Patio furniture is a vital investment in your social life and leisure time, yet every investment needs to be protected. When the rainy and snowy months arrive, a few bad storms can ruin your outdoor seating. Excess moisture causes furniture to decay, and extreme sun can cause quick fading. When you invest a lot of money in your outdoor furniture, you don’t want the elements to ruin it.

Luckily, it’s easy to ensure that you and your friends are lounging in the sun together year after year. With a few easy maintenance steps, you can keep your outdoor patio furniture in tip-top condition.

The most vital maintenance step is to purchase a furniture cover. Covers protect your furniture during storms and rain, and they’re absolutely vital for the winter months. Make sure you choose the right size; measure your outdoor seating before purchasing a cover. If in doubt, always order a size larger than you think you need. Keep an eye out for the words “waterproof” and “UV treated,” and note that quality covers are often reinforced at the seams too.

Luckily, we’ve searched the internet to find 5-star covers for every shape and size of furniture. With the right cover and a few preventative measures, you can make sure your furniture is good as new for the spring.

Before we dive into the best outdoor furniture covers for the upcoming winter, we’ll answer a few common questions.

Can You Leave Your Wicker Furniture Outside in Winter?

Can you leave wicker furniture outside in winter?

Ideally, no. Wicker furniture is especially vulnerable to the elements. It’s best to move wicker furniture inside to your garage, attic, or shed when snow is about to start. Even if you move your wicker furniture inside, cover it, because covers guard against dust, excess moisture, and pests. Make sure you don’t stack your wicker furniture, since doing so can cause breakages.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to store your wicker furniture inside. If so, follow some of the tips below to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, whatever the material.

How Can You Protect Your Patio Furniture in the Winter?

How can you protect your patio furniture in the winter?

The end of summer always makes us a little sad; we love the summer parties and casual gatherings. Cleaning and storing our outdoor patio furniture might make us melancholy, but it’s a vital step to ensure that our furniture is ready for spring. To maximize the lifespan of your outdoor furniture, here are a few tips to prepare for winter:

  • Wash and store your cushions. Toss your cushions in the washing machine or hand wash them, then store them inside for the season.
  • Clean your furniture. Dust, dirt, and stains will quickly turn into mold and mildew. Before you store your furniture, wipe it down. Check for dirt in the crevices.
  • Check for rust. If you notice rust on metal portions of your furniture, treat it with a rust-neutralizing primer. You may need to scrape off the rust with steel wool, then reapply paint and primer.
  • Treat the wood. Wood is susceptible to taking in moisture, and this can easily cause decay and mold. In the winter, moisture will freeze, expand, and create cracks and breakages. First scrub your wood gently with a mixture of 1 cup ammonia, ½ cup white vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda, and 1 gallon of water. This will thoroughly clean it. Then apply a moisture-resistant sealant for protection.
  • Cover it. Measure your furniture, then choose one of the covers below. Covering your furniture protects it from sun, rain, and pests. It’s one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your outdoor furniture. Inside, covers protect against dust and pests. Outdoors, they’re vital to protect against sun and winter exposure.

We’ve rounded up our favorite outdoor furniture covers for all seasons and all types of furniture. Pick the one that suits your needs below.

The Best Covers for Protecting Your Patio Furniture in Winter

Waterproof Outdoor Bench or Loveseat Cover by Vailge

Waterproof cover for outdoor patio loveseat or bench.

“Excellent quality! Well worth the investment! The best brand we’ve ever bought.” Reviewers rave about these loveseat covers. Waterproof and secure, they’re perfect for your outdoor benches or two-seaters. Don’t worry if you have atypical furniture — there are six different sizes to choose from.

The 600D fabric is waterproof and UV-stabilized to protect against sun. Side vents prevent condensation from collecting underneath the cover, while the belted helm provides security on the windiest of days.

Interested? You can find more details here.

Durable Waterproof Cover for Outdoor Dining Tables by Serhom

Durable cover for protecting outdoor patio dining table and chairs.

Whatever the size of your dining set, there’s a cover for you. This durable and waterproof cover comes in five different sizes. Secure it in place with click-close straps and cord locks. You can also rest easy knowing the 600D fabric and sealed seams keep out rain and snow. Reviewers overwhelmingly give this cover five stars for its high quality and durability.

Choose your size here.

Rectangular Patio Cover for Sofa Sectionals or Dining Sets by Gardrit

Outdoor patio cover for sofa sectionals or patio table.

We’ve got the right furniture covering for your sectional sofa or dining set. This extra-large cover measures 90 inches long by 56 inches wide by 27.5 inches high. High-density, waterproof 600D fabric keeps water rolling off, and the inner layer has a silicone coating for extra protection against both direct sunlight and water. Corner clips add security. Join the many happy reviewers who felt this cover was extra-durable, held up well in the wind, and perfect for their needs.

Protect your outdoor furniture sets here.

Waterproof Round Outdoor Furniture Cover by Jldup

Waterproof outdoor patio furniture cover for round patio furniture.

Purchase any size of these round furniture covers for year-long protection. These covers are made of 600D Oxford fabric with PVC coating, which is a fancy way of saying they’re highly durable and waterproof. Reviewers describe them as “the perfect option” and “extremely durable.” Don’t forget to measure your table with the chairs tucked in before purchasing. If in doubt, order a size larger than you need.

Pick the right size for your round furniture set here.

Duck Covers Ultimate Stackable Chairs Outdoor Cover

Outdoor patio furniture cover for stackable chairs by Duck Covers.

If you stack it, you can protect it. This duck cover shields stackable patio chairs from the elements. Waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable: this cover is everything you need. Reinforced seams prevent leaking, while nylon straps and buckles secure it in place. Simply stack up your patio chairs and toss this cover over for year-round protection.

According to reviews, this 5-star cover is far more durable than other brands. Customers recommend making sure water doesn’t pool at the top of the cover. Place a pillow or two underneath the fabric to ensure water flows away.

This extra-long cover measures 28 inches wide by 30 inches deep and 49 inches high. Depending on the size of your chairs, it can protect 2-4 stacked chairs. Make sure you measure your furniture before purchasing.

You can order this cover for delivery right to your door here.

Extra-Large Waterproof Furniture Cover for Outdoor Sectionals, Sofas

Extra-large outdoor patio furniture cover for outdoor sofas and sectionals.

The larger your seating, the more valuable it is—and the more you need to protect your investment. Thank goodness for this easy-to-use, extra-large cover for sectional sofas and dining furniture. 

The cover measures 126 inches long, 29 inches high, and 64 inches deep. Air vents prevent condensation from collecting underneath, and the 420D waterproof fabric keeps rain away. The fabric and clip-on straps make it easy to cover and store.

Reviewers raved that this cover is surprisingly lightweight for easy setup, yet durable and effective.

Check it out here.

Waterproof Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair Cover by Ult

Waterproof outdoor patio furniture cover for lounge chairs.

Protect your leisure space with this outdoor lounge chair cover. It’s crafted from 600D fabric for extra durability, and the seams are taped to reinforce the edges. To protect against wind lofting, vents at the sides allow for breathability. It’s also waterproof. Join the many other reviewers who were happy to find this 5-star, durable cover for their lounge chairs.

It’s available in two colors and three sizes. Some reviewers noticed the color faded quickly in the sun, although they didn’t notice a change in its effectiveness. Be aware that the color may fade in sunny climates, or opt for this cover for shaded areas.

Interested? Choose your size now.

Heavy Duty 3 Seater Waterproof Patio Sofa Cover

Heavy duty waterproof outdoor patio sofa cover.

Enjoy the durability of this weather-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof sofa cover. The 600D fabric and PVC coating render it suitable for winter, and UV resistant thread protects it from summer wear too. Pull the cover cleanly off your outdoor sofa with padded handles. To clean, simply hose the cover down, then let it dry outside in the sun.

Customers say they’re “super impressed” with this outdoor furniture cover. Unlike other covers, it doesn’t leak at the seams, probably because the seams are reinforced and double-stitched. Reviewers from Florida to northern climates were impressed with the durability of this cover.

It’s available in multiple sizes. If in doubt about sizing, order a slightly larger size for the best fit.

Ready to protect your patio sofa from the elements? Grab your cover here.

To Sum It Up…

Dining sets, round tables, sectionals, loveseats: whatever your outdoor furniture, there’s a cover for you. Durable and waterproof covers are a vital step in protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements. Toss them over your furniture before a storm, and make sure you get one before the winter comes. Cover your furniture even if you store patio furniture inside during the winter, because moisture and dust can decay your furniture. A cover prevents both.

With the right patio seating, outdoor dinner parties are a breeze, and lounging in the sun is a must. Friends can gather with ease in the warm months. Protecting your outdoor furniture lets you enjoy its benefits for many seasons. From our patio to yours, cheers to enjoying your outdoor furniture year after year.

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