While a lack of built-in storage seems like a hindrance to a clean, organized outdoor space, it actually means that you can tailor a chosen outdoor storage system exactly to your needs. There are a wide variety of storage options for outdoor tools and equipment that can be easily repurposed to organize your children’s things. We’ve compiled a list of ten outdoor storage options that protect your child’s collection of bouncy balls just as well as they store grill tools or pavement salt.

How Do You Store Toys Outside?

How do you store toys outside?

The type of toys you’re storing will have an impact on which option you choose. Are you keeping all the pool toys together? Opt for a large storage chest with an easy-open lid. Are you storing your children’s bikes or tricycles? Choose a chest with doors on the side so you can wheel the bikes in.

Once you’re clear on what you’re organizing, ask yourself where you want to organize it. If the toy chest will be protected by an awning or kept in the garage, weather is less of a concern. If the storage box will be exposed to the elements, opt for a container with a lid and make sure that “waterproof” (or at least “water-resistant”) is included in the features.

Several storage chests boast protection from the elements, but it’s still best to keep your toy storage chest away from the harsh, direct sunlight. Extended exposure may warp the construction so it’s no longer airtight.

Finally, keep safety in mind. If you’re worried about theft, several of these storage options can be equipped with a padlock. If you have small, curious children, it may be worth investing in an option with a controlled spring hinge. This type of hinge will allow for a controlled opening and closing so that the lid won’t slam into anyone’s fingers.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best outdoor storage containers that can be easily adapted to hold toys and outdoor supplies.

10 Cool Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

1. 18 Gallon Stackable Toy Box by Suncast

Suncast outdoor storage box for toys and more.

These sturdy, stackable storage containers are a durable option for organizing collections of toys. Use these for storing chalk, plastic balls, or sandbox toys — anything that will fit easily through the opening. They come in several colors and stack neatly on top of each other, and a hinged lid at the front makes it easy to access the contents. They’re also weather-resistant and built for the outdoors.

Reviewers thought these storage bins were durable; some said their boxes lasted for years. Some noted that the opening could be larger, so keep this in mind if you’re storing large toys that might be awkward to fit through the opening.

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2. 50 Gallon Waterproof Storage Container by Suncast

Suncast twenty gallon waterproof outdoor storage container.

This is an ideal affordable outdoor storage box for pool toys, deck cushions, and large toys. For patios and decks with less space, this storage container can also double as seating. The lid is shaped so that rainwater flows off rather than pools. It’s also water-resistant, doesn’t fade, and includes a hinged lid.

Reviewers overwhelmingly noted the easy assembly and convenient size of this storage bench. With an average of 4.6 stars, it was praised for its durability. Most reviewers were pleased to note that it did keep the contents dry. A few felt the construction of the box was not everything it could be, but most thought it was a quality box for the price.

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3. Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed by Kinying

Kingying outdoor storage shed.

In contrast to other storage boxes, the door can open from the top or from the side, making it perfect for tricycles or toys that are easier to wheel (not lift) into their container. With an additional purchase, the mini shed can also be fitted with shelves. When purchased with shelves, this outdoor storage shed is the optimal choice for customers who want to see the contents laid out.

A few reviewers specifically noted that it protected the contents from storms. The main issue was the setup — a few people found the instructions difficult to understand.

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4. 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box by Keter

Keter deck storage box that holds 230 gallons.

This extra large, stylish box is perfect for decks and backyards. With a spacious interior, it’s a good option for families with lots of toys for storage. The resin is water-resistant and durable and recreates the look of white wood. The lid opens from the top, and a piston-lid system makes for a secure close.

Reviewers loved the size, durability, and style of this outdoor storage box. Many people pointed out that the contents stayed dry after rain storms.

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5. Outdoor Storage Container by FCMP

FCMP outdoor storage box for toys or industrial uses.

This outdoor storage container was designed for industrial purposes, but it can easily be repurposed as a durable outdoor toy chest. With a capacity of 300 lb, it’s got more than enough space for all your storage needs. Waterproof and sturdy, this is an ideal long-term investment for outdoor toy storage.

One reviewer appreciated the thickness of the walls as protection against rodents. It’s worth noting, however, that there’s no latch to secure the lid.

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6. 116 Gallon Deck Storage Bin by Lifetime

Large deck storage bin by Lifetime.

This extra large, 116 gallon storage chest is another ideal choice for customers who want a larger storage chest or bench. A water-resistant seal and durable polyethylene construction offer stability and longevity against weather conditions. The lid has a spring hinge, meaning it won’t slam shut — an important feature to protect small children who might try opening it themselves.

You can lock it with a padlock if needed, and because of its size, it can also be used as a bench with a weight capacity of up to 600 lb.

Many buyers commented that the longevity and stability of this bin were worth the cost. Others mentioned that it was difficult to assemble and recommended having access to a power drill and possibly a friend to help put it together. 

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7. Horizontal Storage Box by Lifetime

Horizontal storage bin by Lifetime.

Choose this storage container for another extra large storage option. At almost 52 inches tall, it’s built to hold two trash cans but can easily accommodate lawn mowers, large tools, firewood, or children’s bikes. It opens either from the top or the side, making it easy to wheel out a bike or two. A controlled-spring lid on the top makes for safer opening, and the water resistant material keeps the contents dry.

One person noted that it took some time to assemble, but most believed this shed to be well worth the cost and time for assembly.

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8. 22 Gallon Small Deck Box by Suncast

Suncast small twenty-two gallon outdoor storage box.

This smaller option is perfect for your deck or patio; it’s ideal for holding just a few cushions, a handful of sandbox toys, or a collection of outdoor plastic toys. It’s also water-resistant and shaped so that water flows off the lid, instead of creating a puddle on the top.

Reviewers found it was a convenient, nicely sized box for cushions, pool toys, and grill supplies. However, several reviewers noted that assembly was not intuitive.

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9. Commercial Collapsible X-Cart by Rubbermaid

Collapsible storage cart by Rubbermaid with stainless steel frame.

This cart is designed for industrial purposes, but it’s a perfect option for quickly organizing toys. The wheels make for easy transportation, making it a workable option for large decks, patios, or wheeling in and out of a garage. If you find yourself picking up pool toys scattered around the patio, this wheelable cart can reduce the number of trips you need to make to clean up.

It’s not covered, so opt for this collapsible cart for water-proof toys or make sure you keep it in a garage or under an awning. It can be divided into sections for easy organizing or collapsed for transportation. The stainless steel frame is also coated to protect against rusting.

Reviewers raved about this cart. They found it much more durable than they expected and loved how easy it was to transport. One reviewer used it in his apartment building to transport grill supplies via the elevator — this could be a perfect choice for families who don’t have easy access to the outdoors but nevertheless want to store and transport toys outside.

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10. Liveinbox Stackable Boxes

Stackable storage containers by Liveinbox.

This is a perfect option for careful organizers who crave versatility. Each box can support up to 11 lb above it, and bright colors make them a visually appealing choice. These boxes do not make any guarantees about water-resistance, so they’re best for a shed or covered area.

Because you can mix and match boxes, customers found them useful in small spaces; they’ve been used for everything from pet food to counter storage.

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To Sum it Up…

Our backyards and patios can suffer from clutter just as much as our living rooms. Thankfully, there are dozens of outdoor storage systems that can be quickly adapted for toys.

Remember to keep your storage container out of direct sun, and if you don’t choose a weather-resistant or weatherproof option, place it under an awning or in the garage. Whether you’re keeping plastic toys out of the yard, organizing pool accessories, or keeping sports equipment in one place, one of these storage options is bound to suit your needs.