There’s something about the Vinotemp wine cooler that sets it apart from virtually every other wine cooler on the market. That major difference is that Vinotemp wine coolers are made in the USA. That’s pretty much unheard of in this industry and many others these days.

Top Quality

vinotemp 155 bottleVinotemp wine coolers are top-quality, they’re handmade – one at a time – right here in the states using the highest quality components and materials. Plus, they are backed by nearly 30 years experience in the industry of manufacturing wine coolers, so it’s safe to say, you’ve got experience working on your side when you choose this brand. And the 155-Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler will give you plenty of room to store your budding collection of your favorite wines from around the world.

It’s amazing to me just how many people have become avid collectors and genuine fans of wine. And the industry as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds. Even regions that never produced wine before are getting into the game and there are some excellent wines out there at very affordable prices.

But ultimately, the one wrench in the engine of the never-ending pursuit of the pleasures of wine is storage. After all, you can’t leave your quality finds on the countertop. And putting them in the kitchen fridge can do more harm than good. Wine racks can be useful. But in most cases, it’s only a matter of time until they outgrow their usefulness as your wine collection flourishes.

The more you get into this incredible hobby, the more wine you tend to accumulate. But what are you going to do about storage? While a professionally designed and built basement wine cellar may be the ultimate solution for the most ardent of wine fans, it’s just not practical for everyone who loves to collect wine. For one thing, the kind of wine cellar that’s necessary to protect your precious cargo is probably going to cost you several thousands of dollars.

If you’ve got that kind of budget – and the perfect place to have an expertly-constructed wine cellar built for you – by all means – go for it. But if you want the next best thing – consider a wine cooler designed, engineered and hand-crafted by a company that has already built more top quality wine cellars in American than anyone else. It’s at this point where the name “Vinotemp” should soar to the top of your wish list in terms of brands.

Vinotemp makes a whole bunch of different wine coolers of varying sizes from a small and open table-top unit, right up to their massive, 155-Bottle Wine Cooler. As a starter, some people opt for those coolers that house wine in the 30-bottle range. But for those who’ve crossed the threshold and realize that wine is something they can and will enjoy for the rest of their lives – something more substantial is in order. And that’s why the Vinotemp 155-Bottle standup wine fridge is made for.

Are Vinotemp Wine Coolers Good?

What is particularly interesting about Vinotemp is the history behind their wine refrigeration units and the passion that goes into it. Vinotemp International is a pioneer in the industry and they provide a full range of wine storage solutions from manufacturing custom wine cellars to producing coolers of all sizes that are not just distributed right across the country – but around the world.

In the process of selling more than a million units, I guess any organization would learn a thing or two about what the market really wants. And with such a diverse range of wine storage solutions from small to large – and everything in between – Vinotemp is targeting everyone with more than a passing interest in wine.

Truth be told, Vinotemp makes a quality product that is good enough for the expert and easy enough for the beginner. It all begins as one develops an appreciation for the taste of quality wines. But as one’s interest and tastes widen, a whole world of possibility opens up. Small wine coolers quickly fill up. It’s at this point that the wine enthusiast needs to make a decision. Do I buy another small wine cooler and effectively double my storage capacity, or do I invest in a serious wine cooler — like the 155-Bottle Vinotemp?

Size Matters

vinotemp with drawer outThe 155 bottle Vinotemp wine refrigerator is quite big. It takes up a fair amount of space in your home. But it also provides more than enough storage for most eager wine collectors. What I urge anyone to do is to look down the road. In other words, don’t just buy a wine fridge that meets your needs today because in the coming years, as your interest in wine intensifies, your collection is only going to grow.

155 bottles is a lot of wine. So a cooler with this kind of capacity gives you plenty of space for several bottles of your personal favorites, plus plenty of room for your spouse’s favorite wines too. Oh, and there’s also the wines you want to save for dinner parties, or to give away as gifts. That leaves you tons of space for interesting new wines, recommended favorites, unique vintages, and alternatives you discover as your interest in all things wine continues to grow.

If you’re looking at purchasing this 155-bottle unit, chances are it’s not your first ever wine cooler – although it may be. You’ve probably tried a small countertop unit, or a compact, under the counter wine cooler already and now it’s time to step up to something larger and much more practical for the more serious collectors.

If you are leaning towards a smaller unit, the Edgestar CWF340DZ Wine Fridge just might be the right choice for you.

How Do I Know if This is the Right Wine Cooler For Me?

As mentioned, it’s always a wise idea to buy bigger than you need right now particularly when it comes to wine because of collecting and enjoying wine is a lifelong hobby. So even if you were thinking of a cooler in the 30-60 bottle range – you may want to also consider this one. The more you get into the pleasures of pursuing and enjoying this age-old luxury – the more wine you tend to accumulate. But if you don’t have adequate storage it can be frustrating, to say the least.

close up of the vinotemp 155 bottle coolerNot only do Vinotemp wine coolers look terrific, they’re built with protecting and preserving your wines in mind. This includes using UV tinted glass doors since light is one of the biggest problems in that it can damage wine. In fact, light, heat, and oxygen are the 3 big problem areas that need to be avoided at all costs when it comes to storing wine.

Your wine cooler with UV tinted glass helps to protect the product inside. The exact temperature is regulated by you. But the Vinotemp wine cooler ensures that you’re in the proper range, so your wine will store properly and age gracefully, instead of spoiling. One of the ways oxygen can enter a bottle of wine is when the cork gets too dry and a pinhole develops. That’s why wine is always stored on its side – to help keep the cork wet at all times. With ready to drink wine and screw-on caps, it’s not really an issue. Holding onto a wine that’s ready for consumption won’t improve its flavor. In fact, it can have an opposite effect.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution that keeps your wine in ideal condition, while allowing you to house and display a large collection of wines (that in essence, represents the fruit of your collecting labor) this might just be the one for you.

Vinotemp has the right storage unit for practically any need. They’ve used the experience gained from the very start back in 1985 when they began making their wine coolers from their Los Angeles-based shop. If you’re looking for something small, you might prefer the Edgestar or Whynter wine cooler. But if you’re passionate about wine and you see building a collection of wine as a long-term interest – we recommend the Vinotemp 155-Bottle Wine Cooler because it will meet your needs for years to come.

Wherever you are on the scale, Vinotemp probably has a cooler of some sort in the category. While they offered a varied collection of fridges for wines and for many different types of wine fans, the 155-Bottle version is likely their best.

Any Catches?

What’s surprising (and a little disappointing) to many people is the warranty. Considering that these are made in the USA, one would expect to get a longer warranty than what’s offered. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. But then manufacturer warranties rarely do.

It offers an attractive, seamless stainless steel door on a black cabinet. The interior of the storage unit features black racking with stainless steel wire shelving and an interior light. As for size, it measures 23 1/2 inches wide by 26 1/2 inches deep by 70 inches high.

In Summary

Overall, the Vinotemp 155-bottle dual zone wine cooler is an impressive appliance that adds class and elegance to most any room. It’s a premium wine fridge for the fairly serious wine fan. With an easy to use touchscreen control panel and attractive blue LED readout, anyone can manage a growing collection of wine with this quality model.  Check out the latest pricing on