You might think that wreaths are just for Christmas, but think again! Decorative wreaths come in all colors and styles. If your door looks drab and spring is slow in coming, it might be time for a colorful wreath.

Today, it’s easy to find gorgeous, high-quality wreaths for spring and summer. Many are handcrafted with silk flowers. Think of these wreaths like a bouquet of blooms on your door. Others use pompoms or painted eggs to celebrate the season.

Wreaths today aren’t just a decoration — they’re “works of art,” according to many customers. And where better to hang a piece of art than on your own front door? You’ll see it every single day, and it will be the first thing visitors see when they come knocking.

There are hundreds of wreaths to choose from, and the selection can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a variety of five-star spring wreaths for you to choose from. From rainbow colors to wildflowers, they’ll add a splash of spring to your home.

How High Should A Wreath Hang On A Door?

How high should a wreath hang on a door?

Ideally, you’ll want to hang the center of your wreath at eye level. Like any work of art, a wreath is most appealing when it’s flush with a visitor’s gaze, and eye level is typically 57 inches from the ground.

There are many ways to hang a wreath, but the main three methods are: use an over-the-door wreath hanger, a nail, or a Command strip.

An over-the-door hanger is a simple, inexpensive strip of metal that hooks over the top of the door, then allows you to hang the wreath from the bottom hook. They rarely cause damage, and you can find one online or at your local hardware store. The only downside is that you can’t customize the length perfectly; doors with tight fittings may not be able to close when using a wreath hanger.

You can also go the old-fashioned route and use a nail. Measure 57 inches from the bottom of your door, then mark the spot with a pencil. Make sure the marked spot is in the center of the door when measuring horizontally. Hammer a nail in this spot, then hang your wreath here. Make sure you choose a nail that protrudes at least half an inch from the door after it’s been hammered in.

If a wreath hanger isn’t for you and you don’t want to damage your door, consider a Command hook. They hold to the door with extra-strong adhesive. As with the nail, mark the spot 57 inches from the ground with a pencil. Adhere the Command strip according to the manufacturer’s directions. Note that Command strips may still cause damage; when removed incorrectly, they’ll pull paint from the surface.

How Do You Protect Outdoor Wreaths?

How do you protect outdoor wreaths?

Most of our favorite wreath designs are perfect indoors or out. But if you’re hanging a decorative wreath outside, there are a few tips you should follow. Unlike a live Christmas wreath, faux greenery and decorative wreaths are vulnerable to discoloration. Here are a few tips to keep your wreaths safe all year long:

  1. Hang your wreath in a covered area. Most of the decorative wreaths we’ve chosen are listed as suitable for outdoors. That said, don’t hang a wreath directly in the elements. Small stems and blooms are vulnerable to strong wind, and many materials may mold if left in the rain.
  2. Check the material on your wreath. Many faux flowers on wreaths are made from UV-resistant fabric. You can also add a layer of UV resistance with a UV fabric sunblock spray.
  3. Add a line of glue to the cut ends of ribbons to prevent fraying. Tattered ribbon will make a beautiful wreath look tired. To prevent fraying, use superglue or a speciality product like a liquid seam sealer on the cut ends of ribbons. 
  4. Consider a spray sealant such as Scotchgard. A sealant is particularly helpful if your wreath was not made for the outdoors. It may also be helpful if your area is wet or humid. As with any product you spray on your wreath, test it on a small area of the material first. 

Are Wreaths Only For Christmas?

Are wreaths only for Christmas?

Christmas wreaths have their origins in the practice of trimming the holiday tree; in 16-century Europe, revelers would rework the spare evergreen trimmings into garlands for their doors. Today, not all wreaths are made from Christmas tree boughs. With a wide variety of wreaths to choose from, there’s no reason to limit your wreath decor to just Christmas.

Easter celebrates rebirth and rejuvenation, so what better way to honor the holiday than with spring flowers? Many wreaths today are crafted from gorgeous faux blooms. If you prefer Easter decor, consider a decoration crafted from painted Easter eggs.

Simple and Elegant Easter Wreaths for Spring

Gold and Pastel Easter Egg Wreath by National Tree

Festive easter egg wreath with wire and painted eggs.

Keep it simple this season with an easter egg wreath. In this elegant wreath, painted eggs are wrapped with festive wire. This is the perfect piece for indoor or outdoor use, but if you do hang it outside, just make sure it’s under an overhang. Several happy customers thought this 16” wreath was a festive way to bring home a touch of spring.

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The Wreath Depot Aftonshire Silk Spring Wreath

The Wreath Depot Aftonshire spring flower wreath.

Bring home the cheer of spring with a garland of silk leaves and faux blooms. You can hang this wreath proudly all through spring and early summer. One customer added a few select flowers to coordinate the wreath with the color of her door. This is a high quality “work of art,” according to one reviewer, that will last all spring long. 

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Lighted LED Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath With Velvet Ribbon

Eucalyptus spring wreath with LED lights and velvet ribbon.

Eucalyptus is a stunning floral arrangement that’s perfect for spring or more traditional holidays. This subtle piece adds a half-moon of greenery to your door, and delicate LED lights sparkle around the leaves. The lights run on AA batteries, but the wreath includes a sleep timer so it will shut off after six hours. Hang it with the included velvet ribbon.

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The Wreath Depot Pink Tulip Medley Spring Wreath

The Wreath Depot Pink Medley Tulip wreath for spring.

Tulips are a classic sign of love. Shower your home with affection by hanging this gorgeous tulip wreath on your door. You can hang this beauty inside or outside in a covered area. As with many wreath designs from The Wreath Depot, reviewers thought this was one of the most durable and stunning wreaths they’d purchased. The vibrant colors are gorgeous on any door.

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Farmhouse Style Wildflower & Eucalyptus Wreath

Farmhouse style spring wildflower wreath.

Join other happy customers who loved hanging this bouquet of wildflowers on their door. According to reviews, visitors often mistook the faux flowers for real ones. The wreath measures 22 inches in diameter, but you can stretch out the wire so the blooms reach a full 24 inches. Full of color, the silk blossoms and Eucalpytus leaves add a splash of vibrancy to any door.

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Lakeside Collection Cottontail Bunny Easter Wreath

Lakeside Collection bunny easter spring wreath.

Your door will be the talk of the town with this five-star wreath. Bushels of leaves are tied together with a strand of burlap, and a pop of white faux hydrangeas add a splash of white. It’s an “adorable” wreath, according to reviews. The only complaint is that the petals from the hydrangea occasionally fall off, leaving empty spots. One reviewer simply replaced the hydrangea with another flower. 

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The Wreath Depot Chatham Pansy Spring Wreath

The Wreath Depot Chatham Pansy spring door wreath.

Have you filled your flower beds with violets and pansies? If so, now there’s a wreath to match. Pansies are a classic spring flower, and this five-star wreath is full of cheerful blooms. This wreath is safe indoors or outdoors, but make sure you hang it somewhere covered outside to protect it from weather. The rich purples and blues are perfect for late winter or early spring.

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Peony & Hydrangea Colorful Spring Wreath

Colorful spring wreath decor with peonies and hydrangeas.

This garland of hydrangeas and peonies is a cheerful way to celebrate spring. Sprigs of eucalyptus accents complement the large blooms, and you can choose between pink or green hues for flowers. If you’re looking for a modern, earthy, and elegant wreath to impress your guests when they arrive, then this is it.

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Handcrafted Wildflowers Easter Spring Wreath

Handmade easter wreath with silk wildflowers.

Bring the joy of a field of flowers to your front door. This gorgeous wreath is crafted with various silk wildflowers, and the pink and yellow blooms are perfect for Easter decorations. This wreath measures 24 inches wide and up to 7 inches deep. Several customers said they received many compliments on this wreath from guests.

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Orchid & Ivy Wool Pompom Rainbow Easter Wreath

Fun and colorful wool pompom wreath.

Want something unexpected? Try this fun and lively wreath of pompoms instead; it’s crafted with hundreds of wool pompoms. Consider hanging this multicolor wreath for Easter, spring, or a child’s birthday party — it’s a festive cheerful decoration for any occasion.

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To Sum It Up…

As you can see, wreaths truly aren’t just for Christmas. They’re a perfect way to add a splash of color and nature to your front door, no matter the season. Whether you choose faux wildflowers or peonies, eucalyptus or pompoms, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

So whether you choose an Easter wreath or a summer one, it’s sure to add brightness and charm to your front door. And it’s always the right season for that.

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