Picture this – chips and dip, 74 degrees, the light reflecting off the pool, a glass of Chardonnay and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on full blast. What we’re talking about is an outdoor TV, and if done right, this set-up will radically transform your entertainment options for the better

Outdoor TVs have come a long way over the past couple of decades. The technology in terms of limiting glare and delivering the same viewing quality as indoor TVs is now in play. You also don’t need to worry nearly as much about caring for them while they inhabit the great outdoors. Most are weatherproof, and outdoor TV covers are state-of-the-art.

This post is going to have your head spinning by the time we finish. We’ll be covering some of the best outdoor TVs and projectors, mounting and covering products, and some tips on items to think over before installing a TV outdoors. Let’s jump right in!  

Tips for Installing a TV Outdoors

Tips for installing a tv outdoors.

The first thing to remember is what works inside does not necessarily apply to the outdoors, and coming up we’ll be presenting some exceptional outdoor TVs.

Once you have your outdoor TV chosen, the TV mount comes next. It’s 2020, and the mounting has gotten a lot simpler. Outdoor mounting systems need to be weatherproof, and you’ll need to decide if you’re going to drop–mount from the ceiling or mount the TV directly on a wall. If you’re living in an overly windy area, the drop-mount is not recommended. If you choose to mount on the wall, make sure the degree in which you can tilt the TV is liberal enough so folks can see from various angles.

Your TV will need cables to function, but not just any cable will do. Make sure to purchase cables designed for outdoor use, and those that have UV protection. The heat will do more damage to cables than the cold.

In line with cables is your power source. While it can be a bit of a logistical undertaking, try and position the TV as close to a power source as feasibly possible. You’re going to end up running the cables off this source, and the last thing you want is forty feet of wire stapled to the wall or running under tables to your TV.

The Best Outdoor TVs and Movie Projectors

Furrion Aurora – Full Shade Series

Furrion Aurora weatherproof outdoor tv.

Furrion is known for its resistance to weather conditions of all types – extreme heat, humidity that results from rainy temperatures, or icing. Outfitted with a weatherproof IP54 housing, Furrion claims you can throw the kitchen sink at this number, and it will come out singing.

The Aurora’s 4K Ultra HD screen delivers a picture roughly four times the resolution of a traditional, full HD unit. This model’s 350-nit brightness and auto-brightness control allows the TV to change the screen’s lighting levels, quickly adjusting to dark and bright conditions.

The anti-glare coating is another valuable feature, especially if you’re watching a game or movie during the day and have light flooding in. With special features like a child lock, auto-tuning, a sleep timer, and multi-language support, the Aurora is hard to beat.

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JWSIT Projector Screen with Stand 

Outdoor projector screen with stand.

One of the most impressive characteristics of this projector screen is the screen is comprised of three layers – a white PVC film, a polyester backing, and then a black backing. This aids in preventing light penetration, and based on reviews, light finds it tough to get through. The projector screen itself is wrinkle-free and easy to clean thanks to the premium PVC composite resin Matte, and set-up is relatively easy with metal snaps around the frame to fasten the screen to a solitary frame.

One issue that plagues some projector screens are their lack of mobility. This model is lightweight, despite the fact that the aluminum is quite sturdy and firm. It comes with a softly padded carrying bag, and the screen folds compactly, making camping trips, backyard movie nights, or bringing the screen anywhere a viable option. If you’re considering an outdoor movie projector that you can take anywhere and is mobile by nature, this is a solid pick.  

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WiMiUS P20 Native 1080P Projector

Wimius outdoor projector.

WiMiUS has been operating in the projector field for close to a decade. This P20 model packs a powerful punch for such a small package. Featuring a projection distance of up to 6 meters, the P20 can produce anywhere from 50 to 200 inches of screen size. This has led some folks to put this claim to the test, and multiple reviews point to a blur factor if you attempt to increase the screen size over 150 inches. Best to try and keep it under that number.

The LED lamp lasts an impressive 150,000 hours, and a great internal cooling system prolongs the overall lifespan of the P20. If you’re a “ceiling mount guy or gal,” fear not as this projector comes with four, handy, pre-drilled holes with a mount screw size that is relatively standard.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the P20 to control this model from a distance. There’s plenty more to rave about with this projector, such as the updated HI-FI stereo and SRS sound system, but we should give some love to other products on the list.

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QKK Mini Projector 4500

Mini outdoor projector by Qkk.

The 4500 is packed to support 1920 x 1080 resolution alongside full HD videos. For 2020, QKK upgraded the brightness factor by an impressive 50%, and the 4500 has what’s known as a “2000:1 contrast ratio.” This delivers image quality that’s nearly second to none for projectors. Most QKK products allow for a lighting to HDMI/USB adapter to connect the projector to your smartphone, and if you have an Android, a micro USB/Type C adapter can be employed.    

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Essential Outdoor TV Covers

Clicks Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor tv cover by Clicks.

When that rain comes whipping down, propelled by 30 mile an hour winds and is battering your outdoor porch investment, it might be nice to have a cover not to test Mother Nature so directly. Outdoor TV covers are like insurance, and this model from Clicks is some of the best protection you can purchase.

Constructed of premium high-quality material, that means rain, extreme heat, dust, dew, or mist is not getting in, period. On the inside, this cover employs a softer fabric that prevents scratches and the double-stitched edges ensure leakages or build-up on the corners does not seep in.

Best yet, this cover looks fabulous! Clicks covers are available in a range of sizes and receive rave reviews for how great they look when your TV is covered. It’s rare in this business that clients are just as thrilled to cover and not use their TV due to the aesthetic value of the cover alone!

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Mounting Dream Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor tv cover by Mounting Dream.

One reviewer summed up his pleasure upon purchasing this cover noting that before the purchase, he had been using trash bags to cover his expensive outdoor TV. Trash bags! Undoubtedly, this Mounting Dream cover will do a better job keeping rain, dirt, and grime out than a piece of flimsy plastic.

Made of polyester and PVC, this outdoor cover is completely waterproof and provides 360-degree protection for nearly all shapes and sizes of outdoor TVs. Their stock covers 30” – 32,” 38” – 40,” 41” – 43,” 48” – 50,” and 60” – 65.”

Like the previously reviewed cover, this one also features double-stitched edges, and is enclosed using Velcro as opposed to zippers. A cool feature with this cover is the remote control holder. Few covers have a special enclosure for the remote, which can get lost in the mix when a nasty storm is upon you, and you’re scrambling to get your TV covered up before touchdown.

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Essential Outdoor TV Wall Mounts

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Outdoor tv wall mount by Mounting Dream.

There are misconceptions around mounting a TV – mainly that’s it’s hard, complicated, and a big pain in the butt. Thankfully, Mounting Dream has a product here that handles TVs up to 99 pounds with an installation that couldn’t be easier. This product comes with all hardware and instructions clearly labeled, the TV mounting bracket, and Mounting Dream will even ship concrete anchors if necessary.

Their standard mount is a 16-inch long wall plate with six principal parts. The unit’s articulating arms swivel seamlessly, and you can tilt the TV a full 20 degrees forward to avoid screen glare and 5 degrees backward. Another cool feature is the mount can extend the TV forward 15.2 inches, and you can swivel it a full 45 degrees. TV mounts are never described as “fun,” but once this thing is up and running, watch out!

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Mount-It! Weatherproof Outdoor TV Wall Mount

Online reviewers living in coastal environments are near unanimous in their contentment with this mount from Mount-It! It would appear that most were seeking something that could withstand harsh coastal weather, and this wall mount stood firm, facing down the salt, wind, water, and dirt.

If you’ve got a more heavy-duty TV, this mount can handle 175 pounds, significantly more than the Mounting Dream mount. However, it has a more industrial feel to it, mainly because of how sturdy it needs to be.

Equipped with a 5-year warranty, their US-based customer service is quite responsive and receives positive reviews in this department. The suggested screen size for the standard mount is anything between 37 and 80 inches. Again, if you’re going over 175 pounds be sure to look for the additional parts the company sells that will firm up the base. All screws are stainless steel, and you won’t suffer any rusting or corrosion with this number.   

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To Sum it Up

You work hard, have saved up those pennies, and deserve to watch the game, cartoons, the History Channel, or whatever floats your boat outdoors. And if you’ve got a pool, you can literally float and watch your TV all at once! Outdoor TVs and projectors are wonderful additions to any home. Be sure to take care where you mount them, however, as well as the wiring and how you protect it. A shoddy mount job and wiring without adequate protection will quickly derail this lovely project.  

While most TVs and projectors designed for outdoor use are weatherproof, some do a better job at this than others. And do not skimp on the cover. A snowstorm running through your town can take out even the most weatherproofed TV, but a quality cover gives it another layer of protection. 

Having yet another spot to enjoy yourself and hang with friends and family at home is ideal. Check out an outdoor TV today, and you’ll quickly discover the joys of outdoor entertainment!