It’s not just adults who enjoy sinking into a good old bean bag; kids will love this super comfy alternative to a regular chair. Not to mention they’re also lots of fun, and the bright bold colors and shapes could add a playful vibe to the decor of your kids’ bedroom.

And kids’ bean bag chairs are also favored by many parents because they’re easy to clean, cheaper than regular furniture, and can be quickly moved around or even tucked away without hassle.

But some parents are worried about the safety of bean bag chairs, especially when it comes to smaller children and babies. So in this article, we’re going to answer some common questions and review the coolest bean bag chairs available for kids.

Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe for Babies?

Are bean bag chairs safe for babies?

Let’s first tackle the one question on every parent’s mind: Are they safe for babies? The short answer is yes, absolutely. The long answer is that it all depends on the quality of manufacturing and your level of supervision, as with any other product you would buy for your infant.

The fact is, whether you’re using a bean bag chair or a rocker, quality is essential. Always buy from a reputed manufacturer, and supervision is equally important. You should never leave a baby unattended, and always ensure that the baby is in a comfortable position. Remember that bean bags are not designed for your infant to sleep on, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. has more information on safety standards for young children and bean bag chairs.

With proper safety precautions and supervision, bean bag chairs can be a fun choice for the little ones. They are often made of dried beans or polystyrene, which allows them to adjust smoothly around the baby’s body and provide better support and comfort. This makes bean bags a great option for babies who struggle to sit up without your help.

Moreover, since bean bag chairs can change shape easily to match a baby’s body form, they will not be putting excessive pressure on their small body, unlike a flat surface.

10 Awesome Bean Bag Chairs for Babies and Kids in 2020

We’ve rounded up some amazing bean bag chairs for kids and babies with cool features that are sure to please. Bean bags have undergone a new trend that makes cleaning up easier on parents; many of the bean bag chairs on this list can also be used for stuffed animal storage. How cool is that?! Just be aware that it usually means you’ll get the cover only, so that it’s ready for you to stuff full with soft toys.

Check out these fantastic options below that offer both comfort and storage solutions.

1. Plush Sling-Style Lounger Bean Bag Chair by Leacho

Leacho lounger bean bag chair for kids three and up.

This is a comfy bean bag chair your kids will absolutely love. It’s got a latte colored plush cover that’s removable and machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.

It’s also proudly made in the USA with a high dedication to quality and detail. For example, the chair is designed with contoured sides which will allow your kids to safely snuggle in and even take a nap.

According to the manufacturer, this bean bag chair is only suitable for kids aged three years and above. But based on customer reviews, the thin seating area might not provide enough support for older kids, making them sink all the way to the ground. So, this bean bag is most likely best for younger kids.

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2. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair by Lmeison

Stuffed animal storage bean bag chair in the shape of a shark by Lmeison.

Ready for something different? This adorable shark-shaped bean bag chair will both surprise and delight your family.

If you’re tired of tidying up your kids’ soft toys or are desperately in need of extra storage space, this is the perfect solution for you. And what’s more, your kids will thank you for it. But keep in mind that this is not a stuffed bean bag and only includes the cover, which doubles as a stuffed toy storage solution and a bean bag chair.

While a few parents have pointed out that the cover is not as soft as other products on the market, they all seem to love the super cute design, the larger storage space that can hold up to 100 soft toys, and the high quality of this product.

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3. Kids Bean Bag Chair by Posh Beanbags

Bean bag chair for kids by Posh.

From farm animals to nautical anchors and robot designs, these bean bag chairs are the perfect gift for little girls and boys who love themed designs. They’re super stylish, fun, and also soft and comfortable. They come filled with polystyrene beans, and the cover is removable and washable for your added convenience.

At 27” x 27” x 22”, it’s reasonably large for younger kids to comfortably relax in. But keep in mind that based on some customer reviews, it could be relatively overstuffed. So, it might not be as bouncy as other bean bag products.

But having said that, this will definitely be a stylish addition to your kids’ bedroom.

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4. EMM and SOPHIE Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Stuffed animal storage bean bag chair for kids by Emma and Sophie.

This is an awesome storage solution for busy parents and is guaranteed to make your kids want to tidy up fast. It can fit up to ninety stuffed animals, so there’s plenty of room for those days when you just need to throw everything together quickly.

The corduroy cover is extremely soft and durable, and it provides a functional layer for your kids’ comfort. It’s also fairly large even for kids up to six years to comfortably sit in.

But keep in mind that because it works as a stuffed animal storage solution, it can be fairly firm once it’s fully filled. Overall however, kids seem to love this bean bag chair, with parents rating it high for durability. And if you’re not entirely happy with the product, you can always make use of the risk-free return policy.

To read the latest customer reviews, click here.

5. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

Newborn lounger bean bag chair by Boppy.

This is an ultra-soft and comfy 5-star rated product by moms for those tiny newborn babies. It’s designed with a recessed center so your baby can stay safely and comfortably on this lounger-style bean bag chair.

Not only that, it’s also made with the convenience of moms in mind. The outer cover is made to be easily wiped and cleaned, and the inner pillow is machine washable for added hygiene. It’s also lightweight and comes with a handle to easily carry it around. This lounger is recommended for infants up to 16 lbs, or until they can roll on their own.

Best of all, parents seem to love this product so much that you can hardly find a complaint. It’s also won several awards, including the Mom’s Choice Award, so you know you’re purchasing this bean bag with a stamp of approval from parents all over.

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6. Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger by Leacho

Infant lounger bean bag chair by Leacho.

This bean bag lounger is made especially for infants. It’s thoughtfully designed, making it a perfect gift for new parents.

The sling-style center seat conveniently expands to support the baby as they grow. There’s also a velcro tab that will help you adjust the lounger for added comfort and safety. The sides are contoured to provide extra support, and you can even adjust this lounger to make it sit upright, making it perfect to avoid acid reflux.

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7. Large Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag by BabyKeeps

Large stuffed animal storage bean bag chair for kids by BabyKeeps.

This bean bag chair doubles as a storage solution to tuck away soft toys, pillows, and even clothes. It comes in four colors—dark blue, light blue, grey, and pink. There’s definitely an option for everyone, whatever the bedroom decor.

The corduroy fabric is super soft and surprisingly durable. It’s also machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about extra time spent keeping it clean.

This chair is quite large in size, and the 20” zipper means there’s plenty of room for even your child’s biggest stuffed animals. This will result in a hassle-free tidying up for both you and your kids.

So whether your kids love reading or want to just flop down and watch TV, this bean bag chair will make an excellent choice.

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8. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids by Wekapo

Stuffed animal storage bean bag chair cover for kids by Wekapo.

Here’s another adorable bean bag chair that provides a convenient storage solution for messy kids. It’s impressively large, so it’s a great choice for older kids. This also means a larger storage space to de-clutter your kids’ bedroom. The 48” zipper will let your kids easily stuff their bigger soft toys or even blankets in, and the handle makes it convenient to carry around to their favorite reading nooks in the house.

This storage bean bag is made with a premium cotton canvas, making it both durable and comfortable. It’s also got some great reviews from parents who especially seem to appreciate the large size and the different designs it comes in.

To see the most recent reviews, click here.

9. Extra Large Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair by Roomganize

Extra large stuffed animal bean bag chair in the shape of a fox by Roomganize.

This is not only a great storage solution and a comfortable bean bag chair, but it’s also a super cool toy that comes in fox and pug designs that your kids will absolutely love.

The convenient larger storage space within the cover can fit in most of their bedroom clutter. It’s also got some impressive reviews from parents who love how easily they can throw several toys in there and still have it be comfortable to sit on.

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10. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover by Sanmadrola

Stuffed animal storage bean bag chair for kids by Sanmadrola.

This larger option is made from a durable, super soft, and thick corduroy fabric to make it both comfy and long-lasting. The cover is also stain-resistant, designed to prevent discoloration, and is perfectly safe to use with your washer and dryer.

This fun kids’ chair comes with a 300L capacity to conveniently store even those thick blankets and pillows, and the pockets make a great addition to store any knick knacks or smaller items.

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To Sum It Up

Without a doubt, bean bag chairs are an awesome addition to any child’s bedroom. They’re not only fun to use but are easy to clean, convenient to carry, and cheaper than regular furniture. On top of all that, they can also double as a convenient storage solution for stuffed animals and soft toys.

If you’re considering buying a bean bag lounger for your infant, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, practice safety precautions, and avoid leaving the child unattended. These types of specially designed loungers are an excellent choice because they can contour their shape to the shape of your baby.

Whether you’re looking for an easy storage solution that offers the comfort of a traditional bean bag chair, or you’re searching for a high-quality bean bag lounger for your infant, this list is a great starting point. With so many options, you’re bound to find something both you and your kids will love.