Home Security

A man’s home is his castle right? That man has the right to keep his castle safe with any and all means available to him. Maybe you already have some experience with home security or just need to update the system you have and want to replace with a smart home security system.

Or are you just trying to figure out where the heck to begin with a security system around your castle like me?

There seems to be a lot of different options and who knows which will work right for my needs, but I came across the Defender Pro Sentinel 8CH H.264 and it looks to be worth checking into.

Claiming to be an easy to use system that functions just like a computer, seems like a pretty good place to start. With the ability to view anytime and anywhere with remote viewing with internet and a smartphone or tablet.

I can receive email alerts with photo when motion is detected and I can record over 4 years’ worth of footage thanks to a 1 TB hard drive in the system. With video compression H.264 I can also maximize my storage space.

Why Defender?

Defender Pro SentinelBefore we get more into what the Pro Sentinel 8CH is and what it can offer, let’s look at why we would choose a Defender home security system. Defender prides themselves on being leaders in do-it-yourself affordable security for both business and home use.

They not only offer a lifetime customer support team to help with everything from deciding the right system for you with interactive product tours, they also have video tutorials to help in setting up your equipment.

Whether you are just beginning and trying to find what will work for you or trying to get through the set up process, they are there to help.

Defender wants you to avoid having to hire a professional installer therefore not only supply the video tutorials to help along the way, they have created features to make the process easier for you such as auto start.

This feature ensures recording to automatically begin as soon as the DVR is plugged in. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping over $250 in the contiguous United States.

The Defender Pro Sentinel 8CH H.264

Let’s look at what this security option has to offer the home or business owner. This DVR has a Pentaflex function, which means it can simultaneously run live, record and playback video to ensure the most security options are available to you. Very cool!

With video compression H.264, which was developed for use in high definition systems. This format is used for recording, compression, and distribution of video and allows the Pro Sentinel with the 1TB HDD to hold up to 4 years’ worth of footage.

This unit offers use of up to 8 cameras and gives the option to customize each area as you wish and the ability to name each channel for ease. Whether it is front of Castle, Moat, Battle field, Dungeon or Tower, you can name each area as you wish.

A masking feature allows you to block a section of the area out for added security, while still viewing the surrounding space, such as seeing the drawbridge but not the security key pad.

Defender also offers the covert feature that allows protecting an entire channel from public viewing, only authorized viewers can see the action in that location. King of the castle is the only one with access.

Another feature is the picture-in-picture function, as well as digital zoom and sequence switching. All areas are also stamped with a date and time so you can easily search specific footage.

Use your Defender wireless security system by simply downloading the ClearVu® app and scan the QR code and you can monitor remotely from where ever you are from your smart device.

What’s Included?

Backside/Inputs of Pro SentinelSo what are the goods that come with the Pro Sentinel to get us started? We’ve already talked about the 8CH DVR with the 1TB HDD. Next is 2 BNC to RCA Connectors. A 10ft. RJ-45 Ethernet Cable and 4ft. Power Adapter and 6ft. RCA video cable.

An instruction manual on a CD, a USB Mouse and IR remote controller with batteries, along with a quick start guide.

A few things you will need that aren’t included are a broadband router and broadband internet connection. Also, don’t forget, this is a great choice for those that are just replacing a DVR and already have cameras, or want to pick and choose their own cameras separately as they are not included with the Pro Sentinel.

Defender Security System Reviews

We should take a minute and go over a few reviews on the Pro Sentinel and maybe even find a tip or two to consider after our purchase.

Most reviewers agree this a great purchase for the money, and several have purchased this unit to replace another from Defender. Set up seems to go smoothly for most, although several mentioned the manual is on CD not in booklet form and they found this difficult to use.

Another concern was the replay speed was only 16x which they felt was too slow.

A few tips mentioned was to write down the username and password when starting as resetting was a bit of a project. Also a good idea to purchase a power backup device such as a surge protector in case of power loss.

Keep in mind that the unit should not be installed in a warm area such as an attic as it can overheat and would need to be replaced.

Final Thoughts on the Defender Pro Sentinel

I believe with all the positive information, and ease of use that comes from the Defender DVR, at a $200 to $400 dollar price range, along with some top notch cameras this would make an excellent security plan to put in place.

The cooler choice, of course, would be a couple dragons in the moat around the castle, but for now we’ll have to give the Pro Sentinel a try to keep our enemies at bay.