Birthdays, weddings, graduations, a new house, or even just “we made it to the weekend”: there are a hundred reasons to celebrate your milestones. By bringing people together for a party, you allow the entire community to share in the excitement of your successes. But a festive spirit doesn’t need to be expensive. Transforming your space into a cheerful party area can be quick and affordable.

Even under COVID-19 restrictions, decorating your space is one of the remaining safe ways to create a festive atmosphere when parties have gone virtual. A few simple decorations turn your Zoom background from a work office into a party room. Posting festive pictures of your home is one way to remind each other that even during a pandemic, we can still celebrate the good times.

Don’t let decorating for the party overwhelm you. Armed with a bit of creativity, you can quickly choose a theme and decorate your space accordingly. With so many options for party decor out there, we’ve narrowed down some of the coolest options that will work for a wide variety of events.

What Are Good Party Themes For Adults?

What are good party themes for adults?

There’s no limit to the types of parties you can throw. Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate a milestone or just because, giving the festivities a theme makes the day more personal. But what if you want something more creative than “retirement party” or “graduation party”? What’s the best way to choose a theme?

Our favorite way to brainstorm the perfect theme is by mind mapping. On a piece of blank paper, write the name of the person you’re throwing the party for. If it’s a “just because” party, put your name or your friend’s name in the center. Then write all the things they love to do around their name. Don’t stop — write down everything, even if it feels silly.

Include associations with those activities too. For example, you might start with “horseback riding,” then add, “farms,” “spring,” and “animals.” Or maybe your person loves to go to the beach — you might then write, “tropical,” “boardwalk,” and “summer.” Perhaps they love the movie “Jurassic Park.” You could theme the day around the film, or expand to “dinosaurs” or “jungles”.

This type of brainstorming will give you an entire page full of ideas. Narrow them down according to which are easiest to coordinate and will be the most fun to plan.

To get you started decorating, we’ve compiled ten fun decorations sets for all types of different themes.

Fun and Unique Party Decorations for Adults

Retirement Party Glitter Tabletoppers, 24 pieces by Baoa

Retirement party glitter table toppers for adults.

Goodbye to the nine-to-five! These tabletoppers and stickers celebrate retirement. This package includes 24 pieces in 6 different shapes, each with a message about retirement. The decorations include wooden dowel sticks and non-trace glue points. With some simple assembly, you affix the cards to the dowels.

You can use these to add flair to vases or centerpieces, or prop them in a cake or cupcakes. Alternatively, you can string them along a piece of wire and hang it over a doorway or in a video chat background. The glitter is not physical glitter, rather it’s a printed, glittering paper. This means there will be no additional mess.

Reviewers loved these decorations; they mainly used them in centerpieces and photo booths. They noted that they’re large for what they were expecting. A few reviewers report that the included adhesive did not stick very well when attaching them to the wooden sticks, and one reviewer recommended using tape instead.

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Happy Quarantine Birthday Banner by Marwey

Happy Quarantine Birthday banner for adults.

Quarantine doesn’t need to mean the end of the celebration. This birthday banner states, “Happy Quarantine Birthday” and includes cutouts of masks and glittery “virus” particles. It is pre-assembled and measures 4.2 ft in length. Hang this in a Zoom backdrop or outside for a distanced, outdoor gathering. You could even choose to send it to a friend you won’t get to visit with in person.

Reviewers gave this banner 4.5 stars. They reported that it’s pretty and cheerful. Although it has the benefit of coming pre-assembled, one reviewer notes that you definitely don’t want to tangle it.

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Fiesta Honeycomb Centerpieces, 9 pieces by Willbond

Fiesta party decorations for adults.

These paper honeycomb fans unfold quickly, and each is topped with a different fiesta-themed cutout. There are nine toppers: a chili pepper, a sombrero, a taco, two cacti, a maraca, a donkey, and a guitar. They are six inches wide when assembled. Each requires basic assembly: unfold, glue the honeycomb open, then slide in the topper.

They can be folded up again for use another time. These are primarily used as centerpieces, but you could also attach them to a string for a hanging decoration or use them to populate a bar or catering table.

“Super cute” and “exactly as pictured” — reviewers raved about these centerpieces. They used them for fundraiser dinners and birthday parties. Most relied on them for centerpieces. One reviewer noted that the included adhesive wasn’t very sticky and recommended having tape on hand.

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Oh Deer Party Centerpiece Sticks for a Baby Girl, 21 pieces

Baby shower centerpieces and decorations for adults.

These party centerpiece sticks include 21 pink table toppers in 7 shapes. They’re pink and deer-themed, with cutouts of antlers, flowers, and baby items. Use them for forest, animal, camping, or fairy tale themes for a baby shower. The included dowels are 12 inches long and the toppers are between 4 inches and 5.5 inches. Set them up in vases, jars, or hand them out to guests.

They require basic assembly to attach the toppers to the included wood sticks. Reviewers thought these party toppers were adorable and were happy to receive lots of compliments about them. One reviewer used them to decorate a diaper cake; another put them in mason jars.

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Video Game Honeycomb Centerpieces, 3 pieces by Juvale

Video game adult party centerpieces.

These are the centerpieces for the gamer in your life. The set includes three honeycomb fan centerpieces. One is topped with a cutout of a controller, another with a card that says, “Level Up!”, and the third with a circle proclaiming, “Game On!”. They’re black and green for a technology vibe, and they require unfolding and a quick adhesive to assemble. The honeycomb measures 7.5” in diameter.

Reviewers gave these five stars. They said they were one-of-a-kind and perfect for gaming themed parties. They used them for centerpieces or on catering tables. One reviewer recommended buying two sets so there are more to go around.

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Las Vegas Centerpiece Sticks, 24 pieces by Blulu

Las Vegas party decorations for adults.

If you can’t travel, Vegas can travel to you. These casino-themed party toppers include six different shapes: pokers, dice, jettons, gambling chips, cards, and “Welcome to Vegas” cutouts. Simply attach the high-quality, double-sided cards to the included dowels and use in vases, arrangements, propped in cakes, or attached to the wall without the dowels. These are perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party when quarantine makes Vegas impossible. Use them for someone who loves to party, gamble, or travel.

Reviewers report that these decorations are exactly as pictured and easy to assemble. Reviewers said they are excellent quality for the price. One reviewer even used them to decorate a Vegas-themed Christmas tree.

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Vintage Dude Honeycomb Centerpiece, 1 piece by Creative Converting

Birthday party decorations for adults.

Don’t want to call the man in your life “old” or “over the hill”? Then “Vintage” is the new word. This honeycomb centerpiece reads, “Premium Quality/ Vintage Dude/ The Man, the Myth, the Legend/ Courage 60%/Ability 40%”. It arrives flat and simply needs unfolding; there is a sticky tab to keep the base together. It’s designed for a retirement theme, but might also adapt for a party for a whiskey or antique lover where “vintage” is valued.

Reviewers used this centerpiece on tables or near a guestbook. Reviewers note that the description is misleading — although the description says the order includes six pieces, the price appears to be for just one centerpiece.

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Pineapple Honeycomb Centerpieces, 6 pieces by Blulu

Hawaiian centerpieces and party decorations for adults.

Is your party tropical themed? These are the centerpieces for you. The honeycomb fans fold out into pineapples with yellow bodies and bright green foliage. They can be used as centerpieces or hung from the ceiling (string not included). They’re a perfect, cheerful addition to parties with summer, Hawaiian, jungle, or beach themes.

Reviewers loved the festive colors of these pineapple decorations; they report that they are easy to assemble, and they fold up and store neatly for reusing. One reviewer notes that because they’re tissue paper, they shouldn’t be used outside where they might get wet.

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40th Birthday Party Centerpieces, set of 24

Birthday centerpieces for adults 40th birthday.

These black and gold toppers celebrate a 40th birthday. The toppers include the number forty, cutouts of birthday hats, champagne bottles, and glasses with bubbles. This set includes 24 pieces and wooden dowels to attach the double-sided cards too. They can also be hung on walls or strung into a banner. Use them to add a splash of sparkle to a birthday celebration.

Reviewers thought these decorations added fun and flair to their celebrations. As with all of this style of decoration, you’ll need a centerpiece (a vase, flower arrangement, or cake) to stick them in if you chose to attach them to the included dowels. One or two reviewers recommended using a glue gun to attach the cards to the wood.

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Movie Night Decoration Kit, 20 pieces

Movie night party decorations for adults.

Hosting a movie night or celebrity-themed party? These Hollywood cutouts are your first purchase. The package includes one banner that reads “Now Showing,” three honeycomb centerpieces with popcorn and movie equipment cutouts, four “Now showing” cutouts for pasting on a wall or window, four Hollywood cutouts, and eight star-shaped cutouts.

The range in types of decorations cover your centerpieces and wall decorations, so this is a one-stop package. Use these for a Zoom movie night or Hollywood-themed party or to celebrate a career move for anyone involved in film. The honeycombs do require unfolding.

Reviewers loved the theme. One reviewer used them for backdrops in a photo booth so guests could star in their own movie shots.

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To Sum it Up…

Decorating for a party doesn’t need to be a complicated endeavor. A few simple decorations transform a table, a room, or a Zoom backdrop from a plain space into a festive atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a graduation, a new baby, or retirement, the decorations above add flair to any festivity. In fact, when times are tough, throwing a party “just because” brings people together and gives your friends and family something to look forward to.

As you plan your party, choosing a theme can simplify your decorating choices and add a personal touch. The best themes are based on what your guest of honor enjoys — try to choose a theme based around their interests and hobbies.

It might feel like festivities are over under COVID restrictions, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Zoom movie nights, quarantined celebratory dinners, and virtual happy hours are still possible. Many people are even throwing virtual surprise parties for their loved ones by inviting a friend to a “meeting” that turns out to be a video call with all their friends. Parties might be different under COVID, but they still mark a success and bring people together.

With a few simple decorations, you can achieve a festive atmosphere and set the space for your guests to enjoy coming together and celebrating the good things in life.