Most parents are keen to nurture the habit of reading among kids from an early age. And if you’ve been doing the same with your children, then chances are they would amass a ton of books as they grow up.

The fact is, reading is so essential for early childhood development. Reading to your kids from a small age can help them build their vocabulary, develop curiosity and imagination, and help understand their surroundings better and faster. And when they start reading on their own, the potential for learning is simply limitless.

And if your kids have taken a keen interest in reading, then rest assured there will be piles and piles of books all over your home. And after some time, you’ll be clambering over them to find the remote or your keys. So if this sounds familiar, then it’s time to take charge and do something about those never-ending stacks of books lying around.

How Do You Store a Lot of Children’s Books?

How do you store a lot of children's books?

Organizing years’ worth of children’s books is easier said than done. But it’s certainly doable with a little bit of patience and creativity.

But where do you start? Well, first things first—gather up all the books lying around and select what you want to keep. The rest could be given away or donated to a charity. You can also consider selling unwanted books on eBay.

But remember that organizing is not simply about stacking things away in a shelf or cupboard; it has to be functional and make everyone’s life easier so that grabbing a book becomes an easy and simple task. Otherwise, it could put off your kids from reading after some time. The idea is to bring some order to the chaos, not to discourage reading. What all this means is that books should be kept accessible.

So first, decide where you want to keep the books stored around the house. It might not always be in the kids’ bedroom. You can pick a few areas where your kids generally like to spend time reading.

Then decide which books should go where. Again, it’s about easy access. You might want to keep the coloring books in the playroom, and the bedtime stories next to the nightstand in the kids’ bedroom.

And don’t forget to get the kids involved in the whole process. After all, it’s their books and they should feel responsible for keeping them tidy in the future. You also want to ensure their favorites are not sold off by mistake.

The 10 Best Kids’ Book Storage Ideas

When you’re planning on organizing and safely storing your children’s books, finding the right storage idea is an absolute must. From book bins to mounted shelves, there are plenty of options out there to suit your every need. What works best for you will depend on your space availability, the aesthetics of your home, and your storage requirements.

So, here are 10 of the best space-saving storage ideas to keep your kids’ books neatly tucked away.

1. Kids’ Book Storage Basket by Inough

Inough kids book storage basket with drawstring cover.

Basket storage units are a simple solution to store loads of books, and they are perhaps one of the best options for small children. That’s because kids can easily reach and browse through their content, unlike a high shelf.

This storage basket comes with a drawstring cover for extra protection and to prevent dust from gathering over time. It’ll also help you to quickly cover up any mess when guests come over. This makes it a great option to even keep in the living room or any other open area.

You can also carry it easily or drag it around if it’s too heavy with the sturdy rope handles. You can even keep the basket neatly tucked away under the bed and pull it out when your kids want to pick up a book.

Made of linen and waterproof EVA, it’s durably made to last a long time. Also, the neutral white and grey tones will help it to blend in easily with your interior decor.

Based on customer reviews, this book basket is relatively small in size. It can hold around forty books, which could be more than enough space for some families. But make sure you check the dimensions before purchasing.

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2. Toy and Book Storage Organizer by Bestier

Bestier kids toy and book storage shelf.

This is an adorable looking multi-purpose storage unit with four shelves and a rolling bin at the bottom. The middle shelf is also adjustable so you can neatly store those bigger coloring books. Even better, the soft pastel blue will help it to blend in well with the bedroom decor.

Your kids will love the blackboard that comes fitted to the side panel; they can draw or write and then wipe it off easily with a damp cloth.

This storage unit has three handles, making it easy to move around. The fiberboard frame is quite sturdy and durable, with a metal anchor for extra safety. Likewise, the rounded edges are purposely designed for the safety of smaller children. And the melamine surface is easy to clean and scratch-resistant—so the parents will love it too.

Keep in mind that it could be a bit tricky to assemble, so pay close attention to the video instructions.

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3. Non-woven Fabric Storage Bin by Homfa

Homfa fabric storage bin for kids books.

If you’re looking for something bright and cheery for smaller kids, then this is the one for you. It’s a sling sleeve-type storage bin made with MDF board and non-woven fabrics.

It’s the perfect height for your toddlers who will love the bright bold splashes of color. The sleeves also make it easy for them to take out and keep their books safely stored. It even comes with two drawers at the bottom for extra storage space.

This storage bin is a compact unit that doesn’t take up much space. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with installation instructions, making it easy to put together in a snap.

Some users have pointed out that the sleeve-type pockets are not that shallow. So, this might not be ideal for storing large or heavy books. Also, being a smaller unit, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to tuck in a few books at a time in this storage bin.

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4. Wall-Mounted Bookshelf by Wall35

Wall35 wall-mounted bookshelf for kids books.

This is a super simple storage solution that can be placed anywhere in the house—whether it’s in the kids’ bedroom, play area, or even the bathroom.

The packaging comes with a set of three wire storage baskets that you can easily fix on the wall wherever you have space. You can mount them all together or fix them on three separate walls. Either way, they are quite sturdy so they can safely hold the weight of those hardcover books.

Installation is straightforward and can be done in a few minutes. All in all, this is quite a versatile and hassle-free storage solution for kids of all ages.

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5. WELAXY Storage Baskets

Welaxy storage baskets.

Although it’s relatively smaller in size, the simple design makes it easier to store wherever you have space—whether on a shelf or under a bed. The felt cover gives it a nice soft and comfortable feel as well.

It’s also foldable, so you can easily store it in a cupboard when not in use. Another benefit is that it’s lightweight, but according to some users, this makes it not very sturdy. So, make sure you don’t over pile it with heavy books.

Overall, this storage basket is a perfect solution for small piles of books that you want to keep tucked away in different parts of the house.

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6. Steffy Wood Products Book Display

Steffy wooden kids bookshelf.

This is an adorable standalone bookcase with three shelves. It’s only fifteen inches high, making it perfect for tiny toddlers.

This book storage unit is also USA-made, with materials consisting of birch and a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly UV finish.

Best of all, it’s got some amazing reviews from parents of toddlers. They particularly love the sturdy finish that makes it super safe for younger kids, with minimum risk of tipping over. Parents have also pointed out its impressive quality for longer use. It also seems to hold quite a lot of books and comes fully assembled.

Keep in mind, however, that this unit comes with a higher price tag. But its durable finish and functional design seem to make it worth the price. Plus, looking at the rave reviews, it seems to make both parents and toddlers happy.

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7. Kids’ Book Caddy with Shelf by Lipper International

Lipper kids wooden book caddy with shelf.

This fun, cute caddy is another perfect option for toddlers. It’s a compact unit with a simple design that’s great to store lots of books and easily sift through them.

The bottom shelf is spacious and a great feature for stacking or even to store a few toys. It’s made from fiberboard and pine and designed with a durable build. The white finish allows it to easily fit into your kids’ room regardless of the decor.

Plenty of parents have vouched for its high quality and sturdy construction, and assembly seems to be fairly easy as well.

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8. DIBSIES Personalized Kids’ Bookshelf

Personalized kids' bookshelf by Dibsies.

Your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with this beautiful bookshelf that has lots of pastel colors. At just 2ft in height, its functionally designed to make it easier for young kids to reach their favorite books.

It also comes with five pockets that are great to store smaller books. While it’s made of MDF, it’s quite sturdy according to user reviews. But keep in mind that it’s fairly small, so don’t expect to store lots of heavy items. Having said that, the smaller design allows it to easily fit into small spaces.

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9. AmazonBasics Children’s Multi-Functional Bookcase and Toy Storage Bin

Children's toy and book storage bin by AmazonBasics.

If you’re looking for a bookshelf with multi-unit storage options, then here’s a great pick for you. This bookcase is designed with functionality in mind; it comes with cubbyhole shelves, two angled bins, and a flat top that can double as a shelf. It’s quite a versatile solution to store all types of books of different sizes.

While most parents will fall in love with this storage unit, some kids might not be too keen on the espresso finish. It also will not go with every bedroom decor unless you’ve got a similar color scheme with other furniture in the room.

Assembly of this unit is reasonably easy as long as you follow the instructions that come with it.

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10. Toffy & Friends Kids’ Wooden Dollhouse Storage Organizer

Wooden dollhouse book storage by Toffy and Friends.

This unique bookcase comes with a beautiful dollhouse design. There are several colors to choose from, including pink, blue, and white so you can easily match it with the bedroom decor.

This is another bookcase that has some great reviews about its quality and durability. The wall-attached hooks provide added safety, and there are three shelves that are partitioned so books can be easily organized.

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To Sum It Up…

Seeing your kids with a book in hand will always bring a smile of joy to you as a parent. But as stacks of books start cluttering the living spaces, you need to look for functional solutions to keep them in their rightful places. And it’s not just about decluttering; finding the right book storage solution can also get your kids to start reading more.

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