Are you considering a firepit for your backyard?

If so, you may want to consider Landmann USA.

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Landmann USA is a manufacturer of high-end and quality smokers, grills, fire pits, firewood storage and fireplace grates. They make all sorts of products that will facilitate your outdoor living or for an outdoor picnic.

To help you choose your favorite, let us look at a few products.

Landmann USA Ball Of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

landmann usa ball of fire fire pitYes, that’s right! An outdoor fireplace. And it’s literally a big ball of fire!

It has a spherical shape which allows you an unobstructed view from any angle.

You no longer need to keep a fireplace only inside your home! Landmann USA will provide you with outdoor fireplaces as well!

Here are a couple of the technical specifications/features:

Constructed using high-grade steel, the Landmann USA 28925 Ball Of Fire Outdoor Fireplace weighs 47 lbs. and does not need any sand to weigh it down.

It has a spherical shape which allows you an unobstructed view from any angle. Its dimensions are 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches.

The ball of fire has a large pivoting door which allows you to safely adjust or poke the logs of woods inside even while it is burning. You can easily load or re-load wood into it as well.

Its fire bowl is easily removable to facilitate the easy removal of ash.

And it has been specifically designed for outdoor use. Whether you want to keep it by your pool, patio or in your backyard, it blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

It even comes with its own protective cover that offers it protection against adverse conditions.

The Landmann Ball of Fire is a perfect buy.  Go ahead and head over to Amazon to bring home this marvelous product for you and your family.

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit

big sky fire pitIf you are planning a glorious outdoor evening around a fire with family and friends, consider this product.

Measuring 23 and a half inches in diameter and a 12.5 deep fire bowl, this fire pit come with attractive wildlife cut-outs on its body.

You can view the shimmering fire through these cut-outs, and this creates a unique ambiance which is bound to remind you of nights around the campfire.

It comes with a spark screen to protect you from the fire sparks. It also has a poker which allows you to safely poke the logs of wood.

Its black color means that it does not show dirty easily, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it as frequently.

Best of all: it is almost fully assembled when you buy it. You just need to attach the legs, and it’s ready to provide you with warmth!

You can easily reposition it by moving it using the rail around the top. This rail always remains cool, so you don’t have to worry about scorching your hands.

You can cook and roast your food in no time using this fire pit, and sit around the fire, eating and sharing stories.

Check out the latest pricing here.

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

stars and moon fire pitThis is another recommended product in the Big Sky Stars series of fire pits by Landmann USA.

Instead of wildlife cuttings as on its related product, this fire pit comes with gorgeous cut-outs of moon and stars. See the moon and the stars glow with a fire burning inside the pit and feel the sky glowing in front of you!

It weighs 32 pounds and has dimensions of 23 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches.

Like all quality Landmann products, it has a sturdy steel construction and a black finish. If you want to cook, there’s no fire pit more perfect than this one. This is because it also includes a cooking grate!

It has a poker to allow you to easily re-adjust the burning logs inside without getting burnt.

Its safety ring at the top facilitates easy transport, thus solving any issue of portability.

In case you want any parts replaced, this product comes with a 90-days warranty. However, this is very unlikely, since all fire pits manufactured by Landmann USA are of the highest standards and in perfect working condition.  Find it here.

Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

garden light fire pitThis fire pit is another of Landmann USA’s highly rated products.

Its fire bowl is 23 and a half inches in diameter, and its spherical shape allows for a full 360-degree view of the fire. It is constructed with steel and can be easily assembled within ten minutes. Its dimensions are 28.50 x 25.00 x 24.25 inches.  What does all that mean?  It means that it is of perfect height!

The legs supporting it are not only sturdy but also well decorated, lending the fire pit style as well as stability.

It comes with a mesh cover that very effectively protects you from sparks and embers of the burning wood. It not only assures safety but also comes with good airflow and ventilation to ensure there is no damage done by the fire burning.

Its side handles remain cool and make this fire pit easily portable.

This is your perfect companion for spending long hours outdoors. Head over here to buy this product.

Landmann USA 28673 Big Sky Firepit and Grill With Tree Leaves Pattern

tree leaves fire pitAs you can already infer from the name, this fire pit is the perfect companion for making grills and roasts.

With a 24-inch fire bowl and a strong steel construction, this fire pit is designed to be durable. The cut-outs of tree leaves on the side will make them seem like falling autumn leaves when you see the fire burning through them.

It comes with a poker and a safety ring for easy transport from one place to another.

Take it to a camp or arrange a picnic right outside in your backyard and this firepit will not disappoint you in creating a perfect atmosphere for these occasions.  Found here.

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

barrone fire pitThis fire pit is another perfect choice for housing your outdoor fire! With a unique shape that tapers like a pyramid towards the top, this fire pit not only works well but also lends an antique look and feel to the whole atmosphere.

The fire can keep burning for hours without external help.

It comes with a spark screen, a heavy poker and its own cover which is water-resistant to protect it from the outdoor weather.

Constructed with steel and given a finishing of bronze, this product comes with a mesh at the bottom, to prevent anything from coming out.

It is very safe for cooking as well. Put any cooking grate on top of the fire and let your food roast with the cover on. Yes, you can even keep the cover on while cooking, thus avoiding the dangers of sparks that generally come with cooking in open fireplaces.

Enjoy an uninterrupted outdoor time, even during cold nights, by buying this amazing product.

Landmann USA 29300 Big Sky Fire Pit Cover, 30-Inch Diameter

landmann fire pit coverWhat about those fire pits that don’t come with any protection?

It’s easy. Just buy a cover to protect them.

Landmann USA allows you to buy the covers specifically made for your product, such as the Big Sky Fire Pit Cover, which fits any fire pit of the Landmann USA’s Big Sky Firepit series.

Measuring 30-inches in diameter and made of nylon, it is water resistant which helps keep your fire pit dry. Its elastic nature makes for a tight fit so that no part of your fire pit is left uncovered and unprotected.

Worried that your fire pits may be ruined? Don’t worry. You can also use Landmann fire pit cover to help protect your fire pits from bad weather and other harsh conditions.

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

landmann log rackNow that you have your fire pit and a fire pit cover as well, the question is, where do you keep your wood? Do you have to always carry the logs of wood from inside to your fire pit? Of course not!

With Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack, storing wood just got easier. This wood rack comes in two sizes—4-feet and 8-feet—and has a weatherproof powder coating which prevents it from rust.

It is made of durable tubular steel. The 8-feet wood rack can store almost 2/3 cord of wood and keeps the firewood away from the ground. Thus you can keep your firewood close without having to fear that it may get damp or damaged by bugs.

Get it here

Many Choices

Obviously you have many choices for fire pits.  Virtually everyone likes a nice fire outside…so it’s no surprise there are so many to choose from.  Keep warm and enjoy outdoors with your family and form lasting memories.

Now, which one is your favorite?  Find a fire pit of your choice, buy a cover (if one isn’t included), a rack, and enjoy a complete experience!