A comfortable bar stool is a sign that relaxation is an important part of your day, but choosing the right seating doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favorite affordable bar stools, so whether you’re shopping for kitchen barstools or stools for your home bar, you’re bound to find something here that fits the bill.

Before you shell out your hard-earned cash, it’s important to know what style you’re looking for. Do you want faux leather material for a chic, modern look? Or are you looking for a warm, rustic wood style to match your modern farmhouse decor? Velvet stools add a splash of chic color, while all-metal, industrial stools are perfect for outdoor spaces.

Consider carefully some of the features you’d like. Do you want an adjustable height or not? If you’re opting for a fixed height, make sure you choose a stool that’s about ten to twelve inches lower than the bottom of your counter or bar.

Stools with backs provide an extra level of comfort and support, but backless seating can be particularly chic and well-suited to small spaces. Swivel stools are wonderful for socializing, but may be unstable for small children or elderly visitors.

Are Bar Stools Good For Posture?

Are bar stools good for posture?

Bar stools come in a variety of styles, and each one may have a slightly different effect on your posture.

Backless stools require using your core muscles to hold yourself upright. This provides natural practice for strengthening your core and working on your balance. That said, backless stools can grow uncomfortable with extended use, and they may not prove suitable for settling in for several hours with a drink or for use at a primary dining table.

If you struggle with back pain or tension, opt for one of the stools listed here with more support. Backless stools, however, are ideal for minimalist styles and small spaces, and they can help you improve your posture if you use them with intention.

1. Modern Faux Leather Adjustable Bar Stools With Back, Set of Two by Leopard

Leopard modern barstools, set of two.

These swivel bar stools come in several colors. Their ergonomic design provides a sloping L-shaped back, giving you more support and comfort than a backless stool. The seat cushion is made with PU leather (faux leather made from polyurethane) and sponge for comfort, while a wide base provides stability.

These are adjustable stools, and can be customized to heights ranging from 21.5 inches to 31.5 inches. The chrome foot rest provides support and stability, while the simple modern design adapts to a variety of decors. These stools come in a set of two, so they’re an adaptable and affordable option.

Most people find them surprisingly sturdy for a budget stool. Although most found them to be stable and durable for the price, one or two previous buyers complained about instability.

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2. Modern Ergonomic Swivel Barstools With Back, Set of Two by Vnewone

Vnewone modern barstools with ergonomic design, set of two.

These are another affordable option for customers who desire an adjustable swivel stool. Available in white, brown, or black faux leather, they can easily blend in with any color scheme.

A sleek design lends a funky, modern flair while providing back support. There’s also a rubber ring around the sturdy chrome steel base to prevent any scratches on your floor, which is a nice touch. These easy-to-assemble barstools arrive in sets of two, making them a budget-friendly choice.

A few buyers noted that the stools sag somewhat when you sit, so just be aware of the weight limit when buying.

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3. Modern Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Metal Bar Stools, Set of Four by Devoko

Devoko modern industrial metal barstools, set of four.

With a modern industrial style, these barstools are the perfect touch for outdoor patios. Crafted from high-quality metal steel, they come in a variety of colors and can even be stacked for storage. An x-brace under the seat provides durability and stability, while an opening on the seat itself creates an easy grip for lifting.

An anti-rust and waterproof coating provides protection outdoors, although it is recommended to cover them during rain. With four to a set, they’re an economical option that gives you more for your money. They’re about 30 inches high, so take that into consideration when deciding if they’re a good fit for any table or patio bar.

Many people praise this bar stool as an ideal lightweight, affordable, stackable option. For people with smaller patios or yards, the ability to stack them is well worth the price alone.

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4. American Antique Rustic Farmhouse Swivel Counter Stool by Topower

Topower American antique and rustic farmhouse style bar stool.

These charming barstools would look at home with any industrial or farmhouse decor. With a vintage distressed look and a wood top, the base is available in yellow or blue to add a splash of color to your room. The seat itself comes in faux leather or with a wooden finish, so you have options when buying.

The height is adjustable between 20 inches high and 26 inches, but these seats don’t use levers to adjust the height. Instead, you screw it tightly to immobilize the stool — it’s better suited to adjusting just once based on counter height.

Known for being sturdy and excellent value for the cost, some buyers did note that the actual color of the stool is slightly different in person, so make sure to evaluate the color carefully before buying.

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5. Microfiber Faux Leather Stools, Set of Two by Lssbought

Lssbought microfiber modern barstools, set of two.

These brown, synthetic leather stools express an understated simplicity. With a sloping back and a sturdy iron frame, the microfiber texture takes comfort to another level. The iron frame is coated with a sleek black finish, and the contrasting stitches add a subtle detail along the seams.

These aren’t adjustable, so it’s important to note that they have a fixed height of 29 inches. They do require some assembly, but all tools are included with your purchase, and they arrive in sets of two.

Reviewers overwhelmingly praise the comfort of these seats, and most were very pleased with the price and quality. The only complaint, however, is they can be time consuming to assemble.

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6. Retro Swivel & Adjustable Bar Stools, Set of Two by Superjare

Superjare retro style swivel and adjustable bar stools, set of two.

These backless adjustable stools come in a modern wave design, with a slight S curve to the seat. And although they’re backless, the slight curve provides support to your lower back area. By using a lever, they can easily swivel and adjust from 22.5 inches to 31.1 inches, and a foot rest on the middle of the base provides stability and comfort.

Made with a suede-like material that covers the seat, they are indoor-only and not durable for outdoor use. If you do use them outside, be sure they remain protected under an awning or covering to prevent the suede from being damaged.

Many buyers found them very comfortable and easy to assemble. Although the material of the seat is not advertised as water-resistant, reviewers found that debris, crumbs, and pet hair were easy to remove. The only downside is that some people found them to be wobbly at their highest height.

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7. Upholstered Faux Leather Bar Stools in Espresso, Set of Two by Furgle

Furgle faux leather upholstered modern barstools in espresso.

These 5-star stools are made of eco-friendly Malaysian rubber wood. It can be a challenge to find eco-friendly furniture on a budget, but these barstools make it easy. The hand-carved legs are simple yet elegant, and could easily add a touch of sophistication to any living room or dining area.

The beautiful espresso shade compliments a range of color palettes, so there’s no need to worry about them clashing with your decor. The rectangular seat itself is wide and comfortable with a scratch-resistant coating, making them easy to wipe clean. Durable and comfortable with a height of 24 inches, they arrive in sets of two.

Customers overwhelmingly praise the style and ease of assembly. They’re a no-fuss, elegant option for a variety of home decors.

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8. Modern Elegance Round Velvet Bar Stools, Set of Two by Duhome

Duhome modern barstools in velvet pink, set of two.

These backless stools with velvet round seats are sure to please minimalists looking for a modern, elegant style. And with a range of vibrant colors to choose from, it’s easy to pick ones that match your existing color scheme. Black metal legs are complimented by a golden footrest, and the seat has a layer of foam padding under the velvet for comfort.

These come at a fixed height of 31 inches, and they don’t adjust or swivel, so keep that in mind when buying. They do come in sets of two, however, and require some assembly, which most people found easy to do.

Reviews are mixed on comfort levels — most found them to be very comfy, while others say they were not soft enough for their liking. But despite this, many people praised the high quality for the price and the ease of assembly.

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9. Classic Retro Swivel & Adjustable Bar Stool With Chrome Footrest by Alpha Home

Alpha Home retro style swivel bar stool with chrome footrest.

These adjustable and backless retro bar stools take you right back to classic diners. The padded seats come in red, black, or beige and are made of high elastic foam upholstered in faux leather for comfort and support. The lever allows you to adjust them anywhere between 24.5 inches and 33 inches. The round base includes a rubber ring to prevent scratching, and these stools come with a one-year warranty.

Previous buyers found them incredibly comfy and easy to assemble. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, these are an excellent choice for smaller studios or apartment spaces thanks to their compact design.

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10. Rustic Brown Plank Wood Bar Stools, Set of Two by Ball & Cast

Ball and Cast rustic wood plank modern barstools in brown.

Rustic. Simple. These sturdy bar stools are a stylish addition to any modern home. The round wooden seat is finished with a dark-brown veneer that pairs beautifully with the dark metal legs, and the round footrest adds another layer of comfort for those longer social events.

At 29 inches high, they don’t adjust or swivel, so if you’re looking for extra features, these probably aren’t for you. But if you’re looking for understated elegance with a natural vibe, these fit the bill perfectly. They do require some assembly, so make sure you have some tools handy. It’s also worth noting that the wooden veneer is not suitable for outdoor use.

Reviews praise these stools for their sturdiness and simple style, and the majority of people found them easy to assemble and high-quality for the price.

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To Sum it Up…

Vintage, antique, industrial, modern, elegant — there’s something here for everybody. As you decide on your ideal barstools, consider carefully your current decor and who will be using them. You’ll also want to decide what they will be used for, and whether they’re going to be for the kitchen or patio. This is important because the features you’ll need for the kitchen island may be different than those required for outdoor seating.

Backless stools will provide gentle exercise for your core but might prove uncomfortable for your back over extended periods, so if you want more support, opt for barstools with a back. But whatever ultimately suits your needs and style, this list provides an easy reference for the budget-conscious shopper.

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