Gone are the days of stubborn adhesives and tacks in the wall. Changes in adhesive technology have resulted in a new type of wall decoration: decals, also known as wall stickers. Wall stickers are the newest trend. Typically printed on thin vinyl, they have a layer of adhesive on the back that allows them to stick to glass or wall paint. Unlike traditional stickers however, the adhesive is light enough that the sticker may be peeled off without damaging the paint underneath.

Want to turn your child’s room into a planetarium? How about an underwater sea space? Painting planets or fish would take time and money — and the results are permanent. Decals, however, are fully removable and tend to cost less than a set of fingerpaints. Many children will even enjoy applying the stickers themselves; if you need to adjust, simply peel off the sticker and reapply.

As children grow, their tastes change. When your child ages out of their Paw Patrol or Disney Princess phase, you can simply peel off the wall decals and replace them with a new set of wall stickers. Educational prints, glow-in-the-dark planets, character stickers, and soft watercolor shapes are just a few of the options at your fingertips.

Although playrooms and bedrooms are the most common places to apply wall stickers, you may consider using them in your business waiting room, applying a few underwater stickers in a bathroom, or using them to decorate a classroom. You can even buy a few sets for party favors or gifts.

Do Wall Decals Damage Walls?

Do wall decals damage walls?

For the most part, no. With a surge in new technology, wall decals today are designed to be removable. Most of the wall decals below will peel off easily. That said, you can decrease the chance of damaging the wall paint by removing the right way. Start with a corner, and peel the sticker off very, very slowly; removing your sticker slowly prevents ripping the paint.

Use this method to remove wall decals properly: find a hair dryer with a warm setting, and apply the mild heat to the corner you’re peeling. Continue peeling very slowly and apply the hair dryer to each section as you peel. The heat should ease the decal off safely.

It’s uncommon for a decal to leave a sticky residue, but it can happen. If you notice any stickiness, gently wash the wall in a circular motion with warm soapy water. For a stubborn adhesive, consider applying nail polish, WD-40, or an adhesive remover. Always test on a small sample of paint first.

The Coolest Wall Decals and Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms in 2020

World Map Decal with Animals by HomeEvolution

World map educational wall decal for kids by HomeEvolution.

Where do penguins live? What continent has koalas? Can you find the Atlantic Ocean? This educational decal is perfect for learning the different continents and what animals live on each. Colorful and cheerful, the map boasts all seven continents with some of the animals associated with each.

It’s perfect for teaching young children basic geography and animal names. Your purchase includes two sheets, 40 inches high x 12 inches wide. The stickers are also easy to apply and removable.

Reviewers thought this decal brightened up a child’s room. They loved the level of detail in the stickers and reported that their children were delighted to find different animals and landmarks on the map. Customers were pleased that the stickers could be removed and readjusted with ease if a continent was misplaced. Although the stickers are removable, reviewers noted their decals lasted for months.

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Vintage Airplane Decals by RoomMates

Vintage airplanes wall decals for kids room by RoomMates.

This set of vintage airplanes is perfect for the child who loves planes or flying. You could even consider placing these planes, clouds, and banners on a ceiling to mimic the sky. The set includes 22 removable stickers, and the background is clear. The decals are removable for repositioning, and they’re made in the USA.

Customers give these affordable decals five stars. They report that they were easy to apply and remove. Many reviewers thought the decals were an incredible quality for the price. One reviewer noted that most of the planes fly to the left and only a few fly to the right, so take this into account if you want your airplanes to head in a specific direction.

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Disney Princess Decals by RoomMates

Disney princess wall decals for girls room by RoomMates.

Let the Disney princesses keep your children company. This set of decals includes 6 stickers plus more than thirty decorative stickers of gene lamps, flowers, hearts, jewels, and more. They’re made in the USA and fully removable.

These highly rated stickers were a hit with children and parents. Children loved having these princesses adorn their playrooms or bedrooms. Parents report that they stuck very well; one reviewer said her Disney princess stickers lasted for more than two years. Nevertheless, the decals are easy to remove if needed. The only complaint is that each decal is somewhat thin, so you can see through them if they overlap.

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Create-A-Mural Coral Reef Ocean Wall Decals

Coral reef ocean wall decals for kids room by Create-a-Mural.

Want to live under the sea? You can transform your child’s bedroom into a watery wonderland with these decals. Covering 3 feet of wall when clustered together, the set includes coral, seaweed, fish, and beach stickers. They can be used for a wall accent, or consider turning your bathroom into a sea-themed space by placing these on mirrors or windows.

Reviewers loved creating mini murals in their kids’ rooms with these stickers. They thought it was a fun, easy, affordable way to create what looked like a professional mural. Although it could be tricky positioning the stickers exactly the way they wanted, reviewers were pleased that these could be peeled off and reapplied as needed.

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Watercolor Dinosaur Decals by Cherry Creek

Watercolor dinosaur wall decals for kids room by Cherry Creek.

Designed in Paris for early learning, they’ll cheer up any space. This set includes 4 sheets of wall stickers, and the dinosaurs, trees, and footprints are in bright watercolor hues for a cheerful decor. Use them in a bedroom, playroom, or even give them as gifts or party favors. They’re printed with environmentally friendly, nontoxic ink.

“Vibrant, durable, and super cute” are just a few of the words reviewers used to describe these dinosaur decals. Customers loved how easy they were to apply, and several made a project of applying them with their toddlers. Reviewers report that they stuck well but were easy to remove.

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Paw Patrol Wall Decal by RoomMates

Paw Patrol wall decals for kids by RoomMates.

If you have a child who is obsessed with Paw Patrol, then these are the stickers for you. Made in the USA and easy to remove, the stickers add a splash of fun to any wall. Featuring the different characters of the Paw Patrol series, this set includes 37 stickers. They’re removable and easy to apply.

Customers were delighted by the value and quality of these Paw Patrol Decals. Reviewers noted that the stickers are larger than they expected; the decals covered a lot of wall space. The only complaint was that most of the characters were represented with 2 – 4 stickers, but Sky only got one sticker.

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Glow in the Dark Unicorn Set by Mafox

Glow in the dark unicorn wall decal set by Mafox.

This set of unicorn, castle, and star decals is a hit with children. Children who are afraid of the dark may find the soft glow particularly comforting. The set of decals includes 68 stars, an 11 inch unicorn, a castle, a rainbow, and a set of hearts and diamonds. Make sure the stickers receive plenty of light during the day so they can glow at night.

Reviewers raved about these glow-in-the-dark stickers; their children were enchanted by them. They’re easy enough to apply that you can apply them with your child. One or two reviewers had trouble removing them. If this happens, try applying warm heat from a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.

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Create-a-Mural Sports Decals

Sports wall decals for boys room by Create-a-Mural.

Decorate your children’s walls with footballs, soccer balls, and hockey pucks. This set is perfect for sports lovers. The set includes 23 stickers. They’re removable and can be repositioned. The smallest decal is 1.5 inches, and the largest is 8 inches.

“Wonderful decoration!” Reviewers report that these decals were simple to apply and reposition. They’re high quality but affordable, and many reviewers would buy them again.

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Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets

Glow in the dark stars and planets wall stickers for kids room by Niclod.

With these wall decals, you can build your own planetarium. If your child is science-minded or loves the stars, these are the stickers for them. During the day, the stickers absorb light, then glow throughout the night. The set includes more than 300 stickers, including 14 planets, a moon, and more than 200 stars.

“10/10 recommend,” reviewers said. They report that the stickers are thick and high quality, and they could be reapplied and readjusted. Most reviewers had no problems removing them, but one or two said they peeled off some paint. Make sure you peel them off very carefully, and consider applying a hair dryer for a few moments before removing.

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L & O Goods Woodland Animal Watercolor Prints

Woodland animal watercolor prints for nursery by L & O Goods.

If wall decals just aren’t your style, consider hanging a set of prints in your child’s room. This set of adorable woodland creatures will cheer up any room. Although they are best framed, you can hang them directly on the wall with tacks or blue tack. The soft watercolor hues are a calming addition to any nursery or bedroom. The prints include a bunny, a deer, a fox, a hedgehog, a raccoon, and a squirrel.

These prints are “sooooo stinkin’ cute,” according to reviewers. Customers commented on the thick, sturdy quality of the paper. They thought the animals were adorable and delightful. At 10 x 8 inches, the prints fit in standard frames. One reviewer recommended using 11 x14 inch matted frames.

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To Sum it Up…

Wall decals and stickers remind us that the only limit to a creative room is our imagination. Whether your child loves animals or Paw Patrol, princesses or planets, there’s a set of wall stickers for you. Easy to apply and just as easy to remove, these decorations are a hit with young children. You can change them as your child grows.

Application takes very little hassle, and it can be an activity you enjoy together with your child. Apply wall decals by smoothing the sticker over a clean, dry wall. If you need to remove them, peel the sticker from a corner very slowly. If you notice any paint peeling, simply apply a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Whether you’re decorating a boy’s nursery or a girl’s bedroom, a playroom or a bathroom, one of these wall decals will add the perfect splash of fun.