Do you have one nagging issue that continues year after year around the holidays? We can probably guess what it is – Dad’s gift. Why is picking out a gift for Dad so tough? It’s a funny phenomenon that seems to happen to everyone. Dads generally purchase what they want, leaving the rest of us scrambling for good ideas come December.

We’ve all been there, which is why an article like this is going to finally liberate you from this annoying issue. Take a load off, grab a beverage, and be prepared to consider which of the following twelve unique Christmas gifts you’ll pick this year for Dad. 

Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener Gift for Dad

Wall mounted magnetic bottle opener makes a great Christmas gift for Dad.

You’re not going to get any push-back with this gift. Even if Pops isn’t a big drinker or beer isn’t his thing, this opener is loads of fun mainly because of its magnetic feature. The surface area can hold up to 30 caps, and once they begin to pile up, it’s natural to want to pile on more and more.

The back of the opener is also magnetic, so you can easily mount it on your fridge or a metal surface without the need for screws or tools. But the best part – the women of the house will probably approve. Nothing is worse than bringing a new addition to the home and getting a cold or indifferent reaction. This opener looks great and blends into any decor. 

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Naked Wood Works USA Made Wood Cutting Board

The Grillfather funny wood cutting board for Dad's Christmas gift.

It’s hard to go wrong with anything grill related. A natural coming of age ritual is father and son grilling in the backyard. The meat and vegetables need to be cut somewhere, and this funny cutting board from Naked Wood Works is an excellent fit.

Measuring 10” x 14” x 7.5,” the board is not too big, but certainly not too small. It’s an ideal size, and Dad will be pleasantly surprised once he unwraps this number. Finished in fine oil and made with maple, walnut, and wood, give Dad something to play with around the BBQ this year.

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Engraved Image Bourbon Whiskey Glasses Set

Whiskey glass set with box makes a unique Christmas gift for Dad.

Now we’re talking! Bourbon whiskey glasses are a fantastic gift for Dad and one that we guarantee he’ll actually use. This set comes with four 10 ounce/300ml glasses, eight whiskey (stainless steel) stones, tongs, and four wooden coasters. The whiskey stones will lower the temperature of whatever you decide to drink out of these glasses and not alter the taste. Many folks prefer these to ice for that reason alone.

The entire set arrives in a wooden gift box for elegant presentation. The box weighs next to nothing, and the glasses are perfect for scotch, spirits, wine, or bourbon. Most of the pictures online are with bourbon, but you can enjoy anything from these glasses.

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All in One Tools Mini Hammer Multitool for Dad

Multitool for Dad a unique Christmas gift idea.

Dads are known for their tinkering. Some are more efficient and able than others, but that’s the beauty of tinkering – it’s open to a wide range of skill levels. When it comes to tools, the options are varied. But what every Dad certainly needs is an all-in-one set like this versatile multitool.

This mini hammer multitool is impressive. Featuring pliers, a wire cutter, saw, knife, nail claw, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a carabiner, a serrated knife, and of course, a mini hammer, it’s hard to imagine any home project that can’t be solved with this handy little tool. Pops will not be disappointed with this one; that’s a guarantee.

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Daddio of the Patio Funny Grill Apron for Dad

Funny grill apron for unique Christmas gift for Dad.

Pops deserves more respect when cooking up the grill, and that’s coming his way this Christmas with this fabulous grill apron. You might be thinking, “Grill aprons, those are a dime a dozen!” Indeed, the supply of grill aprons is quite plentiful, but there’s average and then there’s this apron.

First up, the phrase on this apron is one-of-a-kind, “Daddio of the Patio.” It doesn’t get any better than that! The apron features three deep pockets so you can separate grilling utensils in their rightful spaces. Made of a heavy thick cotton, this apron measures 27 by 29 inches and has an adjustable neck strap to accommodate any size Daddy neck you manage to fit in it. 

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Tears of My Enemies Funny Enamel Coffee Mug by Swag Brewery Store

Funny coffee mug for a unique Christmas gift for Dad.

Who doesn’t love a little sarcasm first thing in the morning? This mug isn’t for every Dad, but if your Pops slants a bit dark in his humor and doesn’t mind an offensive joke every now and again, you don’t need to scrounge around online any longer seeking that perfect Xmas gift. The search is over!

This funny mug is from the good folks at Swag Brewery Store. With a capacity for up to 16 ounces, this will definitely become your Dad’s new favorite mug. Lightweight and durable, this mug provides humor all day long.

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Royal Nautical Mart Personalized Compass

Personalized royal nautical compass a unique Christmas gift idea for Dad.

Some gifts are for everyday use, while others are timepieces to be stored and passed on. This personalized compass from Royal Nautical Mart falls into the latter category, a truly unique and thoughtful gift for Dad around the holidays. You can engrave up to 5 lines on this compass, with a generous 25 characters per line.

The delivery time is speedy and efficient, and Royal Nautical Mart customer service is second to none. They understand this is a bespoke gift and treat all calls and client requests with the utmost care.

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The Tumbler Home Store Wood Gone Fishing Box

Wood gone fishing storage box makes a unique Christmas gift for Dad.

While not all Dads are fishing fanatics, the solitude that a fishing expedition promises and connecting with nature is a hard thing to deny. So whether that special Dad in your life loves to fish or simply enjoys a nice cooked salmon in butter sauce, this lovely box is a great gift for all Dads.

Measuring 9.75” x 4” x 2.5,” the box is embellished with a resin fish, a fishnet, and a fishing rod. It’s the ideal spot to empty Dad’s wallet at the end of the day or store random pieces of jewelry, watches, keys, etc. You’ll never receive a cold shoulder when you give the gift of this unique storage box.

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Set of 4 Vintage Golf Poster Prints

Vintage golf poster prints for a unique Christmas gift idea for Dad.

Dads and golf go together like two peas in a pod. Better yet, if your Pops has a man cave or a space in the house reserved just for him, these prints are right up his alley. The set of four prints reveal in painstaking detail the patent of the golf tee, club, and ball. It certainly draws eyeballs, and your Dad will be the talk of the block.

Designed and printed in the USA, each picture is 8” x 10.” They’re printed on Fujicolor crystal archive paper, providing a hint of gloss that gives the whole set a timeless look and feel. Even if your Pops isn’t a golfer, the prints have an educational quality that will be a sure-fire hit to any Dad’s deserving wall.

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Great Gadgets Classic Beer Holster

Funny beer holster a unique Christmas gift for Dad.

You know what stinks – being at a BBQ and suddenly realizing you don’t know where you set your beer down. You start to panic like some rabid dog, frothing at the mouth, outraged at your negligence, potentially blaming others. It’s a bad scene and one you want to avoid at all costs. We’ve got the solution with this Great Gadgets Classic Beer Holster.

Exactly as it sounds, this is a holster affixed to your belt that holds your beer firmly at your side. No more stumbling about stealing your buddy’s brew, or worse yet, having to opt for a soda instead. The beer holster is your father’s partner for the day, keeping his beer bottle next to its rightful owner.  

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Osage River Ruck Up Tactical Christmas Stocking

Tactical patriotic Christmas stocking for Dad gift idea.

One of the best things about Christmas are the stockings. Once an afterthought, the stocking has claimed its position as a Christmas centerpiece for many homes.

Osage River doesn’t disappoint in this respect, bringing to market a patriotic stocking complete with the American flag branded on the top. If your Dad is a military man or a proud veteran, we can’t think of a better gift around the holidays than this tactical Christmas stocking. Made with durable 600D nylon, the stocking features 3 D-rings, two swivel carabiners, and tactical MOLLE webbing.

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Funny Can Coolie Sasquatch Research Team Camping Gag

Funny Sasquatch can coolies for unique Christmas gift for Dad.

Apart from the humor, can coolies are a must when enjoying a cold one under the sun. While warm and toasty, that fireball in the sky will turn a frosty brew into a lukewarm mess in no time. Can coolies keep all cold beverages colder than they normally would be, so hitting a BBQ without one is a poor decision on Dad’s part.

The gag here is you’re part of a Sasquatch research team, diligently seeking out this mythical creature while hydrating and keeping your beer cold. As any good researcher would attest to, it’s important to maintain your beverage at an appropriate temperature when you’re out in the field. We’re sure Dad will agree.

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To Sum It Up

Dads like to give the impression that they have everything they need. To make things even trickier, Dads will often claim they don’t want anything for Christmas, leaving you in a tough spot when trying to figure out the perfect gift.

This post truly deserves to be printed and stored somewhere safe, as you potentially have several years of unique gifts for Dad outlined here. Any of the twelve gifts we shared are winners, and Dad will finally forgive you for having gifted him underwear two years in a row.

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