For a cat parent, nothing compares to the joy of owning a feline. Cats can be cuddly, adorable, attention-seeking, and demanding all at once. And they make wonderful companions, curling up by your side and waiting for you to shower them with lots of love.

Not surprisingly, cat owners can be really extravagant when it comes to spoiling their felines with accessories and toys. Of course, modern cat supplies provide plenty of innovative options in terms of designs, materials, and features to ensure your feline’s comfort and safety.

So today, we’re going to talk about modern cat beds for all you cat parents looking to upgrade your kitty’s sleep comfort. Let’s go over a few essentials before we feature our list of the top 10 cat beds.

What Is the Best Type of Cat Bed?

What is the best type of cat bed?

To answer this question, you first need to understand your cat’s sleeping habits, because each cat will have unique preferences. Some may want a high perch to sleep on, while others would just doze off on a couch or bed. Some cats even rest their heads on a pile of blankets. The good news is, there’s a cat bed for every feline out there, from baskets and caves to hammocks and bolster beds. You just need to figure out your kitty’s sleeping behavior and select a bed that complements their style.

But a word of caution—most felines prefer extra space. So, think twice before settling for a smaller bed. And if you’ve got more than one at home, don’t expect them to share; go for separate cat beds so that each one will have their own sleeping space. And watch out for any peculiar behavior, too. If your felines are chewers, for instance, make sure you select a durable material.

Where Should You Put Your Cat’s Bed?

Where should you put your cat's bed?

Cats are notorious for being super picky, so choosing the right location is essential to lure them in.

The best place to keep a cat bed is where your kitty typically dozes off. Of course, if it’s usually your bed or the couch, then you need to find a new location, preferably closer to the original one. But if they prefer a spot up on a shelf, keep the new cat bed in a similarly elevated place. They will also appreciate some warmth, so a spot by the window where there’s lots of sunlight to soak in could be perfect.

Are Cat Beds Necessary?

Are cat beds necessary?

The answer is a big resounding yes! Cat beds are a great way to ensure your feline’s comfort – after all, they spend most part of the day sleeping. So, giving them a proper bed of their own is the least you can do. A good cat bed can provide comfort, warmth, and safety much better than a cardboard box, your bookshelf, or a pile of clothes.

The Best Modern Cat Beds

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave

Meowfia modern cat bed cave made out of 100% merino wool.

If your felines prefer privacy and a hideout to sleep in, then they’re going to love this premium cave bed. It’s a modern and stylish handmade cat bed that’s available in lots of colors, from slate gray to aquamarine, and will please both cats and their owners. It’s made of 100% merino wool to ensure warmth and comfort for your furry companion. Plus, it’s also non-toxic and environmentally friendly and has got some fantastic reviews from cat parents.

“This bed is the perfect size for my 10-pound cat—big enough for him to be comfortable but small enough to feel cozy and secure. Same with the size and placement of the opening,” says a happy customer. And this cave bed seems to win them over when it comes to durability, too. “Excellent quality and great value for the money,” says one 5-star review.

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Furry Tom Premium Rocking and Static Cat Hammock

Modern cat hammock by Furry Tom.

This is no ordinary cat bed. If you want to spoil your feline with a fancy nook to doze off in style, then you’ve got to check out this hammock. With a stylish and sleek design, this is the sleeping pad for the modern and sophisticated feline.

It’s made of pinewood and linen in a beautiful elephant gray with an elegant and minimalistic design. But keep in mind it will need some assembly, which doesn’t seem much based on customer reviews. You can set it up to rock or rotate the legs to keep it static – just let your kitty decide how it wants to nap. You can keep it on the floor or even on a high perch like a shelf.

Looking at some of the reviews, this might not be for every feline. “One Kitty did not like it, the other kitty lies on it when it’s upside down ,” says one cat parent.

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WISKI Ray Premium Modern Felt Cat Bed Cave

Modern cat bed tipi made with felt and cushion by Wiski Ray.

Although it’s called a cave bed, this one is designed with a more basket-like style. So, it will not make your kitty feel overly claustrophobic. Cats can still hide behind the fully covered sides while keeping a close eye on what’s happening around them.

It’s made of thick felt, so it’s super durable yet soft for your feline’s comfort. The cushion at the bottom is plush and comfy and will be perfect for those long lazy naps. Plus, the entire unit is just under 2 feet in height, making it an excellent space-saving option wherever you decide to keep it. And the best part? Both the cushion and the felt bed are machine washable, so cleaning up is no longer a hassle.

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Hepper Nest Cat Bed

Modern basket-style cat bed by Hepper.

If your feline is constantly curling up in old boxes and laundry baskets, then it’s going to appreciate this cat bed by Hepper. It’s a basket-style nest bed that can keep your kitty warm and cozy throughout the day. There’s also an awesome plush lining made of thick sherpa fleece and a microfiber trim to ensure extra comfort. The upholstered fabric construction is pretty impressive, too, and not to mention highly durable.

Now, some felines sleep just about anywhere, from shelves and couches to work desks. If this sounds like your furry bundle of joy, then Hepper’s nest bed could be the perfect solution to get some space for both of you. And your kitty can lounge in its very own nest bed while keeping an eye on you.

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Le Sharma Premium Wool Cat Cave Bed

Modern cat bed cave made with premium wool by Le Sharma.

If you’re looking for a modern cat bed that will add style to your interior while keeping your feline warm, then we’ve got just the one for you. This is a cave bed made of 100% natural merino wool, so it’s soft, comfy, safe, and breathable. It’s a fully organic material with no harsh chemicals. And it won’t retain moisture or odors either; you can clean it up with a light vacuum or just hand wash and air dry.

The heather gray color adds a cool, earthy tone and will blend in perfectly with your home interior. And if you want to add a pop of color, there are lemon green, burgundy, and sky blue options, too.

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Cat Canoe Modern Cat Bed

Cat Canoe modern cat bed.

Here’s a super cute cat bed your feline is going to love. Made of foam and fabric, it’s shaped like a mini canoe. But don’t get distracted by its adorable design—this one’s highly versatile, too, with lots of thoughtful design features. The foam material adds structure yet makes it flexible, so it could easily change shape to suit your kitty’s sleeping style.

It also means it’s foldable and easy to machine wash. The canoe bed is 8 inches wide and 24 inches long, so there’s plenty of room even for a 19-pound kitty or a small dog. But what we loved most is the stylish design; it’s available in seven printed fabric designs so you can mix and match with your decor.

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Bedsure Round Cat Bed

Modern round fleece cat bed by Bedsure.

This plush cat bed has got luxury and comfort written all over it. It has a stylish round design with thick, soft sides covered in a beautiful gray print. The oxford bottom is skid-resistant, so you can easily keep it on a smooth surface. And on the inside, you get a removable super comfy cushion with a reversible design. There’s a microfiber fleece on one side for those chilly winter months and a water-resistant oxford on the other to keep your feline cool during the summer months.

“My cat weighs 17 pounds and still has a lot of room in this cozy bed,” says one review. In fact, according to Bedsure, this cat bed can hold even a medium-sized dog up to 30 pounds.

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Domipet Cat and Small Dog Bed

Cute modern cat bed with toy.

This is an adorable cave bed for your feline to sleep in. It’s got a pretty large opening which makes it easier for older cats to get in and out without climbing over. Made of velvet, it’s super soft and cozy both inside and out. The inner pad is 5 inches thick, so there’s plenty of comfort for your kitty to lounge in. And the waterproof base is skid-resistant to provide extra safety.

What do customers say about it? Well, there are lots of 5-star reviews. “My cat loved this bed right out of the box! It came just in time for the chilly weather, she sleeps in it and is so cozy at night. It’s soft and cute, I highly recommend!,” says one.

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SUNSTYLE Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

Soft round donut bed modern bed for cats.

Here’s a super plush, stylish, and luxurious donut bed for your spoiled feline. It’s made of polyester and luxurious faux fur for extra comfort and glamour. It comes in three sizes, starting from 20 inches in diameter. If you want a larger bed, there’s a 27-inch option as well. Plus, you can order it in four elegant colors, from white and chocolate to light brown and black.

“My kitty hardly leaves this bed, she loves it so much,” says one happy customer. But if your kitty’s a chewer, this might not be the best option.

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Best Friends by Sheri Meow Hut Vegan Fur Cat Igloo Bed

Modern cat bed igloo cat bed by Best Friends.

Customers rave about this super cute igloo cat bed. The structure is foam, so it’s lightweight and flexible. Covered in soft fur material, it looks plush, comfy, and absolutely adorable. It’s available in four subtle shades, from blush and ivory to gray and wheat. The cute cat ears on top are a bonus for cat lovers.

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To Sum It Up…

As a cat parent, giving your furry companion their own bed is essential for their comfort and safety. But what you select should depend on your feline’s temperament and sleeping habits. Of course, material, design, quality, and safety will be important deciding factors, too. Our list of the best modern cat beds will give you plenty of options to spoil your feline. Let the snuggles begin!

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