Since the pandemic began, we’ve cancelled flights and festivals, changed how we eat out and when, and found new ways to connect and work. With so much change in the air, many parents and children are wondering: what about Halloween?

Across the country, many towns are still allowing trick or treating and other festivities. Gatherings are, of course, a no-go. But Halloween itself is definitely not cancelled; you may find trick-or-treaters at your door this year. Even if trick-or-treating is challenging in 2020, Halloween is still a time for creativity, community, and costuming.

Designing a costume or decorating the porch will give your kids something look forward to — and remind them that even in a pandemic, some things stay the same. In fact, a recent poll states that 74% of millennials mothers feel that Halloween is more important than ever in 2020. Our children need a small slice of normal.

So what can you do to celebrate safely this year? Decorate! No matter how you decide to navigate trick-or-treating, decorating your house is a safe way to cheer up your kids and the neighborhood. A few simple decorations turn an ordinary yard  into a spooky graveyard. One or two surprise decorations can scare even the most brave-hearted passerby.

To get you started, we’ve collected ten affordable Halloween decorations for you and your children to decorate your home with.

When Should You Start Putting Up Halloween Decorations?

When should you start putting up Halloween decorations?

It’s typical to start decorating for Halloween in the first two weeks of October. Even if you’re keeping it simple this year, don’t be afraid to start early. Your children might enjoy crafting paper wall decorations or a homemade costume at the end of September. Studies show that looking forward to an event brings almost as much pleasure as actually participating in it. So try building up excitement for Halloween early — the longer you look forward to it, the more enjoyment your kids will get.

The Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Your Home in 2020

Vampire Yard Signs, 6 Pack

Spooky outdoor Halloween signs for your yard.

Are you sure you want to approach? These six warning signs are made of durable plastic but printed to look like spooky wooden signs. The signs are waterproof and include heavy-duty plastic stakes. Simply attach the sign to the stake and insert into the ground. Each sign measures 15 inches x 11 inches.

Reviewers were very pleased with these signs. Getting six to a pack made it easy to fill a small space quickly. A few reviewers wished they were bigger, so make sure you’re aware of the dimensions before ordering.

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Light Up Inflatable Halloween Ghost

Large inflatable Halloween ghost for outdoor Halloween decor.

Boo! Stand out from the others on your block with this giant inflatable ghost. This inflatable ghost is six feet tall and lights up in eight different colors. The base contains an inbuilt sandbag to hold the ghost down, and the fabric is waterproof for durability. The decoration includes a 10ft cord to plug in.

“This guy is awesome!” Reviewers give the inflatable decoration 5-stars. Many reviewers placed it outside, but a few used it indoors too. They loved the changing LED lights and report it was very easy to set up. It also collapses for easy storage.

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3-D Bats, 96 pieces for Outdoor and Indoor Halloween Decor

3-D bats for indoor and outdoor Halloween decor.

With this affordable set of almost 100 plastic bats, your guests will step right into a spooky space. The set includes five different sizes of bats for placing on your wall or hanging from the ceiling. There are 96 bats total and the set includes 120 double-sided stickers for easy assembly.

It takes just a moment to unfold the wings on each bat and apply the adhesive to the wall. These would make a fabulous wall decoration above a catering table or around your door way. Alternatively, consider attaching thread (not included) to each bat and hanging them from the ceiling.

One reviewer was delighted that assembly was so easy her kids could help paste the bats to the wall. Most reviewers said that removing the bats was easy and caused no damage to their walls, but you may want to test the adhesive if you have thin wall paint.

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Spooky Skeleton Ground Decoration for Outdoor Halloween Decor

Spooky skeleton decoration for front yard Halloween decor.

Transform your yard into a scary graveyard with this skeleton set. Each set includes twenty-eight various bones, including a skull, hands, and a backbone. You can partially bury them in the ground, set them on a bookcase, or arrange them in a chest or fake coffin. You could even hide them in a drawer to spook your roommate.

Reviewers describe these fake bones as very realistic and creepy. A few reviewers noted that although the individual bones seem anatomically accurate, the set sometimes comes with two left feet or two right hands. These reviewers concluded that this is not the best set for assembling a lifelike skeleton, but it’s perfect for a fake graveyard or decoration.

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Giant Hairy Spider Halloween Decoration by Belant

Giant hairy spider for outdoor Halloween decor by Belant.

Add this larger-than-life spider to your decorations to scare away the neighbors. Spooky and terrifying, this six foot bendable spider might remind you of Aragog from Harry Potter or the frightening Shelob from the Lord of the Rings. The legs are bendable, so the height will vary depending on how sharply you bend them. The set also includes an extra set of red bead eyes.

Reviewers put this spider in fake webs around their porches and in their homes. One reviewer said he was “surprised by how realistic” the spider is. Most reviewers said the spider was durable even in moderate weather, though you may want to carefully secure it if your area faces powerful wind.

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BrizLabs Purple LED Halloween Lights

Purple LED Halloween lights for outdoor decorations by BrizLabs.

No matter what your theme is this year, Halloween lights add a spooky glow. Consider purchasing several sets of these LED lights and stringing them around your house. Each strand has 240 LED bulbs and measures 78.74 ft long. These lights are waterproof for outdoor use. They also include a timer function and eight different light settings.

Reviewers described these as “solid LEDs” that are also affordable. They loved the sparkle, found them to be incredibly durable and bright, and enjoyed the different settings. It’s also worth noting that the lights come with a remote.

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Talking Doorbell with Spooky Light Up Eyeball

Scary talking eyeball doorbell for Halloween decor.

Give a fright to anyone who comes to the door. When a guest rings this “doorbell,” it will burst out with a spooky saying or manic laughter and the eyeball will blink open. The eye is bright green and lights up, making it particularly effective in the dark. The doorbell requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). There are four different options for hanging it or setting it to stand.

“My kids absolutely love this thing!” one reviewer writes. Customers note that it’s very loud, spooky but not scary, and lots of fun for children. The only complaint? Little kids loved it so much that they rang it all day long.

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Scary Hanging Cocoon Corpse with Horror Scream

Scary hanging corpse for outdoor Halloween decor in 2020.

If you’re going for horror and fear, this is your decoration. A web-like cocoon covers a foam skeleton, and the skull hangs at the bottom so it looks like an upside-down corpse. Be careful when you approach; it makes screaming noises when you’re nearby. Red LED lights flash from the eyes.

Reviewers managed to scare themselves with this decoration. One reviewer put it near her front door and still says it makes her jump out of her skin. Others report they scared away the neighborhood’s little kids. It’s durable, collapses easily for storage, and is the perfect scary addition to your Halloween decorations.

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Halloween Inflatable Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Scene

Inflatable Nightmare Before Christmas scene for outdoor Halloween decor.

This inflatable set fills a lot of space in your yard; Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas is seven feet tall. The set also includes Lock, Shock and Barrel. Simply plug everything in, stake the decorations down, and they’ll be life size in no time.

Reviewers overwhelmingly give this inflatable character five stars. They say it’s almost as tall as some houses and was incredibly good quality. One reviewer noted that it comes with a stand on the bottom so the air intake isn’t blocked — a hallmark of a good inflatable decoration.

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Life Size Posable Pirate Skeleton by Fun Express

Life size posable pirate skeleton for outdoor Halloween decor.

If you’re looking for a complete pirate skeleton, this is your set. The posable, five foot skeleton comes with an eye patch, a head scarf, and a hook. You can arrange it to sit or stand. Consider placing it in a high traffic area or by a doorway to scare guests as they enter.

Reviewers were pleased to find this spooky skeleton. They said it was exactly what they’d been looking for and made a perfect addition to spooky or pirate-themed rooms.

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To Sum it Up…

When everything is unusual, a little dose of normal goes a long way. Although 2020 has been unpredictable and (truly) frightening, especially for children, you can use Halloween to bring back a little normalcy. Towns and cities with low community spread are going ahead and sending out trick-or-treaters. Even if you choose not to interact with guests, you can still decorate your house for a spooky celebration.

The ritual of hanging decorations and creating a costume will help your children feel a little more normal again. Small kids will love tacking 3D bats to the wall or helping to hang a set of LED lights. Older kids might enjoy turning your porch into a haunted entryway with a cocoon corpse or pirate skeleton. The year might have been strange and unsettling — but don’t let that ruin Halloween. With a few simple, affordable decorations, you can bring normalcy back to the spookiest day of the year.

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