Cleaning up around the house can be a pain; cleaning up outside the house can also be a pain. But the arrival of a pressure washer has made cleaning outdoor areas not only efficient, but also fun! 

If I told you: “Tomorrow, a machine will arrive to your home with the power of removing oil slicks and stubborn moss, and best yet, you can shoot it,” you wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. You’d be like a kid on Christmas eve. And that’s exactly what pressure washers do. These are hoses on steroids; pressurized at up to 200 times the pressure of the air we breathe and designed to reign terror on grunge and grease.

Driveways, patios, fences, your roof, or even your car, a power washer combines water and soap and hits its target with extreme kinetic energy. Because you’re only shooting water, hard surfaces remain undamaged, but with that said, testing it first in an inconspicuous area isn’t a bad idea.     

What Should You Look For When Buying A Pressure Washer?

What should you look for when buying a pressure washer?

There are some things you can buy without having to engage in much research. A Furby is one; not much thought needs to go into that. You could also likely buy detergent, a water bottle, carrots, and fish food while burning little to few neurons. But a pressure washer? Here is where we need to take a step back and review the list of things to consider before pulling that washer trigger.

Gas vs. Electric

If you have other equipment in the home that is both gas and electric powered, we’re preaching to the choir. Gas-powered equipment, pressure washers included, are louder but invariably more powerful. If you live in a more rural area, a gas-powered washer is a better bet. If you have neighbors within shouting distance, or simply don’t enjoy loud noises, the electric washer is for you. You’ll churn out less power, but unless you’re cleaning overly large decks or driveways, it won’t matter.

Hot vs. Cold Water

If your partner has ever scolded you for washing the dishes with cold water, you’ll understand this argument. Hot water not only cleans, but it sanitizes as well. Cold water will do the trick, but hot water gets at those nasty, invisible to the eye germs and kills them more effectively. If you live in an area with farm animals or any industrial chemicals, go with a hot water washer. They clean faster, more thoroughly, and with less soap. 


This is an area to keep a close eye on, because warranties come in all shapes and sizes. Warranties are about as fun to read as divorce papers, but throwing them in the fireplace while downing a glass of scotch with a sad Phil Collins album isn’t going to get you anywhere. Key in on whether the engine, pump, and frame are covered; the most important is the engine and the pump. Frames are not overly expensive, but new engines and pumps certainly are.


In terms of power, there are three handy measurements to focus on – gallons per minute (GPM), pounds per square inch (PSI), and cleaning units (CU). This last measurement is fundamental in comparing the power capability of washers across multiple models. If you don’t see the CU, the easy way to calculate it is by multiplying the GPM by the PSI.

Now, becoming overly infatuated with power is natural. Like cars, if someone offered you 500 horsepower compared to 400, that’s a no-brainer. But everything comes with a cost, and you also need to ask yourself, “How much power do I really need?” If the spaces you’re cleaning are relatively small, you don’t need a lot. Be sure to also read up on safety precautions to take when using your pressure washer.


If you’re not a young whippersnapper any longer, there isn’t a better category to mull over than portability. Nobody wants to spend a Saturday morning lugging a power washer around, placing your hamstring at risk or worse. A good power washer rolls effortlessly and is easy to store. It’s an often-overlooked category, but you’ll kick yourself afterward if you didn’t check this box off. 

The Best Pressure Washers for Home Use

ROOJER High Pressure Washer 3500

High pressure washer by Roojer.

ROOJER makes some big claims with this pressure washer. At a pressure of 2,200 PSI, the company believes this 3500 model can clean surfaces 30% faster than their competitors. We’re unsure if this has been corroborated, but online reviewers rave about this power washer, so it must be performing well overall.

Spray tip nozzles come in a set of five, and one claims to be able to cut through protective gear and pierce skin. Best to take care of this around the kids. The portable wheels make moving around a snap, and the extended 33-foot cable is a real life-saver when cleaning hard to reach places. ROOJER provides an all-around great electric powered washer for residences and larger homes alike. 

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WHOLESUN 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

Home pressure washer by Wholesun.

Perfect for washing the car, cleaning walls, flushing out the garden, watering flowers, cleaning the courtyard, this powerful 3000 PSI Pressure Washer does it all! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mom or Dad, or just want a fun new toy to screw around with on the weekends, you could do a lot worse.

As the name suggests, max power with this washer is extreme. A range of nozzles come included, and there are more sold separately. One reviewer noted that ten years of nasty fungus build-up along his garden wall was wiped clean in under two minutes with this pressure washer on full blast. Now that’s impressive.

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Westinghouse ePX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Westinghouse electric pressure washer for home use.

Westinghouse is known for quality, and this super compact and lightweight power washer does not disappoint. Standing a sturdy 16.5 inches tall and weighing only 19 pounds, the ePX3000 is an excellent choice for spraying down nearly anything around your home. The pump automatically stops when the trigger is not active, and this helps in promoting motor and pump life and conserving energy as well.

The warranty on the ePX3000 is three years and includes parts and labor coverage throughout the US. Westinghouse is known for its superb customer service, and this particular model did not generate many negative reviews online. It appears that power-washing aficionados are nearly 100% on board with this model.

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Suyncll High Power Washer Electric Washer

Electric pressure washer for home use by Suncyll.

It might sound superficial, but the color alone will prompt you to purchase this washer. This model from Suyncll comes in an electric green hue that makes you want to grab hold and spray the heck out of anything that gets in your way. Ideal for anything from washing boats to wiping away oil stains, the maximum pressure is 3800 PSI, and it sports an impressive 1-liter soap tank capacity.

This washer weighs in at 22 pounds, so it’s a bit heavier than some other models on our list, but the wheels make transporting this unit a snap. In terms of storage, this washer is not overly bulky, so garage storage is easy, as is closet storage even within the house.

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Yard Force home pressure washer.

One of the more aggressive names on our list, if the family has been bugging you to do something about that unsightly moss, the persistent dirt stains that runoff when it rains, or the garage mildew, a piece of equipment with the name “force” in it will silence all detractors.

A 20-volt lithium-ion battery powers remote, electric start, and this model from YARD FORCE whips out 3100 PSI through a choice of four quick-connect nozzles. One battery charge can enable up to 100 starts, while super sturdy 12-inch wheels help move this washer around any terrain. While most comments online are positive, some folks did have a couple issues with the hose not being overly maneuverable.

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Pressure washer for home use by Craftsman.

In the power washer game, you’ve got the fancy new washers on the block. They bring a particular type of flash and pizzazz, like a Beyoncé concert or Lady Gaga in her heyday. But then you have the classics, those washers that have played a handful of Super Bowls and can still remove a pesky stain with the best of them. This power washer by Craftsman is just that; a classic that can stand the test of time.

You’ve likely heard of the brand, and they bring yet another reliable and robust model to the table here. With a 25 foot flexible hose, 3000 max PSI, an “idle down” feature, and a 190 cc engine, there isn’t much not to like. The manufacturer warranty is also quite generous, and the customer service is second to none.  

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MOOSOO Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washer for home by Moosoo.

This is a fun one to say. Telling friends and family, you just picked up a MOOSOO and who knows what kind of reaction you’ll get. While the PSI is only 2100, this washer is still more industrial leaning. It’s a big machine; so home use is fine, but make sure you have the space.

The zero percent nozzle works excellent on stubborn, hard to reach areas (roof, for example), while the 15-degree nozzle is perfect for concrete and brick, and the 25-degree nozzle for deck washing.

Assembly and storage are a bit more involved with this model. Still, more than a handful of reviewers raved about this washer’s ability to remove troublesome stains and leave their car sparkling clean.

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Homdox 2850 PSI Electric Pressure Power Washer

Electric pressure power washer by Homedox.

Most power washers can handle the typical surfaces – driveways, back patios, decks, cars, etc. But this 2850 PSI washer from Homdox is a favorite among the boating community. If you’ve got a boat and stubborn build-up due to the high salt content, the boating community swears by this unit. The five interchangeable nozzles yields a variety of power sprays, and online videos display some real magic on the underside of boats. 

The Homdox is easy to install, and its versatility is what sets it apart. The soap dispenser also receives excellent reviews online. Who knew soap could yield such positive reactions?

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TEANDE 4200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washer for home use by Teande.

If you want to really experience the full power of pressurized water, purchase this unit. The bottom line – this washer is for commercial use. But that doesn’t keep folks who want to take it on a test drive around the house from buying it. Sometimes you want to trade in your Accord for a Porsche. We’re not saying these other washers are Accords, but the power you get with this model from TEANDE is a world apart.

Protected with abrasion-resistant materials and a very robust steel frame, there isn’t much that this washer can’t do. Fuel capacity is a whopping 2.6 liters, and max pressure is 4200 PSI. If you don’t mind the noise and want to spray the heck out of something, you’ve arrived.

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Adam’s Electric Pressure Washer Car Wash Kit

Electric pressure washer for home car wash kit by Adam's.

This is a cool washer kit consisting of the washer, a foam cannon and a tub of “mega foam.” This model from Adam’s is optimized for car detailing. You can, of course, use this washer on patios, roofs, garage floors and more, but its bread and butter is with auto detailing.

Adam’s sells a host of complementary products in the detailing segment such as microfiber towels, sponges, applicators, waxes, sealant, ceramic-coatings, and wash mitts. The 2000 PSI is optimal for your vehicle; anything over 2500 and you run the risk of damaging the paint job. Nobody needs that kind of headache.

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To Sum it Up… 

That was a blast! If there is anything that would encourage you to turn off Game of Thrones and get to cleaning, it’s a power washer. We’ve run through a series of fantastic washer units. But before that, we covered some items to consider before deciding on a unit. The first was gas vs. electric, when you need hot vs. cold water, the unit’s portability, overall power, and the warranty. 

In general, gas-powered washers provide the most power, but more power is not always needed. Gas-powered washers are also noisier, so cranky neighbors will be made even crankier with this decision. The warranty is another area to focus on. Having the motor covered is critical, as some warranties only cover the frame.

And of course, the portability. You’re not cutting to the basket like LeBron James any longer, so you might need a washer you can move around easily. Injuring yourself coming out of the garage and returning to that Game of Throne series is the last thing anyone in the household wants. 

Happy washer hunting!