Is there anything more loyal than your pup? Fuzzball, Queen Elizabark, and Buffalo Billy are loyal to a fault. It’s in their DNA, and as faithful companions, feeding time is essential.

Domesticated dogs do not scavenge or hunt their food. They might take this up as a hobby, but they depend on you to provide for their daily sustenance. You have the option of merely tossing some scraps or pellets into a corner and calling it a night, or you can do the right thing, and set that breakfast, lunch, and dinner table for them.

In the dog bowl world, we have regular ground level bowls and elevated bowls. Standard bowls are something we all know. But elevated bowls, those raised above ground and closer to our pup’s mouth, are gaining fans in the human and canine world alike. Elevated dog bowl stands help to prevent spills, are great for older pups in helping to reduce strain on the shoulders and neck, and look fantastic. Aesthetically, these elevated bowl stands have come a long way, and some add a virtual art piece to your home.

Before jumping into the actual bowls (not literally), there are some items to think about before opting for an elevated bowl.

Are Elevated Dog Bowls Better?

Are elevated dog bowls better?

There are pros and cons to most things in life. You could strap on a parachute and launch yourself off the Empire State Building. The free-fall would be otherworldly, providing lasting memories and stories for a lifetime. Or the chute could fail and you’re plastered on the sidewalk.

If you purchase an elevated dog bowl and find out it’s not for your pup, you and your pup will still be better off than the dead person on the sidewalk. So while there are pros and cons here, the consequences of this not working out are mild.

The benefits of elevated dog bowls and a more comfortable feeding experience is a real thing for many pooches. With the bowl off the ground, it’s naturally closer to your dog’s mouth, which means they don’t have to bend their head to eat or drink. This naturally places less strain on their necks, and for dogs with joint disorders, arthritis, or mobility issues, this is a plus.

Another positive about elevated dog bowls is a cleaner eating environment. We all know those pooches that really like to make a mess of things when it comes to chow time. Elevated bowls come on a stand and a platform, and the platform mat catches any wayward food or water flying around.

In these two respects, elevated dog bowls are indeed a better choice. But there is one area we’ll touch on now that should be taken into consideration.  

Are Raised Dog Bowls Dangerous?

Are raised dog bowls dangerous?

Dangerous is a strong word. But research has shown that for certain breeds in the “very large dog” category, a raised feeder can result in bloat. Otherwise known as gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), bloat occurs when food and liquid mix with excessive air swallowing. Food and liquid don’t always need to be present for bloat to happen, but they frequently are as rapid eating typically accompanies the swallowing of excessive air for larger dogs. With dogs like Dobermans, German Shepherds and Great Danes, their chests are deeper than smaller breeds, and bloat occurs more often. 

If you have a larger breed, do consult with your veterinarian before opting for an elevated dog bowl stand. If your dog already has a history of bloat, then a raised dog bowl stand is not a good choice. Instances of bloat can also increase with age, so even medium-size pups over 11 will need to be monitored to ensure no bloat occurs. To learn more about how to prevent bloat in your dog, the American Kennel Club has more information.

With these two areas in mind, let’s get to the bowls!

The Best Dog Bowl Stands

X-ZONE Pet Raised Pet Bowl

X-zone pet raised pet bowl stand with mat.

Our first bowl is this chic piece from X-ZONE. Bowls must be functional, but looking great is a definite plus. This bowl comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents slipping and does a great job of keeping the feeding area as clean as possible. There’s nothing worse than a pet eating area littered with discarded food everywhere; we can all attest to that!   

It also comes in small, medium, and large sizes. In height, the smallest bowl is 4.1″ high, while the largest is 12″ tall. Included are two premium stainless steel bowls, the previously mentioned anti-slip mat, and anti-slip feet. These are the bowl’s feet outfitted with a special rubber to keep the whole operation from moving around the kitchen.

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Raised Dog Bowl by Averyday

Raised dog bowl stand by Averyday.

One online reviewer was so thrilled with this purchase that she outlined the five best features of the AVERYDAY bowl – easy assembly, great design, rugged quality, functional, and the best yet … a great value! Reviews don’t get much better than that, folks.

This bowl can expand to four different heights. Because of this, you may buy this bowl for a puppy, and as he or she grows, the bowl can grow with them. As the super reviewer mentioned, the assembly is a snap, and the stand itself is made of highly thick plastic. Some might turn their nose at a plastic dog bowl stand, but this plastic is as sturdy as it gets.

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PawRidge Premium Elevated Pet Feeder

Elevated pet feeder by Pawridge.

Do you remember the Grey Poupon commercials? A gentleman in a limo would roll his window down and ask another gentleman with Grey Poupon mustard on his plate if he had any Grey Poupon. The gentleman with the mustard would reply, “But of course,” and then drive on. This bowl from PawRidge looks like something that elegant gentleman would be eating off of; it’s that refined!

Perfect for cats and dogs alike, this is a luxury pet accessory that is also highly functional. It’s one of the most elegant bowls on this list and combines a classic style with a sturdy base and a non-slip mat that will have houseguests raving about your taste and style in elevated dog bowls. If you have some Grey Poupon to place next to it, then you’ll round this bowl out in style!

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IRIS USA Elevated Feeder

Elevated dog feeder stand with storage by Iris USA.

Some have mistaken this feeder for a utility box. There’s a valid reason why this has occurred – it looks like a utility box. But please keep reading, because while not as aesthetically “fancy-pants” as some other dog bowl stands on this list, if you’re looking for an all-in-one bowl plus storage box, this one has you covered.

The box part of the feeder is your storage area. Here you can keep food airtight, dry, and fresh. In fact, airtight seals and snap-lock latches are large and present, and this makes an IRIS bowl the ideal purchase for keeping everything organized in one area. No more taking the food out from the pantry and filling up the elevated bowl. With this product, you simply un-snap the box, scoop the food out, and place it in the bowl above. Easy upkeep, easy living!

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Sunix Elevated Pet Feeder

Elevated and adjustable dog bowl stand by Sunix.

Remember those days when your grandfather would pop in his microwavable pre-prepared dinner and then plop on the couch with a special table that he could eat off of while watching Jeopardy? That table, the microwave dinner table, is where Sunix took their design cue from, and the result is a truly fabulous elevated eating experience for Mr. Boojangles.

The lowest height on this elevated bowl table is 4 inches, and it pops up to 13 inches at its peak. Again, a great bowl to grow with, and the natural pine finish with waterproof coating gives this piece of furniture a real shine. There are two sturdy, reinforced iron wires on either side and four anti-slip feet on the bottom. One of the better-made bowls on the market, Sunix is a leader in this arena, and this model is a hit.

To read reviews, click here.

Elevated Medium Single Bowl Pet Feeder

Elevated single bowl dog feeder stand with wood.

Cute, unique, refined, and compact. You couldn’t find four better words to describe this dog bowl stand. Many of the stands we’ve reviewed are real pieces of work, but this bowl has chosen a more minimalist route and utilizing reclaimed pallet wood, the look and feel of this bowl can blend into any environment.

This elevated bowl measures 8″ x 8″ x 8″ and comes equipped with a 1-quart stainless steel bowl. One online reviewer used the word “rustic” to describe the bowl, and while the burned effect looks great, she also noted that the surface isn’t treated. Untreated surfaces will naturally absorb more water than treated surfaces, and that is something to keep an eye on with this bowl.  

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Bowsers Artisan Single Wood Feeder Bowl

Luxury raised dog bowl stand by Bowsers.

Ever walk into someone’s house and marvel at how modern their guest bathroom is? It’s not becoming of you to covet thy neighbor’s bathroom. But we’re human, and coveting occurs now and again. This bowl looks like an elegant bathroom sink; we could imagine placing this anywhere in the home, and it would immediately receive a compliment. If you’re going to covet something canine-related, this artisan bowl has it all.

Made of handcrafted rubberwood, you have your color pick of walnut, fossil, or bamboo. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe, and you can wipe their entire stand clean with a damp cloth. They also come in extra small, small, medium, and large, so no matter your pup’s size, there’s an artisan bowl that’s perfect for him or her.    

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Leashboss Camping Feeder Single Outdoor Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated single bowl raised dog feeder for camping by LeashBoss.

This is an interesting elevated feeder from Leashboss. It might not be for everyone, but Britney Ears will no doubt have a blast feeding from this bowl. Recommended only for large and medium-size breeds, this Leashboss bowl was designed for the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work wonderfully inside your home.

Constructed of 600D polyester fabric, this camping feeder has been designed to stand up to sun, rain, wind, and even snow. The coated metal base is as firm as they get, and a bonus with the Leashboss – it comes with a carrying bag with a shoulder strap! The Leashboss measures 10.5″ tall and comes with the “Boss Promise,” a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Raised Dog Bowl Feeding Station by Morvat

Raised dog bowl feeding station by Morvat.

Can you imagine a feeding station where your pup and cat can coexist? Us neither, but Morvat markets this stand as the perfect dining experience to welcome all range of pets to break (the proverbial) bread. Water-resistant and durable, the Morvat station is constructed of bamboo wood and is easy to maintain and clean. The legs fold inward, so if you need to store it, it can be easily shuttled into the closet without an issue.

Four stainless steel bowls are included, and the station can be adjusted to 3 different height options. One reviewer absolutely loved the product but did wish it was available in an even bigger size. Apparently, this isn’t the greatest stand for very large dogs, but small and medium dogs should do well.

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Elevated Cat & Dog Ceramic Bowls by Fukumaru

Raised cat and dog bowl stand by Fukumaru.

This is the first bowl we’re reviewing aimed at cats, although FUKUMARU is quick to point out on their website that pooches are more than welcome. The issue is the size, as it’s constructed with smaller cats in mind, and not larger pooches, for example. 

If your cat or small dog is a particularly messy eater, this is also a wonderful choice. The bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, and the ceramic material is very study. But best yet, the bamboo holder is coated with a beautiful varnish adding a nice visual touch to any kitchen or corner.

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To Sum it Up

Dogs have it good, don’t they? One-hundred years ago, do you think anyone would be fretting over whether their dog bowl’s height was ideal for Cleopatra? Of course not, she’d be lucky to pass the night in a covered doghouse and left to likely fend for herself. 

But we’ve evolved, and now that pups are a part of the family, elevated dog bowls are on our radar. We covered some great choices here, talked about the advantages of dog bowl stands, and addressed bloat, which does not mix well with an elevated bowl. If your pup has a history of bloat or is very large, consult with a veterinarian before purchasing an elevated bowl. 

For older dogs with mobility or joint issues and smaller breeds, raised dog bowl stands are an excellent choice. Any one of the raised bowl stands on this list are a great choice to make meal times even more enjoyable for you and your pooch.