To begin, we’re going to lay out a scenario we can all relate to. Little Bark Twain is an absolute joy around the house. Always grateful to see you in the morning, exceptional with the kids, loves to wrestle in the back yard, but can get a little too aggressive with the bed-chewing. You’ve tried a range of options, but Twain keeps tearing them apart.

Chewing is normal. You might not have named your Boxer Jimmy Chew in the hopes that he would chew up your house, but dogs like to chew, and that’s a fact. Yet, as a species, us humans have the brainpower to out-smart these pups, and manufacturers of durable dog beds have done just that. The most fanatic chewer will eventually slow down once he or she realizes there isn’t much to tear at. We’ll review some great makes and models of durable dog beds further on, but first, let’s talk about how you can get Bacon to cut down his chewing.  

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing His Bed?

How can I get my dog to stop chewing his bed?

The beds we’ll be reviewing are durable, chew-resistant dog beds. With that said, chronic chewing among dogs is a thing, and there are two types. The first is anxiety-induced bed chewing. When Taco is overly destructive, chewing his little head off, this can be stress-related. It’s essential to identify what the stressors are that result in the negative behavior.

For example, many dogs become anxious at the sounds of excessive neighborhood traffic, thunder during a storm, or even fireworks. Dogs will naturally look to their owners to gauge their responses, so if members of the household are reacting wildly towards thunder or excessive honking outside, you can bet your dog will follow. The American Veterinary Medical Association has more information on anxiety-driven behaviors in dogs.

Another good tip if you sense there is anxiety-induced chewing is leaving your TV or a radio on when you’re not home. Nothing would make Porkchop’s day better than being able to spend it with her loyal family. The problem is, the adults need to work, kids go to school, and the only way Porkchop is going to eat and keep a roof over her furry head is for these things to occur. Keeping the environment with ambient noise is a way to reduce anxiety and the eventual chewing that comes along with it.

One other trigger related to chewing is boredom; Kanye Westie might just be bored. He could be bored with your dumb jokes, stale conversation, or your overall demeanor. Just kidding, we’re sure your interaction is lively, but if you’re not getting Kanye out of the house, running around, playing with toys, etc., he’s going to get to chewing out of boredom alone. Do keep in mind that puppies will chew on anything, beds included. This is normal, so investing in an expensive dog bed for a puppy is not a smart move.   

The Best Durable Dog Beds You Can Buy

Captain Chaos, Pee Wee, Furdinand, and Groucho Barks deserve a good night’s sleep. Heck, they deserve a good day’s nap or simply a cool spot to hang and take in the scenery. The following dog beds are as durable as they come, so if you’ve got a chewer on your hands, any of these are fantastic options.  

Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed by Laifug

Extra large durable dog bed made with memory foam by Laifug.

Tough and durable, this bed is extra-large, measuring a whopping 50″ L x 36″ W x 10″ H. A great option for dogs at 200 pounds or under, the liner is waterproof, and the microfiber cover is both tear resistant and machine washable. The orthopedic memory foam with this model is guaranteed not to flatten and retain roughly 90% of its shape for at least three years.

“I have a cane Corsica who is a 150-pound hulk,” notes one reviewer. “This is the first bed he can just flop on and not have something hanging over the edge.” Speaking of the edges, both edges are raised – 3″ on one side and 1.8″ on the other. This provides head and neck support where dogs can choose the size (the 3″ or 1.8″) they prefer to rest their head and neck. To conclude, an excellent option for a large dog, with little opportunity for chewing, but not suitable for puppies.

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HuggleHounds Hugglefleece Dog Bed Mat

Fleece dog bed mat by Hugglehounds.

With a name like HuggleHounds, could you honestly go wrong? Better yet, they then follow it up with the model – the Hugglefleece dog mat. One look at this bed mat, and you’ll re-think your own bed. We can’t imagine anything as visually comforting, and based on reviews, many dog owners feel the same. While soft and fluffy, the seams are extra durable, and while some chewing is inevitable, this is a tough bed to rip apart.

Recommended for all dogs (puppies included), the Hugglefleece is made of hypoallergenic synthetic lambswool and is also machine washable. The one area you might have concerns – clumping or lumping of the wool – is not an issue with HuggleHounds products. They’ve taken great care in selecting warm, cozy materials, but it’s still remarkably difficult to break apart. This is an excellent all-around addition for little Al poo-chino.  

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Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed by Bedsure

Durable orthopedic dog bed by Bedsure.

Some dog beds arrive with no “installation” required. There is little installation in this product segment, but with specialized memory foam beds like this one from Bedsure, it is crucial to let the bed sit overnight. The memory foam expands and is then ready to take on your dog’s shape and position.

This orthopedic bed features a non-slip bottom to prevent unwanted sliding, and the velour top is soft and welcoming. It’s extremely durable, so even if chewing occurs, little damage will happen. Your furry best friend will be a happy, sleepy customer with this bed.  

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Dog Bed Crate Pad by Rabbitgoo

Durable bed pad for dog crates by Rabbitgoo.

A truly durable dog bed is heavily padded. Now, you can have heavy padding that ends up rough and hard, but that’s where the trick lies in saying no to low-quality synthetic polyester filling and going for breathable cotton. This bed from acclaimed manufacturer Rabbitgoo does just this. The breathable cotton filling is supportive, soft at the same time, and maintains its original shape after months upon months of use. This bed can serve as the main sleeping option for your pup, but can also easily be transported in crates, etc.   

A common mistake with this bed is throwing the whole thing into the wash; it’s so soft and cozy that it’s easy to forget there is a cover. Only the cover is washable, and if you’re going to wash the core part of the bed, it’s best to do so by hand. The dimensions on the Rabbitgoo are 29″ x 21″ x 3.” Large dogs might have some issues, but if you have small to medium-sized dogs, this is an ideal resting spot.

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Large Orthopedic Dog Bed by Wisita

Extra large dog bed by Wisita.

We dare you to place this robust, Wisita bed up against Bubba’s chompers, or those sharp incisors of Droolius Caesar. Can you guess the outcome? Absolutely nothing, because the Wisita is impenetrable (at least according to reviewers). Like we mentioned earlier, if super anxious, bored dogs like King Kong want to mangle something, odds are the bed will be mangled. But most dogs give up on the chewing when they realize there isn’t much to be chewed on, and this large orthopedic dog bed checks that box.

Crafted with a memory foam core and ideal for dogs of any age, the hidden zipper gives dogs one less thing to chew, and the cover is still a snap to remove and wash. As one reviewer raved, “My Husky loves this bed! He is 12 years old and has joint issues. Highly recommended!”

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Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed – Chewproof – All Aluminum (Silver)

Chew proof elevated dog bed by Kuranda.

There’s chew-proof, and then there’s Kuranda chew-proof. Sir Licks-a-lot might be able to chew his way through most beds with enough determination, but he’s met his match with this dog bed. First, this model is elevated. An aircraft-grade aluminum frame supports pups up to 250 pounds, and the top of the bed is a heavy-duty 40oz of solid vinyl. This bed is strong, firm, and not inviting at all for potential chew-parties.

Many satisfied owners prefer this model as there is nothing to necessarily clean. There is no cover to remove, and certainly no bedding to be potentially ripped to shreds. For those dogs that are adept chewers, the Kuranda would appear to be one of the best bets on the market. Do keep in mind the weight limit, though. Anything over 250 pounds, and you risk a nasty accident; Indiana Bones deserves better.

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Kuranda Canvas Bed Pad

Kuranda canvas bed pad to go with elevated dog beds.

“My dog likes to destroy her beds, but this one has so far stood the test of time.” Apparently, there are some rampant chewers out there. But as this reviewer points out, this canvas bed pad from Kuranda has held up well. One of the reasons this bed is reviewed so positively is because it’s made with an ultra-tough material known as Cordura. An extra thick padding is sewn inside, and this model comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

This canvas bed comes in a range of colors – surprisingly, most dog beds don’t have a ton of color options. Owners are typically relegated to the same, standard five colors. Not so with this bed, however. You’ve got an array of spiffy color options here – raven, turquoise, peacock, red barn, royal blue, or oak.  

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Elevated Dog Bed with Canopy by Niubya

Durable elevated dog bed with canopy by Niubya.

The Notorious D.O.G. is going to have a field day with this bed. We reviewed an elevated bed earlier, but not one with a canopy! Canopies are all the rage, especially when the sun is blazing or the rain is falling. This bed is definitely made for the outdoors, or even a porch setting. Sturdy and durable, the size alone provides enough room for most pups, and with Pee Wee sleeping or resting 7 inches above the ground, he or she will feel like the prince or princess they are.

The frame is high-quality metal, and the canvas is made of Oxford fabric. It can withstand any types of paw scratches and is not amenable to chewing, mainly because there is nothing attractive to chew on. The only downside perhaps to this elevated bed is the maximum weight limit; anything over 110 pounds is not ideal. This leaves out the Sumo Sammies of the world, but hey, life isn’t fair all the time.

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Carhartt Pet Blanket

Tough and durable dog blanket by Carhartt.

If the name caught your attention, you’re not alone. This is the same Carhartt that has been making rugged outdoor clothing since 1889. Carhartt is very well known in the construction industry and anyone who is working with their hands out in the elements. Their clothing is as durable as they come, smartly insulated, and last for decades on end.

Carhartt doesn’t dip too aggressively into the pet world, but they did with this blanket. We’ve been talking durable beds in this post, and while this product is described as a blanket, because it’s Carhartt, it might as well be a bed. Online comments back this up, with many people praising its high quality material. This pet blanket is 100% cotton, reversible, and manufactured from 12 oz. firm cotton duck canvas with a water-repellent coating.

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Dog Bed Mat by Hero

Durable dog bed mat by Hero.

Lastly, a bed fit for a hero. This bed is a real beauty, and while it might appear to be a slip-pad, make no mistake, this bed mat is extremely high quality and great at accommodating pups with orthopedic needs. Anti-slip and available in four principal colors, if you have an older dog or one that is disabled in some way, this bed mat supports joints and soothes pressure points.

Many positive reviews praise this mat. In fact, one reviewer pointed out that she bought this for her puppy who had been chewing up similar mats, and this one has stood up so far. We know puppies chew, but Hero is facing them head-on here!

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To Sum it Up

If you’ve got Waffles hogging all the space between you and your significant other in bed, this has hopefully been an enlightening post for you. Durable dog beds are out there, and even the most egregious chewers will meet their match with the models we’ve presented here.

Chewing is a standard practice for most dogs. Yet, some dogs take it a bit too far, and they are likely being triggered by something. It’s important to identify these triggers and work on minimizing them; having a dog that is constantly chewing year in and year out is not healthy, nor ideal. 

Puppies will nearly always chew, so investing in an expensive dog bed for a puppy probably isn’t the best idea. But once your dog turns 1 or 2, any of the ten durable dog beds we’ve reviewed are a great choice. Some are more apt for dogs with special physical needs, but the majority are good for your average pup. Miss Piggy and Cinder Ella need their own beds, so do them (and you) a favor!  

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