There are few things as exciting as a new move. If you’re changing cities, going online to read all about your new home is thrilling. As is the thought of where you’ll live, the neighborhood, etc. But then comes the hard part – the physical move. While pondering your new life is great, imagining how you’re going to get your grandmother’s armoire into the moving truck is not so fun.

A ton of bulky furniture can be an absolute pain to get out of the house. This is where furniture sliders enter the equation. These handy little objects might appear small and inconsequential, but they’re an absolute life-saver when it comes to moving. We’re going to provide a crash-course in using furniture sliders and then review eight exceptional brands. Grab a cold one and a notepad; this is must reading in 2021.

What Are Furniture Sliders?

What are furniture sliders?

While furniture sliders are most certainly never “top of mind,” it’s likely you’ve had them and never knew it. Furniture sliders are small felt or plastic pieces affixed to the feet of couches, chairs, tables, beds, and more. If you’ve ever purchased used furniture, you might have received these life-saving accessories as a value-added. And while furniture sliders aren’t going to last a lifetime, a solid set will be with you and that cherished armoire for awhile.

Furniture sliders come in an array of shapes and sizes. It also bears mentioning that sliders are great complements for all furniture, moving or not moving. They protect floors and carpets, and when you do need to move said furniture, they’re already on and ready for action. Before purchasing, however, there are several things to consider – what the slider is made of, the kind of furniture you’ll be affixing them to, and the kind of floors you have. But first, let’s talk about how much weight sliders can hold. 

How Much Weight Can Furniture Sliders Hold?

How much weight can furniture sliders hold?

This is a question that doesn’t have a clear answer; perhaps that is why it keeps coming up. The quick answer is every slider is different. Some are made for lighter pieces and designed to slide in a more flexible manner as a result, while others are made for heavy pieces and geared at allowing one person to slide a piece from point A to point B, period. On the lighter side, most sliders can handle up to 40 pounds. From there, you get into the 100, 500, and even 1,500-pound category with the heavy-duty sliders.

The important thing to remember is to always check the weight limit on the package. Understand how much each piece of furniture in your home weighs and buy according to said weight. There’s nothing worse than strapping on some 40-pound sliders on a 1,500-pound dresser.

How Do You Get Sliders Under Heavy Furniture?

How do you get sliders under heavy furniture?

Getting sliders under heavy furniture is a lot easier than it sounds. First, most sliders are thin enough so that you don’t need to lift the furniture all that much. There are videos online where someone places the slider next to the leg on the floor, lifts up the edge of the piece of furniture, and slides the slider under the leg with a foot swish. This is doable, but it’s recommended to have a buddy on hand to help.

When placing sliders under heavy furniture, keep in mind that the slider’s black side faces up while the felt or plastic part faces down. You’ll use felt sliders on linoleum, wood, tile, or laminate floors. Plastic is reserved for carpet. The reason being is if you use plastic sliders on linoleum, wood, tile, or laminate floors, once you start pushing, a pebble or something small can get trapped underneath, and that will invariably scratch the floor. On carpets, a plastic bottom glides right across carpets and is the ideal material for heavy furniture moving.

The Best Furniture Sliders to Make Your Move Easier

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Furniture Sliders

Mighty Monkey premium furniture sliders.

Moving furniture doesn’t need to be the biggest chore of the year. Strapping these puppies, er, monkies, onto the feet of tables, chairs, or sofas makes moving across the carpet or hardwood floors a non-issue.

The beauty of this 16-piece set is the padded foam topside is perfect for the bottoms of all furniture, and the hard shell underside, when used on carpet, makes the slide feel as if you’re on an ice-rink. Extra thick, strong, and durable, this set of 16 is an excellent, all-around addition.

To learn more, click here.

Trushome Reusable Furniture Sliders for Hard Floors

Trushome large furniture sliders for moving.

Could you possibly imagine moving a piece of furniture by yourself? It’s a daunting thought, but one review of these furniture sliders’ satisfied customers, and it’s clear – with Trushome, you can move furniture around without the need of a team.

Be it a table, a recliner, bed, or sofa, these furniture sliders are adaptable and scratch-proof. Their round shape provides excellent weight distribution, while the rubber foam is the secure grip you’re seeking in a slider. Easy moving, guaranteed!

To read reviews, click here.

Jetec 36 Pieces Adhesive Furniture Glides

Set of 36 adhesive furniture gliders to protect furniture.

The first thing you notice with Jetec gliders is the material – these look like something out of the future. They’re bubbly, like that packing wrap that you loved to pop as a kid (and still as an adult). Jetec calls on high-density polyethylene and felt to provide a unique look that is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.

When it comes to sticking to your furniture’s legs, the 2 mm thick foam doesn’t disappoint. In fact, Jetec is especially proud of the “strong viscosity,” something you’ll see displayed on their website and across marketing materials. If you’re sold on viscosity, look no further!

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Ezprotekt Round Brown Furniture Sliders

Ezprotect round furniture sliders for carpets.

The customer reviews on this set are off the chart. They’re near perfect, and based on the feedback, it appears these furniture sliders are ideal for carpets. One gentleman remarked that he placed these under a TV stand that weighed roughly 200 pounds. Before, he needed a couple of people to move the stand across his Berber carpet, but with the sliders, the stand slid effortlessly.

This pack includes 40 sliders measuring 1-⅛ inches. The self-stick adhesive is powerful, and the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Nothing is better than 100% of your money back!

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Avedio Links Furniture Movers Sliders

Padded furniture sliders.

Avedio Links has been a respected brand in the moving business for some time. While these sliders can be used permanently like many others we’ve reviewed, this kit is also advertised as a “complete mover set.” It’s a four-piece set that includes four large plastic sliders, four smaller plastic sliders, four small circular slider socks, and four large, heavy felt sliders.

A set like this is a must when moving bulky furniture. Manufactured from soft EVA foam, everything from linoleum to carpet is no match for these puppies. You’ll be able to easily move all furniture without any extra help, no issue at all.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Kayzn Premium Furniture Sliders for Carpets

Heavy duty furniture sliders for carpets.

No matter the surface – laminate, carpet, hardwood, or even ceramic tile – Kayzn has you covered with this 16 piece set of 3 ½ inch heavy duty reusable round sliders. As we’ve seen, sliders come in a variety of shapes, but this standard 3 ½ is ideal.

There are some cool videos showing these sliders being used on everything from pianos to refrigerators. We usually think of sliders on beds, desks, tables, and more, but pianos and refrigerators? These sliders aren’t messing around and will tackle any and all household objects.

To see pricing, click here.

EZLife Multi-Surface 2-in-1 Carpet Sliders

Ezlife furniture sliders for carpets.

We love a good name, and EZLife says it all – an easy life. Who doesn’t enjoy the prospect of an easy life? Well, we know it’s not that easy, but life is a whole lot easier with these furniture sliders. Ideal for carpets, as the name suggests, moving bulky furniture around is hassle-free with these 2-in-1 wonders.

One of the worst side effects of moving furniture along carpets is the holes that invariably occur when the bed’s foot rips across the carpet. Imagine the amount of money you spent on your beautiful carpet only to have a gaping hole due to pure negligence. Put that to rest with this set.

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Super Sliders XL Heavy Furniture Movers

Super Sliders extra large furniture gliders.

If you’ve got an XL job, then these XL Heavy Furniture Movers are up for the challenge. Trying to maneuver a washer/dryer set or a six-seater couch across a room is a heck of a challenge. If you don’t have much help, good luck. But if you do find yourself alone on an island, Super Sliders has you covered.

Perfect for literally any type of furniture, do keep in mind that these are XL movers. Throwing these on a chair or a light desk is not the idea. Each carpet slider measures 9 ½” x 5 ¾.” They come in a 4-pack, and you can also pick from brown, linen, grey, or black. 

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To Sum It Up

If you now find yourself pondering the big pack-up, contracting the moving company, and getting stressed as one does around moving, this is the article for you. Furniture sliders, as we’ve reviewed, make moving a heck of a lot easier. They also protect furniture once you’ve arrived at that new place and give you the freedom of moving things around without the need to call on friends or family who secretly wish you wouldn’t call them to help with things like this.

In this article we reviewed eight exceptional furniture sliders, touched on how much weight they can handle, how to place them under your furniture, and the ideal sliders per your type of floor. Just because your bulky cabinet set is in the dining room corner doesn’t mean it needs to remain there. Strap on some sliders, and that puppy is now mobile!

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