When the pandemic hit, many professionals ditched their cubicles and started working from home. Office meetings transitioned to Zoom, kitchen tables became desks, and the workforce went remote.

It’s been a daunting shift. But for many companies, remote work is here to stay, and many are considering making the change permanent. All across the globe, professionals are asking the question: “How can I be productive at home? How can I adjust?”

The best way to be productive at home is to create an environment focused on work. Your physical office environment can help you focus if it’s set up the right way. Even better, when you leave your home office, you know that you’re done for the day; it’s time to relax.

But how do you create a space dedicated to work? It’s easier than you think. In this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite home office decor items. Whether you’re building an office in a spare room or converting a small corner of the home, we have the decor to fit your needs. With a few special touches, your home office will not only inspire you, it will also help you focus and increase your productivity.

How Can You Make Your Home Office Look Nice?

How can you make your home office look nice?

You don’t need a massive budget to create a purposeful space. Just a few simple upgrades will transform your home office. We recommend choosing one or two items from each of these categories to create an inviting work area:

  • Lighting: Overhead lights can be harsh. Consider a warm, stylish lamp or a focused desk light for concentration.
  • Accessories: A few well chosen accessories will make your office feel like yours. Personalize your work space with decor pieces that have special meaning for you or make you smile.
  • Plants: Living or artificial plants add a soothing and natural vibe to your space. Consider an artificial snake plant or a bouquet of flowers in a coral vase.

Finally, make sure you remove any clutter; this is a space to focus. Clearing out physical clutter will help you clear mental clutter too.

What are the Best Colors for a Home Office?

What are the best colors for a home office?

Psychologists have found that color influences our mood and concentration. Some shades promote calm, while others may stimulate the brain to encourage focus. It’s not necessary to repaint your office, however. Even a bright pop of color in a floral arrangement or painting can reduce stress and increase productivity. Here are a few of the best shades for your home office:

  • Beige: If you find yourself antsy, consider a soothing beige. The shades promote calm and focus. Even better, it matches with almost anything, so it won’t be hard to find complimentary decor.
  • Warm White: Keep it simple with a tinted shade of white. White is soothing and minimalist. White walls will redirect your attention back to the work on your desk.
  • Navy Blue: Dark or navy blue feels luxurious. Warmer blues create a natural feel that promotes meditative calm.
  • Pink: Surprised? Don’t be. Many shades of pink can actually stimulate creativity and focus. Consider a soft coral or warm peach.
  • Yellow: Yellow inspires feelings of optimism. It’s a stimulating color, and a pop of yellow is sure to engage your mind and release your creativity.
  • Green: A deep, natural green energizes and relaxes. In our ideal workflow, we’re engaged without feeling pressured. Use an earthy green to promote balance.

Ready to dive in? We’ve rounded up our favorite decor pieces for your home office.

Modern Home Office Décor Ideas

Realistic Artificial Snake Plant for Home & Office by Momo Plant

Eco-friendly plastic artificial snake plant for home office.

Calm your mind by adding a touch of nature. This snake plant won’t need to be watered — the eco-friendly plastic leaves never wilt. Place this artificial plant on the floor or a shelf. Reviewers say the plant looks perfectly realistic, and the colors are rich and life-like.

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Colorful Modern Ceramic Vases by Rhapsody Studio

Modern and colorful ceramic flower vases for home office.

Choose one of these ceramic vases to add a pop of color to your office. They’re available in several gorgeous colors: coral, lavender, peach, and tea rose. Add a vase of fabric flowers to a bookcase, or treat yourself to fresh florals on your desk. Reviewers say these vases are perfect for many color schemes, and they loved the high quality materials.

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Japanese Zen Garden Sandbox Kit for Anxiety & Fidgeting by Y&S Styles

Zen garden sandbox kit for anxiety and fidgeting.

Are you antsy at your desk? Does your mind wander? Consider keeping a sand garden nearby. When you’re feeling fidgety, a few moments of play can soothe your thoughts. Parents bought these for their kids’ virtual learning space, then bought them for their own desks.

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Modern Rustic Floating Bookcase Shelf Made from Reclaimed Wood

Modern rustic floating shelf bookcase made from reclaimed wood and pipe.

Stack your books in style. This bookcase is crafted from industrial pipes and reclaimed wood. No matter the size of your office, this bookcase will fit: it’s available in four different lengths, from 24 inches long to 63 inches. Choose from two, three, or four-shelf units. Like many other happy customers, you’ll love these functional and stylish shelves.

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Feng Shui Rosewood-Colored Elephant Statue for Wealth and Wisdom

Feng Shui rosewood colored elephant statue for modern home office decor.

Feeling blue or overwhelmed? In Feng Shui, elephants are believed to bring power and wisdom. Let one of these elephants remind you of your strength when times are tough. Reviewers called this elephant statue high quality and absolutely beautiful.

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Handmade Large Soft Chenille Knit Blanket and Throw

Cozy and large knit chenille blanket for home.

Keep your work space cozy and warm with this large knit chenille blanket. Customers loved this “perfect” blanket. It measures 60 by 80 inches, and it comes in grey or beige.

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Real Agate Stone Blue Geode Bookends by BedRock

Blue geode bookends for home office made from real agate stone.

Because these bookends are made from real agate stone, each set is different. The agate stone inspires calm, peace, and focus. High quality and visually stunning, these bookends are the perfect gift for yourself or your friends.

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Simple Office Clock Silent with Large Numerals

Simple office clock no noise with large numerals.

This clock might be small, but the numbers are large enough to read from anywhere in the room. At just 8-inches, it’s the perfect clock for a compact office. Say goodbye to the distracting tick, tick, tick of most clocks; this one is 100% silent. Customers say it’s chic, stylish, and a bargain for the quality.

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Modern and Abstract Canvas Nature Prints for Wall Decor

Modern abstract canvas wall prints set of three.

Looking for a simple pop of color? Consider this set of geometric prints. Deep navy blue promotes calm, while the bright gold will engage your mind.

These nature prints are divided into three panels, with each print measuring 16 x 24 inches (also available in a smaller size). Each panel is crafted from stretched canvas for a high-quality product, and the set overwhelmingly receives five stars.

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Small Round White Modern Side Table by Haton

Small round white modern side end table for home.

“Obsessed!” is just one way reviewers describe this modern side table. Simple, elegant, and affordable, it’s perfect near an armchair or to wake up a tired corner. Consider adding a plant for a bit of vibrancy. This three-legged table is perfect for classic or minimalist offices, and it’s available in both white and grey.

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To Sum It Up…

There’s one huge benefit to work-from-home life: your office is all yours. You can decorate it according to your style and your inspiration.

As you decorate, choose colors and accessories that promote concentration. Warm white or deep navy will help you focus, while pinks and yellows stimulate creativity. A few soothing accent pieces may build a sense of Zen-like calm. Plants, real or artificial, add a natural touch.

We’ve rounded up a few focus-inspiring accessories for you. We hope these choices help you design a productive, soothing space. Good luck, and get to work!

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