Designing a bedroom takes some thought. If the room is for a newborn, the colors and functionality of every single item needs to be well planned. Kids and teens will require their input (you’ll otherwise risk a violent rebellion). Adults can hopefully compromise and arrive at a decision, and then you may have guest rooms that might also double as home offices.

It can be stressful, but as an adult, the best part about pulling the trigger on a bunk bed is imagining yourself in that bed when you were a kid. There are few things as thrilling, and even better news is that bunk beds are no longer just for children. There are a host of modern takes on the classic bunk bed that add style and functionality to any guest room that will leave your weekend guests impressed and singing your praises. Who doesn’t enjoy that!

Metal bunk beds are growing in popularity due to their affordability and sturdy nature. Once a clunky piece of furniture that squeaked incessantly with little to offer, the selection today is truly impressive. But like anything, some sound research is required before purchasing. What follows are some tips and top picks to keep in mind before buying.    

Are Metal Bunk Beds Noisy?

We’re not going to beat around the metallic bush. Yes, metal bunk beds are generally noisier than their wood and plastic counterparts. But with that said, they can also be stronger and more reliable over the long-term. As with any product, higher quality metal bunk beds will squeak less, and if your living quarters are tight, the whole family will thank you for having spent a bit more to reduce the squeak factor.

There are a plethora of recommendations online of how to minimize squeaking. A squeaky bed, night in and night out will drive anyone up the wall. But the cream of the crop squeaks a whole lot less than the entry-level models.   

Can They Collapse?

While your first thought might be “no chance, my car is made of metal and that’s pretty sturdy,” you’d be dead wrong. Very few things in life are impervious to destruction at human hands, and metal bunk beds are no different. Now, we’re not saying collapsing beds are as common as, say, the Knicks underperforming season in and season out, but it has happened.

It’s important to take some time reviewing customer feedback. Within the first 20 or so online comments, patterns will emerge. A bed’s weight limit is also vital. Some of the more basic models have weight limits that are 100 to 150 pounds less than the beds at the higher tiers.

Additionally, proper assembly is key. Assembling anything in a so-so manner will result in a so-so product. Said products tend to crumble and collapse quicker. To learn more about bunk bed safety, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has more information.

Bunk Bed Replacement Hardware

Ever had to tinker around the house but your tinker supply is consistently running dry? Happens to the best of us. Heck, most of us don’t want to tinker on anything, but if you’ve invested in a new bunk bed, the last thing you want is something going wrong and you’re left twiddling your thumbs because you’ve got no replacement parts to keep your kid from crying and running into the street like some zombie victim.

Fret not, because what follows are two excellent replacement hardware “must-haves” that will keep your new purchases in tip-top working condition. As a side-note, these two are great first purchases but it’s recommended to keep more than simply these on hand. Consider it akin to stocking up on food and household items in the case of something unthinkable that would completely alter society and how we function, like a virus. Understand the importance?   

CLAW IT ON Bunk Bed Ladder Hook Brackets

Claw it on bunk bed ladder hooks for kids bunk bed ladders

A quality bunk bed has a lot of “integral” parts, and the ladder falls at the top of the list. Like the tires on your car, if those aren’t working right the whole apparatus is shot. The bed’s ladder, at least according to many online reviewers, is that one item that parents especially key in on. The internal question of, “just how is my 7-year-old going to navigate his way up and down without breaking an arm or worse,” is apparently quite frequent.

It’s understandable – a bunk bed by nature is moving young ones from the ground on up. But fear not, keeping the ladder in excellent working condition is a snap with these heavy-duty ladder hook brackets. Claw It On is a well-known, respected brand and a host of online reviews praised these hooks as better than the original ones that came with their respective beds. Some high points were the weight, how easily they fit, and for being ladder hooks, they weren’t too shabby on the eyes either.

To grab them for your own bunk bed, check them out here.

Screws and Bolts Replacement by Sprite Science

Sprite science bunk bed and crib screws and bolts replacement hardware

There’s nothing worse than digging out the toolkit and discovering that while you’ve still got tools, you’re up a creek because there’s no screws, nuts, bolts, nothing! An all-around fantastic replacement kit for most beds, this kit features a range of dimensions and sizes that is as complete as anything you’ll find.

Again, to prevent an all-out revolution in your home, having the necessary parts to fix any minor inconvenience is worth its weight in gold. The value of a set like this can only be felt once you know the feeling of having gone through a bunk bed mishap without the replacement hardware to quickly rectify the situation.

With all this said however, do make sure that the sizes of the holes on your bed obviously match the bolts and nuts sold here before purchasing. Worse than not having the replacement hardware is having the wrong replacement hardware. Then the family really has you in their crosshairs.

Make sure to get yours by clicking here.

The Best Metal Bunk Beds

FCH Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

FCH twin over twin metal bunk bed frame

This is a classic, perfect for any average-sized room and even adequate for those on the smaller end. The top and bottom bunks are identical (minimizes fighting between siblings) and the ladder is securely bolted to the foot of the base bed. As we mentioned earlier, the ladder is a focal point. This bed received good reviews in this area because of how secure it was.

Assembly, based on customer feedback, is easy to follow, but two people are recommended. Don’t try and impress the kids or spouse by flying solo on this project. Best to have a partner and get this right the first time.

Another nice feature of this bed is the upper bunk’s fence height – a very safe 13.19”. FCH provides an overall excellent option here, and even throws in some storage space underneath. The family will be thrilled with this one, no doubt. 

Click here to buy this excellent choice.

Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed

Dorel twin over full metal bunk bed frame with ladder

Dorel is a leader in the game, and this twin-over-full setup is one of their more popular sellers. Featuring sturdy, metal construction coupled with a sleek and modern finish, the bottom bunk is the king of the set, a full bed with enough space for two young kids to share.

For some reason, people go crazy when they see twin-over-full styles. It’s almost as if they never thought such an engineering feat could be accomplished. All kidding aside however, it is a cool sight to behold. 

The guardrails on the top are well positioned as are the two side ladders built into the frame so as to maximize space. Because of its size, assembly can be a bit more cumbersome and being mindful of the center, bottom bar and ensuring all the holes line up was a bit thorny for some online reviewers. For the most part however folks appeared quite pleased with the purchase.  

Be sure to check out the latest price on this bunk bed here.

DHP Tailor Convertible Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Twin

DHP twin over twin convertible metal bunk bed, can be separated into two beds

While buying a bunk bed might be what the family wants in the present, it’s always good to have options in life. One of the premier features of this option is it can easily be converted into two separate twin beds. It also has a well-built, slanted ladder that is perfect not only for the kid’s room but also sleek enough to place in a guest room while not compromising on the aesthetics.

Available in a range of colors, online feedback is mostly positive with the exception of a handful of comments surrounding the squeaking frame. It also might not be appropriate for teens due to its size, but for ages 7 through 12, this is a great choice.

Ready to buy? Click here.

LAGRIMA Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed

Lagrima twin over full modern metal bunk bed frame with ladder

This twin-over-full model is a popular pick, and the design, look and feel of this product is something that could fit with a 12-year old or a guest room. The flexibility, in terms of how the bed’s appeal can complement an array of environments is quite unique.

The frame is made of a high-quality, iron material that is roughly 30% thicker than that or ordinary iron. The guardrails on the top bunk are remarkably smooth, and the only online complaint (among very few) was that the directions were a bit troublesome to follow.

With that said, nobody told you assembly was going to be a walk in the park. Set aside a half day, hunker down, line up some podcasts and get down to business!

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Merax Metal Bunk Bed with Trundle, Twin-Over-Twin

Merax twin over twin metal bunk bed frame with trundle

We’ve got a real beauty for you here. There are bunk beds, and then there are bunk beds with surprises. Like ones with magic eggs you can crack, and viola … out pops another bed! That’s right, three beds, ladies and gentlemen. Merax wasn’t the first to do it, and surely won’t be the last.

But for those with space, this is a fantastic choice complete with safety guard rails, a brilliant silver, black and white coated finish and additionally equipped with wear-resistance to protect against persistent (you have kids, right?) scratches, bangs, collisions and similar mishaps.

The most frequent complaint was the bed requires more than one person to assemble. Frankly, they all do (almost all), so take note, but don’t hold it against this top of the line choice.

If this fits what you’re looking for, you can buy it here.

Home Accent Furnishings Sunrise Metal Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed in Black

Home accent furnishings twin over twin awesome metal bunk bed for kids

Looking for something contemporary, chic and clean – you’ve officially arrived. This bed can be maintained as a standalone or split into two, ideal for a family that is growing both in size and tastes. Kids aren’t kids forever, so having a sturdy option that can quickly evolve into something more “teen” is a smart option for any family.

Again, it’s recommended that two people take on the task of assembly. So don’t think just because you’re in exceptional shape for forty years old that you’re going to tackle this project on your own. Get some help, and don’t complicate your life.

A point of caution – take care in lining up the holes when assembling, some online commentary expressed frustration around this topic especially.

To purchase yours today, follow the link here.

To Sum it Up…

As you can see, purchasing a metal bunk bed is not a “like and click” proposition. We reviewed the practicality of the twin over twin beds, the wow factor of the twin over full beds, and then the functionality of the beds that could easily separate into two twin beds, side by side.

While there are a host of quality brands and styles on the market, picking the right bed for your family dynamic coupled with space constraints needs to be factored in. Also having on hand the spare parts and tools should not be left out.

While budget is a driving factor, take the time to read online reviews. There is no better source of information than dozens if not hundreds of current owners of a product. If you see a worrisome trend in the reviews, that’s your red flag.

But all of the options we reviewed here are solid picks. The bunk bed was never so fun for adults and kids alike. Next up – a pillow party for the ages!