With many people facing the challenge of limited space living, loft beds have quickly grown in popularity over the recent years. Although similar to a bunk bed, lofts are distinguished by the single elevated bed structure without the bottom bed.

This creates plenty of space underneath for storage or any other activity. You can use it as a workspace, book nook or even a seating area. And this convenience of effective space utilization is exactly what has made it a popular choice over bunks or even the traditional beds.

Loft beds come in a variety of choices in terms of functionality and design to suit your specific needs. You could be looking for just an elevated bed so you can fit in your existing furniture underneath, or a loft bed with in-built drawers and desk to create a workspace.

The bottom line is, lofts don’t just offer you a sleeping space. They can provide you great functional features and design aesthetics to make the best of limited space living.

Loft Beds for Adults vs. Kids

If you have just moved into a studio apartment or are redecorating your home with limited square footage, you will know the challenges of maximizing the use of space. This is why loft beds make a great choice for grownups and young adults.

However, they are also a popular option for kids due to their versatility in design and features.

And distinguishing between the options available for adults and kids is essential before you start shopping around for lofts. But this may not always be obvious at first glance.

The most important thing to consider is often the features. Loft beds for kids come with specific features for their safety and convenience. Apart from the smaller bed size, the height of the bed is much lower in kids’ options. They also come with higher guard rails and different ladder and stairs options for added safety to prevent a fall.

Kids’ lofts are naturally built to support a smaller weight compared to adult ones. And they come with specific inbuilt features like play areas and slides to keep kids occupied with a touch of fun.

In this article, we will guide you through the wide range of options available in the kids’ loft bed market so you can select the best loft for your child.

Are Loft Beds Sturdy and Safe?

But before we start, let’s answer an important question that many parents ask. Are loft beds sturdy and safe? The answer to this depends on the manufacturer. This is why selecting a reputed manufacturer and retailer is important to ensure the quality of the loft you purchase.

It will also have an impact on warranties and any after-sales services. Therefore, ensure that you choose a trusted brand with plenty of positive customer reviews. User feedback is a great way to find out first-hand accounts of products and service standards.

In addition, check the materials used, features and the construction of the bed to make your own assessment. Inquire about the maximum recommended weight limits for the structure. And opt for stronger and durable materials like solid wood or steel instead of plastics.

Also, check on safety features such as the guard rail around the bed and hand railing of the ladder. Assess the type of material used for these features and their thickness, height, and solid construction.

If you want more information on how to make your bunk bed as safe as possible, check out this article by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Needless to say, selecting the right loft bed for your child is no easy task. So, here are our recommendations with reviews for the 3 most popular loft bed categories to help you with that important decision.

Cool and Awesome Loft Beds with Storage Space

Loft beds with storage space are the most popular category of lofts searched by parents. Let’s look at our top recommendations to help you out.

1. Twin Loft Bed for Kids with Ladder by Harper & Bright Designs

Harper Bright loft bed with ladder

This is a great starter bed for younger kids with its low height and 2-step ladder, making it a safer option with all the other conveniences of a loft bed. The sturdy wooden frame supports 175lbs and is less noisy compared to a metal frame.

The twin-sized bed provides a comfortable sleeping space. This also means there’s plenty of room underneath that can be used for storage or even as a play area.

It comes in 3 colors – white, neutral and black – to help match your child’s room décor. And the step-by-step manual makes it easy to assemble. However, you may need to reinforce the slats and bolts every now and then to ensure the structure is solid.

All in all, this loft bed by Harper & Bright Design is a great value for money product. It makes a perfect choice for any parent looking to make the best use of limited space.

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2. Loft Storage Bed with Shelves by Better Homes and Gardens

BHG loft bed with storage

This is another great twin loft bed that comes with 2 inbuilt shelves, making it a perfect solution for extra storage. Available in slate color, the loft’s sturdy frame makes it ideal for both younger and older kids.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and an extra set of screws for replacement. However, assembling the loft could be tedious and time-consuming.

Another important thing to note is the guard rail, which will not be high enough if you use a thicker mattress. This could pose a safety hazard, especially with younger kids who could roll over and fall during sleep. But you can always avoid this by using a relatively thin mattress.

Moreover, the inbuilt shelves will limit the free space area available under the bed. So, remember to plan how to use the space before purchasing this loft.

Overall, it makes an excellent choice for your kids’ room to make use of the vertical space with an extra storage solution.

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Awesome Twin Loft Beds with Desk and Shelves

Lofts with an inbuilt study area are another popular choice among parents. Not only do they help maximize the use of limited space but also work as a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing the bed, desk, and shelves as separate units.

So, here are our top recommendations for this category.

1. Sunrise Twin Metal Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves by Home Accent Furnishings

Home Accent Furnishings metal loft bed with desk

This twin loft bed by Home Accent Furnishings is a sturdy multi-functional metal loft. It comes with 2 inbuilt shelves on the side that also function as a ladder. The detached desk is fitted with roller wheels so you can keep it separate, away from the loft.

This also means you’ll have plenty of space under the bed. And kids can use it as a play area, reading nook or simply to store their books and toys.

This loft comes with an installation manual and is easy to assemble. However, you may need to re-tighten the screws every now and then as it could loosen over time.

However, considering all the pluses of this multi-functional twin loft bed, we consider it a great bargain for parents looking to make the best use of limited space.

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2. Hillsdale Caspian Twin Loft Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture wood loft bed with desk

Made with a sturdy wooden structure, this twin loft comes with an attached desk and an angled ladder for added safety. There is reasonable head space underneath, making it a great option for older kids. The table is fitted on the side, which leaves plenty of free space underneath the bed for extra storage.

And the solid wooden structure means less noise. If you’re particular about matching colors, this loft bed is available with a gray, chocolate and white finish. It can also comfortably fit an 8-inch mattress with the guard rail providing protection against a fall.

Assembly of this loft could be time-consuming and sometimes a bit confusing. Also, it doesn’t include a spare set of screws. This means you will need to take care not to strip any screws if you want to save a trip to the hardware store.

Having said that, this loft bed’s plusses far outweigh the few minor assembly glitches, making it a great value product in this category.

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Cool Loft Beds that are Worth the Price Tag

This is the cool, fun loft bed category that is every child’s dream. And the good news is, you can find countless unique design options in the market. However, it’s also important to consider features, durability, and safety before making a purchase.

Here’s what we recommend to make sure you get your money’s worth.

1. Tent Loft Bed in Army Green and Camouflage by Coaster Home Furnishings

awesome loft bed camouflage scaled

The army green camouflage fabric tent makes this loft one of the coolest designs you could find for little boys. The loft bed is relatively low and comes with a 2-step angled ladder and a metal guard rail. This makes it particularly ideal for younger kids.

Its metal structure provides good sturdy support, although it could become a bit noisy at times. The bed’s low construct and the tent cover that goes all around can limit the use of the space underneath. However, it makes a great play area and a hideout for kids.

You can even place a second mattress there and convert it instantly into a bunk bed. Assembly of the loft is also relatively easy, and you can complete it on your own within about an hour.

This loft by Coaster Home Furnishings is higher in price compared to a standard loft bed. However, it’s still worth the investment considering the high-quality and durable finish and the unique themed design that is sure to get kids excited.

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2. Solid Wood Twin-Size Low Loft Bed with Slide by Max & Lily

Max Lily cool loft bed

Designed to be both fun and safe, this is a great starter loft bed for younger kids. The removable slide makes a cool addition that every kid loves. Its safety features are also second to none. The 3-step angled ladder with wide steps makes it easier to climb.

The relatively high 14-inch railing and lower bed height is great to protect from a fall. The wooden structure made with New Zealand pine is strong, durable, and non-toxic and can hold up to 400 lbs.

This low loft bed by Max & Lily is also quite functional. The ladder and slide could be interchanged to suit the bedroom setting. Lots of free space underneath is great for storage or to use as a play area. It also comes in white, clay and gray colors so you could match it with the room décor.

It typically takes 2 people to set up, although it’s relatively easy to assemble. And a word of caution for parents with younger kids; the slide could be a bit too steep according to customer reviews. However, you can keep a cushion at the bottom to minimize the impact.

Overall, this is a high quality and safe loft bed that’s great for saving space. It’s a perfect option for parents looking for a fun and functional loft for their kids.

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3. Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide, Pink & White Tent and Tower by JACKPOT!

princess loft bed slide for girls

This princess castle themed loft bed is ideal for little girls. It comes with pink and white curtains and a top tent as well as a slide. It’s built with a solid wooden structure using knot-free New Zealand pine, making it sturdy and durable.

The slide makes a fun addition and can swap places with the ladder at the end of the bed. The loft is also low in height, making it safer for younger kids. The tent covered space underneath makes a perfect play area. You can also convert it easily into a sleeping space with a mattress.

The straight ladder could be a safety concern for parents with smaller kids. However, it’s made with wide steps for easy climbing. Assembly of this loft bed is relatively easy, although using a drill could save you several hours of work.

Also, remember to purchase a thinner mattress to ensure that it’s sitting safely below the guard rail. This could help prevent a fall during sleep.

While this is one of the most expensive options on our list, it still deserves a place because of the durable and sturdy finish and the unique princess castle design, making it one of the best themed loft beds on the market.

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To Sum it Up…

When you are faced with limited floor space, a loft bed could be the ideal solution to vertically maximize space utilization of your child’s bedroom. But lofts can also be multifunctional with inbuilt features like storage and workspaces.

This makes them a convenient and cost-effective option for parents. Loft beds could also be a lot of fun with cool features and designs. They could double as a play area, reading nook, or even as an extra sleeping space.

However, selecting the right loft bed could be a daunting task with countless price points, designs and functional options to choose from. And this article will provide you a great starting point with the best value options in the market.

For mattress options that are compatible with loft beds and bunk beds, check out The Best Bunk Bed Mattresses.