Mickey and Minnie mouse have entertained both kids and adults for many generations. But what you probably didn’t know was that they were created over 90 years ago when Walt Disney lost most of his staff and rights to the popular Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Universal Studios. So, these two lovable characters made their cartoon debut in 1928 and were both voiced by Walt himself. Since then, the adventurous and cheerful Mickey Mouse and his fun-loving girlfriend Minnie have won the hearts of millions of people across all ages.

So, it’s not just the kids who absolutely adore them. The iconic big ears and white gloves of Mickey and the oversized polka dot bow of Minnie still manage to create a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling in adults as well.

In fact, these lovable cartoon characters have created a worldwide fan base, making them a celebrated symbol of Disney. And their universal appeal has led to a massive collection of branded merchandise—from clothes and toys to stationery and shoes.

Mickey and Minnie mouse bedding sets are one of the most popular items among kids today. They are not only adorable but are also a great way to share the joyful spirit of these classic American icons with your kids.

But first things first—super cool Disney bedding means nothing without the right bed. So, let’s first look at what you need to know about picking the right bed for your child.

What Size Bed Should My Child Have?

What size bed should my child have?

The market for kids’ beds is massive and there’s an overwhelming amount of options. So, what bed size should you pick for your child? You need to consider several factors before answering this question.

The first point to take into account is your child’s age. Remember that kids grow up fast, and changing beds every couple of years is a hassle you definitely want to avoid. So, you need to make sure that they can comfortably sleep in the bed you purchase for a while.

Bedroom space is the next important factor that could determine the bed size you select. If a full bed will leave very little room to move around in your kid’s bedroom, then you’ll need to consider a twin. But there are quite a few options available for parents struggling with space. For example, a bunk bed is a great space-saving choice for kids sharing a room.

The Cutest Mickey & Minnie Mouse Bedding for Kids

So, once you select a bed for your child, it’s time to buy the bedding. And if your kids are Mickey and Minnie mouse fans like most children, then there are plenty of themed bedding sets on the market at different price points.

We’ve browsed the market for some of the top-rated Mickey and Minnie mouse bedding to help you select the best products for your kids; here’s what we found.

Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse Patches 7 Piece Full Bed Set

Kids full Mickey Mouse bed set by Jay Franco.

This is an official Disney product with super cool Mickey prints that your little boy or girl will absolutely love. It includes a denim blue comforter with fun Mickey designs. The full size fitted sheet and flat sheet come in white with red Mickey mouse silhouette prints. It also includes two shams and two 20inch x 30inch pillowcases.

This Jay Franco Disney bedding set is made with brushed microfiber polyester to make it super comfy as confirmed by many happy parents. The high quality of the materials also means that you can machine wash it easily without any issues of fading colors. So, your kids can enjoy it for a longer time.

In addition, there’s a range of other Mickey Mouse accessories available from Jay Franco to compliment the bedding set. So you can easily find matching items if you want any extra stuff to decorate your child’s bedroom.

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Disney 4 Piece Mickey Mouse Space Adventure Zero Gravity Toddler Set

Mickey Mouse in space toddler bed set by Disney.

This is a space-themed Mickey Mouse bedding set that’s perfect for little boys. It’s made from polyester microfiber to make it super soft for your child.

It comes with a comforter, standard size pillowcase, flat sheet, and a fitted sheet.  The entire set is designed in blue with lots of bright bold Mickey prints. But keep in mind that this is a toddler set designed for crib mattresses, so it will not fit a kid’s twin bed.

It’s machine washable, but you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure longer use without any damage. Avoid exposing it to heat and use gentle cold water wash cycles. Tumble drying and ironing should also be done on low heat settings.

All in all, this is an excellent 4-piece set for toddlers that’s available at an economical price range.

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Disney Mickey Mouse 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

Toddler Mickey Mouse bed set by Disney.

If your kids love Mickey Mouse, then they will adore this bedding set. Its bright, bold Disney prints will for sure bring a lot of joy to your toddler.

The 4-piece set includes a comforter, pillowcase, flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. It’s designed for crib mattresses and toddler bed mattresses of 28inch x 52inch in size with a depth of up to 9inches. It also has a 150 thread count with a combination of cotton and polyester fiber content.

The Mickey and Donald pillowcase is reversible so your kids will have two design options to choose from. But keep in mind that according to some reviews, the comforter might not be thick enough for colder months if your kids prefer extra warmth.

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Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Stripe Bed Set

Kids Mickey Mouse bed set by Jay Franco.

This Jay Franco Mickey Mouse bedding set will make a perfect gift for kids who have grown past the over-the-top bold prints. It comes in lots of neutral shades, so it’ll be perfect for both girls and boys, and even the slightly older kids.

The set includes a full-size striped comforter, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. You will also get two standard pillowcases and two shams. Everything’s made from 100% polyester, so you can tuck in your little one for a comfortable sleep every night. But based on customer reviews, the comforter is on the thin side, so you might have to add an extra blanket during the winter months.

And this set is also fade resistant, just like the other Jay Franco bedding products. So, you can safely wash it without losing color. It also seems to roll up easily so you can store it when not in use or even take it when going camping with the kids.

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EVDAY 3D Mickey & Minnie Mouse Kids Duvet Cover Set

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Duvet set for kids by Evday.

This is a king-size set that will make an excellent choice for older kids and even adults who are still Mickey and Minnie mouse fans. It’s the perfect cartoon bedding to brighten up the bedroom with some light-hearted fun.

This duvet set includes a 104inch x 109inch duvet cover and two 20inch x 30inch pillowcases. They are all in white with big, bold Mickey and Minnie prints. They are made from high-quality microfiber polyester, so it’s super comfy to use.

According to the manufacturer, you can hand wash or even machine wash without any wrinkling or shrinking. And to top it all off, EVDAY also provides a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

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Disney 4 Piece Minnie’s Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set

Minnie Mouse toddler bed set by Disney.

If you constantly have trouble getting your little one to bed, then this super cute Minnie Mouse bedding set should do the trick.

The packaging includes a comforter that’s made with 100% microfiber polyester. You will also get a top sheet, fitted sheet, and a pillowcase.

Keep in mind that this set is designed for toddler beds of 28inch x 52inch. This means it’s much smaller than a twin bed, so you’ll need to check the sizes before purchasing. However, the pillowcase comes in standard size. Therefore, it would likely be bigger than your toddler’s pillow.

The entire set is designed with beautiful lavender shades and lots of Minnie Mouse prints, so your little girl will for sure fall in love. It’s also machine washable on low heat settings without losing the bright-colored print.

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Jay Franco Disney Minnie Mouse XOXO 5 Piece Twin Bed Set

Minnie Mouse twin bed set for kids by Jay Franco.

This is an absolutely adorable pink bedding set that could brighten up any girl’s bedroom. The Minnie Mouse designs are super cute and very girly.

This is another official Disney product that comes with a twin comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, a standard pillowcase, and a sham. The comforter features a big Minnie Mouse print and the sheets are designed with lots of tiny silhouettes in pink.

And it’s not just adorable, but is also soft and comfortable. According to some parents, the material is so lightweight that the fitted sheet could come off easily. So you will need to tuck it in properly to ensure that it neatly sits through the night.

Overall, if your little girl loves Minnie Mouse, then rest assured, she will love you for choosing this Jay Franco bedding set.

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Disney Minnie Mouse All About The Dots Reversible Twin Comforter

Reversible Minnie Mouse twin comforter for kids by Disney.

If you’re looking for a Minnie-themed comforter to match your daughter’s room decor, then this is the perfect option. It comes in bright bold pink with a polka dot theme and an adorable Minnie Mouse print that your little one will love.

And best of all, it’s reversible. So, you can just flip it over and change the design when your child gets bored. It’s made from polyester fiber and is therefore super soft and long-lasting. You can also hand wash or machine wash it without any worry.

This is a 5-star rated twin comforter that seems to have won over both parents and kids. It’s 64inch x 86inch in size, and you can also purchase matching accessories.

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Franco Manufacturing Disney Minnie Mouse Kids’ Bedding

Disney Minnie Mouse kids bed set by Franco Manufacturing.

This is another adorable comforter for parents looking to create a Minnie Mouse theme for a little girl’s bedroom.

The 72inch x 86inch comforter comes in pink with a big Minnie mouse print and lots of heart designs. The packaging also includes a matching pink sham. The comforter is reversible and is made with polyester filling to be soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

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Jay Franco Disney Mickey Mouse Trophy 4 Piece Twin Bed Set

Jay Franco twin mickey mouse bed set for kids.

This is an excellent Mickey Mouse bedding set by Jay Franco for little boys. The design is so adorable that even little girls will want one.

It comes with a twin size comforter in blue with lots of Mickey prints. The flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase are all in white with bright-colored Mickey designs. The polyester material is super soft and is also machine washable. Just stick to cold water washes and tumble dry on low heat, and your kids can enjoy this bedding set for a longer time without any color fading.

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To Sum it Up…

Mickey and Minnie have brought lots of joy to millions of people for over 90 years. They are not just two lovable cartoon characters but are also American icons that are adored by both kids and adults world over.

And if your little ones are also in love with them, then these super cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse bedding sets will make the perfect choice to brighten up their bedroom. But make sure you check the measurements before purchasing and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and care to ensure longer use.