If you live in a densely populated city, your garage is likely smaller than someone living in the Illinois countryside. But most garages serve the same purpose – to house a car(s) and miscellaneous items. Many folks keep tools and tinkering items in their garages, and over time these handy collections continue to grow. We’ve all been there, roaming our favorite hardware store’s aisles only to spot the “best drill ever” staring us down. Our significant other reminds us that we purchased the “best drill ever” last November, to which we respond – “but this one is better.”

As the tool collection invariably grows, so does the potential for an untidy area. And untidy areas can lead to rocky roads if we’re not careful. But more than keeping a relationship healthy, if you have kids, untidy areas filled with heavy tools and potentially dangerous parts for your kids to be around is not a safe situation. Improper storage practices could lead to some disastrous results. The bottom line – it’s time to get those garage tools in order, and by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be well on your way to achieving this goal. 

What is the Best Way to Organize Tools?

What is the best way to organize tools?

As with most things, getting started is the most challenging step. It can be overwhelming taking in a corner of messy tools and wondering where to begin. But believe it or not, the organization process is not all that time-consuming. It just looks burdensome because of the disorder!

The first thing to do is clear a large area in the garage, take all your tools and accessories, large and small, and spread them out. This is like taking inventory of what you have, and the best way to do it is by laying everything out visually. Next, separate the tools by types – screwdrivers with screwdrivers, washers with washers, bolts with bolts, etc. You’ll eventually combine some of these into larger groups based on how you use them, but the first step is creating a logical inventory.

Next up is reviewing your current storage situation. If this consists of nothing but a table in a corner, then the subsequent products we’ll be reviewing will come in handy. But most people have some combination of drawers and perhaps multi-layered shelves to place and store tools. If you’re working with this set-up, the “top to bottom” organization method is popular. This method is centered on the size and weight of the tools plus your frequency in using them.

In the upper drawers or upper shelf, place the smallest and lightest tools. It’s tempting to put nuts and bolts here, but some folks prefer to carve out a separate space due to their size. The middle drawers or shelves are then reserved for a bit heavier tools and the lower drawers for your heaviest items. Once you have this practice in place and stick to it when new tools arrive, finding your tools will never be an issue again.    

The Best Garage Tool Organization and Storage Ideas

We’ve now arrived at the fun part; most folks could use a garage tool storage upgrade. Heck, you might have upgraded last year but made an unwise purchase and now have a pair of collapsed drawers on hand or a sloping shelf that can barely support the weight of a couple of hammers. It’s a nasty predicament, but we’ve got an answer. More specifically, ten of them, so let’s take a look!

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Wall Control pegboard tool organizer for walls.

We’re kicking this off with a leader in the storage arena – Wall Control. As the name suggests, Wall Control understands how to use a flat surface to your advantage. They have a wide range of patented metal pegboard products, and this four-foot organizer is a crafty guy or gal’s dream! Roughly ten times stronger than a conventional pegboard, this organizer features ¼ inch pegs, and the board mounts into sheetrock or studs directly, no cumbersome framework required.

Regarding the installation, one online reviewer commented that the entire set-up took less than 20 minutes, and it was impressive to see the amount of folks who opted to fill their entire garage wall with these pegboards. The only thing to keep in mind is a rubber mallet is recommended with the installation. 

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StoreYourBoard Garage Pro Tool Storage Rack

Garage tool storage rack by StoreYourBoard.

If you’re on the hunt for a storage unit that can handle a screwdriver and a rake, with perhaps a garden hose mixed in as well as a shovel, the Pro Tool Rack from StoreYourBoard is a solid option. There’s nothing worse than staring at a corner with random sized tools and supplies staring you back in the face and demanding a home. The smaller tools end up thrown under the bigger ones and finding anything over time becomes a real chore.

StoreYourBoard is a company that understands this issue well, and this rack comes complete with six useful storage attachments. It also includes a bonus storage shelf up top for the smaller items, and the whole setup is customizable. You can adjust the spacing between racks and fit your tools according to their size, not a pre-constructed rack size. 

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Sunix Power Tool Organizer

Power tool organizer for garage by Sunix.

Power tools require more care than most garage tools. They’re engaged in some heavy-duty work, but they’re also expensive and prone to rust or worse if not cared for. With this organizer, you’ve got enough storage space for five power tools (sitting upright) on the bottom, an ample shelf above for accessories, and then an open shelf on the top where you can store miscellaneous items or even run a power strip through.

This organizer measures 20.7” x 15.2” x 5.6,” weighs just over 10 pounds, and takes minimal time to install. A couple of reviewers mentioned that while the directions call for a screwdriver for the installation, an electric driver is better as your hands will be killing you after the whole ordeal.

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Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks

Utility double hooks for garage storage.

If you’re looking to get creative with your garage tool storage, and don’t want a prefabricated storage shelf or rack, then pick up a handful of these hooks. Available in five different sizes, the smallest run 2.7” (long) x 4.5” (tall), while the granddaddy hook is 7.3” (long) x 6.1” (tall). Fabricated of heavy-duty iron and covered in an anti-slip sturdy PVC, these hooks are corrosion resistant and can support some serious weight.

Installation involves drilling a handful of holes with a masonry bit, inserting the expansion tubes, and then knocking the wall plugs into the tube. After that, it’s a strong twist of the screw, and the hook is mounted. You can create one area in your garage with multiple hooks or spread them out. It’s a hook fiesta with these handy numbers!

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9 Pack Extension Cord Holder Organizer

Heavy-duty storage strap for garage organization by LuBan.

Products like this are interesting because the concept seems so simple. These storage straps from LuBan are high-density straps that latch around a hook, and when folded can hold up any tool you have up to 50 pounds. You simply place them around a hook, fold them over, and then attach whatever it is you’d like to hang. We’ve seen everything from hoses to wrenches, saws, and major power tools.

Made of 900 denier nylon, the circumference wrapping capacity is an impressive 13 inches while the diameter can stretch to 4 inches. The straps come in five different sizes (small to jumbo), and best yet, are also rust resistant. Boat aficionados love them to store hoses and all sorts of boat related garage tools.

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2×4 Basics Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System

Customizable work bench and storage system for garage tools.

We enjoy companies that communicate exactly what they do in their name. It’s hard to imagine 2×4 Basics making microprocessor chips, selling tennis rackets, producing oversized beach balls, or a non-profit focused on protecting the Chilean Patagonia. Rather, 2×4 Basics works with wood, and this work bench is a garage tinkerer’s masterpiece!

Comprised of four workbench legs and six shelving links, this bench is customizable and available up to 8 feet in width. What receives rave reviews, however, with the 2×4 Basics bench are the brackets of all things. This bench is so easy to assemble and disassemble according to your preference principally because the brackets are well-made and seamlessly facilitate the different cuts in forming together. The only cuts needed are 90-degree cuts, so there isn’t a lot that can go wrong. 

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NewAge Products Bold Series Gray 7 Piece Set

Garage storage cabinets set and shelves by New Age Products.

If you choose to Google this product before reading this, don’t freak out. We understand it looks like an indoor entertainment center. But here’s the catch – it’s not! Certainly not for a small garage, this 7-piece set is not screwing around and is made to take up a sizable portion of your wall to store literally everything in your garage.

The multi-use lockers are built to last, and the rolling tool cabinet can take on 600 pounds of weight. Manufactured with 24-gauge steel, the worktop features stain-resistant bamboo, and the height-adjustable steel shelves can adapt and accommodate a host of different sized items. Some folks online have added LED lights to illuminate their workspace and the results are impressive. 

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Dewalt Drawer Storage Shelf Accessory Kit

Dewalt storage drawer and shelf kit for tools.

Dewalt is a known entity in the larger construction and home improvement field. They’re leaders when it comes to tools but have branched out with this storage shelf. Measuring 6” x 42” x 16.5,” the cool thing about this shelf is the space to place smaller shelves within the unit. The built-in drawer is perfect for lighter tools and accessories, and the durable steel construction ensures that no tool is too heavy for safe storage here.

A couple of reviews noted that assembly is not without its challenges. While easy to put together, apparently, there is a gap that sometimes occurs between the top of the drawer and the shelf. This might be due to something that went wrong in the production of the shelves and the pre-drilled holes. Something to keep an eye on. 

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13PC Garage Organizer

13 peice garage organizer for garage storage.

One of the most affordable organizers on our list, this tidy number from consists of four separate rails and three “purpose hooks.” These handy hooks hold a specific purpose – hanging bulky items like ladders, smaller or lighter items like rakes, and even hooks made to hang shoes.

The unit is fabricated from high-quality powder-coated steel, and based on reviews, very few have complained of cracking, chipping or rusting. The entire organizer can hold up to 800 pounds and is a snap to install. But perhaps the best feature of this organizer is because of its price, you can purchase two, three, four or five of them, line them up across a wall, and your tool storage issues have officially vanished. Good times!  

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Dewalt 4-Foot Tall, 3 Shelf Steel Wire Deck Industrial Storage Rack

Dewalt industrial storage rack for tool storage.

Another solid number from Dewalt, don’t be turned off by the word “industrial” in the title. While images online might have you thinking of something reserved for an Amazon warehouse, this rack will likely outlive you and serve as the centerpiece in your garage for decades upon decades. While only three shelves, each shelf supports up to 1,500 pounds for a whopping total of 4,500 pounds!

The rack is supported by nylon foot pads that are fiberglass-reinforced to prevent any floor damage. On the unit itself, five support straps prevent any twisting or spreading that tend to occur with heavy loads, and a set of pins secure the crossbeams coupled with a wall-mounting anchor if you choose to use it. You might want to consider this if you live in earthquake territory.  

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To Sum it Up

There are certainly more entertaining things to do than organize your garage. We can think of over fifty alternative ways to spend a Saturday. But, you know, your significant other knows, your kids know, and even extended family members know that your garage is a mess and until you get a handle on the situation, it will continue to haunt you.

So, this weekend, the first step is taking inventory of what you’ve got and organizing your tools into the existing storage space. If you discover (which you likely will) that your storage space or rack needs an upgrade, we’ve reviewed ten exceptional options here. Many serve the same function, but each brings a unique twist and flavor to organization. We can’t say you’ll necessarily be happier post “tool-organization,” but we guarantee you’ll sleep better knowing you’ve finally got this monkey off your back.