The past few months have not been easy with on and off lockdowns and pandemic fears forcing everyone to remain indoors. Of course, working from home has been great for the first few weeks—almost like a break from the hectic office routine. But after months of isolation and immobility, it’s natural for frustration to creep in with an overwhelming urge to get outdoors.

Thanksgiving could be the perfect excuse to plan your getaway; a change of scenery could be just what everyone needs right now. And if you have kids, you know how frustrating they could get after being confined indoors for an unusually long time. Spending Thanksgiving away from home is the perfect way to treat them and help them let out all that pent up energy. Besides, it’ll be a nice break from the same old routine of spending Thanksgiving at grandma’s house. After all, it’s not easy hosting a big family during the holidays.

In this article, we’re going to help you plan that perfect Thanksgiving getaway with some of the best travel hotspots in 2020. But before we get to that, we’re going to answer a common question that often pops up when it comes to holiday travels.

How Do You Pack Clothes for a Vacation?

How do you pack clothes for a vacation?

When you’re going on holiday, the last thing you want is to carry around a whole lot of luggage. You want to make sure you travel light as much as possible, and yet have all the essentials, so you don’t waste time looking around for a store.

But is this at all possible? Of course it is! You just need to do a little bit of planning. Many families spend all their time planning their holiday and yet give very little thought to packing their travel bags, and it’s often the last thing they do right before they take off. But last-minute packing could be chaotic and usually ends up with overpacking or leaving behind what you most need.

So give some thought to packing your bags ahead of time and always start by making a list. Consider how many days you’ll be away, the activities you’ve planned, the weather changes, and the type of facilities you’ll get, such as laundry.

Pick a small to medium sized bag that’s lightweight and easy to carry, like this. Then get smart about how you pack. The goal is to take all the essentials using minimum space; rolling up clothes is an easy way to save up room. Consider how you can maximize space, for example by stuffing socks inside the shoes. Instead of packing several outfits, think about how you can mix and match to create multiple outfits with just a few items of clothes.

Something like these suitcase travel organizers can go a long way in helping you and your family stay organized.

The Best Thanksgiving Getaway Ideas in 2020

Now we’re on to the best part―selecting your Thanksgiving destination! We’ve done all the legwork and found some amazing getaways to brighten up the holiday season for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to indulge in beautiful sceneries, spend time with the kids, or explore history and culture, we’ve got all the places to fit your needs.

So, let’s get started!

1. Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas.

If you love old town charm, Fredericksburg will make the perfect destination for your whole family. It takes pride in its German cultural heritage and becomes a lively hotspot during the Thanksgiving holidays.

They have an impressive collection of wineries and breweries, so plan for a visit and a few tasting sessions. There are plenty of holiday activities for all ages, from farms and orchards to art galleries, museums, and live music. They’ve also got a national park and the largest wildseed park in the US. Then, don’t forget to join in with their local festivities and explore German holiday traditions.

2. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California.

If you want the best of beach getaways, then you need to hit the American Riviera. Whether you want the stunning beaches or exquisite mountains, they’ve got it all. But it’s not just about the sun and the sands; Santa Barbara has become popular among holiday goers for its rich culture. It’s a stylish cultural hub with its own unique laid back style.

You can do some holiday shopping in their open-air shopping districts or enjoy the cooler evenings exploring their local cuisine. And with the warmer daytime weather, there are lots of outdoor activities for you to plan. You can also plan for an art and culture tour and explore their stunning architecture and museums. And from surfing to hiking and rock climbing, they have loads of stuff to keep you busy when it comes to outdoor sports as well.

3. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah.

When it comes to enjoying the true spirit of fall, then Park City might be just the place you need for that traditional Thanksgiving holiday. The nostalgic atmosphere of Park City will give you a unique holiday experience.

They have plenty of winter recreational activities if you want to get outdoors, from dog sledding and ice skating to tubing, snowmobiling, and snow biking.

But if you just want to stay indoors and relax, there are lots of restaurants to enjoy a warm and cozy Thanksgiving with your family. They’ve also got plenty of activities to keep kids entertained, from ice castles to art centers. And don’t forget to do some skating in their Olympic-size Park City Ice Arena and check out the awesome indoor entertainment at the Escape Room Park City.

4. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida.

This is an amazing holiday hotspot to enjoy the tropical weather during fall. It’s perfect to make up for the lost summer spent indoors this year, and to bask in the sun with your family. Their beaches are truly breathtaking and are perfect whether you love sailing, snorkeling, or even jet skiing.

But don’t just confine yourself to the beaches. There are many other outdoor activities you can plan in this exotic city. You can try a kayaking eco-tour at the Key West Mangrove, or explore all their attractions with a guided conch tour train. And if you’re in the mood to explore the vibrant Key West culture, take a bike ride around town, check out their art galleries, or do some shopping.

5. Mountain View, Arkansas

Mountain View, Arkansas.

Thinking of planning for a real getaway in the true sense of the word? Then Mountain View is the perfect choice for you. For anyone used to the busy city life, this Arkansas town will provide a complete change of scenery. Known for its traditions, Mountain View can take you back in time with its beautiful traditional music and carefully preserved cultural landmarks.

But it’s not just about culture and history. You can also plan for some exciting outdoor activities. The stunning Blue Mountain Range of the Ozark Mountains is a definite highlight for anyone visiting this laid back Arkansas town. It’s truly breathtaking whichever time of the year you visit and can provide a fantastic backdrop for your Thanksgiving holiday.

6. Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia.

If you’re a history buff, then you’ll enjoy a holiday in the stunning colonial city of Williamsburg. It’s part of Virginia’s Historic Triangle that’s created together with Jamestown and Yorktown and is a fantastic place to get lost in history for the whole family.

Its rich culture is represented by the beautiful colonial-era architecture, museums, and lots of historic monuments. You can take part in reenactments at the American Revolution Museum and experience the culture and lifestyle of the colonial times first hand. From dressed-up guides and historic landmarks to horse-drawn carriage rides down the streets, Williamsburg is an excellent place for especially kids to learn some history while having lots of fun.

Make sure to check out their amazing restaurants, wineries, and outdoor activities.

7. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington.

Leavenworth will provide you with a beautiful winter wonderland getaway for Thanksgiving in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. This is a stunning little Bavarian-style village that will transport you to a truly snowy holiday this fall.

Holiday goers choose Leavenworth for many reasons. It’s got a quintessential German holiday spirit with lots of festivities, food, and drinks. You will find plenty of things to do there as well, from sleigh rides to reindeer farms. They have lots of vineyards, wineries, and breweries that they are proud of. And the scenery is truly breathtaking, with beautiful snow-covered mountain ranges and parks.

8. Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine.

Kennebunkport is a cozy coastal town in Maine with beautiful weather and lots of things to keep you and your family entertained. There’s a charming feel to this town that can instantly help you relax and get into a holiday vibe.

Being a coastal town, they take pride in their outdoor activities like sailing and deep-sea fishing. They’ve also got plenty of museums and art galleries that will give you a glimpse into this little village’s history, art, and culture. You can also plan for some shopping and try out their delicious cuisine.

9. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia.

This is another charming coastal city bordering the Savannah River in Georgia. It’s full of culture and history and is an excellent destination for a relaxed and laid back Thanksgiving break for the whole family.

You can stroll down the beach and take in the crisp fresh air or just take a walking tour around the city and explore the beautiful cobblestoned squares. You can also take a history tour at Old Fort Jackson or Fort Pulaski and take in the stunning architecture of its historic landmarks.

For something different, take a ghost tour and explore some spooky mysteries in the Colonial Park Cemetery, Sorrel-Weed House, and its many other haunted destinations. After all, there’s a reason why Savannah is called the most haunted city in the US.

10. Winterset, Iowa

Winterset, Iowa.

There’s something special about a holiday in the countryside, from the rustic old town charm to the slow-paced lifestyle. And that’s exactly what Winterset will offer you this Thanksgiving.

With a population of just over 5,000 people, it’s a charming town to wind down with your family. There are lots of places to explore, from the castle-like Clark Tower to the Madison County Courthouse. Then don’t forget to check out the covered bridges and the Winterset City Park. Its rich culture will also give you a glimpse into traditional crafts like fusing glass. The Iowa Quilt Museum is another popular attraction where they host regular events to introduce visitors to the art of quilting.

The locals also take pride in the town’s links to popular culture. After all, it was Winterset that inspired the popular movie The Bridges of Madison County, which starred Clint Eastwood.

To Sum It Up…

After months of self-isolation and lockdowns, many families are planning for Thanksgiving getaways this year to finally escape the confinements of their homes. A change in scenery will be a welcomed experience for anyone, whether you live in the heart of the city or the suburbs.

In this article, we shared the best Thanksgiving getaways in 2020 to help you plan the holidays in advance. Whether you enjoy spending time in nature, exploring rustic old town charm, or enjoying some fun activities with the kids, we’ve got a great selection of destinations for you.

But wherever you choose to travel, remember to check out health and safety guidelines for each destination and respect the measures taken by each city. Pack smart and travel light, and make a memorable ending for 2020 with your family this Thanksgiving.

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