While 2021 will be better (we just know it), it’s been a hectic year for everyone. We’ve all had to adapt to this new normal, and for some, that means working from home.

Did you ever imagine consolidating last quarter’s sales numbers next to your kid on a Zoom call with his 5th-grade class? Neither did we, but that’s happening in hundreds of thousands of homes across the US. Working from home sounds great until you’ve taken over the kitchen table and constantly need to pick it all up every time meals come around.

Investing in a small home office desk is the rational (and marriage-saving) decision for 2021. But this is much easier said than done. In this article, we’ll talk about maximizing space, the ideal height for a computer desk, the different options on where to place it, and some great desks to consider.

Fear not, occupying the same space as little Jimmy and his 5th-grade companions is so 2020. A small home office computer desk is very 2021! 

How Can You Maximize Space in a Small Home Office?

How can you maximize space in a small home office?

When talking home offices, the first place to start is space. Most folks don’t have an empty room magically awaiting due to a global pandemic. If this is your situation, we’d trade places with you immediately. But for many of us, figuring out how and where to work that home office into the home is the first challenge.

If you’re going to go with a desk in your living room, use windows to your advantage. By moving the sofa against the longest wall, you immediately free up space in front of the window. This a perfect spot for a desk which will also provide some much-needed light and a view while you work.

Another popular move is converting a closet into an office. Some closets are underutilized, and you can take advantage of the space by constructing shelves, storing items that are rarely used up high, and then install the desk down below.

And lastly, having your office in the family hallway. Sounds downright crazy, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, there is a ton of unused hallway space that can be easily carved out, especially around an L shape, for a desk and chair. If the desk requires little more than a laptop and beverage of choice, this is an excellent option.

How High Should a Computer Desk Be?

How high should a computer desk be?

This is a timely question, principally due to the amount of time we’re spending in front of screens. Thirty years ago, this was a non-issue for most folks because time spent at a desk wasn’t nearly as long as now. Some folks literally need to be pried away from their screens to eat and sleep, so desk height is a big deal.

If your desk is too high, you’ll end up overworking arm and shoulder muscles. This can lead to upper back issues over the long-term as well as neck concerns. On the flip side, a desk that’s too low will invariably cause you to hunch or slump over while working. This naturally puts additional strain on your neck, arms, and upper back. For more on home office ergonomics, check out this article by Mayo Clinic.

For folks in the 5’8” to 5’10” range, a 28 to 30-inch desk height is ideal. Oddly enough, the standard recommended desk height that most manufacturers publish is 29 inches. Yet, that height would only be appropriate for someone who is 6 feet tall, and only 15 to 20% of the world’s population measures 6 feet or taller. There are a host of online calculators that will calculate the exact height for your measurements, so take advantage of this resource.  

Should Your Desk Face the Wall?

Should your desk face the wall in your home office?

For many people, facing a desk towards the wall helps to avoid distractions. We’ve all been there – you have a report due in four hours, you’re 15% of the way through, and you can’t stop pondering whether that squirrel you’re watching out the window believes in an after-life. Well, that’s what you get for placing your desk in front of the window.

Facing a wall will minimize distractions, but this can also lead to a sense of claustrophobia. If you do face your desk towards the wall, avoid having your back toward the door of the room. Choose a perpendicular wall to the doorway, which will provide a more open feeling as you’ll easily notice those entering and exiting the room.

Some prefer to place their desk in the middle of the room, on a carpet, or next to the couch, with the general angle facing a wall. This is perhaps ideal, but the room set-up then becomes focused more on the desk and your workstation than the room’s aesthetic as a whole. But, if this is a non-issue, then it’s perhaps the best solution of them all.

The Best Computer Desks for a Small Home Office

Fenghua Glass Top Writing and Computer Desk

Glass top small writing or computer desk by Fenghua.

Perhaps the best compliment you can pay any writing desk is, “This doesn’t look like a writing desk.” Fenghua has outdone themselves with the design on this signature desk. Sleek, modern, discreet, and a winning complement to any living space, this desk is a work of art on its own.

Perfect for office duties, studying, or even gaming, the arc design and X-shaped legs look fabulous, and the tempered glass is strong and sturdy. Measuring just 29.9 inches tall, 43.3 inches long, and 21.7 inches wide, if you’re tight on space, this desk has you covered. 

To learn more, click here.

Small Computer Desk for Home Office by Mehoom

Small computer desk for home office by M Mehoon.

Here’s a winning small personal desk for 2021. While the desk is a delight, even better is reviewing their website, where the manufacturer shows you all the wonderful places you can place this desk in your home. Waterproof and easy to clean, it’s tough to find quality like this that also looks great.

On the bottom, this desk features anti-skid and anti-noise footpads. This prevents the carpet from being ripped or the floor from being scratched. The triangular structure is made of a metal frame, which ensures no wobbling or shifting around when you’re typing away on that next great novel you’ve been putting off.

Like it? Click here to buy now.

Eureka Ergonomic Small Computer Desk      

Small ergonomic computer desk for home office by Eureka.

There’s compact, and then there’s this super-compact number from Eureka. Measuring an impressive 19.69 inches wide and only 31.50 inches long, fitting this desk into any room, no matter the size, is certainly possible. This ergonomic desk comes in walnut, black, or rustic brown, all of which have a distinct look and feel.

The desktop is made of CARB Phase 2 and TSCA Title VI particleboard. While familiarity with CARB Phase 2 or TSCA Title VI is likely nil, just know that it means the formaldehyde emissions that come off this particleboard are much lower than the industry standard. Working while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint – good times!

To read reviews, click here.

Thanaddo Small Folding Computer Desk

Small folding computer desk by Thanaddo.

Telling friends and family you bought a “Thanaddo” will have them assuming all sorts of things. Is it Tesla’s new rival, a new Starbucks smoothie, or perhaps a line of Serena Williams sponsored tennis rackets? None of the above! Thanaddo is a folding desk manufacturer churning out light-weight and vintage style desks, all in one.

Wide enough for a PC but not wide enough for two PCs, this is a desk that can accommodate the bare minimum yet is also extremely functional. Waterproof and anti-scratch, the folding design is where the true value lies with this model.

To see pricing, click here.

Sturdy Computer Desk by Amolife

Sturdy computer desk for home office by Amolife.

We’re moving up in weight with this desk from Amolife. At 45 inches long, it’s not going to overpower a room. This desk is built to last, and its sturdy appearance renders it larger than it measures. Able to withstand a whopping 330 pounds, you could probably plop two of your kids and their two friends on it and observe as absolutely nothing occurs.

The manufacturer is so certain you’ll be satisfied with this number that they offer free returns within the first 30 days. There is also free parts replacement for any damages incurred in the first year. Nothing is crushing this writing surface!

Ready to buy? Click here.

Computer Desk with Four Storage Shelves by Two Maples

Computer desk for small home office with shelves by Two Maples.

While you can still fit this desk in a corner and certainly against a wall, the attached bookshelf does add some space. Some home office folks simply need a desk and a bit of room for a notebook and a mug. Others require a printer, some additional materials, and perhaps a cactus to provide some greenery. If this is you, a desk with shelves is ideal.

The shelf set-up is open and airy and attached to the left-hand side of the desk. Modern and stylish, this desk will add some flavor and flair to the room, but it’s certainly a home office, so you’ll need to accept that before plopping it into your dining room, for example.

To learn more, click here.

Mr. Ironstone Folding Computer Desk

Folding computer desk with hooks by Mr. Ironstone.

You knew we’d eventually arrive at a folding desk, and Mr. Ironstone is a leader in this category. This is a super space-saving design, allowing users to whip out the legs, clasp the desk into place, and work away in less than a minute. Once your work is complete, simply fold the desk back up, store it, and place that bust of your mother-in-law back in its place.

The only issue with this set-up is if you’re working with more than just a laptop, finding a place to store all work related materials during non-working hours might become a chore. A computer bag is the natural solution for the laptop, and perhaps a drawer in another spot of the house for your materials.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Home Office Computer Desk by Bossin

Small computer desk for home office by Bossin.

Waterproof and anti-scratch, this desk features adjustable leg pads and super sturdy metal legs. It’s a larger desk, and certainly one that you won’t be moving too frequently. At 39” x 19.6”, there’s plenty of space for computers, books, a couple of plants, and some other items.

An added plus with this desk is the legroom; there’s plenty underneath! For folks on the taller end of the spectrum, this is a solid purchase. The 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service attention also make it a worthy buy. 

To see pricing, click here.

Computer Desk With Shelves by Rolanster

L-shaped computer desk with shelves for home office by Rolenstar.

For some odd reason, the coolest feature that satisfied online customers rave about with this desk is the multipurpose hook underneath. Pictures show headphones hanging on it, but it would appear you can hang literally anything on it.

But there’s plenty more to like here. The desk is an L-shape, and while large, if you’ve got the space, this is a winning number. The shelving unit is four shelves, providing more than enough space for all work related items. The color is a beautiful rustic brown, and the metal frame will keep this desk working over the long-term.

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Seisso Modern L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

Modern L-shaped corner computer desk by Seisso.

We thought this was a worthy addition since this desk’s unique L-shape allows for a couple of set-up options. You can place your computer on the part of the L that is more open, reserving the other side for a printer, books, etc. Conversely, you can also place your computer on the other side, under the shelving unit, and leave the more open part for writing or even drawing, etc., if that is part of your work.

This would appear to be a perfect desk for folks who engage in more than just computer work. Anything involving drawing, measuring with tools, or some activity requiring more space, this is the desk for that. You could even get away with plopping your kid next to you to work on their homework while you work alongside. Good luck with that though …

To read reviews, click here.

To Sum It Up

We bet you’re ready to start your week at home, right? Well, with a proper home office desk set-up, it definitely won’t be a drag. We reviewed some great home office desks, placement options, heights, and how to maximize space.

Working from home will likely continue well into 2021 and perhaps beyond. It’s time to accept the new normal and get to work. Your sanity will thank you, and you’re spending less on gas. It’s a win-win! 

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