The big day is approaching, and while brides and grooms decide what they’d like on their registry, they also need to choose the wedding favors that will make their guests feel special. When you’re thinking of what to include as a wedding favor, it’s important to pick fun, useful gifts. The perfect wedding favor is one that your guests use again and again, reminding them of your celebration long after the big day is over.

This is where bottle openers, also known as church keys, come in. Bottle openers are an everyday object that will stay on your guests’ bars or in their kitchens for years. Made of metal or a metal alloy, they’re used to open finer types of beer. With the right design and a little personalization, this everyday kitchen object transforms into a cherished memento.

In the following list, we compiled ten different bottle openers to help you choose one that fits your theme, budget, and the size of your party. From airplane shapes to nautical themes, vintage keys and fiesta themes, there’s a bottle opener for every style. With a key for any budget, bottle openers are the perfect festive favor for your special celebration.

Are Bottle Openers Allowed On Planes?

Are bottle openers allowed on planes?

For brides and grooms planning a destination wedding or for those with family far away, this question is vital. A wedding favor is wasted if your guests can’t take it home. Bottle openers are small enough to be easily packed — but are they allowed on planes?

Broadly, the answer is yes. According to the Transportation Authority Administration — the TSA — bottle openers are allowed in both checked luggage and carry-on bags. This is a massive advantage for hosts planning a destination wedding within the United States. Your wedding favor should be a pleasure, not a burden.

That said, hosts should be aware that there may be exceptions. In the words of the TSA, “Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns.” In other words, if a bottle opener happens to set off an alarm, it may be confiscated or cause a delay.

Hosts should stay away from bottle openers that could be misconstrued as weapons. Wine keys, for example, often double as bottle openers but include a sharp knife — these should be avoided for any wedding requiring air travel.

In summary, bottle openers are usually given the go-ahead by the TSA in both carry-on luggage and checked baggage — a major advantage when you’re looking for a favor that all of your guests can take home. Guests should remember, however, that the final decision rests with the TSA officer at the security point.

You can learn more about the latest updates from the Transportation Authority Administration.

Fun Fact: Why Are Bottle Openers Called Church Keys?

Why are bottle openers called church keys?

Like the origins of many words, the precise reason behind the term “church key” is unknown. With the invention of a new type of bottle in 1892, a simple device was used to pry off the cap. Early reports say the device was likely patented in Canada in 1900. Following the repeal of Prohibition in the United States in the early 1930s, D.F. Sampson crafted a similar device to open the wave of new steel-topped beer cans available. Both these devices resembled a large key.

But why call it a church key? Long before the widespread production of alcohol, most brewers were monks. To protect their aging beers, they stored them in cellars and kept the keys secret. Some theorists suggest that early bottle openers resembled the keys that the monks used to access their cellars.

A second theory points to the post-Prohibition era. In 1933, President Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, once again allowing the sale of beer, and a wave of canned beers requiring openers soon followed. Revelers may have poked fun at the church-goers who had advocated for Prohibition years prior by calling the bottle openers “church keys”. The name, some wordsmiths say, quickly spread.

The Coolest Bottle Openers That Make Great Wedding Favors

Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Openers by DerBlue

Vintage bottle opener wedding favors

These bottle openers offer a nostalgic, quaint design that harkens back to their “church key” origins. Shaped just like an antique skeleton key, these bottle openers are perfect for vintage and rustic weddings, and they come with a simple chain to loop the key over the neck of a bottle for presentation.

Reviews say they’re strong and well made. Your order comes with sixty openers, making this an affordable option for budget shoppers. The only complaint is that you cannot customize the text on the tag, but the other side is blank so you can write individual messages there.

You can buy these romantic bottle openers here.

Heavy Duty Skeleton Key Bottle Openers by Efoxmoko

Antique vintage bottle opener wedding favors

These 5-star bottle openers boast a vintage looking skeleton key finished in an antique gold color. The head of the key includes an elegant spiral with a crown in the middle, and the set includes a roll of gold ribbon for tying each one to a bottle.

Each key comes with a blank tag, so they’re fully customizable — that said, the set also includes gold stickers with the phrase, “Love is the key to happiness, and this key will open a bottle” that you can quickly adhere to the tags.

These bottle openers come with great reviews that praise their affordability, sturdiness, and the customizable tags. Some reviews note that the antique gold color ages over time. Buyers should note that they do need assembly. The ribbon comes in a roll and must be cut, threaded with the tag, and tied for each opener. That said, reviewers note that this is a simple process, if time-consuming, and the openers are well-worth the price.

Love the look of these vintage-style bottle openers? Click here to buy.

Christmas Reindeer Vintage Bottle Openers by DerBlue

Unique bottle opener wedding favors

These bottle openers are perfect for your rustic holiday wedding. Each key is shaped with the opener on one end and a reindeer head on the other. Finished in a red copper color, these small keys are perfect for a Christmas wedding or a nature-themed, rustic celebration at any time of the year.

Reviewers give these keys five stars and praise them for their durability and sturdiness. The cards are already printed with a message, but the other side is blank if you choose to personalize them.

Click here to grab these for your big day.

Warplane Bottle Opener by Alimitopia

Cool bottle opener wedding favors

These fighter plane bottle openers are a little different than the rest. Perfect for a military wedding, they’re shaped with an airplane on one end and the opener on the other. You can purchase them in a gold or silver tone, and each one is packaged individually, making them an ideal inclusion in gift baskets or bags.

Although lacking the customizable tags of other openers, you could easily place a sticker on each plastic box for a unique flair. Each order includes twelve pieces, making them a little pricier than others. But for a unique design, these could be worth it.

You can read more reviews about this product here.

Nautical Anchor Bottle Opener by Kensux

Bottle opener wedding favors with a nautical theme

Nautical weddings have found their favor! Featuring an anchor with a rope twisted around it, these are made of metal alloy with a rustic copper finish. Each one comes individually packaged with a tag, so they’ll feel like small gifts for your guests.

This key is praised for its durability and design, and it’s the perfect choice for beach weddings or nautical baby showers.

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Love Forever Bottle Opener by Generic

Bottle opener wedding favors

This is the ideal souvenir for a more traditional wedding with a romantic style. Each opener features an infinity loop with “love” on one side and “forever” on the other. This elegant option is made of stainless steel with a shiny, silver finishing. Each one is packaged in a box and tied with ribbon for a beautiful presentation.

Reviewers note that the company was very responsive to questions about shipping times. Although they’re a little pricier than other options, these bottle openers are also available in larger quantities. You can also purchase them individually if needed. Previous buyers note that they tend to bend slightly if you push really hard on them.

To learn more, click here.

Retro-Style Cowboy Boots Bottle Opener by Jsshi

Rustic western themed bottle opener wedding favors

This super fun bottle opener is shaped like a cowboy boot that even has a little spur. Each one is individually tied to a piece of card tag with a rustic ribbon and a note that says, “Just hitched” for a stylish presentation.

Although they don’t come in a gift box, that means they don’t require any extra assembly. Many happy customers express their satisfaction with the design and sturdiness. These are the perfect giveaways for country weddings, rustic events, or for an equestrian-loving couple.

Be sure to grab these today by clicking here.

Globe Bottle Openers by Yansanido

Cool and unique bottle opener wedding favors

These beautiful bottle openers feature a colored globe with gold plating. They’re a unique choice for weddings, going-away gifts, graduation celebrations, or even retirement parties. Each is individually packaged in a gift box, and because the packaging is not themed specifically for weddings, these are a good option for a variety of events.

Surprisingly, these bottle openers come with a lifetime warranty. Reviewers praise the packaging and design, but one complaint is that the gold plating can chip. All-in-all, these are a quality option for a variety of celebrations.

Ready to buy? You can easily do so here.

Nautical Lifesaver Bottle Opener with Anchor Tags by OurWarm

Personalized bottle openers

These bottle openers are another fun choice for a beach gathering. With their bright red and white stripes, they are sure to stand out. And because the metal alloy opener is covered with plastic, you can write directly on the opener with a Sharpie.

Each opener comes with a cute anchor tag, and since it’s blank, you can customize the tag with a guest name or table number. Your order includes the tag and twine, but just note that tying the twine yourself can be time consuming. These are not limited to weddings and make a sweet favor for any beach or nautical celebration.

If you think these are the perfect fit for your wedding, be sure to place your order today.

Mexican Cactus Bottle Opener by Morelegant

Awesome bottle openers for wedding favors

For a southwestern or Mexican themed wedding, it doesn’t get any better than these festive bottle openers. Made of sturdy metal alloy, these cactus bottle openers arrive in vibrant colorful packaging that’s sure to please. They are available in gold or silver finishes.

The tag simply says, “For you,” so these require no assembly. Besides weddings, they are an excellent choice for fiestas as well.

Make them your own by clicking here.

To Sum it Up…

Your wedding is unique to you, so your wedding favors should be no different. With this list, you can choose a bottle opener that perfectly fits your style. Before you hit “order,” double check that the price and quantity match your budget and guest list.

Whichever one you choose, any of these bottle opener favors can be beautifully presented at your wedding, birthday party, or bridal shower. Your guests will be using these openers to crack open a beer and cheer your success long after the big day is over.