With all your Thanksgiving planning, it’s important to think ahead about keeping all your guests entertained and ensuring they have a good time. Keeping the adults occupied should be a breeze, but keeping the kids entertained is a completely different matter altogether. Having bored kids loitering around and complaining could put a real dampener on the holiday festivities for the adults, and that’s the last thing you want after all your hard work putting together that delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

This is why you need to get ready with some holiday crafts. If you’re planning on having lots of kids around this Thanksgiving, holiday crafts are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours so the adults can take a break. It’s also a great way for them to learn more about Thanksgiving, its history and the importance of being grateful. And on top of that, holiday crafts are loads of fun and are perfect to spend time together as a family and celebrate the joys of the holiday season.

How Do You Make Thanksgiving Fun For Kids?

How do you make Thanksgiving fun for kids?

Before we get into crafts, let’s talk about some other ways you can keep your kids entertained. Kids get bored easily, so it pays to line up some fun outdoor and indoor activities to add some extra variety and excitement.

If you’re planning for Thanksgiving away from home, plan for some fun games and activities to keep kids occupied on the road. Make sure to pack up a few board games. Check ahead with your hotel on popular outdoor activities in the area, like ice skating or hiking. And ensure that you pack all necessary gear so you don’t waste time looking for stuff.

And if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at home, get ready with some party games like charades. You can even get creative and tweak them with a Thanksgiving theme. For instance, you can get some soft toy turkeys, hide them around the house and play “find the turkey”. If the weather is good outside, you can even hide them in the backyard. That should keep the kids busy for a while!

Also, have a few games to get the adults involved as well, so the entire family gets to spend some quality time together.

The Best Thanksgiving Crafts To Do With Your Kids

There are loads of craft kits out there, so you don’t need to worry about coming up with your own craft activities. Here’s a round-up of the best Thanksgiving crafts to get you ready this year for a fun holiday with the kids.

Turkey Thanksgiving Party Craft Kit

Turkey craft kit for Thanksgiving crafts by Kinrex.

We all know how hard it is to keep younger kids occupied, but this Turkey Craft Kit will defintely do the trick.

This 266-piece kit comes with foam turkeys, wiggle eye pairs, and 216 foam stickers so the kids can make 24 super cute turkeys all at once. So, if you’ve got lots of nieces and nephews or grandkids, this craft kit is enough to keep all of them busy for quite a while. You can also make it a family activity to spend time with the kids and teach them about the importance of Thanksgiving.

While many customers have raved about this product, one customer pointed out that the kit they received had a few missing pieces. But not to worry, you get a full money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase. It’ll also be a good idea to purchase this ahead of time.

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3D Pumpkin Fall Leaf Wreath Craft Kit

Fall pumpkin wreath craft kit for kids.

This is a super cute fall craft kit that comes with lots of assorted accessories to make pumpkin and maple leaf wreaths to hang all around the house. You can easily make a craft project with this kit and put the kids in charge of decorating your home for Thanksgiving with lots of colorful wreaths.

This craft kit comes with green-colored foam wreath bases, 10 sheets with lots of fall leaves, foam pumpkins, fall pumpkin leaves, short pipe cleaner pumpkin stems, acorns, and plastic wiggle eyes. Accessories like fabric ribbons, jute twine hangers, gel pens, and double-sided adhesive dots are also included. All in all, there is enough stuff to make 12 DIY wreaths.

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Tree of Thanks Craft Kit

Tree of Thanks craft kit for Thanksgiving crafts.

If you’re planning on entertaining toddlers and pre-schoolers this Thanksgiving, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

This craft kit includes a 39 inch tall felt tree board with detachable leaves in lots of different shapes and colors. All you need to do is just put it up on a wall and let the kids get to work. The maple, chestnut, oak, birch, elm, and ash leaves come in beautiful autumn colors that the kids are going to love. It’s also a great way for them to learn about the fall holiday season and develop their cognitive skills all at once.

It also includes adhesive wall hooks so you can easily hang the tree on a wall. But keep in mind that the sticky hooks could peel off the wall paint when you’re removing them. So, based on some customer reviews, it’s best to avoid them and use an alternative.

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Make-A-Turkey Stickers with Cardboard Backgrounds

Make-a-Turkey sticker craft kit for kids.

This is a super fun sticker craft set for the Thanksgiving holidays. It comes with lots of stickers to make 5 bright and colorful turkeys, and it’s got enough material to let your kids’ imagination run wild.

They can give the turkeys they have crafted as a thanksgiving card, put them up in their scrapbooks, or even frame and hang them in their rooms. But the best part is that it’s got a separate space to write a Thanksgiving message. So, this will be a great activity to teach kids the importance of gratitude.

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Turkey Necklace Craft Kit

Turkey necklace craft kit for kids on Thanksgiving.

This fun kit has lots of bright colored beads and self-adhesive foam pieces to make 12 separate turkey necklaces. The great thing about this activity is that kids can customize their necklaces any way they want since there are tons of different beads to choose from.

Keep in mind that it’s got some tiny pieces of beads, so it’s best not to use this craft kit with children below 8 years.

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Colonel Pickles Novelties Make-A-Turkey Sticker Kits

Make-a-Turkey sticker craft set by Colonel Pickels for Thanksgiving crafts.

This is a fun sticker kit with lots of accessory pieces, from bows and hats to sunglasses and mustaches. Kids can get creative and come up with their very own Colonel Pickles designs. It’s super adorable and is a great way to spend time with your kids during the holidays.

It’s also not messy, which makes it great to keep the kids busy even when you’re all traveling. Best of all, this is something that won’t really need much adult supervision.

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Bushell of Thanks Apple Craft Kit

Bushel of Thanks Thanksgiving craft kit for kids.

If you want to teach your kids about the importance of being thankful for all that they have, then you’ve got to get this basket of thanks apple craft kit.

It comes with red and green apple pieces for kids to write down what they are thankful for. They can then glue the pieces to the basket and put it up in the hall or the living room. The packaging includes pieces to make 12 baskets, so there’s plenty for everyone.

The best part is that it’s a simple craft kit that is absolutely safe for kids. It needs minimal adult supervision, so you can get busy with Thanksgiving dinner. Adults might love this too, so who knows, it might end up being a fun activity for the whole family.

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12 Pieces Thanksgiving Turkey Head Magnet Craft Kit

Turkey magnet craft kit for kids crafts on Thanksgiving.

This is a magnet craft kit that makes 12 fun turkey heads in 4 different designs. They’re all made of bright-colored PVC pieces that are self-adhesive and easy to put together. You’ll also get magnetic strips so the kids can decorate the entire refrigerator door with lots of adorable turkey heads.

It’s a super cute DIY kit that is especially great to keep the younger kids occupied.

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Foam DIY Owl Fall Craft Kit

Make your own owl fall Thanksgiving craft kit for kids.

This is a craft kit that kids are going to love this Thanksgiving. It’s got lots of colorful pieces to make 24 sets of their favorite owl designs with super cute accessories, from yarn pom-poms and pumpkins to maple and oak leaves. And to top it all, the kit also includes artificial sparkling gems for that extra bit of dazzle.

This kit is enough to keep a good dozen kids busy for a while. Looking at the rave reviews, it’s fun, entertaining, and will for sure get the kids excited in no time. It’ll also be a great way for the little ones to decorate your home for Thanksgiving and be part of the festivities.

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To Sum It Up…

If you’re planning on having family over to celebrate Thanksgiving, then you need to start planning now to keep them all entertained, especially those little ones.

When the weather turns sour outside, crafts would be a great option to keep the kids busy indoors. They’re not just a super fun way to keep them occupied, but will also provide a great opportunity to teach them the importance of Thanksgiving and being grateful for all that they have.

Our list of the best Thanksgiving crafts will help you make the holiday season fun and memorable for everyone, most of all the kiddos!

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