Let’s face it, living in a hyperconnected world is not easy; you can often end up with too many digital devices for one person to handle. From smartphones and smartwatches to iPads and power banks, the list goes on. Then there are the added bits and pieces like the chargers, cables, and the SD cards that you seemingly cannot do without.

If you’re like many others constantly juggling with multiple devices and often trying to locate the misplaced ones, then it’s time to bring some order to the chaos.

Plus, without a proper storage mechanism, you’re risking damage to your electronic devices. Those scratch marks, little dents, and minor cuts and cracks can go a long way in cutting down the useful life of your equipment and could even become a safety hazard before you know it.

It’s time you started organizing your countless digital devices, so keep reading!

How Should You Organize Electronics?

How should you organize electronics?

Does your idea of keeping your electronics organized mainly come down to dumping everything into a drawer? Well, you’re certainly on the right track. But it takes a little bit more effort than that to really enjoy the benefits of organizing.

So where should you start? Try getting rid of the junk first. If you’ve ended up hoarding a whole lot of digital devices over the years, like the CD players (if you’re from that generation) and your flip phone from high school days, then it’s time to sort them out. The bottom line is that it’s high time you pick out what you absolutely need and get rid of the rest. You can give them away, donate, or just hand over to an electronic equipment recycler.

Next, you need to pair up your devices with the right accessories like the chargers and the cables. Then find an accessible place to keep them stored based on how and where you use them. But avoid allocating too many storage locations, especially if you’re forgetful; just two or three places would be ideal. The stuff you use regularly should all be together in one place, and an organizer case or stand is ideal for this and can save you loads of time and hassle.

Once you set it up, that’s it, you don’t need to worry about organizing again. All you need to do is ensure that everything is kept in their rightful place after use. It doesn’t sound that hard now, does it?

The Best Electronic Organizers for All Your Devices

There’s a whole range of organizers available now to help you conveniently and safely store your digital essentials.

We’ve browsed the market for the coolest options to make things easier for you; here are the top electronic organizers we found.

Alltripal Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Charging station and electronic organizer for home.

This is a 6-in-1 charging dock that’ll let you neatly stack your digital devices in one place. It’ll look great on your desk or bedside table, and is also a super convenient organizer to keep at home or office.

It comes with five charging cables to fit many of your regular devices, from your android phone to the Apple Watch and iPads. You’ll get one USB cable, one Type cable, and three cables that are compatible with most of the Apple products. But keep in mind it doesn’t come with a USB charger, so you’ll have to get that separately.

This charging station is made from natural bamboo that’s been sourced from sustainable plantations. You’re going to love this product if you’re particularly concerned about your environmental footprint.

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ProCase Electronics Travel Gadget Organizer

Travel electronic organizer by Pro Case.

If you travel often or just want to keep your essential devices and accessories with you 24/7, then this super versatile ProCase Organizer is a great option for you.

It’s lightweight and made from a durable nylon material so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear when traveling. It’s also waterproof and made with some good padding to protect the devices that are stored inside.

It’s also designed with lots of different-sized pockets to safely store all types of items, from your power bank to the SD cards. But the case is overall 9.9 inches x 7.9 inches, which is not that large. So you might have to get two of these if you’re in the habit of carrying around all your digital devices when you travel.

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BUBM Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer

Double layer electronic organizer for home and travel.

This organizer has got not two, but four storage panels, giving you double the storage space to carry your digital items. At 9.8 inches x 7 inches, it’s about the same size as the ProCase Organizer. This means it can perfectly fit into your luggage or briefcase. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, but, remember, the weight will depend on what you pack inside it.

Customers seem to find this organizer pretty useful, especially when traveling. But based on a few reviews, you might want to go easy on the zippers if you’re planning on using it for a while.

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Charging Station for Multiple Devices by Powstick

Electronics charging station and organizer by Powstick.

If you’re someone who’s always juggling multiple devices and constantly forgetting to charge them, then this one’s for you.

It’s got two micro USBs for Android products, two charging cables for Apple devices, and one USB-C cable as well. So you can quickly charge up to five devices all at once. All you need to do is just plug this charging station into a wall power socket and you’re good to go. When you’re done charging, you can just use this organizer to neatly store your devices.

The Powstick charging station is a super stylish device that comes with a glossy black finish. Its elegant design and high functionality also make it a great gift. And to top it all, you’ll also get a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty from Powstick.

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Patu Roll Up Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer Case

Roll up electronics case organizer for home and travel by Patu.

This is a beautifully designed mini organizer to store your electronic essentials, especially when you’re traveling. It’s got quite a few versatile storage options including two cushioned pockets, four mesh pockets, six elastic loops, and three small pockets.

It’s lightweight and durable and comes in five colors to choose from. But based on customer reviews, don’t expect to fit in all your digital belongings into this organizer. After all, it’s only 5 inches x 9 inches when rolled up. Having said that, the stylish design and the color choices make it perfect even to store your cosmetics.

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Premium 63” Cable Management Sleeve Organizer by ProMaster

Cable sleeve for home by Promaster.

If you’re getting tired of sorting loads of cables and want to tone down the clutter in your living or work spaces, we found the perfect solution for you. This is a cable management sleeve by ProMaster that’ll get your cables neatly organized in no time.

It’s made from a thick premium quality neoprene material. If you’re wondering what that is, don’t worry. All you need to know is that it’ll hold up all your cables without any damage or tearing, unlike the typical velcro straps you commonly find on the market.

The entire sleeve is quite large at 63 inches x 4.5 inches. So, you can use it as one long sleeve to tie around up to 10 cords, or cut it into several smaller sleeves and use them separately around the house.

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Cocoon CPG8BK GRID IT Accessory Organizer

Grid strap electronic organizer by Cocoon.

This is a really cool organizer kit that’s designed with a GRID IT organization system. The rubberized storage straps of different sizes are placed in a grid-like design horizontally and vertically all across its surface.

Now, this may seem a bit confusing at first glance to someone already overwhelmed by too many gadgets to organize. But it’s actually quite a convenient and thoughtful feature since it allows you to pick the perfect strap size that’ll securely hold each item in place.

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Reusable Fastening Cable Ties by Sugiury

Reusable fastening cable ties for electronic cords.

From TVs and sound systems to computers and smartphones, there’s no end to the yards and yards of cables cluttering modern homes. They’re not just a dampener on your home interior but could also become a serious safety hazard if left unattended, especially when kids and pets are around. This is where cable straps come handy; they can securely fasten all your cables and create a clutter-free environment for your home.

These reusable fasteners include fifty cable ties and five cable rolls. The cable ties are 6 inches x 4.7 inches and are pretty durable. If you want to tie heavy or bulky cables, then you can use the 60-inch cable roll that can be trimmed to the size you want.

They come in five different colors, so you can match them to your cables. They’re also a great option if you want to add a pop of fun colors around the house.

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OYOBox Tech Tray Luxury Personal Electronics Organizer

Luxury personal electronic organizer box by Oyobox.

This is a super stylish and elegant organizer that’ll fit in beautifully anywhere you choose to keep it. It’s a premium tray that’s made from lacquered wood. You also get to choose from five classy designs—burl, ebony teak, mahogany, royal grey, and white.

It’s designed with six grooves to conveniently run your charging cables for six different devices. It’s also quite large, so you can easily store all your digital devices in one place.

This 5-star rated luxury organizer comes with equally classy packaging, so it could even make an excellent gift.

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WUTCRFT Wood Docking Station

Wutcraft wood personal electronics organizer for home.

This is a highly functional organizer with lots of cool features for all your storage needs. It’s got grooved cutouts to store your headphones and watches, and it’s also designed with an accessory holder and plenty of storage options for your phone and even wallet and other items you use regularly. It also comes with a charging slot and a magnetic pin to stick a photo or a notepad.

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To Sum It Up…

We all know what it’s like to rummage through the drawers to find the right charging cable for your phone when your battery’s about to die. Then there are days where you just can’t seem to find your phone to begin with.

Handling countless digital devices and their equally countless accessories could be frustrating and time-consuming. And leaving them around often means exposing them to damage—whether having wires chewed by your puppy or just getting your devices scraped by hard surfaces.

This is why organizing your electronics should be a top priority, not just to ensure they are all in one place for you to access easily, but also for their safety and longer use. We’ve covered some of the coolest organizer options on the market to suit your every need. So whether you’re looking for a stylish design to keep in your office, a functional option to take your electronics when you travel, or just a simple solution to neatly tuck away all your cables, we’ve got you covered with some excellent product choices.