OK, so your search for the right brand and size of wine cooler has landed you here. It’s now our job to help you narrow your selection, so you can make the right pick for you.

Here, we will discuss the Allavino Wine Cooler, another entrant in a crowded market. Rest assured, Allavino produces a quality product and it’s one that’s certainly worthy of your consideration (we’ll get to all the reasons why in a minute).

One of the things buyers like most about Allavino is that they wisely listened to the likes and dislikes of buyers in the market and designed a product that addresses something most competitors completely overlook.

Specifically, what I’m referring to is the attention to design detail that Allavino has applied to its wine coolers successfully. It’s uses something they call “flexcount”.

What is FlexCount and why should I care?

flexcountFlexcount is a design feature built into the shelves of the wine fridge that enables you to store more bottles in the same amount of space – more than virtually any other wine cooler of its size – on the market.

Pretty cool concept, huh?

We thought so too, since most wine cooler makers base their designs on standard size bottles only.

When you open up the door and start loading, you realize that its five shelves can hold up to nine bottles each. And the bottom shelf can fit up to 11 bottles of wine. This gives you a maximum storage of some 56-odd bottles on this particular model.

No big deal, you say?

Well, here’s the kicker… this maximum capacity of 56 bottles can be reached with many different bottle sizes and not just the “standard” bottle.


When you read online reviews of multiple wine coolers, one frequent complaint is that the shelves are just a bit too tight. They house standard wine bottles just fine. But add a slightly larger bottle of Reisling or Pinot Noir and you’ve got a problem.

If you jam it in there, you could damage the label, not to mention what you’re doing to the fridge itself. But with the Allavino – no such problem exists.

After you have kicked the tires on a variety of brands and models, you quickly become adept at spotting the obvious winners – as well as the losers. And by all accounts, Allavino is a winner.

That’s because this company makes an impressive wine refrigerator. To prove our point, let’s take a closer look at the 56 bottle dual zone wine fridge.

Dual Temp Wine Fridge

allavino dual zine wine coolerThe 56-bottle wine fridge offers dual zone temperature controls, which of course make it easy to store both your favorite reds and whites.

But Allavino has gone a step further by providing indicator lights marked “red”, “white”, and “sparkling” to let you know easily where to place the appropriate bottles for perfect temperature control.

Could this be the perfect solution for an inept homeowner?

It’s absolutely idiot-proof.(Did I just call myself an idiot???)

You can’t screw up with this wine cooler… and it doesn’t matter what kind of wines you choose to stock in an Allavino – it handles them all and does a splendid job of it too.

Design, Design, Design

It’s not difficult to tell that plenty of thought went into the design of this wine refrigerator. It features strong metal racks that can handle a full load without any sagging. At the same time, this racking is thin enough to make the most of your available storage space.

That’s masterful engineering at work and it’s a clear indication that somebody at Allavino sure thought things through before introducing their wine coolers to the marketplace.

All wire racking supplied with your Allavino cooler pull out smoothly on ball-bearing tracks for easy accessibility. This alone gives this model a huge advantage over many other wine coolers. The difference in detail between this brand and others out there is like night and day.

Why Choose An Allavino Wine Cooler?

Most wine chillers have shelves that are either fixed in position or only pull out part way. On the few models we found with shelves or racks that actually slide out, most operate with the same lack of ease as drawers on a vintage dresser that’s been stored in a rusty old garage for a couple of decades.

In other words, movement is difficult and anything but smooth. As far as shelving goes, Allavino has got it figured out.

But they didn’t stop there.

Allavino also combines its clever design concepts with state-of-the-art technology to provide an optimum storage solution. They claim that their equipment is 25% more energy efficient and that they use an “advanced cooling system” that not only reduces energy costs but noise and vibration too.

That makes for a pretty powerful package – one that is certainly shaking up the competition – and that’s a good thing for consumers all around.

allavino built in to a kitchenThere’s another thing I really like about the Allavino wine cooler and that is that it can be built right into your kitchen cabinetry or bar area. All you need is enough space for the wine fridge itself to fit in.  Not all wine coolers can be built in due to their exhaust requirements.

You don’t want to make it too tight because, at some point, you want to pull the unit out to sweep out the area or wash the wall behind. If the fit is too tight, it’s like trying to get out of those blue jeans you know you shouldn’t have put on, to begin with.

It’s always best to add a little bit more space than you think you’re going to need so that you can easily pull the machine in or out as required.

What makes this all possible is the venting out of the front of the unit. A lot of wine coolers went out the back, making them less than ideal for creating that stunning built-in look, where your wine fridge fits compatibly with your cabinets and any other appliances in the room.

Is It a Good Fit?

As for overall dimensions, the Allavino wine cooler measures 23 1/5 inches wide by 23 3/4 inches deep wide by 34 inches high.

So it’s perfect to tuck under any standard height (36 inches from floor to surface area) kitchen countertop.

allavino shelf qualityAnd it’s easy for anybody (even me!) to create that finished, built-in look with a simple couple of pieces of wood trim running parallel to the sides of the wine cooler and secured to the cabinets beside.

Another advantage is that it ships with two different styles of handles – a curved handle and a “towel bar” type handle – so you can choose whatever one you want that fits best with your decor.

Who else thinks of doing that?

If you guessed, ‘nobody” – you’re absolutely correct. Only Allavino does this and it’s an added bonus for another reason as well.  If you don’t believe me, check out our Ultimate Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide to see our notes on 9 other models.

Sometimes you want to change things up – without going to the trouble and expense of a major overhaul.

That usually involves a lot of work like prepping and painting, changing the lighting fixtures and flooring – even demolishing the cupboards and countertop and ordering a new custom kitchen from start to finish.

It’s an expensive proposition, to say the least. And you better be prepared to have workers making a lot of noise and generating nasty dust in your home for weeks on end.

But there’s a much easier way to change things – and that’s by making cosmetic changes. One fine example of this is the change the handles on your doors. We did this recently in the kitchen, master bathroom and on the bedroom wardrobes and it turned out great.

It’s a slight, yet noticeable change that refreshes and room quickly and easily at very little cost. Allavino helps you out by providing a second handle free of charge and that’s worth noting.

Allavino Wine Coolers Also Have Most of the Cool Things Offered by Other Brands.

The digital display is user-friendly and super easy to adjust. With two independently controlled zones for storing your red and white wine. Just choose your settings and check them periodically.

allavino wine refrigerator controlsThe upper zone maintains a temperature of between 41°F and 61°F and the lower zone maintains a temperature of between 45°F and 64°F. Tweak your settings as you see fit to give you the optimum, aroma, taste and overall wine experience.

Another advantage the Allavino offers is the system of forced air cooling employed on every wine cooler. This reduces cool down times, so your wine reaches its peak temperature faster than other competing units.

Quickly getting your fine wines in the zone of optimum temperatures is important also because it reduces any dramatic change in temperature – another danger when you’re storing wine.

Some reviewers have reported their coolers running louder than expected. This is a common complaint with wine coolers, kitchen refrigerators, air purifiers, and more – in general. Just check out the reviews in any of these and other categories and you’ll see what I mean.

But “loud” is a relative term. Loud, compared to what? What’s loud to one person seems normal or even quite to another.

Whenever you have electric motors and moving parts, there’s always going to be some noise. It’s really a matter what you consider noisy vs. quiet. It seems odd that a product that would be called “loud” in one review is called “quiet” in another. But that’s exactly how it is here.

The Choice Is Clear!

I’m certain it’s obvious at this point that we at IneptHomeowner are BIG FANS!  Check Amazon for pricing on Allavino’s FlexCount 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.  If this is the size cooler you’re looking for, Allavino offers a host of those “little things” that make a big difference.