Neutral shades are in this year. From canyon dusk and ultimate gray to satin paprika and warm apricot, earthy tones have become must-have shades for home design experts. But neutrals topped the color charts last year, too, and the year before that. The fact is, it’s a color palette that will never go out of style. Besides, neutrals are perfect to create modern home aesthetics, and they’re calming and relaxing.

Their restorative effects make them particularly ideal for decorating bedrooms, so it’s hardly a surprise that neutral bedding has grown so much in popularity recently. Combined with the right amount of warmth and comfort, bedding in neutral shades creates a calming sanctuary for you to retire at the end of each day.

We’ll take you through top-rated comforter sets that are not only cozy, but are also pleasing to the eye in lots of calming neutral tones. But before we do, let’s go over some of the basics to know.

What Is Included in a Comforter Set?

What is included in a comforter set?

Comforter sets typically include a comforter and one or two pillow shams. Queen and king size sets will have two shams, whereas a twin set will have just one.

But remember, they don’t usually come with pillowcases and fitted sheets, which you probably wouldn’t need anyway if you prefer white sheets to create a contrast. If you need a bed skirt and extra shams, you can always opt for a deluxe set.

What’s the Difference Between a Duvet and a Comforter?

What's the difference between a duvet and a comforter?

Many people confuse a comforter with a duvet. Therefore, it’s important to understand the difference before purchasing so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Both a duvet and a comforter include an insert, but the latter is usually thinner. A duvet typically contains a soft, thicker filling of down, wool, or similar material. This makes them perfect for colder months. The thinner comforter, on the other hand, may need a few extra blankets to keep you warm when it’s chilly. Another way to distinguish the two is that a duvet comes with a removable cover, whereas a comforter comes as a single unit.

But which one should you choose? It depends on individual preference. Some prefer a comforter so it doesn’t get overly warm in the middle of the night. Others may opt for a duvet since duvet covers are easier to wash compared to comforters. Just choose what you most feel comfortable with.

Do You Have to Use a Top Sheet?

Do you have to use a top sheet?

Top sheets are often part of American-style bedding, but they are not always a must. For many people today, it’s a matter of ease and convenience; for instance, a top sheet could help reduce the washing frequency of your comforter and provide an extra layer of warmth. But duvets are thicker and can easily keep you warm at night, and their covers are easier to wash. So, if you are a duvet user, you may decide to go without a top sheet.

Nevertheless, during those chilly winters, you might find a top sheet useful. The rest of the year, however, it might just be a hassle that frequently gets entangled around your ankles. Besides, don’t forget the extra weight it could add to your duvet or comforter. Having said that, including a top sheet could boost your bedroom aesthetics. So, even if you prefer to keep it out of your own room, you might want to consider it for the guest bedroom.

Cozy Neutral Comforter Sets to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Nautica Saybrook Collection Striped Reversible Comforter

Reversible neutral comforter by Nautica.

“Like sleeping in the clouds”, that’s how one customer describes this comforter from Nautica’s Saybrook Collection. It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’s soft, breathable, and durable. The natural beige stripes on white will add a modern touch to your bedroom that is calming and pleasing to the eye. Plus, the solid light gray on the reverse makes it extra versatile.

This comforter is 96 inches x 110 inches, so it will perfectly fit your king-size bed. It also comes with two matching shams.

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Silver Linings Patchwork Cotton Quilt Set

Modern patchwork quilt comforter set.

This is a charming comforter set with a beautiful traditional patchwork design to add some country decor to your bedroom. It comes in neutral shades of silver-gray with a floral, stripe, and solid patchwork print. “It’s soft and looks expensive,” says one customer.

Made from 100% cotton material, it’s also lightweight with a 100% polyester fill, making it the perfect option to replace your heavy duvet during spring and fall. You can find it in king, queen, and twin sizes together with shams.

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Tommy Bahama Abalone Collection 100% Cotton Comforter

Tommy Bahama 100% cotton comforter.

Here’s another cotton comforter, this time with a botanical print in ivory for a modern vibe. The flange edges make it extra pretty, and the polyester fill makes it super light. And according to the manufacturer, it comes pre-washed for added softness and a distressed washed finish.

The king-size comforter is 96 inches x 110 inches, while the two king size shams are 21 inches x 37 inches. It comes with some amazing reviews. “Great style, absolutely love this soft comforter. All cotton, so it breathes well and looks great…Oversized, great fit on our Cal king bed. It’s a winner!,” says one five-star review.

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Bourina Velvet Sherpa Quilt Bedding

Bourina beige cotton quilt comforter set velvet sherpa.

If you like modern, clean designs, then you’re going to love this comforter by Bourina. It’s plush and super comfortable with layers of sherpa fleece, polyester, and micromink. The double-sided comforter is designed to provide two different textures for your comfort. The top micromink is soft to the touch and comes in a beautiful light beige. On the underside, you’ll find a lambskin fleece to keep you warm and cozy during cold winter nights, and the high quality materials ensure that there’s no irritation or allergies.

It’s also easy to care for as well—just machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat. There will be no color fading or shrinkage. “I love the color, and I love the softness. If you’re on the fence, get it! Very happy with this purchase!,” assures one customer. It’s available in both queen and king sizes, with two shams to match.

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3 Piece Lightweight Quilted Bedding Set for All Seasons

Lightweight modern quilted comforter bedding set.

“This bedspread is as light as a feather but heavy enough for a lovely drape,” explains a recent customer who purchased this comforter set. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the 100% microfiber material it’s made of. It’s also soft, durable, and comes with beautifully embossed stitching in an elegant floral style.

It’s available in three neutral colors—beige, gray, and white, so it could easily blend in with your bedroom decor. You can also find it in twin, queen, and king sizes with shams. And it’s perfect for all-season use, whether you need an extra layer of warmth during winter or just want to glam up your bedroom during summer.

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100% Cotton Reversible Embroidery Pattern Quilt Set by Mixinni

Reversible quilted pattern modern quilt set.

This white and beige comforter set is perfect to add a touch of elegance with calming neutral shades. The floral embroidery is truly stunning and has won some amazing reviews. It’s also reversible with one side in solid beige, so you’ve got an extra option when you need a change.

The king-size comforter is pretty large at 96 inches x 106 inches, and there are two pillow shams to go with it. This set is also available in queen size and several other neutral shades. Overall, the beautiful design, lightweight finish, and impressive quality make this comforter an excellent choice for your home.

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Soul & Lane Pure Bliss Beige Quilt Set

Soul and Lane beige comforter bedding set.

If you prefer modern and minimalistic elegance, then we’ve got just the one for you. The beige shade and matelassé design give this comforter set a simple yet stylish look. Made from 100% cotton with a 100% polyester fill, this quilt is also super comfy, soft, and light.

Caring for it is a breeze, too. Just follow the recommended instructions for machine wash, and it’ll stay with you just perfect for a very long time. It comes in three sizes for twin, queen, and king-size beds. The king size quilt will add some extra length to your bedding. This is a 3 piece set, so you’ll get two shams, although the twin size set will come with just one.

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Madison Park Ashbury Bedspread Set

Madison Park Ashbury modern neutral bedding set.

This khaki bedding set in soft pastel shades is the perfect choice to add a luxurious finish to your bedroom. The medallion quilting comes with intricate details, and the large ivory colored border makes it look extra classy. This is a real stunner that makes a great choice for all season elegance. The king size bedspread is extra large. Plus, it comes with two decorative pillows and two king sized shams to match.

And what do customers have to say? “This changed the entire feel of my room, it’s absolutely stunning,” raves one review. This pretty much sums up what many other customers had to say.

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8 Piece Bed in a Bag King Size Comforter Set

Modern bed in a bag gray comforter set.

If you’re after a full bedding set to go with the comforter, then check out this beautiful set. It’s an 8-piece comforter set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, bed skirt, two pillowcases, and two pillow shams. This set has got everything you need in a bed-in-a-bag to save you from the hassle of finding matching items.

It’s an all season set that’s available in three beautiful, soft neutral shades—gray, light gray, and navy. The simple solid colors add a minimalistic look with a calming effect. The material is a hypoallergenic microfiber fabric for extra softness and comfort. The premium down filling makes the comforter light and fluffy. “Two thumbs up!,” says one happy customer.

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UGG Adalee Faux Fur Comforter Set

UGG faux fur gray modern comforter set.

Who said neutrals can’t look glamorous? This faux fur comforter set is a head turner with its ultra-luxurious and super comfy design. The rumpled finish is unique in texture and can add an extra element of aesthetics to your bedroom decor.

You can find it in both queen and king sizes. The set includes two pillow shams as well, with the same soft rumpled finish. But keep in mind that its unique texture means you’ll need to pay extra attention when washing it. UGG recommends dry cleaning to maintain the plush finish.

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To Sum It Up…

Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it’s the one place in your home where you should be able to unwind after a hectic day. Neutral shades are particularly calming, and they also offer great versatility when it comes to mixing and matching. This top 10 list of cozy neutral comforters is a great starting point to find that perfect bedding for a good night’s sleep.

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