly smaller though at 15 inches L x 6 inches W x 5.5 inches H. But that’s more than enough to keep your toilet rolls and toiletries organized. Besides, the pack includes a set of four bins.

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Bathroom Over-the-Toilet Storage Cabinet with Glass Door by Topeakmart

Simple over-the-toilet storage cabinet with shelf.

This storage cabinet is the perfect solution to use up the vertical space on top of the toilet without fixing separate shelves and cabinets. The free-standing structure is just over 68 inches in height, and the espresso brown wooden finish will instantly add a premium touch to your bathroom.

This storage cabinet has plenty of adjustable shelves and compartments to help you organize your toiletries at a reachable height. The bottom shelf just above the toilet has a beautiful faux marble top, while the rest sport a waterproof P2 MDF material. The storage structure is sturdy and solid and built to hold up to 6kg or 13.2lbs, which customer reviews seem to confirm as well.

To read reviews, click here.

3-Tier Rustic Brown Toilet Storage Rack by Hoobro

Modern free-standing bathroom storage rack with shelves.

If you’re after a simple storage solution, then here’s a great option. It’s got a free-standing design with three open shelves that’ll stand over the toilet. The heavy-duty structure is stable and comes with two anti-tipping kits for extra safety. Assembling it seems straightforward, too, with the instructions and tools that come with the packaging. Having said that, a few customers seemed concerned about a slightly wobbly feel, so remember to use the wall anchors and adjust the legs if you face similar issues.

Overall, it’s a non-intrusive storage unit with a simple structure. The industrial design with the black metal frame and rustic brown particleboard shelves will add a lot of character to your tiny bathroom.

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Farmhouse Style Metal Wire Storage Baskets by mDesign

Farmhouse decor by mdesign metal wire storage baskets.

This is a simple storage basket that’s perfect to store all your extra toiletries and cleaning products. The set comes with four baskets, each one measuring 16 inches L x 12 inches W x 6 inches H. The open wired design makes it easy to see and access the contents, and the handles are a nice addition to make it easier to carry around. In fact, the simple and highly functional design will make it ideal even for the kitchen, garage, or anywhere else you need storage.

And what do customers have to say about it? Well, they definitely seem to love it, particularly for its high quality, rust-proof, and durable finish. But remember to use a mat or lining underneath to avoid scratching polished surfaces.

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Stainless Steel Hanging Shower Head Caddy by Smartake

Hanging bathroom shower head caddy for bathroom storage.

This is a highly functional and easy-to-install storage option to stock all your toiletries right next to the shower. In fact, it hardly needs any installation; you just need to hang it over the shower and fix up the suction cups for support. Made from stainless steel, it’s also rust-proof and durable.

This caddy has two spacious wire racks with a soap holder and hooks to hang your towels. And according to the manufacturer, it can hold up to 40 lbs. Overall, it’s a versatile storage unit of excellent quality, which seems to have drawn some great reviews, too.

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3-Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves with Drawer and Towel Bar by X-cosrack

Modern industrial iron wall-mounted bathroom shelf.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish design, versatility, quality, or functionality, this portable storage solution will tick all the boxes. Made from iron, it’s packed with storage features, from shelves and S-hooks to even a drawer and a towel bar. This wall-mounted unit is a great option to make use of your vertical space and store all your essentials in one place.

The rustic industrial design will make you fall in love with it and could even add some extra bit of style to your small bathroom. In fact, it’ll look great anywhere in your home.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf by Mu

Small standalone white bathroom storage cabinet.

This standalone storage cabinet comes with some awesome reviews. At just 35 inches in height, it’s a portable unit that’ll sit neatly in your bathroom without using up much space. The cabinet has two drawers and a shelf, and the simple white design will help it blend in with your decor.

It’s also waterproof, easy to clean, and made for practical use. You can even use it in the kitchen, living room, or office.

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Plastic Open-Front Bathroom Storage Organizer Bins by mDesign

Shatter-resistant plastic bathroom storage bins by mdesign.

Made from clear plastic, this is a simple basket organizer for all your storage needs. It’s got a cube design, so the open front makes it easy to pull out what you need. The small yet convenient size makes it highly functional; you can easily store it inside a cabinet or on a shelf.

In fact, this super versatile bin is perfect to even store your towels, cosmetics, craft supplies, or snacks. Made from shatter-resistant and food-safe plastic, it’s also durable, easy to clean, and functional. And the pack includes four of these containers.

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Eco-Friendly Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper Holder by Bamboo Emu

Bamboo free-standing toilet paper roll holder by Bamboo Emu.

If you’re looking for a stylish solution to store extra toilet paper rolls, here’s what you need. This premium canister is designed in Australia and made from FSC-approved bamboo. It’s also functionally designed with a 2 inch cut out in front to help you quickly get what you need.

The vertical stand is around 15 inches in height and can easily hold up to four rolls. But according to customers who have purchased it, it’s best for regular-size rolls; the extra-large ones might be hard to fit. But in case you face any issue, worry not, because it comes with a 30-day refund or replacement policy.

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Stainless Steel Bathroom Mirror Storage Cabinet by Homfa

Stainless steel mirrored bathroom cabinet by Homfa.

This stainless steel bathroom cabinet is sleek and super classy and will look great in any bathroom. The cabinet includes two shelves to store your toiletries, and there’s also a mirrored door that could work as a second vanity mirror. It’s durable and rust-free, and installation seems straightforward, too.

Overall, this is a stylish and functional vertical storage solution that has got some great reviews from customers for its high quality and premium design.

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Modern Wrought Iron Metal Towel Racks – 2 pack by Wallniture

Modern wrought iron metal wall-mounted towel racks by Wallniture.

Looking for a modern storage solution that will do the job while still looking great? Then check out this industrial-style metal towel rack. Made from wrought iron, it’s a wall-mounted unit that can individually hold three large towels. The set includes two racks, and you can fix them side by side or on separate walls based on the space available.

To read reviews, click here.

To Sum It Up…

Working around a tiny bathroom is not always easy. Storage is often the biggest challenge, but with a few smart organizing tricks, you can instantly transform your tiny bathroom into a clutter-free and super tidy space.

Use separate caddies for each type of item and for each person sharing the bathroom. Labels will make it easy to identify what’s in each storage basket without having to rummage through its content, and store each item where it’s most accessible. Essential toiletries like shampoos should be near the shower, while extra toilet paper rolls can go under the sink. Keep the countertops clutter-free and use up vertical space as much as possible.

There are plenty of clever vertical organizing options like over-the-toilet cabinets, standalone drawer units, wall-mounted racks, and floating shelves. And remember, storage solutions don’t need to be boring. There are lots of beautiful designs that are high quality, durable, and functional. Our list is an excellent starting point – the only limit is your imagination!

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