For the modern homeowner, fake fireplaces are the real deal when it comes to creating that perfectly cozy living space. Unlike the old-fashioned wood fireplaces, these are totally hassle-free—there’s no smoke or debris, no cleaning up, and no more buying firewood. Plus, they’re safer, super easy to set up, and could be a stylish addition to any home. All this makes them perfect for busy homeowners to enjoy the warm ambiance of a fireplace in a cleaner setting.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the top ten fake fireplaces for your home. But first, let’s tackle some common questions about them.

Are Fake Fireplaces Safe?

Are fake fireplaces safe?

One of the biggest drawbacks of a wood or gas fireplace is the safety risk, but the fake alternatives can eliminate these worries. No open fires means no potential fire hazards. This also makes them safer around small kids and pets, and they don’t produce emissions or smoke either. So, there’s no need to fret over a constant air supply.

And if there are any issues, you can just switch it off (compare that with extinguishing a real fire!). But having said that, if you’ve got a fake fireplace, remember to follow all safety measures applicable to typical electrical devices.

What Are Fake Fireplace Logs Made Out Of?

What are fake fireplace logs made out of?

Fake fireplace logs are another popular trend among homeowners looking to avoid the hassle of cleaning up after an open fire. The super realistic appearance of these logs can fool anyone. They’re usually made of synthetic materials like ceramic and concrete. This prevents them from burning and creating a mess, while still allowing them to give off some impressive heat. The sophisticated molds and manufacturing techniques make it possible to give them a realistic appearance.

Does It Cost A Lot To Run An Electric Fireplace?

Does it cost a lot to run an electric fireplace?

We all know that an electric fireplace can eliminate the cost of buying firewood, but what about the cost of electricity? This depends on a range of factors, like how long it stays running and the heat settings you choose. The model you select will also have an impact. In general, what you pay for a kilowatt-hour could range anywhere between 1 cent and 18 cents for a standard 1500W unit.

Many modern electric fireplaces are surprisingly energy efficient as well. So, they could be an excellent cost-effective solution considering the overall financial, safety, and environmental costs.

The 10 Best Fake Fireplaces

Before selecting a fake fireplace, there are several factors you need to consider like their efficiency, quality, and brand reputation. Here’s what we recommend for your home.

1. Electric Fireplace with Mantel by Jamfly

Electric fireplace with mantel by Jamfly.

If you’re after a classic look, then here’s something you’ll absolutely love. It’s an electric fireplace that comes with a mantel design; the Birchwood panels are thick and sturdy and sport a double varnish for an elegant finish.

It uses energy-efficient LED technology and is also super quiet. There are two heat settings—750W and 1500W—to choose from, and the flame is impressively realistic and comes with seven settings to adjust the brightness. According to customers, it’s easy to assemble, too. You’ll get JAMFLY’s refund guarantee and a one-year warranty for replacements.

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2. Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Ventless Ethanol Fireplace by Homcom

Wall-mounted stainless steel ethanol fireplace by Homcom.

Some homeowners may not consider this a fake fireplace since it uses ethanol to create a real flame. However, this unit will save you from all the hassles of a traditional log fireplace by eliminating the need for expensive ventilation systems and all the cleaning up that goes with it.

The sleek and stylish wall-mounted design makes it extra special. It’s also smaller in size with a flame display that’s just under 20 inches in length. This makes it a pretty versatile unit that can easily warm up your living room, bedroom, or study without using up much space. It’s also made with durability and safety in mind with a stainless steel tank and a tempered glass front, but stay clear of the glass when it’s in use to avoid burning yourself.

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3. Antarctic Star 36″ Electric, Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater

Electric freestanding stove heater by Antarctic.

This electric fireplace will add a lovely, sophisticated touch to your home with its modern retro design and high-tech features. It’s the size of a traditional fireplace at 36 inches and you can use it to heat up the room or just to create a cozy ambiance with its realistic flames. Heating can be adjusted between 750W and 1500W and the built-in timer will let you shut it off automatically within a one to eight hour timeframe.

The touch screen panel lets you change the flame and log burning color, flame speed, and flame brightness. It also comes with a remote to adjust the setting from a distance. The sleep modes will let the heating continue without the bright flames. But looking at customer reviews, you might want to enjoy the flames a bit longer. The burning flames and logs seem pretty impressive and the brick wall effect on the inside seems to make it even more realistic.

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4. Vintage Style Electric Fireplace by Homcom

Vintage-style electric fireplace by Homcom.

If you’re after a vintage look, then we’ve got the perfect option for you. This is a portable and freestanding unit that looks nothing like a fireplace at first glance. But fire it up and it’ll add a cozy ambiance to your living room in an instant.

Its unassuming design is complete with two glass doors on the front and two glass windows on the sides. You can adjust the temperature between 68 F and 86 F, and it can heat an area of up to 377 square feet. The heating and flame can be used independently from each other and there’s a safety feature to prevent overheating. But based on customer reviews, you can’t really adjust the flame brightness. So, keep in mind that this is a simple unit with basic functionality and plenty of visual appeal.

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5. Electric Fireplace by Rovsun

Electric fireplace by Rovsun.

Rovsun has designed this 1400W fireplace as the perfect solution for anyone in search of a portable unit. It stands just 20 inches in height and works well as a space heater anywhere in your home. The beautiful vintage cabinet design coupled with the lively dancing flames will add an extra touch of charm.

The temperature is adjustable between 68 F and 95 F. It’s also CSA approved and comes with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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6. 28-inch Electric Fireplace by Xbeauty

28-inch electric fireplace by Xbeauty.

Customers can’t seem to say enough about the stylish design of this electric fireplace, which will make a lovely addition to your living room. The flame looks great and can be turned on even without the heating. The flame speed is also adjustable, and the heating efficiency is around 750W to 1500W.

Best of all, you can use it as a standalone fireplace or as a semi-inserted wall unit. According to customer reviews, both the design and performance of this electric fireplace seem equally impressive.

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7. 60-inch Electric Fireplace With Remote by Waleaf

60-inch electric fireplace with remote by Wayleaf.

If you prefer a modern sleek design, this super thin fireplace will not disappoint. At 60 inches in width, it’s got that perfect aesthetic appeal for an extra bit of glamor for your living room.

It’s packed with features to adjust the flame color, speed, and brightness, as well as the temperature. It also comes with a timer so you can switch it off automatically during the night. But for customers, what made it a real winner were the super cool flames with changing color effects.

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8. Electric Faux Fireplace by Homcom

Electric faux fireplace with remote by Homcom.

This is another stylish fireplace with a vintage design and a 4,777 BTU heat output. It’s a portable unit that looks great as a wall insert with its wood log, ember bed, and flame LED displays.

It’s also designed with safety features—the tempered glass prevents accidental burning and the thermal cut-off feature protects the device from excessive heating. Overall, it’s a convenient and portable unit that’ll save you from all the hassles of a traditional fireplace.

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9. Southern Enterprises Gallatin Simulated Stone Electric Fireplace

Simulated stone fake electric fireplace by Southern Enterprises.

For anyone in search of a fake alternative to replace the classic fireplace, this six-foot unit will be an excellent option. In fact, it could even work as a stylish centerpiece for your living room with its rustic white faux stone design.

The two bookcases on each side are a convenient addition for extra storage space. But keep in mind that the unit requires some assembly, which doesn’t seem that hard based on customer reviews.

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10. Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace by Paolfox

Wall-mounted and recessed electric fireplace with changing colors.

This electric fireplace is a 50-inch unit that’s designed with some impressive features. The flame effect is fully customizable when it comes to the flame colors and brightness. You can set the heating to 750W and 1500W and the temperature is adjustable between 62 F and 82 F.

The touchscreen adds a sophisticated feel while the remote control is also there for your convenience. This unit also comes with a CETL certification and a one-year warranty.

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To Sum It Up…

Snuggling up in front of a warm and cozy fireplace usually comes with the unavoidable hassle of cleaning up, but a fake fireplace can save you from all these worries. They can also be a safer alternative to a traditional fireplace, as long as you take all the standard measures applicable to electrical equipment.

They can also be more cost-effective, depending on your usage and the model you select. If you’re planning on getting one for your home, our top ten list is a great starting point. Whether you go with vintage or modern, a fake fireplace gives you all the benefits of a cozy ambiance without the mess.

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