Whether you are a serious gardener or just want to feed your family with toxin-free food, nothing can beat the exhilarating feeling of getting your hands dirty and seeing the results of all your hard work with lots of flowering plants in your backyard.

Greenhouses have become the savior of modern-day gardeners. It’s the best solution to grow your own fruits, veggies, and herbs in a controlled environment. By setting up a greenhouse, you get to avoid all the damaging effects of temperature volatilities and harsh weather conditions. And by controlling the environmental effects, you can extend the growing season and enjoy the crop longer. This also means you can even grow off-season produce.

Best of all, growing all the food you need is a truly rewarding experience. And let’s not forget, you get to prepare meals that are nontoxic and safe for your family.

Having said that, with winter coming up, you could be wondering how a greenhouse could help during those dreary cold months. Well, don’t worry, we’re going to explain all that next.

How to Use a Greenhouse in the Winter

How to use a greenhouse in the winter.

So, will a greenhouse still do its job under the harsh weather conditions of winter? Of course it can! In fact, this is one of the best reasons for getting a greenhouse. It can quite literally control the environment for your plants during the whole year. So, you get to enjoy the crop even during the chilly and gloomy winter months.

All you need to do is just heat up your greenhouse. There are plenty of heating options available, from electric heaters to gas ones. But before you set up a heating unit, consider your greenhouse size to ensure that the heater you purchase can maintain the required temperature. If your greenhouse is particularly large, there are sophisticated and more permanent heating solutions as well to help you out. Meanwhile, it’s also important to check and ensure that the greenhouse structure is properly insulated to prevent heat from escaping.

Once the heating is set up, your greenhouse will keep the plants perfectly protected from the harsh outdoor climate. Your seasonal crop like lettuce, cabbage, and potatoes will continue to thrive and you could even grow off-season crops and enjoy them during the colder months.

The bottom line is, you no longer need to give up your gardening dreams because of the chilly winters. A greenhouse can help you build a lush garden right in your backyard, all year round.

Winter Greenhouse Essentials

If you are getting ready to set up your very own greenhouse, there are a few essentials that you need to stock up on for those winter months up ahead. These are the must-haves for every beginner to avoid fretting once the temperature starts to drop.

Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller

Digital temperature controller for greenhouses by Inkbird.

A thermostat is a must-have item for your greenhouse to protect your plants, whether you’re going into winter or summer. And this temp controller is a great option to maintain that perfect environment.

It’s a plug and play device with an easy setup; all you need to do is just connect the heating and cooling devices and set the temperature levels you want to maintain. And when the temperature drops below what you’ve set, the heating will automatically start and raise the greenhouse temperature to the required level.

And best of all, it’s designed with some pretty cool features to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained in your greenhouse no matter what. It’s got an alarm system to alert you when the temperature rises or drops beyond the levels you’ve set. It will also automatically alert you if there are any sensor faults, and the calibration function ensures extra accuracy.

Based on customer reviews, the temperature setting process could be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to all these. But don’t worry, this Inkbird thermostat comes with a comprehensive manual to help you through that.

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SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation Roll

Reflective insulation roll for greenhouses by Smart Shield.

Another essential item for your greenhouse during the cold winter months is solid insulation. There are plenty of insulation products in the market, but it’s important to go for a good quality option to avoid unexpected trouble in the middle of winter.

This SmartSHIELD insulation product will not disappoint. It’s a high quality commercial-grade product that’s durable, yet lightweight. It’s made with a 3mm closed-cell polyethylene foam and layers of aluminum on both sides. So rest assured, you’re getting the best of insulation unlike the cheap bubble and polyester film stuff on the market.

This insulation material can keep the humidity and moisture away during the winters. It’s also mold-resistant and soundproof. And it’s completely nontoxic, so if it’s good for you, it’s good for your plants as well.

It’s quite large at 16 inches x 50 feet, but make sure you take proper measurements before purchasing. You can cut it easily to your required sizes and install it around your greenhouse without the layers coming apart. And if you’ve got some leftover material, you can even use it to insulate your garage, water pipes, or the attic.

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RHS Propagation Heat Mat

Propagation heat mat for greenhouse seedlings by RHS.

Seed germination is not easy during the cold months of the year, but we’ve got a cool device that could help you out with this.

This is a seedling pad with a heating system that can keep the germination process going during winter so you can continue to enjoy fresh produce straight out of your backyard. It uses heated film technology to safely and evenly warm up the root area to help plants grow almost 3 times faster. It can also help avoid common issues like root rotting and give a boost to growing roots.

This USA-made heat mat comes in different sizes to fit your seedling trays. But if you want a customized size, they could get that done for you as well.

It’s perfectly eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and will not eat into your electricity bill. Plus, it’s highly durable and easy to use and clean. The heated film technology ensures that the mat stays in place without rolling up. And because of its even and consistent temperature regulation design, you don’t need to worry about getting a thermostat.

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Poly Tarp by Golden Valley Tools & Tarps

Heavy duty poly tarp for greenhouses by Golden Valley Tools and Tarp.

A good quality tarp is essential to build a greenhouse that can endure not just the harsh winter months, but also the hot summers. And this product from Golden Valley Tools & Tarps is an excellent all-season choice to put up with the onslaught of seasonal changes.

It’s made from Polyethylene mesh with reinforced edges to be ultra durable. It’s also completely waterproof and resistant to mildew to provide protection during the cold seasons. And on top of that, it’s got UV protection for those summer months.

The overall size is 7 ft 6 inches x 19 ft 6 inches. According to the manufacturer, it’s clear in color and the grommets are around 18 inches apart.

Customers seem pretty impressed with the heavy-duty design, which seems to stand up well even against a heavy storm according to one customer. But based on a few reviews, this doesn’t seem to be see-through, so it might block off some sunlight coming into your greenhouse. But don’t worry, a few good grow lights can help you overcome this problem.

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Bootstrap Farmer Spring Wire & Lock Channel Bundle

Spring wire locking system for greenhouses by Bootstrap Farmer.

Take note because you’re going to need these to keep your greenhouse cover in place during high winds and other harsh weather conditions.

The packaging includes 20 each of spring wires and lock channels, all made to be super durable and rust-free. The 6.5 ft long spring wires are PVC coated and the lock channels are made from high-quality aluminum alloy.

They’re designed with the right amount of flexibility to fit tunnel arches. You can also easily mount them to any kind of structure made from wood or steel with pre-drilling or self-tapping screws. The manufacturer recommends using them with a variety of greenhouse coverings that are up to 20 mm in thickness.

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Pop-up Greenhouse by Tingyuan

Pop-up greenhouse for plants.

Mini pop-up greenhouses are a great solution to cover plants that need extra protection against frost or when the weather turns sour during winter.

It’s made from transparent PVC material and steel hoops, and installation is pretty simple—just pop it open and anchor it with nails or small spikes. If you think your plants need some ventilation, it’s designed with a small zipped window for added convenience.

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MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light

LED grow light for hydroponics and greenhouses by Mars Hydro.

Grow lights are a must-have for your greenhouse during winters with little sunlight. This LED light unit is a great energy efficient option to give your plants a near natural full-spectrum light for increased yield quality and efficiency.

The 342 LED unit is designed with a fanless system, so it’s completely noise free, and the material used is highly reflective and can disperse heat quickly to avoid unnecessary heat damage to your plants. It’s also got a dimming function to adjust the brightness to suit the plant growth stage.

Keep in mind that installation could be tricky and the manual might not help you out much. But when it comes to performance, it’s got some great reviews from customers.

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AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

Ac Infinity duct fan with humidity control for greenhouses.

When you set up a proper insulation mechanism to protect your greenhouse during winter months, you also need to ensure sufficient ventilation and air circulation for your plants.

This ventilation exhaust fan is mainly marketed for hydroponics, but based on customer reviews it seems to work great for greenhouses and grow tents too.

It can self-adjust the temperature and humidity and is designed with a timer and alarm system. And best of all, it’s impressively quiet and energy-efficient.

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To Sum It Up…

A greenhouse makes an excellent choice to grow your own fruits and veggies all year round so that you can feed your family with healthy, safe, and non-toxic food. It’ll let you keep up with your gardening even during winters to enjoy home-grown fresh produce during those cold months. With just a few adjustments and proper heating, you’re good to go. Our list of winter greenhouse essentials will help you get started with all the must-have equipment for winter gardening.