Nothing is more enjoyable than gathering the people you love around the table. Thanksgiving celebrates prosperity, and nowhere are our blessings more evident than in the spread of food and love at the dining table. As you plan your menu for the big day, consider planning your table decorations with the same care. A few well placed decorations add to the sense of care and comfort in the room.

Decorating your table doesn’t need to be complicated. An elegant table runner gives an immediate pop of color, and a few decorative pumpkins compliment the colors of your dishes. Placemats or utensil holders can double as useful decorations. You might lean into the traditional with a cornucopia or a set of gourds, or opt for your own light style with a few cheerful gnomes or turkey candle holders. We’ve chosen a variety of our favorite decorations in different styles to fit every table.

What is the Meaning of the Cornucopia at Thanksgiving?

What is the meaning of the cornucopia at Thanksgiving?

The word “cornucopia” comes from Latin; the cornucopia literally means “horn of plenty.” Historians suspect that early Americans were familiar with the symbol from European harvest festivals, where celebrants would fill a cornucopia with fruit and grain to honor their prosperity. The cornucopia dates back even earlier, however. It shows up in Greek mythology, and historians have found records of the cornucopia dating all the way back to 5 B.C.

In several legends, the cornucopia is a source of limitless nourishment. The basket would refill itself with whatever the owner desired. Today, it’s not just used as a symbol of Thanksgiving in the United States. The coats of arms for Panama, Columbia, Peru, and Venezuela all incorporate the cornucopia as a symbol of abundance and wealth. 

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for 2020

Sparkle and Bash Thanksgiving Utensil Holders, 36 Pack

Thanksgiving table utensil holders by Sparkle and Bash, 36 pack.

Is there anything more frustrating than a rogue fork or a lost knife? Keep your utensils together with these affordable paper utensil holders. Simply slip a napkin and a few utensils in the pocket, then add them to the place setting or near a buffet for guests to pick up. The holders are made of brown craft paper, and pretty golden lettering spells out “Eat drink & be thankful” on each one.

Reviewers thought these utensil holders made adorable table decorations, and several customers commented on all the compliments they received. They report that the holders look exactly like the pictures, and the quality is good enough that you could reuse them if you needed. 

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Embroidered Table Runner by OurWarm

Embroidered Thanksgiving table runner by OurWarm.

A table runner adds a touch of elegance and color to your table. Unlike other decorations, a simple table runner requires no extra space; simply rest it over your table and place your dishes on top. Embroidered maple leaves adorn the edges of this festive table runner. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving Day, but you can easily reuse it for fall dinner parties or vintage weddings. It’s even appropriate for everyday farmhouse decor.

“It looks amazing on my fall table,” reviewers reported. They were pleased that it added a seasonal splash of color to their tables. One reviewer said it was smaller than he expected, so be sure to measure your table and compare it to the size of the runner before purchasing.

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Northlight Orange Gourds and Maple Leaves Cornucopia

Cornucopia Thanksgiving table centerpiece by Northlight.

The horn of plenty has gone stylish. This simple, attractive cornucopia weighs just a pound and overflows with gourds, multicolored leaves, and bright berries. The basket is made of dried grapevine twigs for an earthy and natural look. Place it on a table or a mantlepiece as an elegant statement of prosperity.

Reviewers describe this piece as high quality and very festive. Customers bought this cornucopia for their tables or to give as a gift, and they were happy to add this Thanksgiving symbol to their decorations.

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Wooden Hearts Colorful Fall Mason Jars

Colorful fall mason jars for Thanksgiving table decor by Wooden Hearts.

If you’re going for a rustic Thanksgiving, then these mason jars are perfect. Five painted Ball canning jars sit in a distressed, antique white tray. Your purchase is fully customizable; you get to choose exactly which colors you’d like. Consider using these jars as a centerpiece with flowers. The tray measures 20 inches long including the handles, making it a perfect centerpiece for a rectangular table.

The word “beautiful” shows up again and again in reviews. Customers loved the simplicity and style of this mason jar set. They used them for fake flowers and real bouquets, and kept the set on the table or as a permanent decoration in their kitchens. One reviewer said the jars were smaller than they anticipated, so make sure you visualize the measurements before purchasing.

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Mr and Mrs Fall Gnome Plush Thanksgiving Decorations, Set of Two

Set of two Thanksgiving Swedish gnomes for table decor, handmade.

This set of two autumn gnomes will get even the most serious relative chuckling while adding a sense of whimsy to your Thanksgiving table. These gnomes are handmade with soft felt and fiber hair, and the bottom of each gnome is filled with sand so they stand upright on their own.

“Good quality, perfect for fall, and absolutely adorable.” Reviewers give these gnomes five stars. They used them for Thanksgiving decor, friendly Halloween decorations, or all-season fall style.

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Turkey Tea Light Candle Holders, Set of Six

Turkey tea light candle holders for Thanksgiving table decor.

Add some light to your Thanksgiving table with these six turkey tea light holders. Your tea light or LED candle will flicker against the turkeys’ feathers for a shining display. The set includes three seated turkeys and three standing turkeys.

“Classy and functional in a fun way!” Reviewers loved these little turkey candle holders for their Thanksgiving table decorations. Many people said they’re solid and stand up well. Customers were excited to show them off and use them year after year.

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Assorted Artificial Pumpkins, Eight Pack

Assorted artificial pumpkins for Thanksgiving table decor.

If you already have a cornucopia that needs filling, consider purchasing these decorative pumpkins. The set includes eight pumpkins of various sizes to be more realistic, and they also come in different shades of orange. The wide range of sizes in this set means you’ll have a size for all your decorating needs.

Use them for table decorations, outdoor fall arrangements, or even as plant-holders. Customers had a variety of functions for these decorative pumpkins, and all the reviewers were happy with them. One cut the tops off and placed her set of cheerful succulents inside, and several used them in floral arrangements.

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Burlap Cream Lace Table Runner by Ling’s Moment

Burlap cream lace table runner for Thanksgiving table decor by Ling's Moment.

The soothing beige of this jute table runner blends perfectly with your Thanksgiving table decorations. The neutral color adds a rustic, elegant feel to your table during any season. Delicate cream lace borders the jute, and it comes in five different sizes for convenience.

This 5-star runner gets praise for its elegance and simplicity. Reviewers describe it as well made and versatile. They used it for year-around decor, on Thanksgiving tables, and on bedroom dressers or TV consoles. They enjoyed adding a touch of fabric without having to cover their entire table with a tablecloth.

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Holiday Designs Gold and Ivory Fall Pumpkins

Gold and ivory artificial pumpkins for Thanksgiving table decor by Holiday Designs.

Simple and elegant, these pumpkins add a hint of autumn without the typical bright oranges and reds of most seasonal decorations. Use them as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table or show them off on a mantlepiece. Because of the versatile colors, they’d make a perfect gift too.

“Sleek and beautiful.” Reviewers used these decorations on holiday tables and coffee tables. They were pleased the colors paired with many decors. Overall, they gave these “super cute” pumpkins five stars.

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Greenery Table Runner by Ling’s Moment

Greenery table runner for rustic Thanksgiving table decor by Ling's Moment.

You don’t need to cover your table with orange and red for Thanksgiving. Consider this table runner to add a trail of greenery to your decorations. A simple, elegant painted garland runs the length of the fabric. The runner is made of 100% polyester, though the weave is linen-like. The polyester means you can pop it in the washing machine for cleaning.

This table runner receives rave reviews; one reviewer commented that she got “10,000 compliments” on it. Overall, customers were incredibly pleased with their purchase and were quick to recommend buying this table runner.

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To Sum it Up…

You don’t need to break the bank to add a few small stunning touches to your Thanksgiving table. With any of these affordable additions, you can add splashes of color and personality to your Thanksgiving spread. A well placed set of pumpkins, an elegant table runner, a set of sweet candle holders — any of these additions will make your holiday table extra special.

Consider practical decorations like utensil holders, or a washable runner you can use year-round. All of the decorations on our list receive rave reviews, so we’re confident your guests will love them. Let your creativity shine, but don’t stress about your decorations. The act of decorating is just another way to show your guests you care about them.

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