Dog rooms are the newest trend for pampered pups. The idea might sound luxurious, but you don’t need a massive budget to create a space for your furry friend.

A dog room is simply a dedicated space for your canine. Anyone with a few hours and a little creativity can create one. Although a dog room might sound like an unnecessary luxury for your puppy, the concept is actually quite practical.

Dog rooms relieve your canine’s anxiety and help them feel safe. Dogs love small spaces ⁠— a cozy den-like space harkens back to their ancestral days. They’ll come to associate their space with relaxation and calm. For many owners, a dog room is a practical training tool. Destructive puppies or dogs who aren’t potty-trained wreck havoc on your home, so a dog room keeps a misbehaving puppy out of the rest of the house when you’re away.

Plus, a dog room will keep you organized; it’s your one-stop-spot for all your dog supplies. In this way, a dog room is a win for everyone.

So, What Is A Dog Room?

What is a dog room?

A dog room is as straightforward or stylish as you make it. Your dog room might be as simple as a mudroom repurposed with a pet bed and food bowls, or it could be an entire room decorated in a puppy theme.

A dog room has practical uses: it contains your puppy’s mess, keeps all supplies in one place, and may serve to separate your dog from the rest of your house. If your dog is destructive or pees on the carpet, a dog room is a safe, humane way to protect your home. The room contains their mess and provides them with everything they need for comfort while you’re away.

But don’t let the fun stop there. A dog room is the perfect place to celebrate the bond with your canine. A new coat of paint, a themed sign, or some tasteful decorations transform the room into a celebration of your favorite furry friend.

What Should You Put In A Dog Room?

What should you put in a dog room?

Here are a few dos and don’ts for your dog room.

Do include:

  • a pet bed
  • food and water bowls
  • a mat to catch spills and protect the floor
  • your dog’s crate
  • shelves or hooks to hang leashes and harnesses
  • medicine, shampoos, and treats  ⁠— so long as they’re stored out of reach
  • a dog litter box or toilet station
  • a basket or shelf to store dog toys
  • a pet camera to check on them while you’re away
  • dog-safe decor, including pictures of your puppy

Make sure to remove:

  • rickety tables, lamps, or other furniture that could topple
  • exposed wires your puppy might chew on
  • toxic houseplants (Check, don’t assume. Many common houseplants aren’t safe for pets.)
  • hazardous cleaning materials
  • food, if it’s left where your dog can access it
  • shoes, children’s toys, and anything your dog shouldn’t be playing with
  • rawhide, natural bones, or other dog toys that could splinter or cause a choking hazard while you’re away

How To Make A Dog Room

How to make a dog room, step by step.

Not everyone can dedicate an entire room to their dog, and that’s okay. You might choose to repurpose a nook or a corner. We’ve seen some beautiful dog areas tucked under a stairwell or in a corner of a kitchen.

If you’re using the dog room to separate Fido from the rest of the house, however, you will need an area with a door or a gate. If you have a spare room, great! If not, consider integrating your dog’s things into another room: bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms are perfect candidates. Ideally, choose a room with tile or linoleum floors, because dogs can scratch hardwood with their nails. Plus, tile and linoleum won’t be damaged by a bathroom accident.

Choose an area close to high-traffic parts of the house. Dogs feel safe when they’re close to the pack. Make sure the area is temperature-controlled, and you’re good to go.

Next, doggie-proof the room. Remove any standing lamps or rickety tables, because you don’t want your pup to knock anything over while you’re away. Cords and electrical wires should be out of reach. If the room is stuffy or warm, make sure you install adequate ventilation. You might also consider a doggie litter area or a patch of artificial grass. The American Kennel Club has more information on how to make your home puppy-proof.

Next, prioritize your dog’s comfort and health. Bring her food and water bowls into the room, set up her crate if she has one, and a dog bed.

Then, make it easy to clean the room. You don’t need to hire a professional ― simply spend a few hours organizing your dog supplies. Collect the dog toys strewn about the house, and purchase a broom and vacuum to make cleaning up dog hair a breeze.

Finally, decorate! If you’re crafty, you could stencil pawprints on the walls or create a custom sign. Frame pictures of your favorite moments together, and hang them on the walls. Your dog might not notice, but it adds a spark to the room. Plus, a stylish dog room serves as a conversation piece for visitors.

Ready to create your dog room? Here are a few tried-and-true products to get you started.

Dog Room Essentials

Stationary Touchless Pet Vacuum for Pet Hair by EyeVac

Stationary and touchless vacuum for pet hair by Eyevac.

Sweep, sweep, done! This simple vacuum stays in a corner of your dog room, so you just sweep dog hair to it. It will automatically suck up the dog hair. Forget plugging in your hand vac, stooping down with a dustpan, or sweeping everything under the rug. The simple, infrared sensor knows when there’s debris underneath, so the vacuum will suck up everything you bring to it.

“I use it every day!” Join the many happy customers who discovered this vacuum is a must-have. This stationary vacuum is particularly popular with customers with back problems, because it eliminates bending over or carting around a heavy handheld vacuum.

You might believe that a roving vacuum is a better choice, but customers repeatedly claim this one is sturdier, removes more dog hair, and doesn’t get lost underneath furniture. Reviewers also report this stationary vacuum was more durable than other brands.

To learn more, click here.

Large Cotton Organizer Storage Basket for Dog Toys

Modern natural dog toy storage basket.

Rope toys, rubber Kongs, squeaky balls ― if your dog can chew it, you should store it. It’s easy for Fido’s toys to end up under the sofa or strewn across the living room, but storing toys isn’t just good for organization. Dog trainers recommend storing dog toys when your dog isn’t using them. When play time arrives, your puppy will rely on you to find them a toy. Over time, this increases their sense that their favorite resources come from their favorite human.

This stylish cotton basket is perfect for keeping all of Fido’s toys in one place. The woven material is made without chemicals or toxins, and reviews say it’s larger than expected.

You can read the reviews here.

Waterproof Silicone Dog Food Mat by Leashboss

Dog food mat that helps prevent spills by Leashboss.

Dogs aren’t known for tidy eating; splashes from their water bowl and flecks of wet food can wreck havoc on your hardwood floors and carpets. To contain the mealtime mess, consider this handy splashmat by Leashboss.

The edges of this splashmat are raised ¾ of an inch to contain spills. The patterned surface not only looks stylish, it also prevents food bowls from slipping. It’s crafted from food-grade silicone – that’s a fancy way of saying the material is non-toxic and safe for pets. Wipe it down or toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher to clean. This dog mat is available in three different sizes, and reviews say the largest easily fits three or four bowls without a problem.

Like it? Click here to learn more.

Indoor Rotating Pet Camera by Nooie

Rotating dog camera to watch your dogs at home while you're gone.

Want to keep an eye on your dogs while you’re away? This camera swivels a full 355 degrees, so you can track your dog’s motion no matter where they are. The camera connects easily to your phone through the Nooie app and Alexa. It also includes two-way audio, so you can hear Fido and he can hear you. For privacy, you can save footage directly to the device.

Reviewers rave that this is one of their favorite pet cameras. It’s perfect for animals with separation anxiety who will enjoy hearing your voice during the day. Other reviewers say it’s perfect for keeping an eye on multiple animals living in the same space.

To read reviews, click here.

Donut Cuddler Calming Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Large calming anti-anxiety dog bed.

Perfect for dogs with anxiety, this donut dog bed is cozy and comfy. The thick vegan shag fur mimics a mother dog’s coat, providing your dog with a greater sense of comfort. The raised sides provide extra security and a place for your dog to rest their head. The bed also includes a removable center pillow and nonslip gripping.

According to reviews, this bed is pet-approved! One reviewer said her chihuahua runs to the bed when he’s afraid. Since she bought this bed, her dog no longer quivers in fear during storms. Another reviewer bought two beds ― her dogs started fighting over the first one! Yet another customer was delighted this donut bed kept her dog warm through the New England winter.

Love it? Click here to buy now.

Modern Rustic Standing Floor Storage Cabinet for Dog Supplies

Modern wood storage cabinet for pet supplies.

Are you storing dog medications, grooming tools, and treats somewhere safe? Keep your puppy’s supplies organized and out-of-reach with this small floor cabinet. With one shelf behind the doors and two open surfaces, it’s perfect for storing things your puppy shouldn’t have access to. Don’t worry about assembly ― reviewers say setup is simple and painless.

Check it out here.

Customizable Pine Signboard Dog Bone by Walnut Hollow

Customizable wood dog sign for crafting.

Break out the paints and get ready to create a personalized sign for your dog room. This smooth, unfinished wood sign is perfect for announcing that your dog is truly your best friend. Consider painting your puppy’s name or pasting a photo of the two of you together in the middle. No need for primer, and it handles wood glue and paint incredibly well.

Pet owners created adorable signs over their dog’s food or name tags for their dog’s door. One pet owner even crafted a cognitive learning tool for his puppy.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

To Sum It Up…

From dog beds to pet cameras, we’ve collected our favorite products to help you design a room that’s stylish, comfortable, and safe for your best friend.

Remember that the most important part of your dog room is safety: this area should be temperature-controlled, free of hazardous plants or materials, and doggie-proofed from wires and dangerous objects. But don’t forget that decorating a dog room is fun.  Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to build a room that you and your dog will love.

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