The cold weather can make anyone snuggle under a warm blanket. But what about your furry friends? If you’re a canine parent, then you’re probably concerned about keeping your pet warm and cozy. After all, there’s little they can do on their own to keep themselves warm, apart from snuggling up to you.

So, if you’re constantly worried about your dog’s comfort, there’s a better solution than covering it up with a few blankets. Heated dog beds make a perfect option for your canine during those unpleasantly cold days.

They’re great for older dogs suffering from arthritis or even the smaller ones who are still struggling to adapt to outside temperatures. Then there are the breeds with little or no fur who are super sensitive to the cold weather. A heated bed would also be a perfect option for pets that spend a lot of time outdoors.

So, whatever the reason for keeping your pet warm, a heated bed is a great treat for your furry buddy.

Are Heated Dog Beds Safe?

Are heated dog beds safe?

Despite all the excitement around this miraculous innovation, some pet owners may be concerned about safety. Many heated dog beds are powered by electricity, so this might understandably make some pet owners nervous, especially during the night while everyone’s fast asleep.

But heated beds are perfectly safe for canines. Just ensure that you purchase from a reputed manufacturer and seller, as you would with any other electricity-powered equipment. This will help you to avoid fake brands and products of an inferior quality that are sold at suspiciously low prices.

Many heated beds allow you to adjust the temperature. Some of them can also automatically regulate the temperature to prevent overheating. But always do a regular check on its condition and make sure the cords are intact and not entangled, damaged or chewed off by your dog. And if you’re particularly worried about this, you can buy a model with a chew-resistant cord, which is more durable.

The bottom line is, there are plenty of high-quality heated dog beds that are perfectly safe. But you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use, similar to any other product.

Also, keep in mind that if your dog is old, unwell, extra hyper, or still a pup, you will essentially need to keep an eye on it when using the heated bed, just like you would with a human.

How Do Heated Pet Beds Work?

How do heated pet beds work?

There are several mechanisms used by heated dog beds to keep them warm. And based on this, you will mainly find three different categories on the market—electrically heated beds, self-heated beds, and heating pads.

Electrically heated beds use electricity to power up a heating device that’s inserted into the bed. And many of them today come with thermostats so you can easily adjust the temperature and ensure that your dogs are comfortable and safe. However, it’s natural for the body temperature and the outside temperature to change over time, so you will need to supervise when you first purchase the bed until you know how it functions and the correct temperatures to set.

On the other hand, self-heated beds depend on your pet’s body temperature to keep the bed warm. They are often made of temperature reflecting materials or have inserts that could store and warm up the bed. If your pet is suffering from a mobility issue due to age or illness, this is a perfect option to consider. But because they entirely depend on your dog’s body temperature, keep in mind that their ability to heat up is limited.

Heating pads are a more versatile option that you can easily use with the standard dog bed. They come with various heating options from electricity-powered to microwavable.

The Best Heated Dog Beds in 2020

If you’re getting ready to shop for a heated dog bed, we’ve rounded up the best options for you to choose from.

Pet Heating Pad With Removable Cover by Marunda

Heated dog bed by Marunda with anti-chew cord.

This is a super comfy heating pad designed with extra safety and comfort in mind. The intelligent temperature control is definitely its best feature. It’s also equipped with a dual thermostat that can automatically adjust and maintain the optimum temperature for your dog’s comfort. This completely eliminates the need to constantly check and adjust the heating level to ensure that your canine is not too warm or cold.

Perhaps best of all, this heating pad uses a waterproof PVC material and a removable cover for easy cleaning so you don’t need to worry about hygiene and odor. It’s also scratch-resistant, and therefore can be safely used over a long time. And what’s more, this bed is fireproof, making it extra safe for your pet.

Customers who purchased this product seem to love its quality, although a few have pointed out that they would have preferred an adjustable thermostat to have better control over the temperature.

Also, keep in mind that this heating pad is designed for small and medium sized dogs. Marunda’s 1-year warranty and free return policy are an added bonus for your peace of mind.

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Dual Thermostat Heated Dog Bed by Namotek

Namotek heated dog bed with dual thermostat.

This heating pad is an excellent option for smaller dogs. Your furry friend will love the comfy flannel cover and the regulated temperature that can help keep them warm through the night. The dual thermostat that’s built into the pad ensures that the temperature is maintained at an ideal level for your dog.

The safety features are also pretty impressive and thoughtfully designed. It’s fitted with overheating protectors to safeguard your pet, and the cord can remain unaffected by a pull force of up to 30kg. It’s remarkably strong and safe, protecting your pet and even kids from any electrical hazards.

It’s made from a durable material that can withstand scratches, water spillages, and is even fireproof. This makes it safe for active pets and convenient for pet owners.

To top it all off, it also comes with a 2-year warranty together with a free return policy.

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Pet Heating Pad With Auto-Off Function by Riogoo

Heated dog bed by Riogoo.

This is another great option for small to medium size dogs to keep them warm and comfortable during those chilly months. It comes in three sizes and is perfect for those extra sensitive pups.

The auto-off function is an excellent feature added for your convenience. This allows you to set the heating timer to switch off in 1 to 12 hours, so you can easily set it up to automatically turn off every morning based on your pet’s sleeping habits.

It’s also designed with seven layers of protection together with a temperature sensor, so you no longer need to check the heating levels in the middle of the night. The soft polyester cover is removable for easy washing, and the chew-resistant cord is an added bonus for protection against any damages and fire hazards.

A few customers who have purchased this heating pad have pointed out that the heating was not sufficient for their pets. However, the customer service team seems to do an impressive job addressing product concerns. Plus, it offers a 1-year guarantee for extra assurance.

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Heated Dog Bed With Adjustable Temperature Control by Whitney

Whitney heated dog bed with waterproof material.

This heating pad is made from waterproof material for extra safety and comfort, and is also non-toxic. It comes with two comfy polyester covers that are machine washable.

It’s also equipped with an auto-off function, making it a convenient option for busy dog owners. This means you can easily set it up to switch off in 1 to 12 hours.

Best of all, this heating pad comes with a temperature setting feature to help you adjust the heating according to your pet’s needs. The temperature is adjustable between 80℉-130℉, making it quite convenient and versatile. So if your canine is unwell or is super sensitive to changing temperatures, you no longer need to worry.

Having said that, some customers have pointed out that the heating is not up to expectations, so remember to reach out to their customer service team if you face any issues.

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Soft Flannel Pet Heating Pad by Pecute

Heated dog bed by Pecute with two overheating protectors.

Your canine will love this cozy heating pad covered in extra soft flannel.

It comes with an adjustable temperature control with five settings between 86°F and 122°F. This is a convenient addition to ensure the comfort of your pet.

Designed for extra safety, it has two overheating protectors. In addition, there’s an auto-shutdown mechanism that turns off the heating pad every twelve hours. This will prevent damage from excessive heating so your pet can use it for a longer time.

It’s made with eight layers of protection for added safety and comfort; the PVC layer protects it from liquids as well as scratches. The chord is impressively strong and can stand a pull force of up to 30kg, so it’s perfectly safe for hyperactive dogs.

According to customer reviews, pets seem to love this comfy heating pad. It’s smaller in size and therefore can only be used for smaller dogs.

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Sunbeam Small Cuddler Heated Pet Bed

Heated dog bed cuddler by Sunbeam.

You’ll have a hard time keeping your canine off this ultra-comfy heated pet bed by Sunbeam.

The zipped cover is made from super soft Royal Mink and microsuede, making it perfect for your pet to snuggle into. It’s also removable and safe for the washing machine, so you can easily keep it spotless and odor-free.

It’s also fitted with an in-built thermostat so that the heating function is regulated at an optimum temperature of 102.5°F. The 6-ft power cord is reasonably long so you can easily move it around.

However, keep in mind that at 23” x 18”, it’s quite small in size. So, it’ll be perfect for smaller dogs to lie down comfortably, but not for the larger ones.

But overall, this is an adorable indoor heated pet bed that is guaranteed to keep your dog comfortable.

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To Sum It Up…

Keeping your pet warm is essential not only for its comfort, but also for its health. Heated dog beds can be especially useful for older dogs or dogs who are recovering from an injury. They can also provide a super convenient and safe solution to keep your beloved canine comfortable during those chilly days.