Now more than ever, slowing down is important for both our physical and mental health. Between the demands of our personal and professional lives, it’s difficult sometimes to take a step back. The trick is to find simple, easy ways to relax, and indoor fountains are just that. These fountains cycle water gently throughout the day, and provide soothing background noise that helps to minimize any stress you may be feeling.

There is no right or wrong way to choose a tabletop fountain; it really just comes down to personal taste. Keep in mind that your fountain contributes two types of soothing sensations: sound and visual, and many fountains can double as nightlights in a bedroom. Easy to maintain and affordable, these indoor water fountains provide a gentle way to remind you, your family, or your clients to let the stress go and check in with the present moment.

Where to Put Indoor Water Fountain According to Feng Shui Principles

Where to put indoor water fountains, according to Feng Shui.

Feng shui refers to the ancient Chinese art of arranging your environment to achieve balance with yourself and nature. Different elements — water, wood, metal, fire, and earth — attract different moods and signify different qualities. Indoor water fountains add water energy, which signifies wealth and prosperity. Water, unlike other elements, derives power because it can change form from liquid to vapor and back again. By bringing water energy into your home or office, you bring in strength for your journey, a sense of abundance, and openness to new beginnings.

Feng shui depends on the placement of different items and elements within your space, and each part of your space is infused with meaning. The east area of your space is associated with health and family, so placing a water fountain here will attract mental and spiritual health between family members. The southeast of your home is associated with abundance, and placing a fountain here promotes wealth — both spiritual and monetary. The northern area of your space is associated with your career and life path, and the northern area is typically associated with water elements. Because the north’s element is water, this is the ideal place for adding a fountain.

Keeping these principles in mind, consider what aspects of the water element you most want to attract. Allow yourself to choose a fountain that fits your style and desires. It does not have to look a certain way — choose one that balances with your current decor. The water, not the exact fountain, is the important part.

Do Indoor Water Fountains Add Humidity?

Do indoor water fountains add humidity?

An indoor water fountain can add humidity to a room, but it won’t be very much compared to actual humidifiers. When a space is not humid enough, many people notice an itchy throat and dry, flaking skin on their hands. On the flip side, too much humidity will promote mold growth in the home, and inhabitants will often find themselves sweating more.

So if you’re purchasing a small fountain, you may not notice the difference in humidity. But if you’re working in an already-humid space or considering adding a larger water fountain, you may want to mitigate the increase in humidity. Some people in dry areas might specifically choose a fountain that will add humidity for their comfort or to make a greenhouse or succulent garden more hospitable for plants.

How Do Indoor Water Fountains Work?

How do indoor water fountains work?

The way indoor water fountains work is actually fairly simple; most if not all of them use gravity as a means of continuously moving water. Gravity always pulls water downhill, and so for water to flow, it must travel from a higher spot to a lower spot. Rivers, streams, and waterfalls are simply bodies of water flowing from an uphill resource or stream to a lower point.

Fountains recreate this natural movement through a behind-the-scenes pump. A submerged pump pushes water from an internal reservoir to the highest spot of the fountain. Gravity then does the work of pulling the water to a lower spot on the fountain, creating that soothing flow. In indoor fountains, the pumps are typically powered by an electrical plug.

Because the water is cycled again and again, the only water lost is the water that evaporated. Typically, you simply keep an eye on the fountain and add a cup of water when the reservoir is low. People in dry climates where water evaporates quickly may need to do this more frequently.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the best fountains for indoor use in a variety of styles and budgets.

The Best Indoor Water Fountains For Relaxation

Electric Tabletop Fountain with LED Illuminated Crystal Ball by SereneLife

SereneLife indoor tabletop fountain with LED.

This tabletop fountain features a translucent, crystal like ball that gently rotates with the flow of water. Built in LED lights illuminate the ball with rotating rainbow colors. The lighting element makes it a calming choice for a nightlight in a child’s room or to add color to your office. It uses a quiet, submersible pump and plugs into the wall. It’s also safe for use inside or outside and measures 6.7 inches high.

Reviewers thought this little fountain was a beautiful addition to their homes, and because it’s small, many chose to put it on shelves or a desk space. Most reviewers mention the noise of the fountain was gentle, but others wished the sound was a little louder.

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Sensory LED Bubble Wall by Playlearn

Indoor sensory bubble wall by Playlearn.

This wall fountain is a beautiful way to add color and soothing sound to your office or home. It’s a little different from traditional water fountains — the body of water itself does not flow, but an internal pump sends a constant stream of bubbles through a tank divided into four panels.

The pump has a gentle, soothing hum, and the water and bubbles are illuminated by LED lights. You can control four different modes and eight different colors from an app, making it easy to customize settings on a whim. This fountain is specifically recommended for children with ADHD, autism, or special needs and was designed with safe sensory stimulation in mind.

Reviewers loved this bubble wall; many found it easy to set up and received many compliments on it. A few reviewers received noisy pumps, but customer service replaced them quickly.

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Tabletop Buddha Fountain by BBabe

Zen tabletop fountain with buddha by Bbabe.

This small tabletop fountain features a statue of Buddha surrounded by three bowls. An LED light illuminates the water, and it uses a power cord to plug into the wall. This fountain would be a good fit for those who want the sound of flowing water and a visual element to aid their meditation practice.

Many customers loved how easy it was to set up. Because of the shape of the fountain, one reviewer could even hang a meaningful bracelet on it and place rocks and crystals on the bottom. The only complaint is that it does not have an on/off switch, so it must be unplugged to turn it off.

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Indoor/Outdoor Water Fountain by Bamboo Accents

Bamboo Accents indoor and outdoor water fountain.

This bamboo fountain is a stunning addition to any garden, home, or office. Unlike others, you pair the nozzle and pump with a basin or pot you already own, so just be aware that the basin is not included. Simply place the submersible pump in your favorite ceramic pot or planter, place the bamboo piece on the edge, and plug the pump into an electrical outlet.

The spout is handcrafted from Tam Vong bamboo, a particularly strong type of bamboo. This fountain is easy to pair with your existing decor because you can incorporate it with your favorite container. The fountain itself is simple and minimalist, and lends itself well to pairing with a ceramic pot for a more zen feel. Be sure to place it on the edge of a container that is 15 to 20 inches in diameter.

Reviewers found this to be a sturdy, beautiful addition to their homes and offices. Some used it in small, indoor gardens or made hummingbird baths. A couple of reviewers replaced the pump with a stronger one; one person replaced the pump with a three-prong plug as a guard against electric shock.

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Tabletop Cave Fountain by Sunnydaze

Tabletop water fountain cave by Sunnydaze.

This fountain stands 14 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep, making it the perfect size for a desk, shelf, or counter. Stacks of polyresin rocks replicate a natural stone waterfall, and the LED lighting provides a soft glow. It plugs into the wall with a 6ft cord, and the fountain must be unplugged to turn it off. The pump also has an adjustable water flow feature, allowing you to change the setting whenever you want.

Customers gave this fountain positive reviews; they loved the look and sound of the water flowing. A few reviewers noted that, although the fountain is built to guard against splashes, they did get some splashing or misting. One reviewer suggested keeping it on the lowest power setting to avoid the problem.

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Modern Stone Fountain by Harmony Fountains

Harmony modern tabletop stone water fountain.

This stylized tabletop fountain features tiered shaped stones crafted from fiberglass and resin. It’s safe to use indoors or outdoors and works beautifully with modern zen decor. White LEDs provide a soothing glow, while the layers of rock basins add a visually pleasing element overall.

Reviewers loved the style, the sound of trickling water, and the quiet motor. Most reported that the motor was almost silent, and many commented that the fountain feels lightweight, making it easy to transport and move around.

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Tiered Tabletop Fountain by SunJet

Tabletop fountain by SunJet.

This small fountain provides a soothing flow of water from tiered, round containers. Blue LED lighting illuminates the water, and its small size makes it perfect for desks or tabletop work spaces.

This fountain has an average of four stars; reviewers loved the easy setup and the calming effect of the water. They do note, however, that it does not come with the pebbles included in the picture, and a few reviewers felt that the LED light was too bright.

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To Sum it Up…

Indoor water fountains bring soothing, gentle energy into your home or office. The soft sound of trickling water not only provides a calming background noise, but it can also be a reminder to consciously check in and practice being present.

Customers who practice feng shui will appreciate adding a water element — and its corresponding prosperity and abundance — into their lives. There are fountains for every style, and whichever one you choose, an indoor fountain is the quickest way to bring more tranquility into your life.