There are many reasons why cat owners adore their furry bundle of joy. Felines can be incredibly affectionate, and they won’t hesitate to demand your affection either. They’re often mischievous, playful, and super adorable. Being highly independent, they’re generally low maintenance creatures that are perfectly happy to explore their surroundings on their own. Cats are great around kids too and can make lifelong companions for feline-loving adults.

Cats can also be quite demanding, particularly when it comes to attention. They can become a real nuisance, especially when you want to be on your own, read a book, or get some work done around the house. When they’re not lying around being lazy, felines have a surprising amount of energy to go climbing up your bookshelves or scratching on your new furniture. In moments like these, cat trees are a lifesaver. Keep reading to find out why you should seriously consider getting one for your cat if you haven’t already.

Do Cats Need a Cat Tree?

Do cats really need a cat tree?

Yes, they do. And there are a few important reasons for this.

First of all, felines are predatory animals by nature, so they’re often more comfortable on a high perch. It allows them to keep an eye on what’s happening around them. Plus, cats are highly independent creatures; they appreciate having their own space to hide or relax. A cat tree can provide them with their very own nook to lie around, nap, play, climb, and most importantly, scratch. For many cat parents, saving their furniture from scratch marks is a good enough reason to buy one.

But before you go shopping for a cat tree, there are a few things you need to consider. Quality should be a top priority; you need to pick a tree that’s sturdy and solid. Make sure it provides a good grip for your feline to climb without injuring itself.

Your kitty’s temperament is equally important. Many prefer a high perch, but some may not, especially if they’re a senior cat. Some cats tend to scratch more than others and may prefer a horizontal scratching surface to a vertical one. So, what you buy should cater to their specific needs. Otherwise, they’ll likely abandon their new perch after a few days.

Many cat trees come with little add-ons as well, like toys for the extra playful ones and condos for felines who want some privacy. There are plenty of choices, so you can pick the perfect one for your beloved feline companion.

Where Should You Put a Cat Tree?

Where should you put a cat tree?

Picking the right spot to place your new cat tree is super important to ensure your cat actually uses it.

Finding a spacious area is a must – you don’t want it getting in the way of other furniture. But space is not the only consideration; the “view” is paramount. It’ll likely be the main reason why your cat starts using it in the first place, because cats love their view. They’re curious creatures and love to keep an eye on everything that’s going on down below. Make sure they get an unobstructed view of what’s happening indoors and outdoors from their new perch; a spot by a window would be ideal.

When Should You Replace Your Cat Tree?

When should you replace your cat tree?

Knowing when to replace your cat tree is just as important as getting the right one to ensure your cat’s safety. It all depends on how often it’s used. If you’ve got a hyperactive feline or even more than one at home, then you’ll likely need to replace it sooner. A wobbly structure, damage to the boards, and worn out rope in the scratching areas could all signal that it’s time for a new one.

Of course, you can repair any minor issues and refresh the used up scratchboards with some sisal rope. But if it still looks unsafe, you shouldn’t take a chance. Besides, it’ll probably work out cheaper to replace than to repair. But always opt for a high-quality cat tree to prolong the usable life. They’re generally built with studier material and are perfect for felines with a high burst of energy.

The Best Cat Trees That Money Can Buy

There’s a lot that goes into selecting the perfect cat tree. Here’s our list of the best ones for your furry companion.

Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower with Hammock by rabbitgoo

Multi-level cat tree tower with scratching posts by Rabbitgoo.

If you’re looking for something fancy for your kitty, then this is it. From a deep hammock and cradle to a condo and lots of perching spots, this one is guaranteed to spoil your feline.

The multi-level structure features a tiny ladder, hanging ball, and loop to make it a fun and versatile playground. There are also plenty of scratching posts made with sisal rope to keep your kitty occupied for hours.

The entire structure is just over 5 feet tall and is made with heavy-duty boards for extra strength, and the plush cover is soft and comfy to keep your cat cozy all day long.

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PAWMONA 3-Story Cat Tree Barrel Tower

Three story cat tree barrel tower by Pawmona.

At just 3 feet high, this European-made cat tree is perfect for those low energy felines, particularly the elderly ones. It’s got a simple barrel shape with not one, but three condos. And if that’s not enough, there’s a super plush cat bed with high edges right at the top, so your kitty can lounge with a view. Best of all, the entire cat tree is covered with highly durable sisal matting, so your feline can scratch away to their heart’s content.

Based on reviews, it’s heavy and sturdy, while the inner walls and condo entry edges all come with a soft lining for extra comfort. Customers seem particularly impressed with its design and safety features. Plus, it all comes as one unit, which means you don’t need to worry about assembly.

To read reviews, click here.

Feandrea Small Cat Tree With Two Kitty Condos

Small cat tree with kitty condos by Feandrea.

Here’s another small cat tree, but this one is extra spacious, making it ideal for bigger felines. It’s got two condos and a top perch, all covered with soft comfy material. Plus, there are two scratching posts with natural sisal rope to keep the little scratchers away from your furniture.

Overall, customers seem to love the sturdy, anti-tipper, and spacious structure. And by the look of it, their cats seem to approve of it too.

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Roomy Cat Tree For Large Cats by Hey-Brother

Cat tree for large cats by Hey-bro.

If your cats are larger in size and you’re struggling to find a cat tree to fit them, here’s what you need. It’s designed with two spacious dens, a hammock, and an extra-plush top perch that your kitties will likely refuse to leave.

Although it’s just over 43 inches tall, the multi-level structure will help them get plenty of exercise. There’s also jingly balls and sisal scratching boards to keep them entertained. The unit is pretty sturdy as well, with anti-topple features and a reinforced base. It does require some assembly though, which according to customers, seems easy to handle.

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Modern Cat Tree With Scratching Posts by Made4Pets

Modern tall cat tree by Made4pets.

This one’s going to be a real winner with those hard-to-please felines that are constantly climbing up shelves and cupboards. It’s super impressive at nearly 66 inches in height and gives lots of climbing space for your hyperactive kitty.

The beautifully designed structure with wood-grain surfaces will fit in perfectly with your other furniture. Despite its height, the entire unit is sturdy and well built; it’s got a double-layer base for extra stability and your peace of mind.

The multi-level platforms, comfy hammock, and adorable little den will definitely keep your feline happy too. There are also plenty of scratching posts, all wrapped in high-quality sisal rope.

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Medium-Size Cat Tree with Two Basket Loungers by Hey-Brother

Medium size cat tree with hammocks by Hey Brother.

If your cat isn’t particularly keen on heights but still has plenty of energy, then we’ve got the tree for you. Although it’s only about 3 feet tall, this multi-level cat tree has lots of comfy areas for your kitty to play, lounge, and nap on.

It comes with two viewing seats, two basket loungers, and a den, making it perfect for older cats who prefer to lounge around the whole day. But it’ll make an excellent option for even tiny kittens with a ton of energy. In fact, it’s got enough space to house an entire family of felines.

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PetPals Modern Cat Tree With Tunnel

PetPals medium size cat tree with tunnel and scratching posts.

This cat tree made our list not just because of functionality, but also for its super stylish and unusual design. Besides the furry felines, the cat parents will love it too.

It comes with three platforms and hanging ball toys for your kitty to play with, but what they’ll love most is the super adorable tunnel. At just over 29 inches in height, this unit will easily fit anywhere in the house. And according to customers, it’s pretty easy to put together as well.

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Modern Tall Wooden Cat Tree by Lazy Buddy

Tall modern cat tree for large cats by Lazy Buddy.

Here’s another beautifully designed cat tree that both cat owners and their furry companions will adore. It’s 54 inches tall and has two seats and two dens, each with its own entry and exit openings. This makes it perfect for two cats to share so they can relax without getting in each other’s way.

All perching surfaces have a soft removable lining, and the platforms are made with natural particle boards, which you can wipe or vacuum for easy cleaning.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree With Kitty Condos by Pawz Road

Modern cat tree with hide out dens and scratching posts.

This is a 51-inch stylish cat tree with a premium design that’s going to make an excellent gift for your furry friend.  It’s got plenty of raised platforms and two extra spacious condos, all covered in plush material to keep your feline warm and cozy. There are lots of scratching posts wrapped in felt and sisal rope, providing two different scratching textures.

Overall, it’s got some rave reviews for its sturdy construct and easy assembly. The modern wooden finish will make it look great in your living room or anywhere else you want to keep it in your home.

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Multi-Level Deluxe Cat Tree Tower with Feeding Bowl by Made4Pets

Tall multi-level cat tree with feeding bowl by Made4Pets.

For homes that have several furry companions, this impressive 66-inch cat tree structure will be the perfect addition. It’s got a ton of lounging platforms to keep all your kitties happy and occupied in their very own perching nook. The seating areas come in different sizes, with the platform on the second level designed to be super spacious. There are also two condos, lots of scratching posts, a dry food feeding bowl, and plenty of dangling balls to play with.

And looking at the reviews, it seems to have gotten the cat owners excited too. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise looking at the clean and modern design, impressive multi-level features, and sturdy build.

To see pricing, click here.

To Sum It Up…

Whether you have an elderly cat with low energy levels or a high-energy kitty that’s constantly climbing up shelves and cupboards, a cat tree could be just what they need. Remember, most cats are more comfortable on a high perch so they can keep a close eye on their surroundings. And if they’re hyperactive, then they will likely love climbing, playing around, and scratching, too. A cat tree placed in the right spot can serve all their needs.

The cat trees in this article come with lots of stylish designs and functional features. Whether you want something extra tall with condos or a shorter unit with some perching nooks, there are plenty of options to choose from. Our list of the best cat trees can help you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

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