There’s nothing like a dip in the pool when the weather turns hot. But it’s not just your human friends that will enjoy it; believe it or not, most canines love a good swim too, even when they hate bath time. Dogs need to cool off too, just like us. Soaking in a pool is the perfect way for them to beat the heat. And for those lazy canines, it’s also the perfect exercise, which just happens to be lots of fun.

If you’re blessed with particularly warm summers and have enough outdoor space, then you definitely need to consider getting your dog their own pool. But remember, a kiddie pool will not work for your canine friend. In this article, we’re going to fill you in on all you should know about dog pools, plus the top products on the market.

What Is a Dog Pool?

What is a dog pool?

Many pet owners think their kiddie pools could double up as a pool for their dogs, too. But remember, hygiene comes first—hugging your canine is one thing, but you do not want all that fur and washed up dirt on your kids. Also, kiddie pools usually don’t have the durability to withstand your dog’s nails, which can easily tear the pool.

Dog pools are specially designed keeping all these in mind, so your canine can play around without ripping up the bottom. Pools made specifically for dogs come with lots of different features for your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind.

What Breed of Dog Loves Water?

What breed of dog loves water?

Not all dogs love water; the body type of some breeds is more suited for swimming than others. Understanding this distinction is important before you introduce your pet to a dog pool. Breeds that are well geared for a swim are often used for water rescue operations. They’re the ones who usually get all excited to see a lake or pool and feel right at home in water as much as they do on land.

If you’re looking for a dog to go on a swim with you or join you on a fishing trip, then you need to pick the right breed. The Labrador is perhaps the best known for its athleticism and love of water. Many Spaniel breeds like the Irish Water Spaniel and the Boykin Spaniel sport a water-resistant coat and have high comfort levels in water. The English Setter is another breed that will happily accompany you on all those aquatic adventures.

Should You Wash Your Dog After Swimming in the Pool?

Should you wash your dog after swimming in the pool?

If your dog is swimming in a pool with chlorine, then you definitely need to wash your dog after each swim. This is because the chemicals in chlorine can damage their coat and skin. Chlorine can also remove the essential natural oils in your dog’s coat that maintain moisture, which can result in an itchy drying effect.

Thorough rinsing is essential to properly wash off all the chlorine. You can also spray some conditioner before and after each swim to prevent drying. And don’t forget to brush and detangle longer coats. Using a moisturizing shampoo during bath times is also important to maintain a glossy coat.

The Best Dog Pools for the Money

So, which dog pool should you get for your canine? Here’s what we recommend.

Large Foldable Outdoor Dog Pool by Croci

Croci dog pool for outside with drain valve.

This is a highly durable and functional dog pool that comes in three different sizes, so you can pick the right size based on your canine’s breed and your outdoor space availability. The largest is 63 inches (D) x 11.8 inches (H). That’s big enough for your doggy friend to have a blast.

Based on customer reviews, this pool is pretty sturdy. It’s got a non-slip bottom for the safety of those hyper-active pets. And at the end of summer, you can just fold it up and store it away in the bag provided. This makes it easy to take on those camping and road trips too.

It also comes with a drain valve, but according to some customers, the position of the drain makes it hard to empty in one go, so you might need to tip it over a bit.

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Outdoor Foldable Dog Pool With Non-Slip Material

Foldable outdoor dog pool PVC material.

Here’s another foldable pet pool, which comes in four sizes—from 31.5 inches to 63 inches. It’s made from high-density fiberboard and PVC for extra durability. The corners are sealed to prevent any leaks and the bottom is designed with a thick non-slip material.

Having said that, the manufacturer recommends that you trim your dog’s nails before use and place the pool on a flat, hard surface to prevent any tears. Also, avoid filling it up to the brim and maintain water levels at 60-80% instead.

Customers seem to particularly like the reinforcement on the sides that help the pool maintain its shape even without water. And according to them, setting up and folding is super fast too. But keep in mind that the drain is on the side, so you’ll need to tilt it over to remove all the water.

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Foldable Dog Pool With Bathing Brush

Outdoor dog pool by TantivyBo.

This pool has 5-star reviews from customers who rave about its super high quality. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the highly durable design that meets European Union EN71 standards and 6P/7P tests.

It comes in three sizes between 32 inches and 63 inches, all with an anti-skid feature to prevent slips and injuries. And according to the manufacturer, it can double up as an outdoor pool during summers and an indoor bathtub in winters.

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Outdoor Portable Dog Pool With Non-Slip Bottom

Outdoor foldable dog pool for small dogs.

Here’s another 5-star rated dog pool. It comes in two sizes—32 inches and 48 inches. It’s perfect for pups and smaller breeds.

The non-slip bottom is very thick to prevent collapsing and tears. Setting up is also super easy; just unfold and fill it up with water, and it’ll inflate automatically. And when you want to store it away, just pull the drainage plug, empty the water, and fold it up. It’s as simple as that!

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Outdoor Dog Pool for Small Dogs With Repair Patches

Small outdoor dog pool for small dogs that can also be used as a washing tub.

This is a smaller doggy pool that’s 32 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height. It’s the perfect swimming pool for pups and can double up as a bathtub too. The portable size also makes it a multipurpose storage unit to tuck away your pet’s toys.

The pool comes with 4 repair patches and glue so you can mend it easily. Plus, it also comes with a storage bag and pet brush. And according to customers, it’s pretty easy to set up and fold.

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Sportout Dog Pool With Shower Head

Outdoor dog pool with shower head by Sportout.

The Sportout pool is available in three sizes from 32 inches to 63 inches, so bigger pets don’t need to feel left out. It’s made from extra-strong fiberboard and non-toxic PVC with a non-slip bottom for safety and longer use.

If you decide to go for the larger size, it’s still foldable, so you can easily store it away once summer is over. Unfolding is also simple and super easy, unlike the inflatable options.

And if you want to use it as a mini canine bathtub, the packaging includes a shower head with a 1cm soft silica gel brush head. It’s perfect not only to untangle their coat, but also for a gentle massage so your doggy will enjoy bath time.

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Outdoor Portable and Foldable Dog Pool by Slowton

Outdoor portable dog pool by Slowton.

With a 40-inch diameter, this is a spacious pool for pups and small dogs to play in. It’s portable, durable, and is also foldable and easy to put away. Just pull the drain plug and remove the water, let it dry properly, and store it in the bag that comes with it.

Setting up is also super easy and can be done within seconds. Customers seem to confirm this too, but seem even more impressed by its durability.

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LEDMO Outdoor Large Pet Swimming Pool

Large outdoor dog and pet pool by Ledmo.

This 5-star rated pool is an excellent option for larger breeds. It’s 63 inches in diameter, so there’s plenty of space for your canine to move about comfortably, and the durable material means it’s pretty sturdy and will hold up longer.

Overall, it’s got some rave reviews for high quality, reasonable price, and hassle-free setup. It’s also foldable to be super compact so you can easily take it with you when you travel.

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To Sum It Up…

Cooling off in those hot summer months is just as important for your doggy companion as it is for us. Nothing can beat chilling out in a pool and having a swim. This is why your canine needs its very own dog pool. Besides, swimming can be great exercise and lots of fun, too.

But getting your pet to share a kiddie pool is not a good idea. Kiddie pools aren’t made with the right durability and functionality for canine use. Dog pools are sturdier and can withstand your pet’s high bursts of energy and the potential for tearing. Our list of the top dog pools will guide you in purchasing the right one for your dog.

Remember, some breeds don’t do well in water, so don’t force your dog to get into a pool if they’re not ready. Also, if your dog swims in a chlorine pool, remember to rinse them after each swim to prevent the chlorine from drying and damaging their skin. Happy swimming!

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